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Review Summary

The bottom line

Artgrid is an excellent stock video provider. For $299-$599 per year, you get unlimited downloads of thousands of high-quality clips with color graded 8K and RAW / LOG clips, plus a straightforward commercial license. We like the video quality and the unique Collections feature.


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  • Unlimited video downloads.
  • Up to 8K footage quality.
  • RAW/LOG clips, ProRes/DNxHR, graded footage.
  • Verified for YouTube monetization.
  • Covers all platforms worldwide.


  • No free trial.
  • Music and SFX are sold separately at Artlist.
  • No on-demand options.

Artgrid stats
Free trialNo

Who is Artgrid for?

Thanks to the variety of subscription plans, Artgrid is an excellent source of footage for amateurs, freelancers, and professionals. All plans allow YouTube monetization and cover all platforms, meaning it’s also great for streamers and YouTubers.

Who shouldn’t get Artgrid?

Artgrid isn’t a good choice for anyone on a tight budget, since the cheapest plan costs $19.99 per month, and to get 4K footage, you need to pay at least $29.99/month. You can get 4K footage much cheaper at Envato Elements and Videvo.

It’s also not great for those who want an all-in-one solution, since music and sound effects are sold separately at the sister company, Artlist, costing an additional $9.99–$16.60/month.


The deadline of your project is closing in, but you run out of stock video or audio downloads and the project is still not finished. Sounds familiar?

So this does not happen, Artgrid and Artlist offer unlimited downloads with every subscription plan. Even the cheapest plan has unlimited downloads. Hence, their plans only differ in the type of content you get access to, while you get unlimited downloads with each.

Unfortunately, there’s no free trial, per se. But both Artgrid and Artlist offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all plans, which essentially counts as a free trial.

Artgrid licenses (sells) only stock videos of the highest quality with three subscription plans: Junior HD, Creator 4K+, and Pro RAW/LOG.

Price$19.99/mo ($239.90/ye)$29.99/mo ($359.90/ye)$49.92/mo ($599/ye)
Graded footage
HD clips
H.264 format
4K-8K clips
RAW/LOG clips
Unlimited downloads
Lifetime use
YouTube monetization
Coverage for all platforms worldwide
Artgrid subscription plan pricing.

I bet you already know the differences between various video formats and resolutions. But just in case, you’re not that familiar with these, here are my recommendations:

  • Junior HD – Best for basic stock footage needs. The videos will be in max HD resolution (1080p).
  • Creator 4K+ – Similar to Junior HD, but you get up to 8K videos.
  • Pro RAW/LOG – Unless you’re seriously into videography, you don’t need RAW/LOG clips. If you need them, you already know what they are.


Every video, music, or SFX you download from Artgrid or Artlist is licensed under the Artgrid License or Artlist License, which state:

  • The assets (video clips, footage, animations, 3D, CGI, music, SFX) you download are yours to use forever;
  • You may use the assets, but they are not yours;
  • You can use the assets for your clients, but only you may download them;
  • You can download unlimited assets;
  • You may only use the assets for your projects;
  • You may not resell, reproduce, or distribute the assets.

The only thing I miss in Artgrid and Artlist licenses is some sort of legal indemnification. As far as I know, they offer no guarantee for the content they license.

SIDENOTE. This is a summary of the Artgrid License and Artlist License. To avoid trouble, for which Photutorial is not to blame, make sure you read the whole thing.

Are Unlimited Downloads Real?

Two key Artgrid and Artlist marketing levers are “unlimited downloads” and “free to use”. Both are true, but they come with an asterisk.

Let’s see why.

Unlimited downloads?

Technically, you cannot download unlimited videos, music, and SFX from Artgrid and Artlist. Obviously, they don’t have an unlimited supply of those, duh. But there’s another reason.

To prevent bots and malware from stealing their libraries, Artgrid and Artlist implemented a daily download limit.

  • 100 clips (Artgrid),
  • 40 songs (Artlist),
  • 100 SFX (Artlist).

While these limits tick off some customers, I don’t think they hinder your creativity at all. For example, 100 clips/day translates to 3,000 clips/month and 36,500 clips/year. For what possible legal reasons would one need more downloads?

And I bet if you reach the daily limit, Artlist and Artgrid support would be happy to let you temporarily surpass it.

Is it free?

Artgrid and Artlist can be used for free. You can create a free account, browse videos, curate them into collections, and even download (watermarked) previews. However, to properly license the content and use unwatermarked versions, you need a paid plan.

What Do the Customers Think (& are the bad reviews justified)?

I always like to read customer reviews to see what others liked and what bothered them. I often feel bad for the software and services I review because I find loads of unjust 1-star reviews. More often than not, the customers fail to read instructions, forget about the free trial expiration date, and are not computer literate but still trying to work on advanced projects.

I’ll go over what customers think about Artgrid and Artlist and comment on the validity of their criticism.

Good reviews

Customers who enjoy using Artgrid and Artlist love the video diversity and music quality. Even those who self-proclaim as picky are smitten by the sheer number of excellent video clips.

Bad reviews

I bet you’re more interested in the bad reviews since they’re what governs our decision-making.

Most customers complain about the false advertisement of Artgrid as “free stock videos”. It’s true, Artgrid does not offer free videos, per se, nor does it advertise them as such. When you open Artgrid, you can see the “Start Free Now” button. If you click on it, you’re prompted to create an account. As soon as you do it, you can start browsing and curating collections of videos. Furthermore, you can even download videos but only watermarked previews.

Verdict. In my opinion, this is not a false advertisement.

Another common issue among customers who 1-starred Artgrid is that they cannot find the videos they downloaded. I don’t know how this happens, but finding videos could not be simpler. The top right corner says “Your name Footage”, for example, “Matic’s Footage”. And when you click on it, you can see the folder with all your videos inside.

Artgrid my footage
Click in the top right corner on “[Your Name]’s Footage”, to see all your videos.

Verdict. Artgrid and Artlist websites are very easy to navigate. Videos can be easily found in your profile.

How to use Artgrid & Artlist?

Artgrid and Artlist nicely complement each other. However, I would prefer if they were one website, as it would make browsing faster.

Regardless, creating accounts for both shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

Here’s how to use Artgrid & Artlist efficiently.

Step 1. Create a free account

You don’t need a paid account to use Artgrid and Artlist. You can already start browsing and saving videos, music, and SFX with a free account.

Artgrid sign up page
Sign up page on Artgrid

It literally takes 15 seconds to enter your full name and email, or you can even sign up with Facebook or Google.

Step 2. Find the content

You don’t need to dive headfirst and buy a paid plan right away. I always like to start by collecting content for my project to make sure I can get what I need.

I’m a huge fan of fast performance and great design, and that’s where Artgrid and Artlist really shine. The websites and the search engine are super-easy to navigate, and they load almost instantaneously.

Also, I really like that you can search with multiple keywords. It makes finding content a lot easier. Just enter the keyword of interest.

Artgrid search
Artgrid & Artlist allow searching with multiple keywords

There are many filters to assist you with that. For example, you can filter by people’s ethnicity, age, gender, number, or shot type.

Step 3. Save content that you like

Here comes the fun part (at least I enjoy it).

By hovering over a video, you get several options to add it to the cart, save it, or add it to a collection. If you’re not ready to purchase just yet, I highly recommend creating collections, which help keep your assets organized.

Trust me, when your downloads reach hundreds or thousands, the mess will be unbearable unless you start organizing early.

Artgrid creating collections
Collections keep your assets organized.

Step 4. Download previews (for free)

Even with the free account, you can download the previews of your content. However, it will be watermarked. That being said, you can still use it in your project to see whether it’s a good fit or not.

Of course, if you’re ready to purchase just yet, you can skip this step.

Step 5. Download unwatermarked content

Suppose you’re ready to commit to an Artgrid and/or Artlist subscription (I think you’re making the right decision), head over to the pricing page, and choose a plan.

As soon as you enter your payment information and confirm the payment, you’ll receive full access to all content. And you will be able to download it without a watermark.

Artgrid & Artlist review: FAQs

What is Artgrid for?

Artgrid is a stock footage licensing website that allows unlimited downloads for a small monthly subscription. The footage is available in HD and up to 8K resolution. It’s by the same people as Artlist.

Is Artgrid free?

Artgrid has a free plan that allows you to browse, save, organize, and even download watermarked content. However, if you want to use non-watermarked footage legally, you need to purchase a subscription plan.

Is Artgrid legit?

Artgrid is a legit, high-quality stock footage company used by many video editors, even some of the most famous YouTubers.

How can I download Artgrid for free?

To download Artgrid footage for free, you need to create a free account first. Browse the videos to find the one that you like, and click download. A watermarked video clip will be sent to your email inbox.

How long is the Artgrid free trial?

Artgrid does not have a free trial, but you can basically test it for free, thanks to a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Regardless of whether you’re just starting your video editing career or you’re a well-established editor, having unlimited stock video downloads always at your hand supercharges your workflow.

Compared to giant stock image and video sites, such as Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, Artgrid is remarkably cheap. Hence, it’s particularly beginner-friendly. Especially, if you don’t have an unlimited budget.

But even if you can spend thousands on stock footage and music, there’s no reason to choose the expensive options. Since, Artgrid and Artlist specialize in stock footage, music, and SFX licensing, making them my go-to option (if I ever needed stock footage).

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