The best Premiere Pro editing templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only editing software with great templates — here are the top performing Premiere Pro templates this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While many production companies are continuing to refine their workflow, editing from your own comfort zone has become an undeniable trend and seems likely to remain a prominent aspect of video outlining and processing. Many budding editors and enthusiasts still utilize Adobe Premiere Pro templates to craft visually striking sequences, elevate storytelling, and increase work efficiency. Though project templates from Adobe always remain a reliable asset for these endeavors, there are plenty of other free resources and templates available that can revolutionize the way you mold your visual narratives. Henceforth, we will delve into some of the most intriguing free Adobe Premiere Pro templates. We’ve focused on templates that accommodate various editing needs – ranging from titles, transitions to effects and overlays. Instead of relying entirely on Adobe’s native assets, why not take a detour and try out a few of these templates, tailored to fit your creative style and ongoing projects? This compilation is an excellent place to curious about your next endeavors.

The best Premiere Pro editing templates 2023

1. Video Editing Promo

Video Editing Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Video Editing Promo is a customizable Premiere Pro editing template displaying inventive options for showcasing your video editing skills. Suitable for intros, trailers, demos, etc., it helps you enthrall viewers in an alluring, cinematic ambiance. It is equipped with projector lights and flare color options, performing optimally within Premiere Pro CC 2018 Version 12.1.2. This detailed template, featuring 20 placeholders and 10 text holders, meets every criterion for visual expression and includes a video tutorial for direction. At a reasonable duration of 1:00, in full HD resolution, this promo carries an energetic “Upbeat Indie Rock” soundtrack, creating a stunning experience across sports, travel, ultimate urban and other varied lifestyles.

2. Comic Bubbles | Editable Cartoon Titles

Comic Bubbles | Editable Cartoon Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

Comic Bubbles | Editable Cartoon Titles is a versatile Premiere Pro editing template that facilitates adding text into videos in a whimsical, comic book style. The collection comprises engaging animated 2D titles that resemble cartoon speech bubbles. Other elements available include starbursts, explosion titles symbolizing dramatic dialogues and comic badges for further customization. Users can play around with different colors, halftone titles, and superhero themes incorporated into the design. This template is ideal for various presentations to inject some fun, whether for sales videos, animated stories, or other creative outputs.

3. Ultra Editing Kit | Premiere Pro

Ultra Editing Kit | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Ultra Editing Kit for Premiere Pro is a comprehensive, highly versatile package equipped with complete features ideal for enhancing video edits. This includes supplying 1176 seamless transitions, all made stunning and easily bridged using drag-and-drop tools. The kit offers 443 animated titles for interesting animated typography, in MOGRT files catering to Adobe Premiere Pro CC18 and CC19, and 4K resolution. You also get 61 motion graphic elements and 88 shape transitions, besides the 300 light leaks MP4 files suitable for any video editing software. There are many more such as 80 social media lower thirds, housed with auto-resizing boxed titles and single click-adjusted duration features. The kit further provides 48 minimal lower thirds and 350 callouts along with diverse graphic elements to choose from. Generic video tutorials for each category come inclusive in the package. The tool templates pair seamlessly with Adobe Premiere Pro from CC 2019 and support any resolution. Useful drag-and-drop functionality and unique sound design make the kit user friendly and interactive.

4. Film Titles Opener Slideshow

Film Titles Opener Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Film Titles Opener Slideshow is a Premiere Pro editing template specifically designed for a sophisticated and stylish introduction to films, fashion portfolios, videos, or slideshows. It encompasses a range of cinematic and cool title sequencing that assists in creating an enticing opener for any type of visual presentation such as weddings or reel compilations. Pre-rendered and ready to edit, this versatile tool meshes functionality with aesthetic flair, honing the creator’s unique video editing style.

5. Catch Your Titles

Catch Your Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

Catch Your Titles is a full High Definition, 25 frames per second visual presentation template for editing. Compatible with both After Effects and Premiere 2019 or more recent editions, it features 20 title placeholders with flexibility to make global color alterations. Other editable features include logo, design, typography and several dynamic elements ranging from ‘energetic’ to ‘minimal.’ These features are easily accessible from the essential graphics menu and can be comprehended through an included tutorial. This template seeks to deliver a stylish interface for your corporate, commercial or portfolio projects in a quick, seamless reveal. No additional plugins are required for convenience. Music links are provided to complement your visuals.

This editing Premiere Pro template is also part of our legacy title list.

6. Transition Elements Signs

Transition Elements Signs (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Transition Elements Signs template is a versatile video editing feature usable across a wide range of editing softwares, including Adobe Projects like Premiere Pro and After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut. It includes 28 distinct 4K MOV elements and a tutorial is provided for new users. This editing template, which supports Apple Pro Res 4444 format and comes with built-in sound effects, features signs as its basic transitioning elements– very useful in different applications from explaining concepts to creating dynamic openings. This template can be seen mostly for situations with seamless, transitions in videos involving, cars, buildings, and natural scenery like trees and rocks for various platforms.

7. Real Estate 8 in 1

Real Estate 8 in 1 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Real Estate 8 in 1 is a meticulously designed Premiere Pro editing template, ideal for showcasing various aspects of real estate, including apartments, homes, hotels and lofts. It allows for customization of audio with several track lengths using ‘On Funk’ by AtlanticTunes. This user-friendly template with modern aesthetics skilfully combines flexibility and versatility, streamlining real estate edits for both residential and commercial properties. The BPM matches the tracks ensuring seamless visuals, to effectively captivate the viewer and accurately convey the property features.

8. Multi Screen Bundle – Premiere Pro

Multi Screen Bundle – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Bundle for Premiere Pro is a highly complex and versatile video editing template equipped with contemporary and professional design capabilities. It incorporates a text compositions feature which allows fully editable text and has placeholders for logos and media. Adorned with motion graphics, this template is ideal for creating attention-grabbing presentations, dynamic promotional videos, and engaging video montages. Multiple screens can be showcased concurrently, catering to an interactive and modern viewing experience. Embedded with customizable settings, it allows the execution of unique projects by any Adobe multi software user. Its BPM feature even allows audio synchronization.

9. Horror Trailer

Horror Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro editing template, entitled “Horror Trailer”, is a highly-evocative tool best suited for creating spine-chilling narratives or promotional content. With its ambiance-replicating features capturing the quintessence of fear, fright, and terror, it offers endless creative possibilities. From documenting jarring nightmares to showcasing Halloween-related events, you can enrich your tale with the tailored slideshow inclusion feature that further enhances the storytelling experience. As a software module, it enables efficient and dynamic video editing for professionals dealing primarily in the genre of horror.

10. DIgital Glitch Transitions

DIgital Glitch Transitions (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Digital Glitch Transitions editing template for Premiere Pro conveys a dynamic, glitch-style effect for video footage. Updated as of 11.08.21, now available in 4K resolution along with an updated 5 new transitions, the template operates on Premiere Pro CC17 (11.1.2) or later. The composition sports 20 distinct glitch transitions and are ideal for diverse video editing projects like cinematic, video blog, travel video, or broadcast. Add an edge to your work through digital interference, distortion, or old film-style overlay. It’s strategically-built for simplicity; application requires just a drag-drop action for effortless integration.

11. Unique modern color glitch title

Unique modern color glitch title (Credit: Envato Elements)

The unique modern color glitch title is a 4K (3840×2160) Premiere Pro editing template with comprehensive property control features. These include control for color and text color, providing excellent editing flexibility. The package comes inclusive with detailed instructions. Compatible with Premiere Pro CC or above, the package features 20 titles and integrates effortless functionality aspects. Tags range from ‘color’, ‘cool’, and ‘corporate’, to ‘retro’ and ‘simple’, reflecting its versatility. Notable for its modern glitch title effect, the template suits various corporate and creative video editing needs.

12. Digital Glitch Titles // Sound Fx

Digital Glitch Titles // Sound Fx (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Digital Glitch Titles // Sound Fx is a Premiere Pro editing template featuring 20 innovative title animations and distinct glitchy sound effects. Accompanied by an in-depth instruction guide and a numbered preview video for easy navigation, it provides users full control to customize details like colors, fonts, size, and position. With a total of 40 corresponding, editable sound effects combined with the animations, the template brings a dynamic and cinematic appeal to your content. Despite its battlefield niche, on and off action for the 4K animated glitches and sound effects make it versatile for multiple concepts and design contexts.

13. Glitch Media Reel

Glitch Media Reel (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Media Reel, a Premiere Pro editing template, is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2017 versions or newer, designed to operate efficiently via Essential Graphics. This user-friendly template eschews the need for any additional plugins. It offers a high definition detailed output of 1080p at 30 frames per second ideal for corporate videos, intro-reels, minimalist promos, or even sport-related media causes. You can expect a fast render for your projects with its well-structured scheme set for ready customization. Accompanied by a video tutorial, this versatile template supports both video and image formats. Its glitch and slide show features offer a dynamic style perfect for a variety of events.

14. Modern Transitions

Modern Transitions (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Modern Transitions” is a thoroughly designed Premiere Pro editing template, offering an array of dynamic transitions tailored to add a contemporary flair to your videos. Characterized by its clean aesthetics and fast pace, it fits perfectly into broadcast, corporate, event, fashion presentations or slideshows. The template wonderfully combines elements of promos and opens, utilizing a reveal-style transition. Ideal for creating a seamless and professional edit that engages viewers. It is designed to deliver versatility and a modern touch to any visual project.

15. Transitions

Transitions (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Transitions” template for Premiere Pro transcends traditional editing aesthetics by borrowing elements from broadcasting to event staging, offering a clean, modern feel ideal for corporate presentations or fashion shows. Its dynamic, fast-paced transitions enable a seamless shift between frames, functioning perfectly both as an opening segment and a full-fledged slideshow. The template further enhances a promo event or a reveal, and it embodies a contemporary appeal, maximizing your editing capabilities. Tags associated with it affirm its multifaceted utility and confirm its usage suitability across various modern visual contexts.

16. Stylish Upbeat Opener

Stylish Upbeat Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Stylish Upbeat Opener’ is a full HD (1920×1080) Premiere Pro editing template. The user-friendly design is suited for Premiere Pro CC2015 to CC2022 and doesn’t require plugins. Anterior features constitute modularity in construction, the capacity to accommodate up to 42 media and 54 text placeholders along with the straighforwardness of the editing process. It comes with a video tutorial for guidance. The clean, minimal design captures the energy of attached media; it’s perfect for use in dynamic, fast-paced contexts – from sports, fashion events, urban culture contexts to multipurpose presentations. Set to an upbeat rhythm, it’s tailored for trendy, stylish video outcomes. Note that music and video are not included.

17. Slideshow Transitions

Slideshow Transitions (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Slideshow Transitions” is an intricate and detailed editing template engineered for Premiere Pro applications. This template provides 400+ effortless but impactful transitions suited for various media types, designed to enhance the engagement and dynamism of your videos. Equipped with customizable color and FX controls, changing colors and effects can easily be performed through the Effect Controls panel. An accompanying video tutorial is also included to guide users. The Drag & Drop placeholders and transitions are resizable to any resolution, however, ideal performance is on a 16:9 aspect ratio. Also, Square [1:1] and Vertical [9:16] variations are available. Useful for many styles, including broadcast, brush, cinematic, and film.

18. Transitions Pack Colorful

Transitions Pack Colorful (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Transitions Pack Colorful template for Premiere Pro is a compilation of artistic and minimalistic transition effects that can visually enhance any video editing project. Suitable for corporate videos, video blogs, or any video elements requiring professional finesse. This pack is specifically designed to seamlessly take viewers’ attention from one photo or title to the other. It includes various transition styles that accommodate a wide range of aesthetic tastes, truly ideal for expressing creativity in video editing. It simplifies the editing process while maintaining a high standard of visual appeal.

19. Dynamic Opener

Dynamic Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Opener for Premiere Pro is a versatile editing template compatible with versions CC2015 to CC2022. Promoting high resolution (1920×1080), the template comprises various features like 34 media placeholders, 8 text placeholders, and a detailed video tutorial for guidance. There are no plugin requirements, so it’s quite manageable. Aligned with various thematic concepts, it accommodates realms like sports, fashion, demo, presentation, and much more. Features like glitch, grunge, typography give it that extra flare. Keep note that the package doesn’t incorporate music and videos. Suitable for creating trendy YouTube intros, fashion reels or urban event promos. It’s user-friendly and can be swiftly edited with its modular construction.

20. Colorful Shape Transitions #3 [Premiere Pro]

Colorful Shape Transitions #3 [Premiere Pro] (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro editing template titled Colorful Shape Transitions #3 is crafted for use with Premiere Pro CC 2021 and up. The template provides a range of customizable, resizable, and versatile shapes as transition devices to make your edits more creative and engaging. User-friendly controls make it easy to apply and adjust these transitions, and free fonts are included. No additional plugins are required for usage. To aid in usability, tutorials are provided. Abstract, colorful, and featuring elements of glitch and gradient graphics, this bundle stands exemplary for its simplicity and functionality. Please note that this pack doesn’t include any music or video footage.

What are Premiere Pro editing templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are essentially user-friendly shortcuts that enable videographers to elevate their editing prowess. By utilizing a predefined setup for video basis, stylistic effects, or detailed color grading, users can deliver professionally polished projects with minimal effort. The successful integration of such templates dramatically diminishes the workload, without sacrificing artistry or individual style. Besides providing sleek, preconceived templates, Adobe Premiere facilitates the ease of customization to meet users’ specific needs and tastes.

Each year, creators receive access to even spectacular and versatile Adobe Premiere Pro templates, and this year has been no exception. From engaging slide shows to impressive intro credits and impactful visual effects, creators get more options at turning their content into dazzling productions. Available from Adobe and other various platforms, these top-tier 2021 templates cater to a comprehensive palette of aesthetic tastes. Whether editors are assembling cinematic presentations or slicing commercials, there are universally suite Premiere Pro templates at their fingertips. Templates don’t only simplify editing; they also contribute to more consistent results and efficiency.

Why use Premiere Pro editing templates?

Professional editors know that quality matters when it comes to video production, and Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry leading software that rises to the occasion. Used by top-level production companies, one of its major appeals is its capacity to accommodate editing templates. The best Premiere Pro editing templates for this year elevate the caliber of production by providing pre-constructed views that aid in producing professional-standard visuals. These templates offer pre-designed title options, third-party plug-in integration, dynamic video transitions, engaging motion graphics, and a whole host of customizable features to help create stunning, sophisticated video projects. With these touted best options right at a user’s fingertips, they can minimize time consumption by avoiding starting from scratch, thereby increasing the efficiency of their entire production process immensely.

Besides the product quality and efficiency, the versatility offered by this year’s The best Premiere Pro editing templates also deserves mention. Given the nature of fast-paced digital media transmission and diverse media formats in the current era, these Adobe Premiere Pro templates significantly cut down the technical gap by predesigning different resolutions and formats to fit mobile screens, large monitors, and anything in between. Consequently, professionals do not have to worry about tweaking and adjusting their end product just to fit different screen resolutions, which invariably saves important work-hours and enhances productivity. Hence, Adobe Premiere’s editing templates this year offer the best solution for users who prioritize quality, efficiency and versatility

How to import Premiere Pro editing templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro editing templates, you’ll first need to locate and download the desired template file, which are often shared as PRPROJ (project) or MOGRT (motion graphics template) files. Once your download is complete, open Premiere Pro and navigate to ‘Window’, followed by ‘Essential Graphics’, and then click on the ‘+’ button or ‘Install Motion Graphics Template’ option in the Essential Graphics panel, located generally at the bottom right part of the screen. Locate the folder where you downloaded your template files and click “Import”. Now these templates will be at your waiting beck and call amidst other graphics templates whenever you want to boost your creative editing. It really is a game-changing feature unwrapping limitless creative potential for video edits.


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