The best Premiere Pro corporate templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only hub for corporate templates — here's a roundup of the best templates you can utilize this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As numerous companies are driving their visual content to higher horizons, practicing video editing (when applicable) appears to not just be the trend but also the new standard which doesn’t seem to be phased out anytime soon. Many individuals and businesses are utilizing templates in Premiere Pro to enhance their brand image or produce creative personal projects. Adobe’s Premiere Pro is the industry standard for video editing software, but numerous alternative pre-designed corporate templates are available to use this year apart from their basic package. Below is a rundown of some standout, unique, and enormously constructive free video editing templates for Premiere Pro. We’ve focused on templates that cater to professional corporate presentations and reflect businesses of 10 or more employees in varying sectors. Before settling on the isolated assumption ‘the more advanced Premiere Pro offerings might be the best choice for you, you might find it useful to test a few of these other options to see how well they align with your brand tone and collective work stylization. This list serves as a robust starting point.

The best Premiere Pro corporate templates 2023

1. Corporate Opener

Corporate Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Opener is a refined Premiere Pro template crafted with a streamlined corporate theme. It provides a coherent way to present company profiles, demos, products, services, and promotions through a minimalist design aesthetic. With options to personalize elements, agencies and media companies can easily align it with their specific branding dimensions. Ideal for online presentations andSlideshows, this user-friendly template gives a structured flexibility for any business to create visually engaging intros which encapsulate their unique identity. It could even prove valuable for web shops displaying their catalog.

2. Corporate Slideshow

Corporate Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Opener Slideshow is an impressive dynamic template designed to support marketing-related activities across different platforms, including social media marketing campaigns, promotional ads, product showcases, company presentations, digital intros, all thanks to its cross-compatibility with both Premiere Pro and After Effects versions. With capabilities to work seamlessly with images or video footage, this template offers visual customization, such as color changes and multiple text placeholders. The ease of editing makes it ideal for beginners. It comes ready to use without the need for additional plugins and supports resolutions of 4K, 2K, and 1080p. Incorporated features, like media placeholders and clearly labeled segments for font links or music downloads, assist in efficient project workflows. Let both function and design come together with this template that’s suited for even busy corporate openings.

3. Corporate Presentation

Corporate Presentation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Presentation template for Premiere Pro is a dynamic corporate tool featuring minimalistic, clean, and modern aesthetics. It’s ideal for a commercial display of your business and products. With the ability to organize data for company meetings, conferences, and events, it exudes a motivational ambiance. This template allows for elaborate business exhibitions, making use of timelines and sleek ‘squares’ features for visually engaging slideshows. Accompanied by a motivational opener, it breaks down complex tasks into simpler operations, ensuring easy interfacing and usability. This is ultimately an efficient and contemporary template for all business-related presentations.

This corporate Premiere Pro template is also part of our presentation list.

4. Corporate Titles

Corporate Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Titles template for Premiere Pro is designed with modern aesthetic appeal and it mainly focuses on text-based animations. This versatile utility resonates with professional corporations as it offers functionalities such as lower third options, phrase accommodation, and adaptive title insertion. The visual framework is prominently clean, inducing a smooth and user-friendly experience. It uses bright, attention-grabbing color schemes ideal for advertisement development. It effectively combines corporate elegance with a modern vibe, allowing for diverse and creative project outputs.

5. Sci-Fi Corporate

Sci-Fi Corporate (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sci-Fi Corporate is a Premiere Pro template created for projects highlighting business and technology concepts. Higher than CC 2017 versions of Premiere Pro are supported by this template enabling to process through Essential Graphics without requiring plugins. The template achieves an HD 1080p resolution running at 30fps, making it suitable for a range of commercial uses such as opener sequences, showreels, tv shows, photo/video slideshows, and special events. With a highly organized and easily customizable modular structure, the project saves time by ensuring fast renders. With its futuristic holographic appearance and infographic appeal, it allows incorporation of digital elements such as logos intelligently, presenting a unique phantom interface. A video tutorial makes it easy to understand.

6. Corporate Letters

Corporate Letters (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Letters template is a Premiere Pro template that combines functionality with a unique, well-designed format to convey essential business communication. It features a classic and corporate tone, ideal for demo presentations, business displays, and event introductions. The pre-designed corporate style fits well into a portfolio or promo. It’s configured under minimal aesthetics, maintaining a smooth slideshow structure with an introductory opener perfect for business environments. Its key element is striking typography; the professionally crafted design complements the overall sleek appearance. The user-friendly interface makes editing easy, providing a top-notch output for corporate use.

7. Corporate Promo

Corporate Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Promo Premiere Pro template is a sleek, modern tool tailored for enhancing corporate and brand presentations with dynamic display features. Tags hint at its vast possible application – promotional events, weddings, conferences, church-related displays, digital histories, and more. Its design, clean and minimalistic, is embellished by cinematic parallax on multi-screen displays and inspires creativity in delivering content. Implementation variabilities extend to tailored intros, logos, image slides, galleries, and teaser timelines for upcoming releases. Incorporated ending or “mogrt” stances help conclude your corporate narrative impactfully. Truly, a premier choice for aspiring storytellers in the corporate world aiming to inspire their audience.

8. Corporate Lower Thirds

Corporate Lower Thirds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Lower Thirds Premiere Pro template boasts 12 customizable animated Lower Thirds. It allows full control over text/logo style, color, and animation duration. It caters to all video presentations with its compatibility with all screen resolutions including 4K, Full HD, Square, or Instagram Stories. Further, it is inclusive of a tutorial video, with its used fonts freely accessible via an included link. The aesthetics of the lower thirds range from minimal to modern or simple, complimenting all manners of corporate or business video content. The template makes use of typographical design and can support elements such as name, title, and logo presence.

9. Corporate Instagram

Corporate Instagram (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Instagram Premiere Pro template is professionally designed, incorporating modern animation techniques. It’s focused on displaying businesses offerings, especially food-oriented ones like cafes or fast food outlets, across all social media. The template boasts features like blackboard and grunge-themed ads that are excellent for dish showcases or menu promos, market titles/animations for sales highlights, and vibrant story templates for your Instagram or Facebook platforms. With a strong mobile-first attitude, the template enables businesses to effectively create eye-catching posts suitable for blogs, vlogs, festivals, and business-related special events.

10. Corporate Typography

Corporate Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Typography is a motion graphic template (MOGRT) specifically created for Premiere Pro users intending to inject a sharp and sleek appeal into their business presentations. Consisting of 18 titles to furnish any amount of content, the template makes modifications effortless employing intro and outro duration control. Alongside 4K resolution, the well-arranged layout renders quickly, doesn’t need any plugins, and comes with an instructional video for simplified setup. Inspired by modern and minimalistic aesthetics, the typography-centric design graces its elegant animation, guaranteeing absolute clarity with prioritized professionalism against a backdrop of clean and dynamic brand elements.

11. Lower Thirds / Corporate

Lower Thirds / Corporate (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lower Thirds / Corporate Premiere Pro template offers a range of contemporary title animations with a corporate aesthetic, perfect for business-oriented projects. Designed with the professional blogger or corporate speaker in mind, it particularly provides clean, minimalistic lower thirds and versatile typing options for names, titles and credentials. The greater toolkit also includes fresh gradient overlays and color shadow options, enhancing visually engaging components suitable for corporate videos, documentaries, fashion events and even news openings. With creative and fashion titles also available, this multifaceted toolkit combines modern sophistication with unique design.

12. Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro corporate template, aptly named “Corporate Logo,” is specifically designed for businesses and corporations seeking a modern, sleek, and professional logo reveal. Its key features include a dynamic animation style and glossy aestethics with points of dark and light contrast, aiming to truly make your company’s logo shine and stand apart. With accompanying elegant piano intros by Wolf_Music, the template aptly sets a precedent of professionalism and style. Notably, its fast-paced, precise timing aptly delivers minimal, simple, but impactful title displays, which are perfect for Instagram, Youtube, and Twitch channels. Other notable features include colorful, clean design, and smooth motion graphics that don’t skimp on power and glamour, offering potential for diverse corporate applications including promo content, social media posts, or cinematic productions.

13. Corporate Stories

Corporate Stories (Credit: Envato Elements)

Corporate Stories is a diligently crafted Premiere Pro template. Intended for corporates, this template hosts eight bespoke stories, complemented by 30 text and 15 media placeholders. Its intuitiveness shines in its ease to display multimedia such as photos and videos, texts in the form of ads, invitations or science and education content, as well as varying products. Be it for social media posts, Instagram reels and stories, blog content, business clips or vlogs, this tool is one “post-short” solution! Esteemed for its sleek design and handy typography, it requires no plugin installations.

14. Corporate Instagram Stories

Corporate Instagram Stories (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a useful Premiere Pro template specially designed for corporate Instagram stories. With suitably resizing dimensions of 1080 by 1920 pixels, it comes with a full HD rendering, editable features, and color control options that are high definition to ensure neat and eye-catching Instagram stories. Compatible CC2022 and above, it doesn’t require any additional plugins to operate, and is hinged on universal expressions. Further to this, it includes an ancillary detailed help file to act as a setup guide. Though the portrayed photographic images are not inclusive in the download, customization is enabled to any desirable preference. It also incorporates different element likes social media compatibility, overlays, transitions, typography veracity among other useful features.

15. Corporate Intro

Corporate Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Intro is a Premiere Pro template designed to accompany corporate presentations, advertisements, or promotions. With a minimal and professional aesthetic, it focuses on typography, placing a strong emphasis on textual narrative. Its functionality encompasses branding aid with brand intros, ideal for business and commercial use. The cohesive structure provided by this template makes it an effective opener and promo tool, helping amplify the main message. Its uniqueness lies on the feature named “Typonan”, providing variety in expression, aiding in striking the perfect balance in your corporate communication.

16. Simple Corporate

Simple Corporate (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Simple Corporate template is a comprehensive tool for Premiere Pro, providing a sleek and professional platform to create corporate slideshows or business timeline videos. Ideal for office presentations, advertisement creation, or documenting your company journey, its modern design and efficient interface make it a breeze to use. With options for customization and audio add-on, this template breaks creative boundaries, accommodating a wide array of business and promotional needs from a business strategy presentation to an SEO service promo. So whether you are a product based business, creative studio or a startup planning a demonstration, Simple Corporate paves the way to uphold and showcase the uniqueness of your brand. High quality and optimally organized, this template promotes innovative yet gracefully neat representation of business routines, concepts, and performances.

17. Lower Thirds: Corporate

Lower Thirds: Corporate (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro corporate template, titled Lower Thirds: Corporate, has tools for sleek and professional lower third graphics. It features nine different animated lower thirds with in/out animation that can be customized to fit the style and tone of any corporate video. The template is usable on Premiere Pro CC 2021 and later versions, with high definition quality (1920 x 1080) at 60 frames per second. Additional instructional references include a video tutorial, free font link, and a Music link. It’s worth noting that actual Images, Videos, and Music files are not included with the project file. Other software compatibility comes including versions of After Effects and Final Cut Pro X. The style adapted can be ideal for myriad uses, from corporate presentations, promos on youtube to business broadcasts on social media networks.

18. Corporate City

Corporate City (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Corporate City” is a high-quality, full HD template, specifically tailored for Premiere 2021 or newer versions. The template contains 14 unique title placeholders, 12 video placeholders, and 1 dedicated spot for the company’s logo. Users can control editing through the MOGRT project in the essential graphics menu without any need for supplementary software like after effects. Overall, this template exhibits a modern, clean, dynamic aesthetic, featuring sleek typography lending itself perfectly to corporate, business, product, promo or service videos. Notably, no specific plugins are needed to alter the template, and a comprehensive video tutorial is included. Music and Font linked separately.

19. Simple Corporate Titles

Simple Corporate Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

Simple Corporate Titles is a two-pack Premiere Pro corporate template that delivers bright, no-frills, professional title stings. It’s designed to impress with its clean lines and serious tone catered to a corporate ambiance. The graphics are minimal yet stand out because of their elegant design. The 1920×1080 template features easy controls and also provides a quick customization process adjustable directly from Premiere Pro (CC 2019 or above required). A transparent background option enhances versatility. A tutorial guiding through the steps is included. However, the sound is separately available on Audiojungle under the titles “Ambient Elegance Logo” and “Simple Elegant Logo”.

20. Clean Corporate Lower Thirds

Clean Corporate Lower Thirds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Clean Corporate Lower Thirds template for Premiere Pro is a sleek and efficient tool perfect for those working in a corporate setting. The visuals are clean and minimal, with essential graphics and stylish text animations adding to its professional appeal. This versatile template can be used to subtly and effectively add titles, typographic elements, and other forms of text to video or presentation content, enhancing detail without unnecessary clutter. The overall effect leans towards the creative side while retaining its inherent corporate feel. Particularly suitable for those who routinely use Premiere Pro.

What are Premiere Pro corporate templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro corporate templates are pre-made multimedia design layouts exclusive to Adobe’s signature video-editing software, Premiere Pro. The templates function as attractive, professional-quality building blocks for video editors to create promotional materials, presentations, or ad campaigns for corporate clientele. With templates for everything from corporate intros and infographics to company timelines and thematic slideshows, these resources can significantly reduce both the time and effort required in the creation process. Rendered according to 2021 trends, the best Premiere Pro corporate templates incorporate dynamic motion graphics, sleek typography, data-based visuals, and a contemporary style emphasizing minimalism and versatility.

A key advantage individuals and brands reap from these templates is the powerful first impression made on potential stakeholders and customers. Take “Company Presentation — Promo”, for instance. This template offers a clean design with a focus on your message and style, coupled with easy customization and responsive design for optimum viewing across multiple platforms. Similarly sought-after is “The Corporate”, which is favored for its focus on precision, innovation and detailed statistics that authoritative reports often rely on. Inspired templates like these have now set the standard for professional videos, testimony to which is their increasing use, fueled also by their compatibility with various digital formats.

Why use Premiere Pro corporate templates?

The use of Adobe Premiere Pro corporate templates cannot be overstated, especially in the fast-paced world of corporate video production where efficiency and quality go hand in hand. These templates, which are gaining popularity rapidly this year, offer a massive helping hand when it comes to creating professional-grade videos; covering anything from company presentations to promotional videos. They house a variety of pre-made settings including sequencing presets, graphics and text edits. Moreover, with Adobe Premiere’s compatibility with swathes of editing tools, as well as its seamless integration with other Adobe products, incorporating personalized bells and whistles is refreshingly simple.

There are a plethora of readily modified templates helping editors breeze through post-production. The true strength of Adobe’s corporate templates however, lies in their power to establish brand consistency. With drag-and-drop company logos, pre-set transitions and closures finely reinforcing the brand identity, they essentially ease the process of imbibing key business highlights into videos. This inherently saves tons of time and hassle, allowing creators to put forth the strongest representation of their companies’ image efficiently and artistically. In an overly-digital environment marked by proliferating content, having resources like Adobe Premiere Pro corporate templates at one’s disposal undeniably puts any business a notch above others.

How to import Premiere Pro corporate templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro corporate templates, you first need to download the desired template file, which might be compressed and necessary to unzip. After ensuring that Adobe Premiere Pro is installed correctly and currently running on your computer, go to the “Project” panel and select “Import” via a right-click or the major “File” pulldown menu at the top left of your screen. Ensure that, while in the “Recent” locations, you select the location of your newly downloaded file. Select the template file and after clicking “Import”, the template will be part of your Adobe Premiere Pro project, ready to be modified to best fit your corporate theme and project.


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