The best Premiere Pro border templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only place to find border templates - there's a wealth of templates to discover, perfect to uplift your content this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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With countless brands prioritizing digital content and putting their creativity in motion, Premiere Pro has become the preferred tool for many graphic designers, content creators and video editors on the job today. Adobe Premiere Pro border templates are constantly being put into play – breathing character, unity, and mood into their creations. A host of pre-made templates, particularly those with borders, continues to dominate trends due to their flexibility and ease of use. However, there is a vast library of other dynamic frames available out there at zero cost that you can experiment with, and possibly switch over to. What follows in this list is a curated buffet of some of the most aesthetically appealing and crew-friendly free Premiere Pro border templates. Each one catered towards enhancing your creativeness level that accommodates at least 10 or more scenes. Rather than going with the typically preferred templates, you might want to taste test some of these imaginative alternatives personalized for your distinct rendering style and the objectives of your teammates, entertainers or laymen. This list is just the ticket to get started.

The best Premiere Pro border templates 2023

1. Christmas Branches And Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro

Christmas Branches And Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Christmas Branches and Lower Thirds” is a multi-dimensional Premiere Pro border template delivering an animated and frosty sensation reminiscent of the winter season. Featuring a graphic overlay of icy decor, an energetic border with illustrations of snow-laden Christmas tree branches, and customizable lower thirds to facilitate text insertion. Excellently fills an xmas narrative while creating a potent transition vignetted frame for both holiday greetings or cut-through ‘Merry Christmas to New Year’ event introductions. Extra tags associated with this template ranges from frost, snow, decoration, presentation to cold, and holiday.

2. Out Line Icon Premiere Pro Template

Out Line Icon Premiere Pro Template (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Out Line Icon Premiere Pro Template is a digitally-integrated product designed with various themes from corporate to social. Its features focus on distinct elements like artificial intelligence, banking, currency in relation to crypto, technology trends, and web designs. It boasts a crisp border formation incorporating aesthetically pleasing outline icons and lines channeling key banking and business identifiers. Moreover, these graphical icons facilitate efficient computer file and database management. Catering mainly to corporate entities and communicators, this flat design enriched template is ideally utilized for constructing professional presentations and infographics.

3. Christmas Branch Titles And Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro

Christmas Branch Titles And Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Christmas Branch Titles and Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro is a picturesque animation package mainly used for video editing during the festive season. This template has an array of frosty graphical elements including animated borders styled as icy branches, beautifully framed vignettes filled with snowy landscapes, and vibrant lower thirds. It also includes festive titles bearing holiday greetings for Christmas and New Year, providing a realistic Yuletide ambiance for presentations or greeting videos. Lastly, it’s adorned with holiday symbols like decorated Christmas trees, snow, Santa, adding a warm and sparkling touch of winter charm.

4. 3D Disks Maps Opener – Americas & Australia for Premiere Pro

3D Disks Maps Opener – Americas & Australia for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The 3D Disks Maps Opener – Americas & Australia for Premiere Pro is an engaging template that provides a unique border display of different countries. It includes cylindrical 3D representations of national maps, such as United States, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc., enveloped with their respective flags decorating the edges. This given feature generates a graphic journey through the countries listed, offering an innovative and informative option for presentations related to geography, travel and national affairs.

5. Grid Transitions for Premiere Pro

Grid Transitions for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Grid Transitions for Premiere Pro is a progressive border template specifically designed for efficient screen-transition functions. Embodied by audio previews for the Future Bass by Bright Light, the settings embrace quick transitions between scenes, becoming an expressive, practical tool for relevant visual projects. Its diverse uses extend to corporate presentations, fashion footage, photography, multimedia displays, showcasing a captivating collage or mosaic, or creating a striking multiscreen photo border. Equipped for impressive introductory sequences and calculated closing sequences, its image wall swiftly alternates between varying grid layouts, thereby achieving dynamic visual storytelling in short, effective installments.

6. Disks Maps Opener – Western Europe for Premiere Pro

Disks Maps Opener – Western Europe for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Disks Maps Opener – Western Europe for Premiere Pro is a dynamic border template focused on the geographical representation of Western Europe. The 3D depiction of disk-cut countries gives the design uniqueness and depth. The drafted countries like Belgium, Italy, Norway etc., follow a cylindrical form and include corresponding flags. The design brings together the nations of Western Europe, including Austria, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, among others, in an artistically interactive and interesting way. It’s an excellent tool for people seeking visual talking points for travel-centric content relating to these countries.

7. Auto Resizing Text Box Titles | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Auto Resizing Text Box Titles | MOGRT for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a computationally optimized template, Auto Resizing Text Box Titles, specifically designed for Premiere Pro. It facilitates simplistic addition of custom text boxes to your video projects, saving both time and effort. This template provides six different pre-set animation styles that require no key framing. Ideal for both experts and beginners, this bundle includes detailed video demonstrations that guide you through the customization steps. Being entirely editable in Premiere Pro, it supports modifications in text color, font, size, and location, and allows users to create unlimited number of titles. The template also ensures super fast rendering and is fully blockchain compatible. With an Ultra HD 4K resolution (3840×2160), it can be conveniently shrunk to 1080p or 720p.

This border Premiere Pro template is also part of our text overlay list.

8. Quick Photo Slideshow – Premiere Pro

Quick Photo Slideshow – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Quick Photo Slideshow – Premiere Pro template is a high-quality border template designed for versatile use. With features like light leak effects and smooth motion transitions, it creates a modern, clean feel that’s particularly suitable for family photos or travel memories. Its quick setup and easy adjustment options makes sharing your adventures and stories simple—be it on social media, personal vlogs, or even TV promos. Additionally, this template is designed with a clean, trendy design in mind, making it perfect for summer-themed slideshows, party albums, introductory videos, and photo timelines.

9. Disco Backgrounds for Premiere Pro

Disco Backgrounds for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Disco Backgrounds for Premiere Pro” are an enjoyable addition to any video creator’s toolkit. These are retro-inspired, adding flourishes of ’80s club motifs with vibrant, kaleidoscopic colors and moving design elements. Despite being charmingly old-school, it features high-definition graphics and is well complemented by accompanying upbeat, EDM summer tracks. The templates in this package typically feature dynamic digital shapes and stripes that enhance footage in Premiere Pro, often using morphing patterns and circular ornaments. The borders are ideal for providing vintage designs a fresh appeal with their digital progressions. Overall, it’s a graphic flashback adding movement, growth and sophistication to video projects.

10. Super Grid Transitions Video Wall 4K

Super Grid Transitions Video Wall 4K (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Super Grid Transitions Video Wall 4K is a versatile Premiere Pro border template ideal for various multimedia projects. Featuring grid transitions, the template allows the creation of a dynamic video wall using 4K quality footage. From fashion and corporate presentations to corporate videos or YouTube content, its design versatility complements many themes. You can quickly present photos with photo borders for photographers or have shorter and faster slideshows with stomp effects. Additionally, this template comes with an audio track in the preview – “Aggressive Sport” by Fugu_Vibes offering a multiscreen experience. Multimedia editing is simple yet professional.

This border Premiere Pro template is also part of our video collage list.

11. Wedding Titles | PP

Wedding Titles | PP (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro border template, Wedding Titles | PP, is designed with a blend of classic and ornate decorative elements. It features an assortment of badges, animations, and typography-inspired flourishes to create an authentic retro feel. Alongside providing frame and divider options, the template comes with individual isolated icons, which are perfect for personalizing any wedding celebration. The template is a complete bundle, containing calligraphy styles, wedding logo variants, and openers to bring together any immersive cinematic experience. Even more, the included floral and swirl details add a final, vintage touch to any wedding album or card invitation.

12. 50 Wedding Titles | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

50 Wedding Titles | Essential Graphics | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a Premiere Pro border template focused on weddings and related events titled “50 Wedding Titles | Essential Graphics | Mogrt”. The package boasts a collection of 50 different wedding title templates, providing an expansive variety to cater to every preference. The template designs ooze a unique blend of classic elegance and modern style featuring professional animation, marking it suitable for wedding videographers and photographers. It comes loaded with 185 textholders, hand-drawn illustrations at full HD quality, and doesn’t require any plugins. Each title has a stipulated duration of 15 seconds and offers easy customization alongside a helpful video tutorial. The theme range of each border template is ideal for a variety of events from anniversaries and memorial dedication to wedding invitations and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

13. 100 Instagram Stories | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

100 Instagram Stories | Essential Graphics | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a comprehensive set of 100 pre-fabricated Instagram Story templates perfect for social media content creators and professionals managing a brand identity online. The package provides a generous collection of sleek, artistic borders boasting modern, colorful design, enriched by adaptable frame overlay motifs and typography. Users are facilitated with user-friendly color sliders and ample elements culled from contemporary, creative, and illustrative contexts. Presenting options to seamlessly incorporate custom photos and texts, the bundle supplies varied options suitable for a range of moods and messages. These customisable, professional yet fun features are perfect for unique branding, interactive vlogging, impactful snaps, and insta-stories, successfully engaging and expanding digital audience bases.

14. Multipurpose Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro

Multipurpose Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a comprehensive border template titled ‘Multipurpose Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro.’ Ideal for those looking to upgrade their audio and visual content in a dynamic way, its functionality accommodates various broadcasting needs — from creating audio reactions and visualizations and integrating logos to featuring music lists and top ten tables. The template has a sleek, modern design, making it perfect whether you’re promoting a trendy new podcast or creating engaging Reels for Instagram and Facebook. If simplicity and stylishness are what you fancy, this template won’t disappoint. The elements provided are easily adaptable to any subject, including weddings and music promotional visuals.

15. Glowing Scribbles

Glowing Scribbles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glowing Scribbles is a modern Lower Thirds template for Adobe Premiere Pro. Characterized by its sleek, minimalist design, it offers comprehensive customization features, allowing users to easily personalize Names, Surnames, and Positions, adjust colors, and control the animation’s time duration. It supports 4K, Full HD, Square, and Vertical resolution videos, and users can conveniently alter resolution sizes. Vibrantly graphic, its subtle animated elements nod to the abstract. Additional helpful features include a detailed user tutorial video, free fonts (link included), editing software compatibility, and ad suitability. Ideal for broadcasting, corporate, TV, business, or live-streaming settings where clean typographic design meets dynamic motion.

16. World Map ToolKit for Premiere Pro

World Map ToolKit for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The World Map Toolkit for Premiere Pro presents a template that includes a rich volume of 300 Animated Neon Glowing Scribble Elements and multiple functionalities like LiveView that allow a user to construct detailed, dynamic, and electrifyingly stylish video graphics with a neon theme. It is advantageous for various applications such as lyrics and sports video, and other themed designs like dancing or neon signs. Some unique offerings included are customizable colors, adjustable width lines, and neon flicker, along with other animated neon elements like backgrounds, explosions, bubbles, connections, and assorted objects such as glasses and mustaches. This Toolkit runs on Premiere Pro CC 2018 & above and offers a full video tutorial for users.

17. Us Map Toolkit

Us Map Toolkit (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Us Map Toolkit is a versatile Premiere Pro border template that offers a range of features well-suited for a wide variety of travel-related projects. It includes complete vector world map setup for Premiere Pro with 240 labeled countries, regions, islands, and extra features such as rivers, roads, relayed layers, etc. The kit also comes with 17 realistic travel icons, customizable map designs with 5 preset options, and a host of features for achieving the ideal look to suit any project. It provides detailed map features, tools for waypoint marking, customizable colors, transitions, and labels designed to create professional-level animations. The straightforward setup process involves Adobe’s Essential Graphics Panel. Note, the maps are resource-heavy and may slow down your computer. Working in a lower resolution and maximizing available RAM will help speed up the process.

18. Corporate Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro Templates

Corporate Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro Templates (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Corporate Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro Templates’ is a comprehensive toolkit for people that want to create a range of infographic animations, maps, and high-quality graphics for corporate presentation. The most striking feature of this US map in motion graphic toolkit, is its interactive nature – you can highlight individual states, change colors and opacities, select animated icons, create custom travel paths, and much more. Frequent labels design elements “short callouts” can help make sense of all the features, and there’s potential in utilizing statistical and icon blueprints to create pin sites with 63 different animations. Callouts & Connections also allows the matching of one or more points. The breadth of utility can cater for anything from weather patterns to corporate statistics.

19. Corporate Title and Lower Thirds Premiere Pro

Corporate Title and Lower Thirds Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Title and Lower Thirds Premiere Pro is a premiere professional template specifically designed for the corporate realm. The templates features include an audio preview called Medical Inspiration lasting for two minutes and thirty seconds created by OneWaveRecords, and good color control. Its modern, minimalistic design is great for presentations as it includes kinetic typography and text animations and is customizable for different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, IGTV and Youtube. Furthermore, the versatile design carries stylish elegance and can be used for broadcasting and motion graphics while maintaining effective simplicity.

20. Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro Templates

Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro Templates (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro Templates is a creatively designed border template optimized for corporate use. It is consistently used for businesses and tool for enhancing video presentations, promotions, introductions, services and company unique selling proposition. This template adds aesthetically pleasing, clean, corporate aesthetics to the video content. Very suitable for YouTube video enhancements and presentations, makes for impressive product promotions, and effectively designed to function as an eye-catching opener. This Premiere Pro border template consists of key ingredients for a professional looking and compelling video communication.

What are Premiere Pro border templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro is a widely utilized video editing application, known for its robust capabilities in handling a wide range of multi-media file formats, powerful editing tools, and integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps. What enhances the appeal of this program immensely are the customizable border templates. These templates, designs developed with integrated borders intended for video frames, elevate the overall aesthetics while providing a clear-cut visual differentiation of the video content.

The best Premiere Pro border templates of the year offer creators a bevy of attractive and usable designs that harmonize with various content themes. From cinematic to playful or clean minimalist designs, these templates ensure that the edge framing of video content is anything but ordinary. Additionally, these templates are user-friendly and oftentimes completely adjustable, promoting creative expression and simplifying usage within the Premiere Pro environment. By availing of these templates, filmmakers and digital content creators are able to optimize their video content in visually engaging extremes above their editing benefits.

Why use Premiere Pro border templates?

“Adobe Premiere’s border templates offer several notable advantages that make adhering them valuable for video editors this year. These templates enrich the aesthetic appeal of videos by adding a seamless polished finish that encapsulates content beautifully and distinctively catching the eye. Furthermore, they are extensively adaptable providing a wealth of customizability options – color scheme, shape, thickness and patterns can be easily tweaked, providing a fantastic amount of flexibility and creative freedom. Such diversity brings each editor’s vision to life, making each video produced using this software room for unique artistic expression. Not limited to this, Premiere Pro encompasses frequent updates with an aim to introduce fresher styles more frequently, keeping pace with the rapidly evolving visual aesthetics trends.”

“User-friendly and almost intuitive in their application, the Premiere Pro border templates facilitate a high degree of user control and ease of use. They present turnkey solutions ideal for video producers of all skill levels; they are incredibly easy to implement whilst allowing room for the more skilled artist to manipulate them freely. Another reason making them brilliant for use all year around, is with pre-designed, cine-grade effects without having to painstakingly craft it from scratch, these templates effectively cut down lengthy production hours making efficiency, a chief commandment. The extent to how strikingly they impact the overall video output, cannot be underestimated. Simply put, Adobe Premiere’s border templates ensure you can strikingly elevate your video presentation

How to import Premiere Pro border templates?

Importing the best Premiere Pro border templates this year into Adobe Premiere requires a straightforward set of steps. Simply start by downloading the template file and storing them on your device. Once this has been completed, open the Adobe Premiere software and you’ll want to head to the Graphics Interface. Inside this section, route to ‘Install Motion Graphics Template’, whereby you then locate and select the downloaded template file. From here, this will be migrated into the ‘Essential Graphics Panel’; your templates are now ready to be utilized to productively augmented the aesthetics and functionality of your creative projects in Adobe Premiere.


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