The best Premiere Pro ad templates this year

Adobe Premiere Pro isn't the only advertising template service — there are loads of top-notch ad templates to boost your projects this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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Even as many organizations advance toward more DIY multimedia content, inclusive of professional editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro remains in focus and isn’t likely to change any time soon. Many of us continue to use ad templates in crafting compelling visual stories, business adverts, and personal productions. The list of templates does have a favorite topper– yet there’s an entire array out there, free and otherwise, that assists in constructing your online assets. The paragraphs ahead delve into some of the intriguing Adobe Premiere Pro templates of the year. We’ve honed in on templates that meet a range of requirements, facilitating at least 10 diverse editing styles and platforms. Rather than blindly committing to the overwhelmingly popular options, you might want to discover one or two others— observe how well they fall into line with your unique creative strokes and that of your colleagues or clients. This compilation is an excellent kick-off point.

The best Premiere Pro ad templates 2023

1. Instagram Sale Ad Packages

Instagram Sale Ad Packages (Credit: Envato Elements)

This ‘Instagram Sale Ad Packages’ template is built preferably for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 or upwards. It provides marketers with four different snap-to-fit projects in 1080×1920 resolution with a 29.97fps. No additional plug-ins are required to exploit this ad template successfully, plus it is accompanied by an indented help file for user guidance. The template works seamlessly for different uses such as IGTV, mobile video, Snapchat, Instagram posts and stories, TikTok, YouTube vlogs, promotional banner creation, slideshow presentations, and more, making it a multifunctional advertising solution. Its typographic settings allow perfect story crafting suitable for products or businesses within vertical formats as well.

2. 50 Music Banners Ad Mogrt

50 Music Banners Ad Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

50 Music Banners Ad Mogrt is a Premiere Pro template facilitating the quick and easy creation of visually impactful videos designed for promotional campaigns. Included with the template is a vast choice of user-friendly features such as a motion library with a diversity of titles, shapes, backgrounds, icons and more. It offers up to 50 unique design slides and the option to easily customize editable components like color and text. Additional attributes include duotones, gradients and a resizable resolution to offer a broad scope of customization within the template. Applicable across advertising, social media posting and more, it provides quick rendering and tutorial guide materials. Notably, it requires Premiere Pro CC 2021 or above and offers extensive customer support.

3. Advertising TikTok

Advertising TikTok (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template titled ‘Advertising TikTok’ is designed for creating eye-catching ads catered to the modern social media platform, TikTok. The main audio featured in the template is a Hip-Hop track produced by INPLUSMUSIC, which comes in 5 versions of varying lengths that coincide with the simulated advertisements’ duration. The visual aspect incorporates a fresh, clean, and futuristic animation style that can suit different topics, whether it’s corporate messaging or family-oriented content. Built-in text, shape, and presentation features aid in producing professional and tailored TikTok advertisements and social media content.

4. Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 92

Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 92 (Credit: Envato Elements)

Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 92 is a tailored Premiere Pro template specifically created for Valentine’s Day advertisements. This template conveniently comprises of a motion library consisting of multiple features such as titles, text presets, shapes, backgrounds, duotones, gradients, icons presented in 92 variations. Suited to Premiere Pro CC 2021 and higher versions, it provides 12 scenes from 6 unique designs. This template is not limited to Instagram Ads but is meldable according to the promotional needs and tasks. However, the Preview file doesn’t consist of the images, videos, and music employed. Nominal charges may apply for the same but the usage is straightforward with 24/7 customer support availability.

5. 5 Advertising Instagram Stories

5 Advertising Instagram Stories (Credit: Envato Elements)

The 5 Advertising Instagram Stories is an Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 template designed with social media advertising in mind. The template includes sound effects, color control panel, free font link, and a user-friendly drag & drop structure. Vertical resolution is set at 1080 x 1920. Each of the five stories included has been professionally developed for fast rendering, though music and promo videos for a display are not included. This is ideally utilized across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat, emphasising on concepts such as branding, marketing, and customer engagement using modern graphic illustrations and storytelling techniques.

6. App Logo Advertising

App Logo Advertising (Credit: Envato Elements)

The App Logo Advertising is a Premiere Pro ad template especially designed for the seamless promotion of applications. Crafted with attention to detail, this template facilitates easy insertion of final app designs alongside the app’s logo. Providing a simplistic yet effective cartoon theme to craft the perfect demo or promo message, this tool can be utilized to present the application on mobile, smartphone or a mockup news format. Targeted content messaging designed for promotional assets, like YouTube ads can be also executed skillfully with this highly versatile template. Prime for all, including small businesses aiming for concise yet impactful advertising communication.

7. Businesswoman Advert Displays

Businesswoman Advert Displays (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Businesswoman Advert Displays’ is a modern promotional video template designed for corporate enterprises such as design companies, education colleges, advertising agencies, etc. Made for Premiere Pro CC 2021 and newer, the template provides a flexible modular structure, featuring 10 content placeholders to easily insert logo, images, videos, or texts as needed. It presents a hi-tech touch-screen HUD environment operated by a businesswoman which makes it fit well for various progressive businesses. Additionally, effects like light leaks and glitches can be controlled for a cleaner look, plus customizable reflection and footage lighting to highlight your logos. Please note, video tutorial, fonts link included, while the music and imagery in the preview are demo purposes hence not included.

8. Face Mask Ads Set Stories Pack For Premiere Pro

Face Mask Ads Set Stories Pack For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Face Mask Ads Set Stories Pack For Premiere Pro is an excellently crafted template that lends a modern, fashionable touch to typical typographic scenes. It is primarily devised for creating distinctive, colourful Instagram stories revolving around face masks. Creatively animated and distinct shapes work greatly to capture viewer interest. This totally modular project can be easily manipulated according to user preferences; the scenes can be used separately or weaved together into a promotional video. This highly organized project facilitates simple, uncomplicated usage. It accepts all text alterations and includes fonts. However, users need to import their own images, as these aren’t included. It helps to effectively contribute to topics surrounding prevention, illness, medical masks, cleanliness, and health among others.

9. Furniture Product Advertise

Furniture Product Advertise (Credit: Envato Elements)

Furniture Product Advertise is a versatile Adobe Premiere Pro ad template designed to create impactful promotional presentations for furniture companies, real estate agencies, and any business seeking an innovative approach to showcase their products. This template, characterized by a royal blue color theme, allows the easy production of company slideshows, office promotions, or magazine intros through professional motion designs and clean title animations. Complementary to any event setting, it offers easy customization capabilities and includes 3D modeling, interior and exterior design attributes, and a variety of furniture-and-interior-related media.The template’s well-organized modular structure lets critical business attributes shine. Simply ‘drag and drop’ images to capture viewers’ interest.

10. App Advertising Short Final

App Advertising Short Final (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “App Advertising Short Final” is a cutting-edge Premiere Pro ad template, designed specifically for showcasing mobile apps in a realistic and captivating way. Incorporating immersive 3D graphics, minimalistic modern design, and visually appealing phone mock-ups, it is an apt choice for your business YouTube channel, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, or for in-store promotions. The template also includes special features like a countdown, discount frame, and specific backgrounds suitable for different seasons and events, like Black Friday, Spring, Summer, and Christmas. Hence irrespective of the season or occasion, you can create an engaging ad using this template.

11. Advertising & Product – MOGRT Icons

Advertising & Product – MOGRT Icons (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Advertising & Product – MOGRT Icons is a Premiere Pro ad template that is specifically designed for an abstract yet adaptive advertising experience. It carries animated flat icons, making it apt for explainer videos, product presentations or homepage banners. This motion graphic template (MOGRT) comes with an extendable UI/UX design, easily adaptable to any website’s look or landing page, with options like scalable bootstrap components and complex modules. Concepts can be outline and explain using bodymovin blocks and a range of customizable cartoon characters. An excellent user-friendly feature for both application-based advertising and web theme designing.

This ad Premiere Pro template is also part of our product video list.

12. Clean Advertise Promo Pro

Clean Advertise Promo Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Clean Advertise Promo Pro is a Premiere Pro ad template notable for its neat, fresh and minimalistic aesthetic. Particularly designed for adverts, it boasts a Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution, which is also resizable to fit any project needs. The template does not necessitate plug-ins and comes equipped with nine text holders and ten image holders, simplifying customization. Using Adobe’s After Effects for optimal output, the template provides online help for user convenience. Using it will apply a clean, dynamic and modern style to your content. It is versatile, perfect for projects that require fast, simple visuals, such as intros, photo opes, and short title screens.

13. Billboard Outdoor Advertising Posters for Premiere Pro

Billboard Outdoor Advertising Posters for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Billboard Outdoor Advertising Posters for Premiere Pro” is a flexible and customizable template aimed at businesses seeking high-impact advertising solutions. This video template enables fuss-free creation of dynamic and visually appealing advertisements that are bound to attract customers. The template features 10 unique designs. Allowing fast rendering up to full HD resolution, it can easily be resized to 4K or even higher. Comes with a handy video tutorial and doesn’t require any additional plugins. The spectrum remains suitable for range of advert needs, from corporate to social media promotions owing to vairous abstract to minimal style post designs offered. Requires Premiere Pro 2021 or a newer version. Creates an effect of a 3D billboard display and includes placeholders, transitions, and typography.

14. Business Instagram Ad Mogrt 208

Business Instagram Ad Mogrt 208 (Credit: Envato Elements)

Business Instagram Ad Mogrt 208 is a customizable Premiere Pro template used for creating compelling business advertisements specifically designed for Instagram. It includes a motion library that contains various titles, shapes, backgrounds, and more. The template includes unique designs across 12 different scenes with 1080×1920 and 1080×1080 resolutions. Features include color control and a relatively short 15-second duration. The addition of text presets, background options, duotones, gradients, and icons makes it easy to personalize while providing swift render times. Nevertheless, it requires Premiere Pro CC 2021 software or newer versions, and note that images, video, and music in the previews are not included in the download file.

15. Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 107

Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 107 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 107 is a polished and versatile Premiere Pro template specifically crafted for Valentine’s Day Instagram Ads. With 06 beautiful designs totaling 12 scenes and various elements such as titles, text presets, backgrounds, duotones and more in its library, creating noteworthy and vivid videos for Instagram has been made more straightforward. Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2021, this 00:07-sec video template offers color control, easy customization, and quick rendering. Noteworthy is that it doesn’t contain images, music, or videos found in the preview, but does supply a free font in integration. Its Valentine and love-themed tags reflect its romantic content visualizing feelings of fondness, romance, and companionship.

16. Fashion Promo Social Ad Mogrt 112

Fashion Promo Social Ad Mogrt 112 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Fashion Promo Social Ad Mogrt 112 template is specifically designed for Adobe Premiere Pro, capable of creating a captivating and modern fashion-based promotional video. Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2021 or higher, this template provides 12 unique design slides with a resolution of 1080×1920 and a 15-second duration. Included within it is access to a motion library comprising of various elements such as text presets, shapes, icons, backgrounds, duotones, and gradients that allow for full customization. A tutorial and customer support are available. Do note, the music and images in the preview require separate downloads. It’s ideal for use with promo production, clothing sales, and social media awareness objects.

17. Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 112

Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 112 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 112 is a Premiere Pro template designed for creating eye-catching Instagram stories. It enables users to craft beautiful Valentine’s Day video advertisements supplementing them with varying motion-library titles, shapes, backgrounds etc. This template consists of 12 scenes with 6 unique designs of resolution 1080×1920, 1080×1080 and a maximum duration of 15 seconds. It is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2021 software, offering color control for personalization. Flaunting a fast rendering speed, it also allows user-friendly customization with suitable music, font and video support. Necessary guidance is provided with 24/7 customer support. However, preview images, video, and music are not included in the download file.

18. Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 110

Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 110 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Valentine’s Day Instagram Ad Mogrt 110 is a versatile Premiere Pro template designed to aid in the creation of engaging promotions on Instagram stories for Valentine’s Day. With an added motion library that provides a range of elements such as titles, backgrounds, and shapes, anyone can produce visually appealing content with ease. The template further supports Premiere Pro CC 2021 and help you render 12 unique scenes at 1080×1920 and 1080×1080 resolutions in just 7 seconds! You have to provide your own font, music, and video content. Also, the themes around the template genres include warm, romantic, sultry, and polished.

19. Valentine’s Day Sale Instagram Ad Mogrt 111

Valentine’s Day Sale Instagram Ad Mogrt 111 (Credit: Envato Elements)

Valentine’s Day Sale Instagram Ad Mogrt 111 is a Premiere Pro template designed to create engaging social media video advertising, particularly suited to Instagram stories. Equipped with a motion library filled with titles, shapes, backgrounds, and more, it streamlines the process of crafting a uniquely appealing ad. The template consists of 12 scenes, can easily be customized, and is compatible specifically with Premiere Pro CC 2021 and higher. The package doesn’t include fonts or music but the end product can be quickly produced with your personal touches added. Ideal for celebration events, romantic expressions, or Valentine’s special promotions.

20. Chinese New Year Sale Instagram Ad Mogrt 101

Chinese New Year Sale Instagram Ad Mogrt 101 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Chinese New Year Sale Instagram Ad Mogrt 101 is a versatile Premiere Pro template blueprint designed for making promotional videos for your Instagram campaigns. Primarily suited for store promotions centered around Chinese New Year sales, the template features a motion library with texts, titles, shapes, and backgrounds. The package includes 12 scenes, offering 6 unique designs, color control, and a 7-second duration. It also guarantees user-friendly customization and quick rendering. Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2021 or higher, the plugin supports both 1080×1920 and 1080×1080 resolutions. Notably, free font reference links, musical references, and 24/7 customer support are also offered. Purchase does not include depicted images, videos and music.

What are Premiere Pro ad templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates, which are popularly trending this year, offer extensive resources for video editors in simplifying workflow as much as possible. These templates usually contain pre-designed, customizable effects, transitions, graphics, text inserts, and sound effects designed for Adobe Premiere Pro, a top tier editing application ideal for content creators, editors, and designers. By simply dragging and dropping, users can quickly and efficiently establish a consistent visual identity throughout a video project without spending excessive time in creating intricate designs from scratch.

Some of the finest Adobe Premiere Pro ad templates comprise cinematic trailers, promotional ads, infographics, product showcase, and conference presentations, all catering to varying necessities of video editing. These ready-to-use design assets, coupled with Adobe’s intuitive interface, alleviate the most labor-intensive parts of video editing while unbriden creativity and innovation. The set of templates ensures scalability for business-themed video content, creative blogs, digital agencies, or influencers – making complexity approachable, thus contributing to Adobe’s popularity in the versatility of its software suite.

Why use Premiere Pro ad templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro ad templates continue to be an indispensable tool for creative professionals this year. Not only do these templates help in editing content to be visually impactful, they also champion a highly streamlined workflow necessary to turn projects around quickly in an ever-evolving digital landscape. The level of customization, coupled with Adobe’s trusted performance and user-friendly interface, ensures content creators bring to life ad projects exactly as imagined. In addition, the cutting-edge software’s readiness-to-integrate with other Adobe tools only elevates this facility, making Adobe Premiere Pro templates the favorable choice across sectors from digital marketing firms to filmmaking houses, graphic designers and beyond.

Similarly worth noting are Adobe’s frequent updates to these templates in response to user feedback and emerging trends. This continual upgrade reaffirms Adobe’s commitment to providing savvy utilities always matching the standard of the industry, graphic requirements, or marketing style and thereby perpetuating their allure for users. In fact, the extensive library of effects, transitions, and typeface sets standard on Premiere Pro templates have played an essential role in several award-winning ad campaigns. The ability to rapidly edit and deploy high-quality advertisement truly puts these templates in a technical class above competitors. Simply put, Adobe’s Premiere Pro ad templates have outdone themselves this year, boldly reshaping how visual media is produced and presented.

How to import Premiere Pro ad templates?

Importing Adobe Premiere Pro ad templates is a straight forward process to bolster your video editing projects. It starts with downloading the desired template file from sources such as Adobe Stock. Once that’s done, you’ll need to open your Premiere Pro program, and then navigate to ‘Window’ followed by clicking on ‘Essential Graphics’. In the Essential Graphics Panel, select the ‘Install Motion Graphics template’ button represented by a small plus symbol. Navigate to the downloaded template and select import — Presto! The imported templates get automatically saved into your central database for immediate, or future use. Feel free to browse and choose within myriad variant ad templates, to properly align with your brand’s narrative style.


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