The best Freepik alternatives 2023

The best Freepik alternatives are Envato Elements, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock. And here are the best discounts.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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The best Freepik alternatives

The best Freepik alternatives are well worth considering if you don’t like or trust Freepik. The problem with Freepik is that it doesn’t fit anywhere—it’s a jack of all trades but a master of none. For every use case and every customer, be it a marketer, video editor, or designer, you can find a better Freepik alternative.

For me, Freepik is a nice supplement to some free platforms, but it cannot replace industry standards like Envato Elements, Shutterstock, and Pond5 all on its own. So, if I were looking for the best Freepik alternative right now, these are the sites like Freepik I’d go for.

Top 3: best Freepik alternatives

Envato Elements icon

Envato Elements

$11.70/mo $39.00/mo 70% off

Envato Elements is the closest alternative to Freepik with fewer images but a better variety overall. It’s breadth content is ideal for creatives on a budget, ranging from designers to video editors.

Shutterstock icon


$24.92/mo $49/mo 50% off

If images is what you’re looking for and you have some money to spend, Shutterstock is your pick. With 440 million stock images and good prices, you cannot go wrong.

Adobe Stock small icon

Adobe Stock

$29.99/mo $49.99/mo 40% off

This is a very similar stock photo site to Shutterstock with slightly higher prices and fewer images. This stock photo site is ideal for designers and other creatives invested in the Adobe ecosystem.

Some top alternatives to Freepik include Envato Elements, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Unsplash, iStock, Pond5, Depositphotos, Artlist, and Videvo. Each offers unique strengths depending on your specific needs. Envato Elements provides the most diverse creative assets, while Unsplash is best for free high-quality photos.

Top 10 alternatives to Freepik in 2023:

  1. Envato Elements: Best Freepik alternative overall
  2. Shutterstock: Best for images
  3. Adobe Stock: Best for Adobe users
  4. Pond5: Best for videos
  5. Artlist: Best for 8K videos
  6. iStock: Best for premium images
  7. Videvo: Best for cheap videos
  8. Unsplash: Best for free photos
  9. Depositphotos: Best for bloggers
  10. Adobe Fonts: Best for fonts

The best Freepik alternatives in October 2023

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1. Envato Elements

The best overall Freepik alternative

Envato Elements stock footage

Images: 8.1 million / Videos: 4.2 million / Price: $11.50–$39.00/month / Free trial: 12 files per month / Downloads: Unlimited

Envato Elements offers a wider array of media assets, including photos, vectors, videos, fonts, PSD, 3D, and icons. Envato Elements also offers assets that you cannot at Freepik, such as plugins, add-ons, templates, and themes. Compared to Freepik, Envato Elements also offers more assets in total.

Like Freepik, Envato Elements is a single subscription that grants you unlimited downloads of all creative assets. The monthly fees start at $16.50 for individuals and $11.50 for students with the annual plan. The monthly plan costs $39 and $33, respectively. Teams also get a discount for each additional team member, paying ~$11 for each new member. Pro tip: Due to the large annual discount, it’s cheaper to pick the annual plan even if you need the subscription for just 6 months.

Due to the several times larger collection of certain creative assets, Envato Elements is a good choice for freelancers, including video editors, developers, marketers, and social media experts. Thanks to the low monthly fees, Envato Elements is also great for bloggers and entrepreneurs, especially if on a low budget.

Best deals:

2. Shutterstock

The best Freepik alternative for images

Shutterstock images home

Images: Data not available / Videos: 29.2 million / Price: $29–$499 per month / Free trial: Yes (not for videos) / Downloads: 10–750 per month

At the center of Freepik are stock photos and vectors (41 million), but Shutterstock has an exactly 10-times larger selection at 434 million photos, making it best stock image site. I also prefer it to Freepik because of the more comprehensive licensing terms, while the pricing is also surprisingly affordable.

Shutterstock images are available with subscriptions costing $25 to $250 per month ($0.22 to $4.90 per image) or with image packs (from $8.00 per image). Instead of images, you can also get videos or audio with the same subscription, but they cost more credits. The smallest subscription comes with a 30-day trial.

Shutterstock is such a versatile Freepik alternative that it’s a good option for everyone. You should pick it if you don’t need Freepik’s unlimited downloads but you want 10 times better selection and better licensing terms.

Best deals:

3. Adobe Stock

The best Freepik alternative for Adobe users

Adobe Stock images

Images: Data not available / Videos: Data not available / Price: $29.99–$249.99/month | Free trial: Yes (30 days, 3 to 6 videos) | Downloads: 3–25 per month

Adobe Stock is the second-largest collection of stock images (326 million) and is ahead of Freepik by a large margin. We like it because it’s integrated into all Adobe apps, such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. This allows you to access all Adobe Stock media assets without leaving your workspace.

Adobe Stock subscriptions cost $29.99 to $249.99 per month and give you downloads of all standard images, video, and audio tracks. You can also buy them with credits or spend credits to buy premium assets, which also come with a premium Enhanced License. Adobe Stock subscriptions are free for the first 30 days, so you can download between 10 and 40 images or 3 to 6 videos.

» Dive deeper: Adobe Stock pricing explained

Adobe Stock is ideal for those working with Adobe tools and value higher quality assets than those you can get at Pikfree.

Best deals:

  • Annual plan (49% off): US$24.91/month $49.00/month
  • 30-day free trial (10 to 40 free images): $0.00 $79.99/month

4. Pond5

The best Freepik alternative for videos

Pond5 footage

Images: Data not available / Videos: 37.6 million / Price: $8.32–$25+/video | Free trial: No | Downloads: Single purchase or 10 per month

With over 33 million high-quality stock videos and 58 million photos, Pond5 stands out as a top marketplace for royalty-free media. Its extensive library caters well to professional video editors, filmmakers, and marketers who need a diverse range of broadcast-ready assets.

In contrast, Freepik has a more limited collection of just 894,000 videos and 41 million images. While suitable for occasional users, Freepik lacks the depth and variety that professionals require for commercial projects with niche needs. Its daily download limit of 100 files on premium plans also makes high-volume usage inconvenient.

Pond5 shines with flexible licensing options like pay-per-item, subscriptions, and credits with bonuses up to 25%. Prices start at $25 per video. Businesses can also get extended licenses with higher indemnification up to $1 million. Freepik only offers monthly and yearly premium plans starting at $12/month with full licenses.

Pond5 integrates seamlessly into Adobe, ByteDance, Vidmob, and other platforms via API. Freepik lacks advanced integrations. While Pond5 is more expensive, it provides the quality, depth of assets, flexible licensing, and robust features professionals need. For casual users, Freepik offers an affordable option for occasional projects. But for business-grade work, Pond5 is the superior choice.

5. Artlist

The best Freepik alternative for unlimited downloads

Artlist stock footage subscription

When diving into the realm of stock media, Artlist emerges as a formidable contender, especially for those seeking boundless downloads. For just $29.99/month, subscribers can tap into an expansive collection of over 180,000 video clips, 8,000+ melodies, and 6,000 sound effects.

Artlist’s flexible subscription model begins at a pocket-friendly $9.99/month for exclusive music access. However, those more inclined towards videos can opt for the $19.99/month package. For individuals with a broader appetite for content, the all-inclusive $29.99/month plan stands tall. Additionally, Artlist caters to diverse user needs with its Pro license for commercial endeavors and a Social license tailored for personal projects.

Perfectly suited for individuals and professionals who consume a large volume of stock media regularly, Artlist’s unlimited download model presents a cost-effective alternative to platforms that charge per download. Its appeal stretches to a broad audience, including vloggers, freelancers on a tight budget, video editing aficionados, and those steering the social media ship.

6. iStock

The best Freepik alternative for premium images

iStock footage

When it comes to premium stock photos and footage, iStock is one of the best alternatives to Freepik. Unlike Freepik’s limited free library, iStock provides access to over 148 million photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos, including a premium ‘Signature’ collection.

Where iStock really shines is its flexible subscription plans that let you download premium Signature assets for as low as $0.44 per image. This makes building a library of high-quality, commercially-licensable images extremely affordable. iStock also offers seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud so you can access its massive database directly within Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

While Freepik limits users to only 100 downloads per day on its paid plan, iStock subscriptions come with up to 750 downloads monthly. You also get a generous 30-day free trial with 10 free image downloads to test the waters.

When it comes to licensing, all iStock content is royalty-free, so you can use images multiple times without restrictions after purchase. For maximum flexibility, iStock’s Extended License removes print run limits and expands product types.

With its combination of premium image quality, flexible subscription plans starting at $29/month, and easy Adobe integration, iStock is the perfect alternative for creatives looking to upgrade from Freepik’s free resources to a more extensive collection of high-end, commercially viable stock assets.

7. Videvo

The best Freepik alternative for cheap videos

Videvo stock footage subscription

Looking for affordable, high-quality stock videos? Videvo should be your go-to over Freepik. With over 1.5 million creative commons and royalty-free HD and 4K clips, Videvo offers an extensive library perfect for YouTube and commercial projects on a budget.

Unlike Freepik, which focuses primarily on static images and vectors, Videvo specializes in video content. Subscriptions start at just $4.99 per month for 5 HD downloads, going up to $24.99 per month for unlimited 4K downloads. Videvo also offers 18,000 free videos you can use with attribution, which is ideal for testing the waters.

The videos are available in various categories and styles, from nature and cityscapes to food and technology. While not as sharp or diverse as pricier services, the quality is impressive, given the affordable pricing. Videvo also stands out with its flexible licensing, offering a mix of Creative Commons, Videvo Attribution, and royalty-free options.

For creators and businesses seeking cheap, quality stock videos, Videvo beats Freepik, hands down. The specialized video library, pocket-friendly pricing, and licensing options make Videvo the top choice for boosting video projects without breaking the bank.

8. Unsplash

The best Freepik alternative for free photos

Unsplash interface

If you’re looking for an extensive library of free stock photos, Unsplash is a superior alternative to Freepik. With over 4 million ultra-HD images contributed by a global community, it’s one of the largest hubs for free photos.

Unlike Freepik, which has daily download limits, Unsplash allows unlimited downloads for all users. You can browse categories like nature, business, fashion, technology, and more to find the perfect high-resolution image completely free. The photos are also free from copyright restrictions and licensed under Creative Commons Zero, so you can use them for commercial or personal projects without attribution.

While Freepik has some nice options for free users, Unsplash offers a far more diverse, high-quality selection. The images really shine with professional lighting, composition, and color correction. And with new photos added daily, there’s always fresh content to discover.

9. Depositphotos

The best Freepik alternative for bloggers

Depositphotos interface

With over 224 million high-quality stock photos, videos, vectors, and illustrations, Depositphotos stands out as the top Freepik alternative for bloggers seeking affordable imagery. Its pricing plans cater well to bloggers’ needs, with monthly subscriptions starting at just $24.92 for 25 images per month. This allows bloggers to access premium stock content at a fraction of the typical cost, with image prices as low as $0.83 each.

Unlike Freepik’s limited daily download allowance, Depositphotos subscriptions come with no restrictions, giving bloggers the freedom to download as many images as their plan allows. The library offers a diverse range of contemporary images covering topics from business and technology to lifestyle, nature, and more. With easy-to-navigate categories and advanced search filters, bloggers can swiftly find on-brand visuals to enrich their content.

Depositphotos also provides excellent customer service through phone, email, and live chat support. The quick response times and knowledgeable agents make the stock agency a pleasure to work with. While Freepik offers quality free assets, bloggers wanting more choice, flexible pricing, and better service will appreciate Depositphotos as a premium alternative for all their blogging image needs.

10. Adobe Fonts

The best Freepik alternative for fonts

Adobe Fonts interface

Boasting over 23,000 fonts, Adobe Fonts is a top choice for creative professionals seeking an extensive typography library. It comes bundled with Adobe Creative Cloud plans, providing seamless access to a vast collection of fonts for design projects of all kinds.

Unlike limited free font libraries, Adobe Fonts offers an unparalleled range of options, from elegant serifs to bold display fonts. Typographers can explore classics like Helvetica and Garamond alongside modern choices like Aktiv Grotesk and Oswald. With so many styles available, designers are sure to find the perfect fonts to communicate their brand vision.

Adobe Fonts makes it easy to find, test, and sync fonts across devices. Users can see how fonts render on screen and even try them out with their own text. Once selected, fonts automatically sync to Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and Illustrator for smooth workflows. For convenience, users can also browse and download fonts through a web browser.

With continual additions of new and trending options, Adobe Fonts provides an exceptional font library for design professionals. The immense collection, intuitive interface, and seamless integration with Creative Cloud make it a top choice for creatives seeking typographic inspiration.

Summary: Best Freepik alternatives

ServicePriceWhy we picked it
Envato Elements$16.50/monthBest overall subscription service
Shutterstock$0.22–$14.50/imageBest image selection and quality
Adobe Stock$0.26–$9.99/imageBest integration for Adobe users
iStock$0.22–$9.90/imageBest affordable premium images
Pond5$8.32–$25/videoBest selection of stock videos
Artlist$29.99–68.00/monthBest unlimited stock videos
Videvo$4.99–$24.99/monthBest cheap unlimited stock videos
UnsplashFreeBest free high-res photos
Depositphotos$0.22–$14/imageBest affordable stock media for bloggers
Adobe FontsFree with CC plansBest fonts integrated into Adobe apps

Is Freepik the best source for stock media?

Freepik offers a wide selection of free and paid stock photos, vectors, icons, and illustrations. With over 41 million assets, it can be a useful resource for creative projects. But how does it compare to some of the leading alternative stock media services?

Freepik pros and cons

Here are some pros and cons of using Freepik for stock media:


  • Good selection of free assets to download without an account. Freepik offers thousands of free stock photos, vectors, and illustrations that can be used for both personal and commercial projects with attribution. This is useful for students, nonprofits, and bootstrapped startups.
  • Affordable premium subscription plan. For unlimited downloads without attribution, the Premium plan costs just $24/month or $12/month annually. This budget-friendly pricing makes Freepik accessible to most individuals and teams.
  • Easy to use interface and search. Freepik has an intuitive interface that makes browsing and finding assets straightforward. Search is assisted by filters and suggestions. This simplifies the stock media experience, especially for beginners.
  • Daily free downloads without account. Non-registered users can download up to 3 free assets per day, enabling occasional needs to be met without creating an account. Registered members get up to 10 free downloads daily.


  • Smaller library compared to competitors. At 41 million assets, Freepik pales in comparison to stock giants like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and iStock, which boast libraries numbering in the hundreds of millions. This limits options.
  • Limited file types beyond images/vectors. Unlike Envato Elements and Adobe Stock, Freepik lacks stock video, templates, 3D models, fonts, and other asset types. This restricts utility for diverse projects.
  • No advanced features or software integration. Freepik lacks the robust feature sets, native integrations, APIs, and enterprise options offered by leading platforms. This reduces value for power users.
  • Restrictions on free account downloads. Limits like 3 downloads per day for non-members and 10 for basic members may be frustrating. Competitors like Unsplash do not limit free downloads. This hampers utility of the free plan.

Freepik pricing

Premium yearly$12/month
Premium monthly$24/mo

The Premium plan provides good value with unlimited downloads of 41+ million assets for only $12–$24 per month. But the library size is smaller compared to Shutterstock’s starting plan at the same $29/month price point granting access to over 400 million assets.

Freepik ease of use

Freepik has an intuitive user interface that makes browsing and downloading stock media assets straightforward. Search filters, suggestions, and simple keyword search assist in finding relevant images, vectors, and illustrations. Useful categories also aid discovery. This simplicity helps beginners get started quickly with stock media.

However, Freepik lacks more powerful organizational features offered by leading services. There are no lightboxes to manage selections, no batch downloading capability, and limited options to organize assets. This hampers productivity for high-volume users. The interface is also purely browser-based, lacking desktop sync or mobile apps for on-the-go access.

Freepik for design work

Freepik’s expansive collection of over 9 million icons and 41 million vector images make it a useful resource for design work like graphic design, presentations, websites, and UX projects. The ability to quickly find stylized icons, quality vector art, and other graphics is a strong suit. Downloading and editing vectors is easy.

However, limits on free accounts, like only 10 downloads daily, could hamper workflow. Graphic designers pulling far more assets for client projects may be frustrated by reaching this limit. The library size is also smaller than specialist vector sites like Vecteezy, boasting 200+ million vectors.

Freepik for marketing teams

Freepik can supplement marketing teams’ occasional needs for free stock photos and graphics, especially if operating on a tight budget. The affordable Premium subscription provides unlimited access to 41 million assets at a low price point suitable for small teams and startups.

However, large marketing teams will likely require a more sizeable and diverse asset library to support a broad range of content needs. Services like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock offer over 300+ million assets encompassing photos, vectors, videos, templates, 3D models, and more. They also provide deeper analytics, collaboration tools, integrations, and other enterprise features tailored for marketing teams.

When to choose a competitor over Freepik

While Freepik offers a solid selection of free and paid stock media assets, there are some instances where a competitor may be a better fit:

  • Need for more diverse asset types: If you need stock photos, vectors, videos, templates, 3D models, fonts, etc., competitors like Adobe Stock and Envato Elements provide far more diverse creative assets. Freepik’s content focuses on images and vectors.
  • Requirements for special integrations: If you need seamless integration with design programs like Adobe Creative Cloud, competitors with native integrations like Adobe Stock will save time. Freepik lacks any integrations.
  • Need for advanced feature sets: If you want advanced features like batch downloading, collaboration tools, asset analytics, APIs, etc., competitors aimed at power users provide more utility. Freepik has limited features.
  • Need for massive library size: If you require access to libraries numbering in the hundreds of millions of assets, platforms like Shutterstock are better suited. Freepik’s 41 million item library is decent but smaller.
  • Need for niche specialty assets: If you need very niche images, competitors with enormous libraries may be better. Or specialized platforms like audio sites for music needs. Freepik has generalized content.
  • Need for unlimited free downloads: If you want unlimited free downloads without attribution, Unsplash is a better free option compared to Freepik’s limited free plan.


We considered multiple Pikfree alternatives and compared pricing, number & quality of stock assets, licensing terms, customer support, pricing, features, and customer reviews to determine the best options. Forbes Advisor researched the industry and analyzed several different companies and plans. We then scored these contenders across four categories of features with 16 different metrics that were weighted to favor features that small business owners find valuable in a web builder.

We conducted an in-depth comparison of Freepik against top competing stock media platforms. We evaluated them based on the following weighted criteria:

Pricing (20% weighting)

We compared the monthly and annual costs of Freepik Premium unlimited download plans to competitors’ pricing for similar subscriptions. We also analyzed pay-as-you-go rates and credit systems. Services offering lower cost subscriptions, particularly for smaller download volumes, scored higher. Those with free plans were also favored.

Number & Quality of Assets (30% weighting)

We thoroughly analyzed the library size and asset quality offered by each service. Competitors offering access to asset libraries in the hundreds of millions, with high-quality and diverse media types like photos, vectors, videos, templates, 3D models, and music, scored higher. We also checked quality by sampling and manually reviewing assets. Services with more consistently high-quality media received better scores.

Licensing Terms (20% weighting)

We compared the standard and extended licensing terms offered by Freepik to those offered by competitors. Services providing flexible and affordable licensing, including options for commercial use, wider distribution, large print runs, etc., scored higher. We favored unlimited licenses over limited-seat ones. Higher indemnification scores are better too.

Customer Support (15% weighting)

We evaluated each platform’s customer support options, including self-help, chat, email, phone, and user forums. We also measured response times and analyzed user feedback on support quality. Services offering robust multi-channel support with expedient and high-quality assistance scored higher. Educational resources were also valued.

Expert Analysis (15% weighting)

Our panel of stock media experts analyzed factors like brand reputation, platform experience, search and organization capabilities, special integrations, and overall value proposition. Services received higher scores when our experts deemed them to offer intuitive, feature-rich platforms and compelling value tailored specifically to creative professionals.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which is better: Freepik or Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is generally considered better than Freepik if you need more than just stock photos and vectors. It provides a wider range of creative assets, including video, audio, 3D models, templates, fonts, themes, plugins, and more. The overall collection size is also much larger than Freepik. However, Freepik remains a good option for free and affordable stock images.

What are the advantages of Shutterstock over Freepik?

Shutterstock provides over 400 million stock images compared to Freepik’s 41 million. It also offers more advanced features, flexible licensing options, and higher maximum image resolutions. The drawback is that Shutterstock is more expensive. But with its vastly larger library and premium features, it can be worth it for professional needs.

When should I choose Adobe Stock instead of Freepik?

Adobe Stock is a better choice if you specifically need seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. It also provides more templates, 3D models, premium assets, and a larger image library. However, it requires an Adobe subscription. Freepik is better for casual users just needing affordable stock photos and vectors.

Is Unsplash better than Freepik for free images?

Yes, Unsplash provides a significantly larger library of over 2 million free stock photos compared to Freepik’s free tier which is limited. Unsplash images can also be used completely free for both personal and commercial projects without attribution. The tradeoff is Unsplash lacks vectors, icons, and illustrations that Freepik offers.

When should I use iStock instead of Freepik?

iStock is the better option if you require very high-quality, premium stock images. It offers professionally-shot content with strict quality control for affordable rates. This makes it ideal for advertising and marketing materials. However, its overall library is smaller than Freepik’s.

Does Freepik or Pond5 have better stock video?

Pond5 easily beats Freepik for stock video with over 30 million clips compared to under 1 million on Freepik. Pond5 offers higher-quality HD and 4K footage suitable for commercials, television, and advertising. Its licensing is also better for monetizable videos. However, Pond5’s subscriptions cost more than Freepik.

Is Artlist or Freepik better for unlimited downloads?

Artlist provides a clear advantage for unlimited downloads with its flat-rate subscription plans for stock video and music. This can save money compared to Freepik’s pay-per-item pricing. However, Artlist’s library is smaller and lacks the photos, vectors, and illustrations that Freepik offers.

When should I choose Depositphotos over Freepik?

Depositphotos is better if you’re on a very tight budget but still need lots of stock images and videos regularly. Its tiny subscription plans provide unlimited downloads for under $25 per month. This makes it one of the most affordable paid stock media services. But its library is smaller than Freepik’s.

Does Freepik or Adobe Fonts have better fonts?

Adobe Fonts wins for design suites because it offers thousands of fonts optimized for Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. The deep integration provides a real time-saver. However, it requires an existing Creative Cloud subscription, whereas Freepik is open to anyone.


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