The best Premiere Pro background templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't your only source for engaging background templates - a plethora of other impressive ones are available this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As many creative individuals continue to churn out quality video content, the use of Adobe Premiere Pro, an industry-standard tool, remains at an all-time high. It is, even more, enticing with the sea of versatile templates existing specifically to augment this art form. Over time, background templates, in particular, have become a mainstay in the creation of visually captivating videos. Topping the array of these Adobe toolkit add-ons are initially a myriad. However, we have sieved it down to present an exciting selection of contemporary, free-of-charge background templates that could open up new horizons for your projects. Probing into each template’s remarkable features, this guide demonstrates the seamless integrations various templates promise with your workflow. Presuming Adobe Premiere Pro as your ideal, you may desire to experiment with one or several of these suggestions to see how well they add brilliance to your craft and cater to the needs of your story. When wondering where to inaugurate your exploration, this exquisitely curated catalog makes a comprehensive starting point.

The best Premiere Pro background templates 2023

1. Geometric Backgrounds

Geometric Backgrounds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Geometric Backgrounds” Premiere Pro template features a collection of modern, clean and engaging backdrops suitable for a range of digital projects. Encompassing cinematic elements and kinetic patterns, these designs range from retro wave influences to hi-tech plexus visuals, even including a splash of color or neon glitches. Capable of resizing and looping, it contains a mix presentation-like corporate styles with Instagram or TikTok-inspired social media aspects creating a unique balance usable for digital film, posters, slideshows and overlays. With glitchy extensions or smooth waves, this versatile template embraces a contemporary, stylish aesthetic.

2. Christmas Backgrounds

Christmas Backgrounds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Christmas Backgrounds” template for Premiere Pro offers a distinctly creative twist for the holiday season. These abstract yet stylish backgrounds pivot from traditional imagery yet embed familiar Christmas elements in its designs. A blend of geometric shapes forms dynamic patterns that can be configured to suit a variety of applications including social media posts, professional corporate presentations, intro sequences or YouTube videos. Its features range from adaptable, seamless looping, dynamic motion to responsibly resizable vibrant color schemes. This bundle embodies a merger of elegance, a touch of minimalistic design and modern Instagram-worthy aesthetics.

3. Abstract Shapes Backgrounds

Abstract Shapes Backgrounds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Abstract Shapes Backgrounds template is an artistic Premiere Pro product for creators looking to inject some color and energy into their work. This elegant tool offers customizable, seamlessly looping fluid shapes adorned with a gradient glow. The host of elements dancing across a flat background make for an impressionable luxury feel. The resizable design matches modern aesthetics and is ideal for use with various platforms including social media outlets like Instagram or YouTube or on posters and broadcast material. This features adaptive resolution levels that stay crisp even when upscaled. Irrespectively described as ‘stylish,’ this tool is endlessly versatile in effect and application.

4. Abstract Text And Backgrounds

Abstract Text And Backgrounds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Abstract Text And Backgrounds template for Premiere Pro is a dynamic and versatile option for a variety of projects. It does not require any additional plugins and comes with a handy video tutorial. Using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 and a universal expression language, it can be suited to your individual needs. With its 1920×1080 full HD resolution, the high-quality template accommodates a range of stylistic tags ranging from fashion to sports, perfect for promoting any kind of events. The Final MOGRT File is finally extraordinarily easy to edit, meet all your expectations.

5. Abstract Backgrounds Generator

Abstract Backgrounds Generator (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Abstract Backgrounds Generator for Premiere Pro features a collection of 20 distinct and innovatively animated backgrounds along with 15 contemporary titles. This tool uses vibrant colors and unique animations for an artistic and distinguished edge. Your work, be it interview, review, business presentations, social media posts or YouTube videos, can become remarkably appealing with the usage of the created materials that are 1920x1080p. Notably, animation durations are 20 seconds and 10 seconds for backgrounds and titles respectively, with no requirement of After Effects being stipulated. Extra efficiency is offered with a fast setup guide and rapid rendering time, entirely within Premiere Pro CC 2018. Hashtags indicating the focus areas are: abstract, art titles, background, backgrounds, dynamic, fast, kinetic, lower third, minimal, quick, simple, title, titles, typo, and typography.

6. Animated Christmas Backgrounds

Animated Christmas Backgrounds (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is an in-depth Premiere Pro background template named ‘Animated Christmas Backgrounds’. Designed to be compatible with After Effects 2019 or above and Premiere Pro 2021 or above, this expertly crafted project includes Mogrts and intricate animated Christmas backgrounds. With 11, 4K, HD MP4 20sec videos included, this versatile collection is resizable, fitting perfectly for 4K, HD, Square and Mobile Story Resolution displays. Additional customization options include color, tint, and placeholder alterations. No plugins are required, a universalizer controller is included to maintain compatibility with any language, and a comprehensible voiceover tutorial is provided. Tags portray it as abstract, fitting for broadcast, social media like Instagram, YouTube, or corporate needs.

7. Unique Animated Backgrounds

Unique Animated Backgrounds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Unique Animated Backgrounds is an inventive template for Premiere Pro, specifically curated for holiday content. It fulfills a wide array of needs ranging from merry christmas phrases to attracting snowflakes animation. The template features adaptable text and titles, offering the flexibility to customize according to different contexts or wishes. Feasturing seasonal thematic elements like winter backgrounds, Santa motifs and Happy New Year greetings that are colorful and expressive. This a versatile tool for social media posts created for celebrations and communications during the holiday season.

8. Responsive Titles and Backgrounds Pack

Responsive Titles and Backgrounds Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

Responsive Titles and Backgrounds Pack is a set of premiere pro templates that include nine fully-animated backgrounds in 1080p Full HD. The collection also offers smart controllers for a seamless editing experience. To utilize these, Adobe Premiere 2019 and After Effect CC 2019 are requisite softwares for your PC/MAC. Every aspect of these templates underline a clean, corporate aesthetic, making them highly applicable for numerous tasks, like overlaying infographics on brighter, abstract backdrops, or using them as stand-alone backgrounds embellishing trendy shapes and ocean-like waves. Lastly, the pack’s offer also encompasses free customer support.

9. Floral Backgrounds for Premiere Pro

Floral Backgrounds for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Floral Backgrounds for Premiere Pro template is a creatively designed element featuring distinctive floral animations setting a vibrant backdrop. Previewed with ‘Happy Upbeat Energetic Pop’ audio, the templates display an energetic aura, reverberating a mood perfect for club scenes, parties, and spotlight stages. The recurrently looped backgrounds have a retro feel complete with disco light effects including floodlight, glow, and flash from light bulbs. The templates operate smoothly as VJ loops or wall light displays in creative projects, investing them with an artistic edge.

10. Memphis Backgrounds | Essential Graphics

Memphis Backgrounds | Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Memphis Backgrounds | Essential Graphics template for Adobe Premiere Pro is a collection featuring 90 customisable, responsive ultra high definition (UHD) 4K titles and backgrounds. It’s specially designed for creating an engaging, eye-catching multimedia presentations, kinetic typography projects, and YouTube videos. The package is uniquely designed to automatically reshape with your project resolution, ensuring maximum quality regardless of the medium. Moreover, the user gets empowered with control over scale, position, and effect adjustments to get the precise result wanted. To sweeten the deal, it comes with concise, step-by-step voiceover tutorials save creative time by showing how to adjust colours, texts, or effects. Lastly, it offers responsive design operation both in After Effects and Premiere Pro and requires no plugins.

11. Kinetic Backgrounds for Premiere Pro

Kinetic Backgrounds for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Kinetic Backgrounds for Premiere Pro” is a template ideal for those hoping to incorporate a lively and nature-inspired element into their work. Featuring hand-drawn, animated designs, it highlights picture-perfect backgrounds with perfectly embedded floral cartoons dancing in colors. This artistic element can liven up any presentation, social media post or video snippets effortlessly suitable for platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok. Additionally, it comes with four tracks of “Tropical Summer Pop” by Bright_Light, ideal for augmenting this already dazzling display. Bursting with serene greens symbolizing vitality and tranquility, this template promises creative discretion in design.

12. Animated Backgrounds for Premiere Pro

Animated Backgrounds for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Animated Backgrounds for Premiere Pro is a versatile template that allows users to create a wide range of dynamic backdrops for their video content. Available in Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, it notably features the possibility to configure various aspects of the animation, customizable via universal expressions, leaving ample room for individual stylistic refinement. A distinctive feature is the template’s infusion of fashionable 80’s/90’s aesthetics with animated patterns and Memphis designs, making it perfect for creating unique retro-themed content. This package also includes a user-friendly video tutorial and supports fragments of ‘The Abstract’ music track from Fugu Vibes to elevate visual aesthetics further.

13. Abstract Backgrounds for Premiere Pro

Abstract Backgrounds for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Abstract Backgrounds for Premiere Pro offer a sleek yet bold design aesthetic drawn from brutalism and Swiss design principles. Featuring dynamic and kinetic typography, these resizable and seamless looped backgrounds ensure a stylish and eye-catching display, perfect for businesses and commercials- be it corporate retainers or social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The minimalistic design with striking type allows for easy company storytelling on various mediums including posts, stories, or countdown displays. This pack broadens the horizons of what’s possible in design while keeping it simple and effective.

14. Abstract Backgrounds – Premiere Pro

Abstract Backgrounds – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Abstract Backgrounds – Premiere Pro template provides animated backgrounds that can exquisitely enhance and intensify the allure of your video content. With adjustable color specifications, you can alter the complete mood and feel of these backgrounds. This collection is particularly suitable for social media content, YouTube videos, and ad broadcasts. The design embraces a calming, colorful, minimal, and modern aesthetic. Additionally, they can be set to a loop for a continuous, uninterrupted visual experience. These backgrounds excellently blend abstract art, motion, and music elements, making it ideal for filmmakers, social storytellers, and streamers.

15. Christmas Pack – Titles, Backgrounds & Elements

Christmas Pack – Titles, Backgrounds & Elements (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Christmas Pack – Titles, Backgrounds & Elements” offers an assortment of abstract backgrounds infused with festive flair optimized for Premiere Pro 2021. This pack presents 14 dynamic, colorful, and modern backgrounds coupled with various graphic elements. Also incorporated in this pack is a user-friendly tutorial to better assist users in rendering these elements at a swift speed without requiring any plugins. Adjust color controls to suit personal preference, enabling creators to design seamless frames for videos or YouTube content. This tech-savvy pack, embodying smooth shapes and minimal designs, serves multifunctional purposes, including corporate and business use. Free support is offered.

This background Premiere Pro template is also part of our adobe list.

16. Dynamic Modern Titles I Backgrounds

Dynamic Modern Titles I Backgrounds (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Dynamic Modern Titles I Backgrounds” is a stylish Premiere Pro background template that blends modern aesthetics with a luxe, fluid motif. Stunning seamless loops of gradient waves create an abstract, lively backdrop. Vibrantly colored and glowing flat shapes add more dynamism to the visual appeal. The resizable backgrounds smoothly transition for broadcasts, doubling as trendy backdrops for posters, Instagram posts, YouTube content, and other social media platforms. Featuring elegant features with easy-to-use after-effects, the product offers a delightful balance of grace and vivacity. This template is ideal for those seeking colorful elegance in modern digital expression.

17. Abstract Backgrounds And Overlays for Premiere Pro

Abstract Backgrounds And Overlays for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Abstract Backgrounds And Overlays for Premiere Pro is a diverse set perfect for any Christmas-themed credentials be it an Instagram story, video, or any social media platform. This pack includes lively animations, a multitude of individual Christmas elements, badges, and icons along with holiday-themed stories and title sets. Designed with precision towards modern typeface and an assortment of eye-catchy concepts, it also features a dedicated After Effects version, a Christmas pack kit for more variety-providing a well-rounded, festive toolkit for the user. Embracing a visual treat in terms of designs, this decorates your holiday-themed manifestations ideally.

18. Creative Stories And Backgrounds For Premiere Pro

Creative Stories And Backgrounds For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Creative Stories and Backgrounds For Premiere Pro template is an outstanding resource for various video projects. The comprehensive selection features corporate titles, lower thirds, and typographies providing dynamic and minimalist aesthetics. The motions associated with the template are kinetic, creating striking, elegant movement. It employs stylish text animations making content more interactive and engaging. Its exceptional utilisation of Premiere Pro’s essential graphics further enhances its layout enhancing its sleek, polished text design. Highly versatile, it’s suitable for a wide array of professional applications.

19. Speedlines Backgrounds | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Speedlines Backgrounds | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

Speedlines Backgrounds is a highly creative Premiere Pro MOGRT template, characterized by bright, abstract artwork. The theme intertwines distinct geometrical shapes with hand-drawn lines and modern, liquid-like transitions. Its diverse range of elements — from edgy doodles and colorful blobs suggestive of street art, to playful stickers and cartoon faces — makes it a playful yet innovative choice. It offers an admirable level of customization, upheld by an array of eye-catching animation. This background structure can effortlessly bolden any form of content through its vibrant layering and multiple overlays.

20. Christmas Backgrounds | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Christmas Backgrounds | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Christmas Backgrounds | Premiere Pro MOGRT is a dynamic, template boasting festive-themed 3D backgrounds suitable for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. The design is overlayed with an engaging audio preview titled ‘Atmospheric Electronic Beauty Beat’ by Fugu Vibes. With a track length of 2:55 minutes at 102 BPM, it complements the visuals perfectly. Provided in an adaptable MOGRT pack, this asset is excellent for creating varying digital content such as Instagram stories, Facebook posts, branded advertisements, etc. Its inventiveness makes it fitting for both corporate and personal projects. Additional elements include title packs for superior customization.

What are Premiere Pro background templates?

The Adobe Premiere Pro templates are pre-designed video editing tools that actually help streamline the entire creative process, optimally made for cinematographers, vloggers, and visual content creators. This collection of elements can transform any idea into a professional piece of filmmaking, featuring flawless typography, animations, sound effects and cutting-edge designs. As the virtual universe is constantly evolving, this year offers an assortment of versatile, efficient and innovative templates, tailored to enhance the quality of your presentations, short films, and social media narratives.

When we delve into the best offerings this year, we see template options that push the envelope of innovation and web content design. 2022 templates come with new eye-catching attributes, a user-friendly project setup for effortless editing, intuitive sequences, and additional support files for your convenience. For instance, there are high-resolution templates for meticulous color pallets, templates that offer perfectly timed beat highlighters for a more rhythmic and lively video experience, as well as templates involving multi-frame storytelling, tailored to cater to creators working on storytelling across multiple panels. The attention to detail in these Adobe Premiere Pro Background templates elevates the visual narrative, catering to the present trends and sophisticated audience.

Why use Premiere Pro background templates?

For many content creators and film editors, the shift to more creative tools can take our work to the next level. For that, Adobe Premiere Pro templates, known to be amongst the best for designing captivating backgrounds, come highly recommended. What places these Adobe templates above the clutter are their clever structure and flexible use. They’re skillfully refined to be effortlessly adoptable for various tasks. Users can simply transform these templated backgrounds into something exceptional – they present users with ease while incorporating enhanced visual aesthetics, immersing your audience with captivating, and powerful visual stories. This feature notwithstanding, these professionally crafted templates are comprehensive, bringing singular and multiple project operations to a seamless integration, fundamentally accelerating your post-production performance.

Innovative, versatile, and enhanced effectiveness are not the only reasons why these templates appeal to many. Designed to quicken work, hasten the editing process, and augment presentations, Premiere Pro templates also empower us with constant updates that introduce advanced features, supported formats, and extensive effect parameters. And let’s not forget the amalgamation of beauteously intuitive effects created by equally competent specialists clustered around the globe that users can leverage. Having scenic backdrops coupled with fluid transitions makes Adobe standalone as a tool to create award-winning video backgrounds. As a result, overall efficiency, superb creativity, time-saving nature, and the perpetual insistence on qualitative layout design put Adobe Premiere among the best

How to import Premiere Pro background templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro background templates, start by locating the project panel in Adobe Premiere Pro and clicking on it, then hover down to ‘import’ and click on that as well. New tabs or windows typically open after these steps, allowing users to browse for the desired Premiere Pro background template they want to import. Select your chosen template, click ‘open,’ and it will efficiently import itself into your Adobe Premiere Pro timeline, ready for editing. Remember that importing these background templates can elevate the quality of any editing and production process because users can dive into their creative domes, modifying these templates with exceptional, exciting elements. So, Adobe Premiere Pro gives you an exhilarating ride to the incredible makeovers at your editing table with an import facility.


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