Affiliate Disclosure

I can run Photutorial thanks to awesome readers like you. I recommend numerous products on my site, but only those that I have either thoroughly tested or I use every day.

I’m lucky enough to be affiliated with a couple of companies that develop these products. As a result, when you buy a product I recommend through my links, I may earn some percentage of that purchase.

Most importantly, you don’t pay any additional fees for that. In fact, my percentage comes off the developers’ profit, meaning they earn less.

So what does that mean for you and me?

So what’s the deal?

By earning money with affiliate links, I can make Photutorial better. Here’s how:

No ads

Ads are hands-down the most annoying feature on the web. They’ve always annoyed me, so I decided that Photutorial would include ZERO ads. Instead, I monetize with affiliate links. Also, websites significantly reduce page loading speed and make the whole site unreadable.

More useful tutorials

I can devote more time to writing and pay other experts to write, resulting in higher-quality resources that you can read for free.

No paywall

Several blogs require subscriptions to read their articles.

Where does the money go?

Affiliate commissions don’t make me a millionaire. But they do help me to invest more resources into Photutorial and make it better for you.

1. Taxes

Yup, I pay taxes. Like everyone should.

2. Website hosting & maintenance

As Photutorial grows, I constantly have to upgrade the servers, which rapidly ups the hosting price. You notice that in faster website loading. If I didn’t invest in website hosting, pages would load super slowly.

To keep everything running smoothly, I use various tools. They allow me to keep you updated via email, check grammatical errors, etc.

3. Testing products

Contrary to popular beliefs, website owners rarely get items for free to test them – unless you’re super-popular. And even if we do, we have to return them. So nothing is for keeps.

Otherwise, you’re limited to testing products you own. And that sometimes means ordering a bunch of lenses you don’t need, testing them, and then selling them as used. Online shops don’t allow bulk ordering and returning anymore. As you can imagine, a lot of money goes into that.

4. Pay contributing photographers

While I’ve written 90%+ articles on Photutorial and edited 100% of them, I sometimes pay photographers to share their knowledge. This way, I can provide more content for you from experts in their field.

5. Coffee

I drink Nescafe’s Unsweetened Cappuccino once or twice a day, usually while I write for Photutorial.

What if you don’t want to help me?

There’s no shame in admitting that you don’t want others to benefit from your purchases. You can avoid it by not clicking affiliate links on Photutorial.