The best Premiere Pro countdown templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only countdown template provider — here's an array of remarkable templates you can access this year for your professional projects.

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While many people are returning to film and TV production studios, the rise of remote video editing during the pandemic appears to have set a trend that isn’t fading fast. Many of us are still using video editing software like Premiere Pro for a variety of projects at work and even at home. The software’s features continue to meet many creative demands, but there exists a plethora of countdown templates this year that could effectively enhance your production value. What follows are our top choices for the most engaging free Premiere Pro countdown templates we’ve laid our eyes on, focused on tools with more features and flexibility. Now don’t just assume the first template you find written details about is the best for your work. Indeed, you might want to download a few on this list to truly figure out which fits best with your creative aesthetic and that of your development team or freelance clients. This collection is indeed a brilliant point of departure to open up your options.

The best Premiere Pro countdown templates 2023

1. Countdown

Countdown (Credit: Envato Elements)

This 14-second Premiere Pro countdown template, entitled “Countdown”, is designed for experience-rich showcasing of broadcast logos, event micro-moments, cinema 4D Logo animations, or corporate features. It’s compatible with Premiere Pro CC 21 and later editions, delivering a singular, uniquely superior-quality scene the resolution of 1920×1080. Render times are rapid and fuss-free as the package comes fully equipped with no additional plug-ins required. The packaged countdown draws on aspects from film start genres to cyberpunk and metallic themes, and also allows easy color customizability. The mandatory music accompaniment can be found at This additional adornment creates a comprehensive, cinematic-ready experience in seconds.

2. New Year Countdown

New Year Countdown (Credit: Envato Elements)

The New Year Countdown is a Premiere Pro template designed to enhance New Year’s Eve celebrations recording or promotional content. Made compatible with After Effects CC 2020 and upwards, the template’s resolution is 1920×1080, at a frame rate of 29.97fps, without any need for third-party plug-ins. The package includes a help file to guide usage, injecting elements like bells, cheerful chimes, a playful ticking countdown clock, and vibrant crowd scenes. Its soundtrack fuses festive cinematic ambiance and an energizing Christmas tune. Accented with nuances of joyful horns sounding the last minute of the year, the spirited motion graphics inserts a festive feel perfect for new-year-themed videos.

3. Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer (Credit: Envato Elements)

Countdown Timer is a versatile Premiere Pro template that’s compatible for various applications like timers for live-streams or sports, countdown for exciting new offers, or the start of a new year event. It features a flip counter, digital clock, and even a sand clock style. One can even set it up as a full-circle timer or simply use number titles. Notable aspects include its neon colours, cinematic approach, digital display and dynamic motion. Also, extras like a stopwatch function, score calculator, rolling counters and banners for dates and hours offer versatile possibilities. Suitable even for Instagram and sales events.

This countdown Premiere Pro template is also part of our timer list.

4. Digital Countdown

Digital Countdown (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Digital Countdown template for Premiere Pro is a structured, yet customizable product designed for countdown purposes. The interface includes spaces for titles and a prime destination for integration of a logo at the end of your countdown. Featuring a customizable background, numerical display, HUD technology elements, and flashing lights controlled within one layer, it brings a vivid sense of drama and urgency to a variety of human-machine interaction environments. It’s optimal for crafting cinematic counter moments, list sequences, or evoking a futuristic ambiance for events. Techno, UX/UI emphasis, and numbers have never been so well integrated.

5. Countdown 3d

Countdown 3d (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Countdown 3d is a Premiere Pro template that features an innovative 3d background coupled with futuristic abstract elements. It superbly serves as an effective countdown intro for several applications like news program openers, show timers or highlighting top 10 lists. Its unique appeal showcases digit sequences in a way that instantly draws your viewer’s attention. The tags for this product specifically touch on the template’s readiness for broadcast and the sensibility events like shows, leader announcement scenarios, or even timing specific events or launches.

6. Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Christmas Countdown is a Premiere Pro template built to create Christmas greetings and festive openers. Available in two versions: Number Countdown and Image Countdown, it requires Premiere Pro CC & After Effects CC 2020 for adding footages to placeholders. Features include Full HD 1920×1080 resolution at 30 frames per second and highly customizable asset and elements color. No plugins are required, and detailed video tutorals are included. Additionally, it uses Adobe Fonts. Its joyous vibe is complemented by celebratory music and sound effects, emphasizing themes like Christmas, New Year, festival, fireworks and more.

7. New Year Countdown 2023

New Year Countdown 2023 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The New Year Countdown 2023 is a creative Adobe Premiere Pro template. It showcases a digitally visualised clock, counting down midnight of the upcoming year. Perfect for Christmas and New Year greetings, this template beautifully blends with festivities, including an epic uplifting cinematic motivational inspiration track that charges the background rhythm. Embellishments such as a Christmas tree, snowfall effects, and magical fireworks, add a charming touch to the greeting. Primed for Instagram sharing, this snow-filled festive countdown brings about a delightful close to the year. Tags related to Christmas celebrations, holiday greetings, and pristine winter vibes underline its suitability for seasonal events.

8. Banner Countdown Timers

Banner Countdown Timers (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Banner Countdown Timers template for Premiere Pro is designed for users who wish to display countdown timers with an expansive banner in different projects. This multifaceted, customizable template allows you to adjust elements like size, color, and roundness. Also provided is the innovative reverse time functionality. The user-friendly interface makes the template easy to use; one simply has to drag and drop it into their project and set the time parameter. Multiple formats like hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds can be used and combined uniquely. Ideal for sales countdowns, events start time and waiting periods, the template offers comprehensive resolution varieties like 4K, Full HD and HD and it is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and later versions.

This countdown Premiere Pro template is also part of our timer list.

9. New Year Unique Countdown

New Year Unique Countdown (Credit: Envato Elements)

The New Year Unique Countdown is a Premiere Pro template designed specifically for festive New Year countdowns. It features a 10-1 countdown display with text and logo placeholders, set against a 1920×1080 Full HD backdrop. With no plugin required, this template is easy to use with Premiere Pro versions 2019 and above. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include music and sound FX. Lit by the glow of holiday lights and punctuated by fluttering particles reminiscent of fireworks, it delivers a winter-themed feel. The template would be perfect for adding a personalized finish to year-end videos, logos or other holiday related footages.

10. Countdown Logo Reveal

Countdown Logo Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Countdown Logo Reveal is a Premiere Pro template that features a unique, gaming-inspired aesthetic. Drawing on cyberpunk and digital themes, the template incorporates an “epic” glitch effect, signifying a style often associated with a bad signal. Aimed particularly at gamers, YouTubers and streaming enthusiasts, the template serves as an effective intro or opener, complete with a countdown counter. Crucially, this template enables the reveal of any logo in a visually arresting, stylized manner, bringing an edgy and dynamic twist to your content.

11. Callout Countdown Timers

Callout Countdown Timers (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Callout Countdown Timers template for Premiere Pro is an ideal tool for events, livestreams, sports timings, and any instance where tracking time is needed. It boasts of various visually appealing styles like circular, hexagonal, flip counters, and a clean, sleek digital clock-like look. Suitable for varying time intervals in seconds, minutes, hours and days, it enables a countdown provision adaptable for event timings, product launch countdowns, interval training, and even “top 5” or rating countdowns. This digital toolkit also accommodates functionalities such as countdown sales, Instagram timers, and dynamic sliding timers for additional versatility and convenience.

This countdown Premiere Pro template is also part of our timer list.

12. Glitch Countdown Logo

Glitch Countdown Logo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Countdown Logo template for Premiere Pro offers a bold, contemporary effect combining elements of cinematic visuals and dynamic digital technology. Ideal for intros, openers, or logo reveals, this abstract-style template takes an original approach to a traditional countdown format perfect for various project needs. In line with its title, this glitch-style layout creates an epic and stylish viewing experience, adding a unique and visually compelling component to your content. Albeit a level of high-energy and flair, the design maintains an overall sleek and polished aesthetic.

13. Atmospheric New Year Countdown

Atmospheric New Year Countdown (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Atmospheric New Year Countdown is a Premiere Pro video template that captivates your viewers with its enthralling holiday theme. It creates the perfect mood for celebration, featuring a striking display of digital city clock presenting a countdown against the night sky magnified with golden sparkling fireworks. Its elegance compliments Christmas and New Year celebrations, making it an ideal opener for any end-year event while integrating elements of cityscape and ambiance. Highly versatile, this unique ‘worldnan’ themed countdown is perfect for ushering in scenes of joy and happiness.

14. New Year Countdown for Premiere Pro

New Year Countdown for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The New Year Countdown for Premiere Pro is a customizing video template primarily for New Year’s celebration, still useful for awards-related events, Christmas greetings and holiday videos. Tools such as glass shimmer, colorful glitter and magic particle effects create an engaging theme with clock countdowns and firework displays. With functions like logo reveal and captivating intro lights, it helps users create festive intros or openers. Suitable for both ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year’ messages, or well-wishes, the template offers authentic holiday ambition in optimal, broadcast quality through Videohive.

15. Christmas Countdown Intro Mogrt

Christmas Countdown Intro Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Christmas Countdown Intro Mogrt” is a Premiere Pro template that possesses a wealth of festive features. Adorned with a festive theme, the template incorporates a countdown apt for Christmas-themed events or videos, making it a cinematic epicenter. It showcases 3D aesthetics blended with festive backgrounds accompanied by an ongoing clock hinting towards a ‘countdown to Christmas’. The golden hues bring elegance, and the sprinkling snowflakes add a magic touch of winter. Features like ‘coming soon’, ‘start soon’ and ‘stream start’ make it a useful resource for streamers. Stylish transitions, new year visualisations and inclusion of Christmas elements like Santa encapsulate the spirit of the holiday season. A versatile tool, ideal for YouTube intros, film openers and much more.

16. Countdown Opener for – Premiere Pro

Countdown Opener for – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Countdown Opener for Premiere Pro” template is a dynamic and energetic choice for numerous video projects. With a striking design that possesses elements of modern tech and industrial mechanical energy, it creates a fast, futuristic atmosphere. Its standout feature is an impressively vibrant digital countdown, enhanced with glitch graphics and heads-up-display (HUD) components for an authentic technological aesthetic. The addition of space for a logo intro and the use of powerful, fast-paced transitions also make this template versatile and adaptable for any project. Its short, impactful sets the tone perfectly for trailers or intros.

17. Gold Countdown For Premiere Pro

Gold Countdown For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Gold Countdown for Premiere Pro is an optimal solution for any countdown necessities, perfect for celebrations, new year programs, or various other countdown projects. It offers 3 different aspect ratios: Horizontal (1920×1080), Vertical (1080×1920) and Square (1080×1080). It’s compatible with Adobe’s Premiere Pro, powered by the Essential Graphics panel and After Effects CC 2022, ensuring seamless execution. Primarily useful for influencers, bloggers, marketers, and storytellers, this polished, gold-themed template can swiftly accentuate e-commerce product promotions, announcements, and more. With a user-friendly interface and included video tutorial, you can create eye-catching countdowns in seconds. All relevant fonts are included in the package. However, music used during the preview, is not included.

18. New Year Countdown 2023 MOGRT

New Year Countdown 2023 MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The New Year Countdown 2023 MOGRT offers an original Premiere Pro countdown design featuring magical, glittering particles. Ideal for New Year celebrations and other special occasions, this countdown can be customized for a range of purposes, including New Year’s Eve parties and club bashes to awards night openers and curtain raisers for stage shows. The design requires Premiere Pro CC 2021 or above, with all texts being adjustable aside from the countdown time itself. Using Adobe Premiere’s Essential Graphics Panel, users can change the year, body text, and alter the positions & scale values. Logo and name deployment is also possible. Inclusive of an extensive instruction PDF but note, audio must be sourced separately. Relevant tags include celebration, countdown, glitter, new year’s eve, particles, and sparkle.

19. Halloween Countdown Logo Reveal

Halloween Countdown Logo Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Halloween Countdown Logo Reveal is a specialized Premiere Pro template designed specifically for Halloween events or related content. It features a countdown timer seamlessly integrated with user-customizable logos. The included audio previews reflect a creepily atmospheric Halloween theme from StudioKolomna. Elements include dark and scary visuals, such as ghosts, skeletons, skulls, and pumpkins. This intro/reveal also incorporates a spooky feel making it perfectly suitable for Halloween celebrations or parties. With a BPM of 94, this template syncs well with music, ensuring standout Halloween communications.

20. Ultimate Countdown 3 Premiere Pro

Ultimate Countdown 3 Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Ultimate Countdown 3 is a Premiere Pro template suitable for use in diverse media endeavors. The template flaunts features including a full character set, clock and counter perfect for countdowns. Skilled at intuitively enhancing corporate presentations and television shows with exciting transitions and intros, users can also curate Top 10 lists or event sequences streamlined with eye-catching numerical graphics. With a ten-second duration for tight, concise value delivery and text elements for customisable messaging, this highly adaptable template fits flawlessly into media openings – an important asset for fascinating Youtube content.

This countdown Premiere Pro template is also part of our number counter list.

What are Premiere Pro countdown templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro countdown templates, as the title suggests, are pre-built configurations dedicated to creating dynamic, attention-grabbing countdowns. These are useful in a host of scenarios, most notably in productions such as event kick-offs, business presentations, or professional video intros. The tool affords users the ability to customize attributes like color, font, animation, and duration, simplifying task that usually consumes time just to build it from scratch. In concise, templates ease up the technical work that directors, videographers, editors or content creators used to perform meticulously manually.

This year, a variety of premiere Pro countdown templates have risen above the pack thanks to their seamless integration, flexibility, and high-quality design. These templates often stand out for their high-resolution displays, easy edits, and choices of slick designs, geared primarily towards businesses trying to engage viewers or audiences, adding a more professional digital atmosphere to their virtual events or meetings. In addition, modern countdown templates have moved towards minimalistic and clean designs, prioritizing information clarity and professional looks, often accompanied by sophisticated motion effects for dynamic visuals.

Why use Premiere Pro countdown templates?

For content creators looking to raise the bar in terms of professional-grade videos and high-quality productions, utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro coupled with the best countdown templates this year offers unbeatable advantages. These strategically curated templates offer an effective way to create elements of suspense, anticipation, and hype around your content. Additionally, integrating these current and trending templates boosts the aesthetic value of your project by infusing fresh and modern designs and techniques with technically assured graphics, all without requiring hours of coding or graphic design work.

A major advantage of using the best Premiere Pro countdown templates comes in the form of its accessibility and convenience. Templates are a ready-to-use solution, aiding creators in saving time and delivering speedier content turnover. The rigidity one might expect from templates is overcome by their incredible customizability within Adobe Premiere Pro, giving you an element of uniqueness in your production despite the template metrics. Employing these strengths means fuelling the beauty of your countdowns, ultimately making your content more eye-catching, professional, engaging, and even potentially viral.

How to import Premiere Pro countdown templates?

To import a Premiere Pro countdown template, you first need to locate your desired template, such as from a reputable source like Envato Elements. Download the file to your computer then open Adobe Premiere Pro software. In Most cases, countdown templates will be saved as .mogrt (Motion Graphics Template) files. To import them, go to the ‘Graphics Panel’ in Premiere Pro, click on ‘Install Motion Graphics Template’, and locate your downloaded .mogrt file. Then you can simply click on the template in the Graphics Panel to add it to a new sequence. From there, make the necessary adjustments like timing or font-style by clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon in the Essential Graphics menu.


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