The best Premiere Pro adobe templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only platform for Adobe templates — explore the top picks of free this year's templates for infusing creativity into your projects.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As creators continuously search for fresh ways to enhance their video content, the use of Adobe Premiere Pro templates remain significant. Despite the availability of several tools for video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro stands above the rest in widespread use and functionality. Its array of jaw-dropping templates do not only add an extra spice to your content creation journey but also saves a lot of time. This article brings together some of the most exceptional free Adobe Premiere Pro templates that we’ve come across this year. We’ve zeroed in on templates that suit a variety of video styles and needs, from eye-catching animated graphics to clever title intros. Instead of assuming that the first template you come across is the best fit for you, try out a few other options from this wide-reaching list to really fine tune your content. This compilation is an excellent starting point.

The best Premiere Pro adobe templates 2023

1. Color Titles | Adobe Premiere Pro

Color Titles | Adobe Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Color Titles | Adobe Premiere Pro is a versatile and dynamic template specifically designed for Adobe’s video editing software. Focusing on colorful and stylish text animations and typography, it includes features such as broadcast bundle, lower thirds, and some cutting-edge title pack. Suited well for corporate titles or more elegant applications, the inclusion of trendy elements, minimalistic design, and 2D animations make it multi-functional and compelling. This template is ideal for a plethora of projects running the gamut of social media-oriented content for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and IGTV, through YouTube videos and business presentations.

2. Golden Memories Romantic Slideshow

Golden Memories Romantic Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

Golden Memories Romantic Slideshow is a sophisticated, easy-to-use Adobe Premiere Pro template perfect for creating a deeply personal love story, romantic slideshow, wedding history or an anniversary tribute. The project helps you to retell your emotional journey in a luxurious and emotionally-appealing style suffused with a golden tone. This smart, versatile template supports all elements, from text and photos to videos and audio, letting you wholly recapture joyful moments or classical love stories. Idea for creating a romantic presentation, documentary film, promotional material, or mood-based historical video among other tailored creations. Gold Memories Romantic Slideshow guarantees a high-quality, easy-to-master and smoothly editable output.

3. PR Effects Visualizer

PR Effects Visualizer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The PR Effects Visualizer is a pivotal Adobe template designed for smooth editing in Premiere Pro. Conceptualized by precious entries PremiumBuilder and Premiumilk, the potent script boasts a high-grade extension and handy plugins that facilitate easier viewership and enhanced editing efficiency. As an organized tool, the templates harbor effective features for a productive visualization of video effects. The addition plays diverse roles, offering a practical route towards proficiency in adobe effects – a credential lending it true worth for those in cinematography or similar fields. Undoubtedly, this product maximizes quality with minimized labor.

4. Modern Dynamic Opener

Modern Dynamic Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Modern Dynamic Opener” is meticulously designed with an aim to cater to diverse digital needs. This template, typically used in Adobe Premiere Pro, can provide a stimulating look to everyday footage or images. Featuring clean lines and dynamic movement, it is particularly beneficial for creating striking portfolios, compelling production demos, and everyday showreels. This flexible tool, with provisions for integrating titles and slideshows, can also be utilized for making breathtaking trailers – weaving together narratives with sheer simplicity. With its versatility, it could lighten the burden associated with planning special events.

5. Modern Titles Pack

Modern Titles Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

Modern Titles Pack is an Adobe Premiere Pro template, designed with the utmost elegance to provide unique and refreshing title designs. The template package contains customizable titles, enabling you to alter text styles and preferences in line with project needs. With hi-tech essential graphics, the animations tend to add a modern, stylish flair to your videos. Being a .mogrt (Motion Graphics Template) file, it eases the integration with .mfx files. This spans professional to personal use, allowing you edit seamlessly to attain that hi-tech, modern look in your video titles conveniently.

6. Crumpling Paper Logo Reveal PREMIERE

Crumpling Paper Logo Reveal PREMIERE (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Crumpling Paper Logo Reveal” is a unique Adobe Premiere Pro template designed to reveal logos in a captivating, handmade way. The core concept features a paper, crumpled and then unfolding to unveil your logo, offering a distinctive grunge aesthetic. The template is coupled with a jolly, inspirational audio track ‘Happy Upbeat Indie Rock’, with four variants of different length. Additional keywords related to the template include ball, concepts, crumple, crushed, ideas, paper, reveal, transition, trash, and used – each aimed at creating an engaging, dialoguing, and storytelling atmosphere. Suitable for a variety of projects like promo visuals, intros, or marketing campaigns.

7. Cinematic Parallax Slideshow – Premiere PRO

Cinematic Parallax Slideshow – Premiere PRO (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cinematic Parallax Slideshow Premiere Pro template offers a classy and modern solution to present your photos or videos. Noteworthy elements in this template include 3D intros, titling, emotional and epic cinematic effects merged with elegant visuals. Despite being well-suited for a variety of purposes such as corporate presentations, wedding videos, special events, or show reels, it shines most when used in projects targeting an immersive, cinematic feel. A notable feature are the particle elements, adding a glamorous touch befitting the most opulent of trailers or promotions. Premiere Pro was used consistently in its creation.

8. Hip Hop Revolution | MOGRT

Hip Hop Revolution | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Hip Hop Revolution | MOGRT’ is a versatile Adobe Premiere Pro template geared towards music video needs and presentations, predominantly in the Hip-hop genre. It comprises high-energy, super-fast animation elements blended with 2.5D parallax effects. It’s optimized with audio tracks ‘Heavy Sport Beat’ by cinematic_alex, sporting two different durations. Adjustable components include kinetic movements, DJ effects, promotional intros, and future-oriented animations idealistic to music festivals, start-up videos, or titles. The power-prompted accessibility and ease of After Effects also elevate this a notch.

9. Abstract Backgrounds for Premiere Pro

Abstract Backgrounds for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Abstract Backgrounds for Premiere Pro is a diverse offering of 14 uniquely abstract, designed-in-suite features that are designed for Adobe’s Premiere Pro 2021 and later editions. Apt for businesses & corporate professionals, this bundle allows users to dynamically personalize and control color elements, which provides videos with a modern, minimal, and sleek finishing touch. This bundle is easy to use, includes straightforward tutorials, and quick rendering options, all without the need for auxiliary plug-ins. Ideal for use in YouTube video backgrounds and tech-themed coverage. Providing optimum feature control, this Abstract Backgrounds bundle is a great asset for creative projects.

10. Ultra Modern Titles-MOGRT

Ultra Modern Titles-MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Ultra Modern Titles-MOGRT template for Adobe Premiere Pro comprises of 16 varied title designs. This 2019 version is tailored for commercial and corporate uses. It reflects a blend of lower thirds and minimal elements with the efficient use of lines. The contemporary aesthetics reaffirms its modern character. The simplicity of the designs further boosts clarity and optimizes readability. This MOGRT setup is also suitable for promotional activities. It keeps the text presentation primary with a subtlety that highlights the titles intelligently.

11. The Ultimate Titles Pack – Premiere Pro

The Ultimate Titles Pack – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Ultimate Titles Pack for Premiere Pro is a master collection comprising of 222 animated and customizable titles across 9 categories, designed to enhance the visual appeal of your videos. These categories include Broadcast, Cartoon, Kinetic Typography, Minimal, Modern, Retro, Slice, Vintage and Wedding Titles. All set for Premiere Pro CC 2019’s Essential Graphics Panel, each title is editable to match your brand identity with modifiable values and colors. Features like 4K-resolution, 60 fps, variable length in-out animations, adjustable durations gives you every tool you need without wasting time on difficult animations. The pack also includes guidance on Font-URLs and video tutorials. Perfect tool whether you’re a beginner or an expert video content creator.

12. Multi Screen Bundle – Premiere Pro

Multi Screen Bundle – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Multi Screen Bundle – Premiere Pro’ is an Adobe Premiere Pro template that allows you to create dynamic and engaging video montages. It includes logo and media placeholders, making the template fully editable and customizable according to your needs. It features a modern design with attention-grabbing motion graphics, perfect for professional presentations and promotional videos. The template also offers unique text compositions options. The audio preview, ‘Beauty BeatsBysoundEGO’, provides a glimpse of what the final product can sound like. Ideal for those proficient in video editing software. Its multi-screen capability makes this perfect for simultaneous thematic presentations.

This adobe Premiere Pro template is also part of our editing list.

13. YouTube Subscribe Button | MOGRT

YouTube Subscribe Button | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Adobe Premiere Pro template, titled “YouTube Subscribe Button | MOGRT,” provides a professional look that is modeled off the YouTube interface to uplift your YouTube channel. The package contains designer YouTube Subscribe buttons with In-Out animation available in 4K resolution. It includes six premade iterations designed for audiences in multiple languages. This quick-rendering template does not require any plugins and works with all fonts, offering ease of use. Plus, it comes with a handy tutorial. More than just creating video covers and social media ads, it contains elements for likes, notifications, alarms, resizing, and even customizable designs for TikTok. A visit to the Videohive page is recommended for other premium models.

14. Urban Stories | MOGRT

Urban Stories | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Urban Stories | MOGRT is a carefully curated Adobe Premiere Pro template ideal for various scenarios given its modern, minimalistic and dynamic vibe. It makes ample use of paper textures in its typography, letting you deliver your message in a chic, urban style. Users can leverage its single MOGRT file to create story-based content perfectly suited for ad campaigns, promotional actions or interactive events across different platforms like Instagram, YouTube Shorts, Snapchat, or TikTok. A unique feature of this template is the three experimental Chill Hip-Hop tracks by SERGMARU each of which unfolds a unique ambiance matching its street or fashion-oriented theme.

15. Breaking News Opener for Premiere Pro

Breaking News Opener for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Breaking News Opener for Adobe Premiere Pro is a functional, sleek template perfect for modern news broadcast design. Fully vetted for use with Adobe Premiere Pro and the Essential Graphics template, it allows users to easily customize text and logo colors. It doesn’t require any plugins, and it provides quick results. Equipped with a pre-rendered background, the opener runs at 25 frames per second in full HD resolution. It encompasses an audio piece provided in the preview. To harvest the benefit of fully customizable titles, users may access the Adobe After Effects template version too. This product demonstrably suits broadcasters, on-air graphics designers, and professionals.

16. Massive Transitions for Premiere Pro

Massive Transitions for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Massive Transitions for Premiere Pro is an adobe pro template that allows users to seamlessly create stunning video transition effects. This comprehensive pack comes with over 1400 high-quality transitions to help users improve their video production. These transitions have preset options making it easier and faster to apply the effects. Compatible with all quality resolutions, the template pack can simply be adjusted with the preferred size through the “change resolution” folder. Some standout features include target zoom capability and life-time updates among others. The range of transitions includes Zoom, Glitch, Roll, Warp Page Turn among others and do not require any plug-ins to perform their tasks. Furthermore, it’s suited with Premiere Pro 2018 and beyond. Illustrated tutorials come with the template, making usability a winning point for beginners.

17. Cinematic Trailer

Cinematic Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cinematic Trailer template for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects offers a captivating way to introduce or promote your content in a cinematic style; whether it’s an opener, title sequence, trailer, or teaser. It delivers the hallmark features of high-definition impact, with Full HD resolution (1920×1080), and fast rendering time. Impressively customizable, it caters fully to novel experimentation or familiar orientation, navigating a wide palette of moods, from intense action sequences to epic blockbuster vibes, Hollywood-worthy trailers, grungy, damaged environments or darker themes. A comprehensive video tutorial helps throughout the intuitive customization process.

18. VHS Effects Pack for Premiere Pro

VHS Effects Pack for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Adobe Premiere Pro template titled ‘VHS Effects Pack for Premiere Pro’ offers creative users an interesting way of revealing their company’s logo. It provides a volumetric light and metall effects setting that is perfect for making magic, atmospheric, spectacular presentations. It works with any title, transforming it in techno opener style. It’s ideal for an oriental fairy tale introduction, sleek corporate opener, or a fantastic beginning to a documentary or historical video. With additional features like beams, dust, ray, gold effect and clean animation, this industrial draft design provides buyers various options to stand out. Essential tags include ‘company opener’, ‘text intro’, and ‘volumetric’, among others.

19. Subscribed Video

Subscribed Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Subscribed Video” is a premium Adobe Premiere Pro template and part of the VHS Effects Pack. Updated recently in Premiere Pro CC17, it comes packed with exciting retro-styled elements such as 25 unique VHS looks, 40 film presets, 15 VHS transitions and an array of VHS TV noise overlays and frames. Furthermore, the kit offers ‘drag and drop’ convenience in both full HD (1920×1080 px at 25 fps) and 4K resolution (3840×2160 px at 25 fps). From camera shake presets to grading and glitch effects, and even a free font and an easy-to-follow PDF Help guide, this effect package is a comprehensive solution for video editors wishing to deploy a vintage feel to their content.

20. Video Library for Premiere Pro

Video Library for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Video Library for Premiere Pro is an advanced adobe template designed to curate and catalogue specific video segments. It includes 09 Subscribed Video Scenes that you can adapt seamlessly with easily customizable colors and content. Users can quickly learn its features with the help of a thorough video tutorial encompassing aspects from editing to template export. The template works with Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 and above and requires no additional plugins. Not only does it come with free fonts and audio preview but also ensures round-the-clock support. Ideal for creating corporate content, social media graphics and effective promos, its minimalistic, dynamic design provides fast and simple editing solutions. Note that the preview uses photos provided by mixkit and Pexels under CC license.

What are Premiere Pro adobe templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are pre-made projects and settings for Adobe’s commercial video editing software program. This tool can help make professional quality videos using simple drag and drop techniques. The templates cover a range of areas, from transitioning effects, title sequences, color grading setups, and much more. Depending on the needs of your project, you can customize these templates to add a more personal and unique touch to your work. Moreover, in 2021, Adobe has offered dynamic, highly flexible, and customizable templates that use the latest trends in technology and design, enabling creative professionals to save time and focus more on the creative aspects of their projects.

The best Adobe Premiere Pro templates this year transmit sleekness, innovation, and stylishness. These templates aim to impress viewers with their stunning visual effects and easy-to-edit properties. For instance, multi purpose presentations, infographics, and dynamic Instagram Stories templates enable video editors to produce trendy and beautiful outputs without expertise required. Also becoming popular are explainer video templates with kinetic typography for animate text videos and motion graphics templates for social media channels. The templates this year favor a vibrant color scheme, the incorporation of daring effects and innovative transitions, remaining in sync with physical and social phenomena the world has witnessed throughout the year.

Why use Premiere Pro adobe templates?

The use of Adobe Premiere Pro templates, particularly this year’s selection, can dramatically enhance your project’s visualization, efficiency, and customization. These templates simplify complex video editing tasks into an easier, integrated editing experience, complete with pre-built designs. What’s admirable is that they strike an ideal balance between maintaining high-quality graphics, intricate animations, and still ensuring an efficient light load on your system. Packed with a range of dynamic resources – typography, intros, transitions, and color grading presets – these templates offer creators a professional finish while accelerating the creative process, saving editors a notable amount of nervous hours.

Embracing Adobe Premiere Pro templates equates to seizing every storytelling opportunity, demonstrating how narratives can come in contrasts, shifts, and breakthroughs. Whether you are an independent video creator, a corporate communications professional, or somewhere in between, you can appreciate that the Adobe templates are flexible enough to cater to your visual narrative’s demanding nuances, bandwidth, and style. Their improved compatibility supports playbacks without rendering, letting instant creativity flow freely. Moreover, their continual, timely updates are a powerful rebuttal against the swift obsolesce in today’s digital toolkit. This collection of optimized, forward-thinking Adobe Premiere Pro templates represents a window to the future of storytelling – absorbing, empowering, and denoting creativity alongside technology’s pulse.

How to import Premiere Pro adobe templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro templates, first ensure the template is downloaded and saved on your computer. Open Premiere Pro, and click on the ‘Window” tab, then ‘Essentials Graphics.’ In the menu that opens, lower-right corner contains a button: Import [an arrow]. Click that and locate the template (.mogrt file) from your system and Open it. The template will then automatically import into your Essential Graphics Panel, ready to be clicked on, dragged and dropped into your timeline. Using Adobe’s Premiere Pro templates streamlines your editing process and ensures advanced and professional aesthetics to your projects.


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