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Alamy Promo Code (December 2023)

Alamy is not the best stock photo site, losing its reputations due to the shady image acquisition processes, confusing licensing, and very high prices. However, you can get some of the best discounts with the Alamy promo code that offers a 50% discount on the second image you buy.


Save 50% Off with Coupon Code

Save 50% on the second image when you buy two or more.


Save 17% w/ Image Packs

If you buy 25 image pack instead of the 5 pack, you get a 17% discount.

How to redeem your Alamy coupon?

  1. Search images on Alamy.
  2. When you find an image you like, hover over it to show the cart icon.
  3. Click the cart icon to add the image to your cart.
  4. Click the “Cart” button in the top right to start the checkout.
  5. Select the license for your image and click the “Go to checkout” button.
  6. Find the “Have a discount code?” section and enter your Alamy promo code.
  7. If your Alamy promo code is valid, your discount will automatically be applied to your Alamy order.

What to do if your Alamy Promo Code isn’t working

  • Is the coupon available for what you’re buying? Some coupons come with certain restrictions, so they might only work with subscriptions or cannot be used for Enhanced licenses.
  • Did the coupon expire? Alamy usually tells you when this happens. You can also let us know about it, and we’ll remove the coupon. We regularly check the codes to prevent coupon code expiration.
  • Are you an existing customer? Certain coupons are valid only for new customers and not for existing ones. You can circumvent this by creating a new account.
  • Is the coupon valid for everything you’re buying? If you have multiple items in the Cart, only certain might be eligible for the discount. For example, you cannot get a discount on the Enhanced license.

Stacking and combining Alamy Promo Codes

It’s not possible to use multiple Alarmy promo codes for a single order. Only one discount code can be applied per purchase. Therefore, ensure that you select the promo code providing the most significant discount before incorporating it into your order. Also, bear in mind that certain Alarmy coupon codes might carry expiry dates or specific usage conditions.

Alamy promo codes and discounts explained

There are several ways to save with Alamy, from image packs to smaller image sizes to Alamy promo codes.

Image packs: Instead of buying a single image, you can get a pack of 5, 10, or even 25 images. The image packs are available for each license and bring a roughly similar discount. If you buy the 5-pack, you get a 16% discount. With the 10-pack, you get a 25% discount, and with the 25-packs, you get a 30% discount.

Here’s how much you pay for each image license:

1 image$19.99/image$19.99/image$49.99/image$199.99/image
5 pack$83.99 ($16.80/image)$83.99 ($16.80/image)$211.99 ($42.40/image)$599.99 ($119.99/image)
10 pack$148.99 ($14.90/image)$148.99 ($14.90/image)$373.99 ($37.40/image)$1,119.99 (119.99/image)
25 pack$348.99 ($13.96/image)$348.99 ($13.96/image)$873.99
$2,999.99 (119.99/image)

Alamy promo codes: Currently, Alamy has only one available promo code. By applying the code at the checkout, you get a 50% discount on your second image.

Smaller image sizes: When buying royalty-free licenses, you can save significantly by choosing the smallest image size that you can. For example, the XXLarge images cost $384, while the XSmall images cost $52, which is an 86% discount. But be careful not to buy an image that is too small for your project.

Alamy licenses

Alamy provides various types of licenses to suit different needs, whether it’s for a small presentation or a large advertising campaign​.

Popular image licenses for images and illustrations include:

  1. Personal use: $19.99
  2. Presentation or newsletters: $19.99
  3. Website: $49.99
  4. Magazines and books: $69.99
  5. Marketing package: $199.99​​.

They also offer licenses for 360 images:

  1. Website or social media site: $399.99
  2. VR or game apps: $479.99
  3. Digital publishing: $524.99
  4. TV program: $599.99
  5. Marketing package: $639.99​.

Alamy offers royalty-free (RF) image licenses as well, which are flexible and user-friendly because you can use them across multiple projects without having to buy extra licenses. Pricing for RF images and illustrations is as follows:

  1. Small: $100.00
  2. Medium: $258.00
  3. Large: $384.00

For vectors and 360 images, the RF licenses are priced at:

  1. Royalty-free – JPEG and vector: $9.99
  2. 360 IMAGES Royalty-free license: $675.00​.

In addition to the standard licenses, Alamy offers custom licenses to meet the specific needs of different businesses. The Alamy customer service team is available to help create a bespoke solution for each customer, whether they’re a small business owner looking for a few stock images a year or a large corporation​.

Alamy refund policy

Alamy’s refund policy allows customers who have purchased content to get a refund within 14 days of the invoice. However, this option is only available as long as the customer has not downloaded the content. If the content has been downloaded, the user is no longer eligible for a refund. To cancel the license and request a refund, customers should email customer service with the invoice number and content file. By downloading the content, users acknowledge and agree that they forfeit their right to a refund​.

How can I claim a discount with Alamy Coupon Code?

1. Go to Alamy

First, you need to redirect to Alamy. You can do so by clicking here or the blue button above, or you can manually redirect to (I don’t get a commission). You will be redirected to Alamy.

Alamy coupon code - Search for images screenshot for Alamy Coupon Code

2. Find an image

In the search bar that you can see above, you can type any keyword that’s relevant to the image you’re looking for and press Enter. For example, “camera”.

Alamy coupon code - Search query
Alamy Search bar screenshot for Alamy Coupon Code

3. Select and image

Alamy is going to show you all images it has with this keyword. Find an image (or images) that you like, hover over it with a mouse, and press click the Download button.

Alamy coupon code - Hover over image and click download Search Results for Alamy Coupon Code

4. Select the license

Select the license that suits you and press the Download button. You will be redirected to the Payment page. If you’re unsure about licenses, you can read more about them in my Alamy review.

Alamy coupon code - Choose the right license
Choose the right license and press download screenshot for Alamy Coupon Code

5. Enter the Alamy promo code

Click on the blue text “+ Have a promo code?“. Enter the BBAMTABG Alamy Coupon Code and click Add.

Alamy coupon code - Enter coupon code Enter a promo code screenshot for Alamy Coupon Code

Step #6

Et voila, you just saved 50% on your second image at Alamy. Note that all prices on the screenshots are in Euros (€), but the coupon code works the same way for any other currency.

Alamy coupon code - Coupon code successfully used Discount applied screenshot for Alamy Coupon Code

Step #7

Fill out the rest of the form with your data and confirm. Once you’re done, it will take from a couple of seconds to up to a few minutes for the payment to be confirmed. You’re now ready to start using your image.