The best Premiere Pro credit roll templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only storehouse for credit roll templates — there's an array of quality templates you can find this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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With numerous projects and clients banking on their productions, video editors are cranking their creative gears more than ever, particularly through programs like Premiere Pro. While it may have been the standard in most editing bays just a few years ago, at present, everyone from YouTube content creators to mega corporation advert firms are leaning into this valuable tool. Premiere Pro’s credits roll templates could easily top any editor’s list of resources, but there’s a host of other thrilling free and paid templates out there to help you give your video’s conclusion an unforgettable identity. In the subsequent content, we will be delving into some of the best credit roll templates of this year. We’ve narrowed down those that would lend your end credits more than just an interesting spin. Don’t just settle in thinking that Premiere Pro’s default templates are your only options, but make sure to try out a few additional ones in this list. It’s, indeed, worth seeing how effectively they glue into your editor’s toolbox and the branding convention of your next project. This compiled list will serve as an excellent waypoint to kick off.

The best Premiere Pro credit roll templates 2023

1. End Credits

End Credits (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘End Credits’ template by Premiere Pro is a professional pack designed for realistic film credit sequences. Sporting a broad range of 38 credit segments compliant with industry standards, this template also features smoothly fading titles, multiple column styles, and rolling credits. This edition includes a selection of 23 conventional credit designs allowing users to choose custom fonts within Premiere Pro. As an add-on, the template features 15 complex animated designs. An After Effects version is auxiliary, enabling users to select and customize their fonts if they can’t in Premiere Pro Motion Graphics. To facilitate easy use of this completely modular template, an instruction video with a walkthrough of every feature is attached. However exclusive of “Upbeat Rock and Ding 02,” used in the preview version. With a resolution of 4096×2304, and provision for Full HD output, this friendly user-interface template requires no additional plugins. Users can use it to pull together idiosyncratic end credit sequences for their productions.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.


VINTAGE CREDITS (Credit: Envato Elements)

The VINTAGE CREDITS template is a meticulously rendered Premiere Pro roll credit kit. Its overriding aesthetic tends to lean towards an early cinematic era, making it the ideal template for projects set with a vintage theme. The package boasts a crisp and clean text presentation, with options for rolling and scrolling credits – useful for movie clearouts or cast information displays. With easy-customizable mograph, mogrt credits and roll options, it is designed with remarkable flexibility and adaptation. It’s an excellent aid for filmmakers and editors wishing to end their films on a note reminiscent of cinema’s golden age.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

3. Cine Credit V.1

Cine Credit V.1 (Credit: Envato Elements)

Cine Credit V.1 is a straightforward and ultramodern Premiere Pro credit roll template. Free from superfluous graphics, it offers a clean, minimalist style for creating compelling credit sequences. The template is customization-ready with 5 Mogrt files and highest quality 1080 (30FPS) resolution. With handy instructions included in a video tutorial, users simply need to replace existing text with their own then are set for export. Notably, rendering this template doesn’t require any additional plugins. Note that music, images, and font aren’t included but any font can be utilized. This template is ideal for documentaries, movie titles and end sequences showcasing strong typographic design.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

4. Cine Credit V.3

Cine Credit V.3 (Credit: Envato Elements)

Cine Credit V.3 is a Premiere Pro credit roll template curated for professionals in filmmaking. It attempts to recreate the scrolling text format common in modern cinema, keeping audiences informed of all individuals allocated in a film’s cast, crew and other channels. Slots for incorporating movie titles are adaptable providing users versatility and efficiency. This template is the epitome of an ‘outro’ or end that enables all movie credits to introduce a perceptible flow, much like viewing film credits. Tags such as ‘roll’, ‘scrolling’, and ‘title sequence’ aptly describe its dynamic and operating elements.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

5. Film Credits V 0.6

Film Credits V 0.6 (Credit: Envato Elements)

Film Credits V 0.6 is a Premiere Pro credit roll template designed for use in cinematic productions. It features a scrolling format, well-suited for displaying end film credits in a professional, traditional manner. Additional elements of the template include elements for the intro, final text, title sequence, and logo display. It is conveniently crafted for adaptations involving TV television sequences, and even short movies. Moreover, Film Credits V 0.6 template provides space for sponsored content acknowledgment and functions perfectly as both an opener and an outro option for your production.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

6. Credits 1.0 – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics

Credits 1.0 – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

Credits 1.0 for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics is a dedicated template designed to facilitate the creation of cinematic end-credit sequences. It features multiple customizable options to tailor the fonts, colors and speed of the scrolling text. Suitable for finalising films, television shows, intro or outro in galleries besides enhancing the title sequences. Its spectrum covers activities from the cinematic domain to TV broadcasting, providing the convenient TV style from the traditional film experience. It’s an easy way to add a professional aesthetic look to your next movie or television project.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

7. Cinematic Lights For Premiere

Cinematic Lights For Premiere (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cinematic Lights for Premiere is a top-notch template designed mainly for Premiere Pro. Clearly inspired by a blend of cinema and cinematography conventions, it enhances film intros with its breathtaking light and glow effects. It comes in a 4K resolution ensuring high-definition end-results. A commanding feature is its roll caption and sequence abilities used for credit titling and film openers in a movie setting. The absolute tool for inserting a professional cinematic-themed touch to your project. This product demands no sales pitch, its quality and practical application speak for itself.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

8. Cinema Trailer Titles | Premiere Pro

Cinema Trailer Titles | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cinema Trailer Titles | Premiere Pro is a template specifically fashioned for creating engaging cinematic title and credit sequences. Brimming with authentic film grain and noise effects, it delivers a Hollywood film studio aesthetic appeal while enhancing the epic drama of cinema. Besides blockbuster movies, the template lends itself perfectly to introductory TV series sequences, social media promos, and teaser projects. Complete with a range of procedural transitions and adjustable placeholders, it allows you to customize the text typography to suit a protagonist’s narrative journey. Paired with expressive, dramatic audio tracks, it’ll bring every desired element to your cinematic production.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our movie trailer list.

9. Credits for Premiere Pro

Credits for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This ‘Credits for Premiere Pro’ template is a fantastic resource tailored towards concluding your movies or videos. It features a minimalistic design and smooth animation, spotlighting the film crew or lead characters to keep viewers engaged. This product is specifically designed for use with Premiere Pro. Helpful features include compatibility with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and later, MOGRT file inclusion, full HD at 30 fps, customizability of elements, an option to use any color, in/out animation, a detailed help file, and availability of soundtracks and videos. Lineup related tags for this product include cinema, film crew, movie, title, and credits.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

10. Film Credits for Premiere Pro

Film Credits for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Film Credits for Premiere Pro template is a sophisticated and minimalist resource for creating closing credits for films and videos. This dynamic animation includes Premiere Pro CC 2020 compatibility and later versions, MOGRT files presented in 4K and FULL HD at 30fps, color flexibility, and IN & OUT animation for easy duration control. You will find it user-friendly, accompanied by a detailed help file, and equipped with a Preview Panel. Note that the package does not include soundtrack or videos. Related options like an After Effects version and other film credit templates can be found in the same portfolio. Ideal for film production, broadcast credits, YouTube content and more.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

11. Horror Minimal Trailer

Horror Minimal Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Horror Minimal Trailer” is a Premiere Pro credit roll template that evokes a classic Hollywood ambiance with its abstract, black and white design aesthetic. Ideal for casting credits in action-oriented genres, such as horror, thriller or detective flicks, it employs elements like glitch, grunge, and vintage typography to deliver a cinematic, suspenseful vibe. This theme combines retro elements with motion graphics that’s suitable for short films, documentaries, end credits, teasers, Instagram promos or even intros and outros for reality TV shows. This template offers customization in title sequences and placeholders, encapsulating viewers in a historic noir-type experience.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

12. Movie Titles

Movie Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Movie Titles template is an ideal tool for Premiere Pro users who need to create engaging title sequences. Its sleek design, optimized for horror, crime, detective and documentary genres, showcases smart typography and a mixture of abstract, glitch and dark themes for heightened suspense. It encapsulates elements of both classic, retro grunge and more updated minimalistic aesthetic, giving a strong cinematic mood fit for both short film and full-length features. Also ideal for movie opers, trailers, and end-credits, it can easily be utilized for showreels, TV presentations, or even go as far as promotional materials for social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

13. Cine Credit V.9

Cine Credit V.9 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cine Credit V.9 is a Premiere Pro template specifically designed for creating end-film sequences. Applying a 3d perspective look, this tool helps arrange the cast and crew rollover presentation often used in movie promos or historic and epic film end credits. The fields are presented in ‘mogrt’, a motion graphics format recognizable in cinema. This module caters mostly to an outro title sequence which deviates from being only text-based in nature. ‘Warnan’ promises to maintain a seamless continuum to your visual story while capturing the viewer’s attention.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

14. Cine Credit V.13

Cine Credit V.13 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cine Credit V.13 is an exemplary Adobe Premiere Pro credit roll template crafted specifically for cine-films. This incredibly versatile template offers an excellent solution for filmmakers aiming to add a professional-looking credit sequence to their action, horror, and suspense movies. It allows you to list out your cast and crew, promotional details among other mandated movie credits, all while accentuating a cinematic ambience. The beautifully-designed text titles enhance the entire outro or end scene theme. Additionally, the amazing title sequence makes it suitable for exciting trailer presentations.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

15. Cine Credit V.5

Cine Credit V.5 (Credit: Envato Elements)

Cine Credit V.5 is a comprehensive Adobe Premiere Pro template designed to streamline and enhance the production process of credit rolls in various media materials. Ideal for both movie and tech related genres, it effortlessly blends scifi elements presenting a sleek, high-tech feel. With its thoughtful organization in neat placeholders, it caters efficiently to details such as cast, movie credits and end notes. As a flexible utility, Cine Credit V.5 adds professionalism to any title sequence & outro, while appealing to text-savvy filmmakers who seek innovation in film credit rendering styles.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

16. Cine Credit V.2

Cine Credit V.2 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cine Credit V.2 is a Premiere Pro credit roll template that creates an exclusive cinematic experience. Ideal for acknowledging cast members and the crew, it supports the classic concept of credits scrolling at the end of a film. The standout features include smooth outro transitions, customizable text inputs, and dynamic title sequences. This detailed-oriented tool is perfect for delivering the traditional movie closing experience with a professional touch. Compatible with Premiere Pro, it’s predominantly tagged under cinema, end film, movie credits, and title sequence.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

17. Film credits Premiere

Film credits Premiere (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Film credits Premiere is a versatile Premiere Pro template comprising of distinct text blocks that can be customized as per the users’ requirements, ideal for cinema or movie end credits. This template enables the viewer to recreate an epic, historic aesthetic in their credits sequence. Furthermore, it enhances the outro or promo scenes of the film with captivating titles and professional appearance, creating an engaging title sequence. Tags for this template include ‘cast’, ‘movie credits’, and ‘title sequence’, proving its purview over major aspects of film credits.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

18. Blood Shot Title

Blood Shot Title (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Blood Shot Title Premiere Pro template incorporates elements of 3D graphics, action sequences and a cast list for film or movie credits. Vibrant with variations of warnan hues, the blood motif unobtrusively sets an epic and tense setting. Able to function as an outro, in promotional stuff, or as a simple credits roll, it doesn’t skimp on cinematic feel. A title sequence reveals the essential information with stylized lettering, fitting in beautifully more domains with its universal character. Offering bold advancements in text display, this template commands attention right till the end.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

19. Film Credits Pack V.2

Film Credits Pack V.2 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Film Credits Pack V.2 is a template designed specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro, providing a professional format for movie credits. Ideal for both historic and epic genre films, it emphasizes on elements like the cast, outro, and promo sequences. The bundle comes with a dynamic yet straightforward template to streamline the intricate process of creating movie endings. The template is devised for end credits and titles, creating an authentic cinematic impact that complies with traditional movie transcription styling. Despite its sophisticated result, it provides an easy navigational workflow.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

20. Final credits

Final credits (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro credit roll template, “Final credits,” brings a professionally designed feel for filmmakers who aim to create historic or epic movies. This template allows room for distinct sections for the cast, and crucial production staff, reflecting common cinema norms. The smooth sequencing promotes comfortable reading while maintaining viewers’ interest during the outro. While this template caters majorly to cinematographic productions, its customizability also fits well for various promo applications. Make sure to put in sufficient text in the designated spots to ensure clarity.

This credit roll Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

What are Premiere Pro credit roll templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro credit roll templates refer to customizable pre-made templates used at the end of video content to showcase information such as the cast, crew, production details, music, sponsors and much more. These standout templates become essential for the fact that credit sequences are generally time-consuming and demanding procedural tasks which require careful handling, and these templates provide great help by streamlining this entire process. With an array of designs, fonts, animations and more to choose from, these templates add considerably to the aesthetics of the video. Furthermore, they are a tool for filmmakers and video creators to maintain professional consistency and quality in their videos.

In the year 2021, Adobe Premiere Pro credit roll templates have become more dynamic, visually appealing and user-friendly. As tools across all areas of production improve, Adobe certainly steps its game up by providing more options, like templates capable of offering sophisticated animation and graphical elements. These flexible templates entail ones for different genre films to music videos and corporate videos. For instance, templates catering to certain formal themes to reflect corporate aesthetics, or vibrant comic-themed templates. Some of the noteworthy features include various animation styles, customizable fonts, graphics, music, and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, there has been a growing emphasis on fluid, integrated and transformable animations beyond legacy 2D scrolls, which greater embodies diverse storytelling.

Why use Premiere Pro credit roll templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro credit roll templates are the best in the industry because they make creating amazing credit rolls incredibly easy and efficient. They come with all the layout features you need for an effective credits roll, including customizable fonts, graphics, and other animations. Built for a variety of different design styles and project needs, these templates simplify the process of crafting end credits that rival cinema production, enhancing the overall professional feel of your entire project. Video editors, especially those just starting their journey, will appreciate this standard of usability, but even expert users can save a significant amount of time.

Beyond their inherent efficiency, Adobe Premiere Pro credit roll templates are built within a platform known for its effective synergy with a plethora of other Adobe applications, enabling flexible footage-related solutions from initial editing to final export. This year’s collection of templates remains top-tier, staying consistent with the industry trends while influencing authenticity and appeal. With these templates, you invest not just in easiness and boosting your artwork’s creativity but also attaining jaw-dropping, professional-level outputs at minimum costs—making Adobe Premiere Pro an ultimate post-production choice.

How to import Premiere Pro credit roll templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro users looking to import the best Premiere Pro credit roll templates of this year should start by heading to their Sources menu, then selecting Import followed by the specific template file. Usually, credit roll templates are available in .mogrt file formats specifically tailored for Premiere Pro. Open these through the Essential Graphics Panel accessible from the Window menu. In the panel, click on the “+” “Install Motion Graphics Templates” button and navigate to your desired template file. Once the template is imported successfully, it should immediately show up in your Essential Graphics Panel, available for drag-and-drop into the timeline to customize to perfection as per the requirements of your project.


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