The best Premiere Pro animation templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only source of animation templates — there are a bunch of outstanding Premiere Pro templates you can use this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As various organizations dive deeper into video content creation, conducting business in creative and aesthetically enticing ways appears to firmly set its root and doesn’t seem to be sidetracking anytime soon. The majority of us are consistently employing Adobe Premiere Pro, a leading software for video editing, to deliver exceptional edits for professional, educational, and personal pursuits. Practical animation templates can grant your projects a glam appeal that sets your videos apart from the crowd. Premiere Pro undoubtedly pips the post amongst animation editing apps, but there’s an expanse of marvelous free templates that could help to transform your clips and films. Introduced next, are illustrations of some remarkable, free Premiere Pro animation templates. We’ve paid exceptional attention to templates that accommodate broad design requirements. Rather than curating videos employing frequently-used animations, you might consider stepping outside of your comfort zone, experimenting with some of these, assessing how cogent they resonate with your creative vision and that of your team or clients. This continually updated list serves as an ideal launchpad.

The best Premiere Pro animation templates 2023

1. Basic – Animation Icons (MOGRT)

Basic – Animation Icons (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Basic – Animation Icons (MOGRT) is a simple, creative Premiere Pro animation template with a flat design style. It comprises a comprehensive selection of animated icons suitable for functions like home, location, info, search, and more, exhibited in a thin line outline style. The kit is ideal to add dynamism to a website, engaging banners, presentations or explainer videos. It is built especially for those with a thoughtful sense of design, and its adaptability proves it to be a high utility package. It also offers functionalities like ‘favorite’, ‘trophy’ and ’email’ which prove useful for website banners and landing pages.

This animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our explainer video list.

2. Education and Science Animation | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Education and Science Animation | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Education and Science Animation | Premiere Pro MOGRT is an animation template primarily designed for Premiere Pro. With 26 ready-made scenes as part of the template, it can be leveraged for a variety of applications including video explainers, presentations, infographics, web animations, social media posts, and online marketing materials. The clean, modern and unique template is easy to use – text editable, color controls, universal expressions, no plugins required, and is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2018 or above. This premiere pro animation template is also resizable with a resolution support of 4K & 8K, and multipurpose.

This animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our premiere project list.

3. Logo Animation

Logo Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Logo Animation” is a Premiere Pro animation template suitable for artisans seeking a clean, modern, and sophisticated introduction for their company or brand. With components capable of producing a bold or minimal logo reveal in a swift yet elegant arrangement, its design dynamics perfectly complement corporate presentations, business advertisements, and promo videos. User-friendly across various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube, the template caters to widely diverse branding requirements. Sophisticatedly dark or brightly light, colorful profiles subtly evoke traits of cinematic grace with a futuristic gloss and communal outlook typical of the social media generation.

4. logo Animation

logo Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Logo Reveal is a high-quality Premiere Pro animation template designed to showcase your logo in a dynamic and exciting way. With an easy drag-and-drop feature, you can easily incorporate any image or text into the project. No additional plugins required. The package includes Premiere pro Projects file, MGRT file, a video tutorial to help guide you through the process, one logo placeholder, and one text placeholder. Simple and easy to use, it gives your logo a modern, 3d look. Please note that the music used in this instance is accessible through Envato Elements.

5. Title Animation

Title Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a Title Animation template created for Premiere Pro. Suited for modern, corporate and social settings, it offers a dynamic and kinetic lower-thirds animated text, perfect for talk shows and social platforms. It features glitches and a clean, minimalist style, but with a pop-art inspired neon glow that instantly renders an engaging look and feel. Suitably fast and elegant, the template comprises a big lower text design complemented by simple and effective typography. Furthermore, it presents neon signs suitable for new-age, digital communication channels like YouTube.

6. Text Animation

Text Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Animation template for Premiere Pro features 16 different text animations in high-def 4k resolutions. It’s provided as a .MOGRT file with versions specific to textures, as well as a clean version for a more minimalist aesthetic. Both styles operate in remarkably fluid 60 FPS IN animations (texture version) and IN-OUT animations (clean version). Designed to be universally compatible with Premiere Pro 2019 and onwards, it fits seamlessly into any project dealing with videos and images. Included is an extensive video tutorial for easy usability. No plug-ins are required for operation. Ideal for versatile uses across digital platforms, corporate settings, advertising campaigns, social media management, coding, and beyond.

This animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our text animation list.

7. Ramadan Animation

Ramadan Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Ramadan Animation Premiere Pro template is meticulously designed to help express the sanctity of the Islamic holy month. It features an array of records from FASSounds, uniquely tailored to complement varying lengths of video – the longest track being 1:36 minutes and the shortest 0:20 seconds. It incorporates themes such as Arabic architecture, the mosque and moon, celebration and forgiveness, interlinking cultural nuances that resonate with Ramadan’s purpose. This religious and culturally-centric animation template is suited for projects requiring infusion of reverence, respect, and celebration attributed to Islam’s most sacred month.

8. Text Animations

Text Animations (Credit: Envato Elements)

Text Animations is a set of typography-centric presets for Premiere Pro. It includes over 60 distinct presets that are intentionally versatile and customizable, allowing you to align them closer to your unique brand. Designed to fit various contents from sports and food, to vacations and wildlife, these text animations add charm to portfolio showcasing and storytelling through photographs. It can enhance conventionally static content and is suitable in corporate, creative or fashion contexts. This template renders at 4k resolution and requires no additional plugins. It emphasizes a modern, minimal aesthetic, and opens possibilities for intros, promos, social media posts and more.

This animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our text animation list.

9. Typography | Text Animations

Typography | Text Animations (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro animation template, “Typography | Text Animations”, encompass a modern, clean, and minimal aesthetic perfectly suited for businesses and corporates. Rendered with bright and colorful elements as well as a neumorphism design, it gives off a contemporary yet sleek vibe. This template features dynamic, fast subtitles, beautifully revealed in a mesmerizing glow that adds depth to its flat aspects. Ideal for use on various platforms like Instagram, Twitch, or YouTube, it’s capable of providing a glossy and stylish logo reveal, either in a dark or light setting, catering to every company’s business identity.

10. Cyberpunk Logo Animation

Cyberpunk Logo Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cyberpunk Logo Animation is a Premiere Pro template designed with a futuristic, cinematic aesthetic. It leverages kinetic typography and dynamic animations to present logos with an adventurous, cyberpunk feel. This template includes multiple elements such as animated titles, lower thirds for corporate presentations, modern title animations suitable for social media, and an eye-catching opener. Ideal for broadcast purposes, Instagram posts, corporate presentations or news segments, the minimal yet elegant design ties neatly with the retro influence of the vapor wave genre. This template enables users to deliver information clearly while upholding a visually intriguing presentation.

This animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our text animation list.

11. Big Title Animations

Big Title Animations (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro animation template, titled ‘Big Title Animations,’ is uniquely devised to create striking text-based animations for a brand logo. Crafted in striking Cyberpunk style, it produces smooth, gradual line drawings and can accommodate different varieties of logos, from horizontal to round or square shapes. Multiple color adjustments layers are incorporated, allowing you to customize the visual flavor. Its aura exudes an appealing mix of futuristic aesthetic wrapped around terms like cyberpunk logo, dark, digital, futuristic, glitch, glow, intro, light, logo reveal, modern, outline, animation and stylish technology.

12. Thanks Giving Animation Scene

Thanks Giving Animation Scene (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Thanks Giving Animation Scene is a unique Premiere Pro animation template that emphasizes large titles in a striking yet clean and modern layout. It features dynamic, flat graphics combined with a vibrant gradient of colors. Despite the minimalistic approach, it catches viewers’ attention immediately effectively conveying your headlines or lowering thirds. Whether you’re looking to enhance simplicity or try minimalistic designs, this pack brings an original twist while maintaining standard text and title formats, all resonating with the theme of Thanksgiving.

13. Map Route Animations

Map Route Animations (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Map Route Animations template for Premiere Pro offers a variety of character and text animations while drawing map routes. Influenced by design elements featuring floral, glitter, gold, and leaves, it supports resizable animations for a more personalized look. A handy tool for explainer videos, event introductions or a themed landing page for holidays such as Thanksgiving. The template is equipped with scene animations that create captivating motion graphics and textually-oriented thanks. Visitors to your animation will appreciate the inspired and detailed illustration work within. This is a versatile template that can perfectly transform to meet your needs.

14. Minimal Title Animations

Minimal Title Animations (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Minimal Title Animations template features a Motion Graphics template with seven simple yet stylish Map Route Animations. The layout uses streamlined infographics, charts, and coordinates to accurately demonstrate a location-centric journey, travel routes, or promo paths. It’s a user-friendly resource devoid of complicated plugins that adds a modern, minimalist flair to video content, social networks, promotionals, or business presentation headers. Sustaining the intrinsic values of any coordinates – be it a simple road trip or global traverse – it indirectly alludes to the evolving dynamics of world interaction avenues. It combines clean text with the introductory ‘opener’ characteristic, ideal for compelling multimedia presentations.

15. Text Animation Toolkit

Text Animation Toolkit (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Animation Toolkit is a Premiere Pro template built to facilitate customizable text animation in professional video presentations. This toolkit supports full HD and ultra HD resolutions, offers fast render times, and requires no plugins. Developed for Premiere Pro CC 2019 or higher, it is equipped to work with any Premiere Pro language and uses free fonts. Users have flexibility to change fonts, alter their scale, position, and size for a personalized touch. The design emphasizes luxury and minimalism, underlining its adaptability to corporate, motion presentation, Youtube content and more. Its organization is top-notch enhancing user-friendly experience.

16. Photographer Ident Animation

Photographer Ident Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photographer Ident Animation is a robust Premiere Pro animation template under the Text Animation Toolkit. This package features a collection of 122 dynamic text presets accommodating both long and short texts, including outline makers and text effects. Suitable for every language, it consists different parameters such as 3D, scale, position, rotation, and opacity. Developed for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021+ and After Effects CC 2021+ versions, it features an adaptive time element allowing users to alter the lengths of IN/OUT animations. Notably, no additional plugin is needed to operate this template and it provides free customer support.

This animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our 3d text list.

17. Simple Logo Animation

Simple Logo Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Simple Logo Animation, specifically titled “Photographer’s Eye Logo,” is a brief promotional introduction/outro designed particularly for photography services or photo-related websites. It can be seen as a video signature to enhance your photography/videography portfolio images and videos on your social media platforms. This Template doesn’t necessitate an already installed After Effects, it’s a Mogrt file and can be run smoothly with Premiere Pro CC 2019 or newer versions. Additionally, it allows for simple text replacements and personal colorization preferences for the Iris, Background, and Deco Shapes. Your purchase of the Template also includes access to a video tutorial to guide your customization.

18. Transitions Photo Animation

Transitions Photo Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Transitions Photo Animation template is a versatile utility for Premiere Pro users that was developed using Hudge. Featuring fully customizable HUD elements, users can purchase Hudge for a range of personalized outcomes. This template contains mainly vector-based elements, a key characteristic that allows all of its .MOGRT files to be edited in After Effects. As such, users have immense creative flexibility to make changes to effects, fonts, and text. This template is designed for compatibility with Premiere Pro CC2021 and above and requires no plug-ins. Work in themes as varied as gadgets, cyberpunk, infographics or logo animation is supported for diverse application. This product comes along with a supportive help file for convenience.

19. Glitch Logo Animation

Glitch Logo Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Logo Animation template for Adobe Premiere Pro is designed for video creators seeking innovative visual solutions and seamless transitions. Comprising of 180 plus high-quality elements in three categories, this template makes it efficient for creators to produce distinctive videos. It requires Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 or newer and features a personal library, auto-resize function, compatibility with images or videos, and sound effects. No plugins are needed and free support is provided. Detailed video tutorial with voiceover aids beginners. Modifications are simple with options to change color and use any font. Videos in the preview adheres to the Creative Commons License rules. Purchasing options depend on the usage requirements. Tags indicate it as suitable for a wide range of video production, including YouTube, cinematic transitions, motion graphics, and social media.

20. Fast Logo Animation

Fast Logo Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Fast Logo Animation is a Premiere Pro template fabricating an artistic and modern appeal with its fast-paced, dynamic animation. Marked by elements of distorted digital brightness akin to ‘bad signal’ or ‘glitch’ and enveloped in an atmospheric, hi-tech and slightly grungy vibe, this animation offers a creative twist to any logo intro or opener. It’s especially conducive to themes involving futuristic technology, gaming or edgy sci-fi. ‘Mogrt’, ‘noise’, ‘reflection’, ‘reveal’, ‘Envato elements’, and ‘VideoHive’ enhance its features. Perfect for projects demanding powerful and succinct visual effects.

What are Premiere Pro animation templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro animation templates are pre-designed assets within Adobe’s Premiere Pro software that users can incorporate into their video projects. They encompass a variety of animation elements such as text, icons, overlays, intros, and transitions among many others. These templates have become increasingly popular this year, as they allow editors – whether beginners or professionals, to create polished and engaging content more efficiently by simplifying the illustration and manipulation of footage.

The best Premiere Pro animation templates this year offer intuitive customization features, innovative designs, and flexibility across different video dimensions (mobile, desktop, TV, etc.) There is a wide variety comprising versatile infographics, exciting kinetic typography, fluid dynamic transitions or even compelling explainer videos. The value in these templates lies in their ability to transform content into visually appealing narratives that engage audience in dynamic and creative ways. Premiere Pro animations templates have essentially combined practicality with artistry, revolutionizing how video content is edited and presented in this digitally-driven year.

Why use Premiere Pro animation templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro animation templates are increasingly becoming a game-changer for video creators in this digitally saturated year. The platform offers a myriad of high-quality templates that can be customized with ease to communicate various themes and bridge the gaps between everyday storytellers, professional videographers, digital marketers and their audiences. Borrowing from the strength of increased personalization and simplification that these tools offer, designers carve out enticing stories fostering deeper connections. Furthermore, these templates save significant time and a steep learning curve by providing creative ready-to-use design effects, transitions, text effects that usually require considerable skill and experience in motion graphic design.

This year seems remarkably competitive for the digital world with an increased pressure to stand out in ever-expanding digital platforms. In this race, Adobe Premiere Pro animation templates offer the best in class toolbox allowing users to manipulate video content in a variety of impactful ways. Compatibility across many digital platforms ensures streamlined execution, where every edit made is automatically updated, thereby saving users from the frustrating to-and-fro one experiences with most applications today. Moreover, Adobe constantly improvises on these templates to keep video designers adapt to changing trends and maintain an edge in the storytelling horizon. Given these obvious advantages, templates are certain to continue impacting digital narratives positively.

How to import Premiere Pro animation templates?

Bringing an Adobe Premiere animation template from the broad catalog of high-quality templates available this year into your Premiere Pro project only requires a few simple steps that significantly streamline your editing process. First, download the animation template file of your choice to your local machine and locate the file. Next, open Adobe Premiere Pro, go to the ‘Graphics’ menu located on the top ribbon, then select ‘Install Motion Graphics Template’. A file browser will then appear allowing you to locate and select your downloaded template. Once imported, the template will be immediately available for use within your ‘Essential Graphics’ panel, completely enhancing your video or graphics composition with the ready-made animation templates compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro.


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