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Awesomic Review (2023)

Photutorial’s take is worth a try if you’re looking for a premium online graphic design service that can create logos, illustrations, landing pages, various graphics, and UI/UX design. The best way to test is by using the 7-day trial, with which you can get dozens of free design concepts.


  • Higher (premium) quality of designs compared to other competitors.
  • You can get source files from the free trial.
  • Designers start working on your submitted task immediately.
  • More affordable than hiring an in-house designer.


  • Expensive compared to other graphic design services.
  • Sometimes designers fail to follow the instructions.
Awesomic logo
Photutorial Score
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  • $699 to $2,490 per month. You can also stack several subscriptions.
  • 7-day trial for $7.
  • Premium graphic design services and customer support.

Awesomic is one of the less-known unlimited graphic design services, but after reviewing over a dozen, we can confidently say it’s one of the best. We were impressed with the quality of the designs offered by this company. The work of professional graphic designers is evident. It made it easy for us to get started with our project within minutes without having to fill out lengthy questionnaires or wait for approvals. Customer support was also quick and responsive, but we wish they offered a live chat option. lands somewhere between premium and mid-tier graphic design services. On the one hand, it’s relatively accessible even to those on a tight budget, starting at $699/month. At the same time, agencies can use the Pro or Ultimate plans and even stack several plans to scale graphic design production even more. The 7-day trial for $7 is a good way to test Awesomic almost for free.

Who’s Awesomic Best For? offers several customizations and flexibility, making it a good choice for a wide range of businesses and individuals.

  • Businesses that value quality: In today’s marketing climate, it’s not the number of visuals that separates you from the rest, but rather the quality of visual content. Therefore, Awesomic is ideal for those who want an edge over their competition. Awesomic ensures the highest quality by carefully vetting the designers they hire, compared to services that hire the cheapest freelancers.
  • Marketers working on behalf of others: If you’re creating visual content for your clients, Awesomic allows you to create multiple brands. Because you don’t have to specify your requirements for each task for every brand you manage, you save lots of time and nerves by simply choosing the brand from a dropdown menu.
  • Agencies: Hiring and training a designer is an arduous process that takes several weeks, including interviews and onboarding. With Awesomic, you instantly get as many trained graphic designers as you want. And you may cancel the subscription anytime you want without paying your designer benefits.

About Awesomic

Awesomic is a premium graphic design service that emphasizes quality above quantity, which makes it popular among companies that value aesthetics. It was launched in 2019 on Product Hunt and received funding during the pandemic. In only 2 years of operating, it already worked with over 1000 customers in 2021.

Since it’s a Ukranian company, Awesomic found itself in another difficulty in 2022, when the war started. Regardless, they took care of their team and continued catering to high-end customers. In addition, they also donated $35,000 to a charity, buying armored vests for the Ukrainian soldiers.

How Much Does Awesomic Cost?

Awesomic design services are available with three subscriptions: Light ($699/mo), Pro ($1,995/mo), and 1 to 1 (custom pricing). The plans differ in the number and type of designs you get, as well as the cost. All Awesomic plans are available only month-to-month, thus offering the highest versatility. In the latest update, Awesomic added daily costs, which are only informational since you still pay monthly.

The Light plan ($699 per month) is the best for most graphic design needs, such as the design of most advertising materials. The Pro plan ($1,995 per month) offers more complex designs, including UI/UX, logo and brand identity, motion design, presentations, custom illustrations, as well as everything included in the Light plan. The Light and the Pro plans are the cheaper equivalents of hiring a graphic designer part-time (~4 hours per day).

If you need a full-time designer but don’t have the funds to hire an in-house designer, the 1 to 1 plan should be your go-to choice. Awesomic doesn’t share the price online because it’s tailored to every customer based on their requirements. However, previously this plan was called Ultimate and cost $2,490 per month.

Awesomic Review of the New Plans and Pricing
The updated pricing has the same costs, but it’s easier to stack plans. (Credit: Broz)

Those who need even more output can buy several plans and stack them together in any way they like, which is now prominently shown on the pricing page. Previously, you had to talk to customer services. By stacking two Light or two Pro plans, you can effectively get a full-time designer for just $1400 and $4000, which is 2 to 3 times cheaper than our estimate of an in-house designer cost.

Free Trial

Awesomic’s free trial is not free because it costs $7 for 7 days, protecting against trial abuse. You can get a free trial for the Light and Pro plans, while the 1 to 1 plan comes with a demo. The free trial covers 1 task in progress, meaning you can get up to 7 tasks done within the week.

However, with the free trial, you won’t get source files to prevent trial abuse. You can get the source files by continuing with a subscription or get them for $149 per design or $399 for all designs created during the trial.

How To Get Started With Awesomic?

The easiest and risk-free way to start with is to get a free trial. Before you start with that, you can also book a demo call, as we did. This will ensure you a 30-minute chat with kind customer support, Daria. You will get a first-hand insight into how the platform works from start to finish. On top of that, you’ll be able to ask any question about Awesomic. Therefore, we highly recommend booking a demo first.

Once you create an account, you can start the free trial. You can do that from your Awesomic dashboard > My tasks > Select plan > Try 7 days for $7. Pick a plan with which you wish to continue and enter your payment information (name and card).

Starting New Tasks

When you have an active subscription plan (or a free trial), you can start adding tasks. You can do that from the dashboard > New task. In this tab, you will find several tasks, some of which are available only with the Pro (and Ultimate) plans. Click on a task card that you need and proceed to the next step.

Awesomic tasks
Awesomic tasks (Credit: Broz)

In the next step, you specify your task details for the designers. This includes the task title, preferred colors, fonts, and the message you send to the designers. The more specific you get with the instructions, the higher chance you will get a great design on the first try. You can also upload files you want the designers to use, such as images and screenshots.

Managing your tasks

Your tasks are categorized into the Active, Queue, and Completed columns. As you add a new task, it first goes into the Queue column, where it waits for a designer to pick it up. After a designer starts working on it, it moves into the Active column and gets the “In progress” label. You may also edit the task by adding more information and talking to the designer working on it. A designer will also contact you and ask you about any additional requirements you may have.

Awesomic Active task card
Awesomic Active task card (Credit: Broz)

The Active column also counts your tasks—since we have the Ultimate plan, we can have two active tasks. You can also add new tasks by clicking “Add extra task”.

Brand Assets

Defining your brand is essential for achieving successful results with graphic design services. It enables designers to understand your brand’s visual identity and tailor their work accordingly. To create your brand, use the “Brand Assets” tab to provide your brand name, industry, and business description. Additionally, include links to your website and social media accounts to aid in personalization. You can also upload your logo, preferred fonts, colors, guidelines, past designs, videos, and references for reference.

Customer Support

There are two types of customer support: an option to arrange a call with a designer and getting in touch with live chat to resolve an issue.

You can access a call with designers from the “Call” tab. From there, you can pick a date and time that fit your schedule. You can usually get a call on the same or the next day.

Awesomic call with designer
Scheduling a call with a designer (Credit: Broz)

If you have a small issue or a question for which you need a quick response, you can start a conversation with live customer support. You can find it at the bottom of the left sidebar, denoted “Any questions? Contact Us”. On a business day, you get a response in under 3 minutes.

How Awesomic Stacks Up Against the Competition

Awesomic is more expensive than well-known competitors like and Penji, but the higher cost comes with a much better service. It’s a well-known fact in the graphic design industry that price directly correlates with quality. So, you must decide for yourself what you value higher.

Although the subscriptions are more expensive at Awesomic, you can expect to get more designs than at Penji or Kimp since the turnaround times are shorter. Moreover, since you work with better designers, you will approve more designs on the first try. Whereas you’ll have to ask for multiple revisions at Penji, which lengthens the turnaround time and consequently gives you fewer designs.

If you need designs occasionally, 99designs is a better choice than Awesomic because there are no on-demand options at Awesomic. The only way to get a design on-demand is by starting a free trial, canceling, and then buying off the source files. However, this is a one-time option.

Overall, Awesomic is not all that expensive as Penji and Kimp, especially when you get better results with less hassle.

Our Experience with

When we tried Awesomic, it was our first time working with a premium graphic design service. And the step up in the quality of the service swept us off.

First, we submitted a logo design since it’s the most popular choice. After only 15 minutes, a designer (named Oleh) was appointed to us, who immediately reach out asking for additional instructions. The entire conversation took place in a messaging app within Awesomic. There was also an option to jump on a live call.

The next business day, roughly 20 hours after submitting the task, the designer submitted an incredibly detailed first pitch. There was a 5-minute video in which he explained each design and the thought process behind it. He also added a PDF presentation with three concepts, each supported by a unique idea.

Awesomic response from a graphic designer
The first draft we received from Oleh (Credit: Broz)

Key Takeaways

  • The graphic designers were cordial and polite.
  • We received the design on time and sometimes even before the deadline.
  • Designers were happy to make adjustments and listen to our ideas.
  • We received an excellent presentation for each concept iteration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is trustworthy?

Yes, although it is a relatively new company, is a trustworthy online graphic design service. We got to know the creators and the employees who are exceptionally kind and always ready to help. As a customer, we had problems or complaints with Awesomic.

Should you get Awesomic?

We think you should get Awesomic if you need a professional logo, graphics, UI/UX for a web or an app, banner ads, or landing pages. Although the prices are higher than some of the competitors, you will get premium results and outstanding customer support.

How We Tested

We tested for several weeks, starting with the free trial of the Pro plan. First, we ordered a logo, being correct but persistent with revision requests to throughly test their designers. We performed all our tests according to our best practices for testing. Review Updates

We regularly retest and update this Awesomic review to reflect their most recent changes and improve information delivery. The updates we made to the Awesomic review:

  • January 22, 2023: Updated the “How Much Does Awesomic Cost?” to reflect the most recent changes made to its pricing.
  • January 18, 2023: Rephrased multiple paragraphs and added the “How We Tested” chapter.


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