About Us

Photutorial is dedicated to helping you turn your creative ideas into art, hobby, or income. To do this, we provide you with the knowledge and research you need to make informed creative decisions so you can get back to doing what you love.

How do we help you?

We recognize that for every product you want to buy, there are dozens of options. For every new skill you want to learn, there are 10 articles telling you the same thing.

We cut through all the nonsense and sales talk, sharing our experience, research, and knowledge, so you can quickly choose the best option for you.

All reviews are unbiased and are not affected by financial compensation from the reviewed products or services. We review good and bad products. If we think that something is not worth your money, we tell you.

Our story

Photutorial was founded by Matic Broz. While on his journey of becoming a photographer and designer, he noticed that most guides and reviews on the internet are either heavily biased or unhelpful. This pushed him into writing from his own experience, trying to provide the most value to you.

Editorial policy

Photutorial is independent and objective. Our reviews and “best” rankings reflect our experience and are based on published methodologies. What sets us apart from other sites is that we are not journalists interviewing experts–we are the experts. And when needed, we interview experts with even more experience on certain topics.

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