Storyblocks vs Artgrid 1

Storyblocks vs Artgrid

If you’re looking to buy stock video footage, you’re probably deciding between Storyblocks and Artgrid. I’ll compare the two in the following areas to help you decide: cost, licensing, and video quality. Quick summary Storyblocks and Artgrid are quite similar. They both offer unlimited stock footage downloads with subscription plans. The … review thumbnail Review is an amazing resource for free and low-cost quality stock videos. Finding the finest solution for your needs is not an easy feat. So, in this piece, I’ll describe Videvo’s price, license, video quality, and alternatives.

The best Sigma lens for Canon thumbnail

The Best Sigma Lenses for Canon

Sigma makes great third party lenses for Canon cameras. So I reviewed and compared 37 Sigma lenses for Canon to decide which one is the best. Based on my research, the Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 Art DG OS HSM is the best all-purpose Sigma lens for Canon. Image quality, build, and …

The Best Sony Mirrorless Cameras Thumbnail

The Best Sony Mirrorless Cameras: Which One Is Right for You?

Sony has been a leader in the field of cameras for a long time. In recent years, it’s been making a lot of headway with mirrorless cameras. The Sony a7 series stands out as one of the best. But among the a7 models, there are a few I recommend. In …

The Best Canon Mirrorless Camera thumbnail

The Best Canon Mirrorless Cameras

Moving from a DSLR system to a mirrorless system is a big step. In fact, I’ve done that myself this year. And before I switched, I had consulted with experts and poured hours of research and testing. Now, I want to share my findings with you and help you pick …

Use Stock Photos In Your Ads thumbnails

7 Ways to Use Stock Photos In Your Ads

Stock photos are one of the best ways to add a visual touch to your ads. They are cost-effective, readily available, and present in numerous categories to efficiently fill the void your ads may have without illustrations.  You see, marketers are busy people. In today’s digital boom, they have a …

How to become a video editor thumbnail

How to become a video editor? – Everything you need to know

Digital media has allowed us to achieve dreams more easily. For instance, you can learn a new skill just by watching a few YouTube videos. In the past, you had to buy a book or go to a lecture. As a result, many industries are adopting this new trend to …

What is WebP thumbnail

What is WebP? (How to Convert Webp to JPG?)

WebP is a modern image format with superior lossless or lossy compression web images. Lossless compression provides the same image quality but a smaller file size. Lossy image compression results in even smaller files but reduced image quality. Ultimately, the reduced image size allows a faster website loading. On average, the WebP file is …

How to sell stock photos thumbnail image

How to Sell Stock Photos?

Selling stock photos is simple and profitable if you know what you’re doing. However, rushing in without first learning the fundamentals will yield poor results. I recommend that you learn everything, from the basics to expected earnings and advanced strategies. Finally, finding the best stock photo sites will make your …

Best budget macro lens for Canon thumbnail

9 Best Budget Macro Lenses for Canon (Excellent for Beginners)

Choosing the right macro lens for Canon is difficult! So I reviewed dozens of macro lenses to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get right into it. The Best Budget Macro Lens for Canon The best budget macro lens for Canon is Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro. This lens …

Jason Sinn - My Best Photo

Jason Sinn

Let’s meet Jason Sinn: Hello! My name is Jason Sinn and I’m a commercial, music and cultural photographer based in Denver, Colorado. As unlikely as it may sound, I actually began my photographic journey back in 2010 when I was in the U.S. Coast Guard working at the Deepwater Horizon …

Orlando Sydney - My Best Photo

Orlando Sydney

Orlando Sydney is a photographer in Sydney, Australia and trades under the business name of “Orlando Sydney Event Photography. And here’s what he says: Sydney is a city of around 6 million people, and I’m based in the City of Sydney itself, which is part of the City CBD. There …

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