The best Premiere Pro explainer video templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only platform for explainer video templates — discover the top-notch templates for this year from an array of different sources.

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As many individuals gravitate towards creating content from home or small production settings, there has indeed been a surge in demand for tools that help make professional-level videos. Specifically, Premiere Pro templates for explainer videos seem to take a large share of this trend; a massive aid for putting across complex content in a simple, catchy, and compelling manner. Adobe Premiere Pro turns out to be the primary choice for many creators, with an abundance of free and paid-for templates available. To echo the buzz, we’ll delve into some of the outstanding Prix-free Premiere Pro explainer video templates dominantly enjoyed this year. We’ve laser-focused on those templates with high customization features amenable to beginners as well as seasoned Pro users. So instead of just dwelling on the notion that certain templates are universally accepted, why not give these Premiere Pro explainer video templates a whack and determine how suitably they fall into your creative methodology. This round-up will serve as your perfect springboard.

The best Premiere Pro explainer video templates 2023

1. Explainer Video Icons Toolkit

Explainer Video Icons Toolkit (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Explainer Video Icons Toolkit is an innovative asset for Premiere Pro, inclining a vast assortment of over 250 animated icons covering 19 distinct areas, such as sports, education, office, multimedia, and more. These motion graphics are fully customizable through color controllers and can be used in any resolution, regardless of it being 4K or lower. The template does not require additional plugins and comes with free updates. Users can just drag and drop these elements into their projects, making it easy to use. With extra features like a detailed tutorial, free customer support and regularly cascaded updates, it’s bound to enhance your creative video production work.

2. Hand Explainer Kit

Hand Explainer Kit (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Hand Explainer Kit is a dynamic template for Adobe Premiere Pro, designed for the creation of unique opener videos. Featuring 3D hand animations, this template enhances media presentations by offering a distinctive flat, cartoon-like character alongside colorful elements. The template includes 28 text placeholders, 3 media placeholders, and 1 logo space. Its design is versatile, tailor-made for a modern approximation of mockup, intro, and promotion videos and it’s equally fitting for educational, explainer or social media videos. With its vibrant colors and bold titles, the Hand Explainer Kit provides a fast and engaging way to introduce content within any video output. Always in HD.

3. Firefighter Safety Explainer MOGRTs

Firefighter Safety Explainer MOGRTs (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Firefighter Safety Explainer MOGRTs is essentially an Adobe Premiere Pro explainer video template. Its design allows for various graphic elements like explanatory hands, typography, and animated transitions to explain concepts in a visually interesting and comprehensible manner. Fully customizable and easy to manipulate even for beginners, it aids the production of broadcast, corporate, promo, and presentation standard explainer videos in a resolution of 1920×1080 at 30fps. The template includes video tutorials but does not come with plugins, music, and unique font options, requiring the user to use the default provided font. Supports Premiere Pro CC 2017.1 and above. Email support provided.

4. Robot Characters Explainer Animation Scene

Robot Characters Explainer Animation Scene (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Robot Characters Explainer Animation Scene is a Premiere Pro explainer template featuring a firefighter safety theme. Apt for diverse advertising scenarios like YouTube, Instagram, and TV commercials, this tool lets users customise text, add music, and create both HD and 4K quality videos effortlessly. Comprehensible video instructions form part of the template, supporting ease-of-use. Also, it comes with a set of animated gifs for previewing your creation. The template can work with any language, thanks to universalized expressions. Despite being fully resizable, it doesn’t need any plugin and assures 24/7 support. Themes like firefighter, safety, rescue, etc, frame this add-on’s aesthetic.

5. Creative Instruments – Animation Icons (MOGRT)

Creative Instruments – Animation Icons (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Creative Instruments – Animation Icons (MOGRT) is a unique Premiere Pro explainer video template, specially designed to cater animation needs. The template features cartoon-style characters, including robots and other elements, and emphasizes on character animation scenes. This array of vector animations is particularly suitable for making explainer animations, intros, and popular videos. Echoing the technological realm, the template visuals exude a techno-grunge aesthetic. Designed elements are apt for adding a cinematic touch to futuristic projects. The seamless integration of design templates, project-specific placeholders and logo animation options make video creation effortless. Suitable for creating NFTs, this template is both resizeable and customizable.

6. Video Library for Premiere Pro

Video Library for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Video Library for Premiere Pro template is an effective tool that makes video editing approachable for everyone. Primarily designed as an explainer video template, it comes with animated/animation capabilities incorporating designs ranging from flat icons to cartoons. The versatility of this template extends to include provision for line, lottie, and outline styles allowing for a highly customized presentation. It even maintains UI and UX face while attending to branding needs. It functions as an assistance in creating stunning video content for web pages including landing, banner or homepage, it could support sketching, color palettes, and multiple other command styles.

7. How-To / Step-by-Step Instructions Video

How-To / Step-by-Step Instructions Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro explainer video template, named ‘How-To/Step-by-Step Instructions Video’, contains a collection of practical features ideal for creating how-to videos or step-by-step instructional content. It incorporates a range of pre-made items such as design elements, simple titles, corporate titles, overlays, and slideshow capabilities with motion graphics. It also offers compatibility with various broadcasting and streaming platforms like Twitch, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook, enhancing its usage for social media content. Additionally, there’s support for after-effects and music clips, with premade shapes and sound effects presenting users with a wide-reaching toolkit to meet all their video creation needs. Apart from Premiere Pro, it functions with Apple Motion and Final Cut.

8. Video streaming – Flat concepts (MOGRT)

Video streaming – Flat concepts (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Video Streaming – Flat Concepts (MOGRT) Premiere Pro Template allows users to create instructional videos in a visually appealing manner. The MOGRT file format provides options to edit card colors, imagery, and texts independently for each step included in the demonstration video. Users can choose from presenting three to six steps or logo outro within the curriculum. Intended for disciplines such as corporate service broadcasts as well as DIY instructions or recipes on websites, it does not require After Effects software installed in your system. Just note that audio accompaniment isn’t facilitated within this template.

9. Article to Video – Premiere Pro Setup

Article to Video – Premiere Pro Setup (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Article to Video – Premiere Pro Setup’ template is a user-friendly guide for transforming regular articles into engaging videos. It’s unique in that it employs explainer video concepts and kinematic animation which can be executed via Adobe’s top-rated video editing software, Premiere Pro. Suitable for various themes including cosmetics review, cooking, painting tutorials or simply showcasing artistic flair, it utilises everyday elements like smartphone, laptops, and even plants for relatability. With tools like like/subscriber counts for online streaming, it effectively blends entertainment and information-based paradigms. Notably, the template features the disk funk audio track provided by Lowtone.

10. Dynamic & Clean Website Promo Video Premiere Pro

Dynamic & Clean Website Promo Video Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic & Clean Website Promo Video Premiere Pro is a fully customizable template that allows users to transform any type of article into visually engaging videos. Users can create content for a wide array of mediums including web articles, social media, and blog posts, catering to a variety of genres from food, travel, finance, lifestyle and numerous others. With both wide and vertical 4k versions, 10 MOGRT files and a Premiere Pro project, this template includes tools for modifying text box sizes, color schemes, transition styles and more. Serving as a versatile solution, it ensures a unique output every time without requiring any plugins. Perfect for creating YouTube, Facebook, or blog based content focusing on explainer videos, product reviews, company presentations, etc.

11. Lower Thirds / Subtitle / Video Caption / Callouts Toolkit

Lower Thirds / Subtitle / Video Caption / Callouts Toolkit (Credit: Envato Elements)

This “Lower Thirds / Subtitle / Video Caption / Callouts Toolkit” is a Dreamweaver Pro explainer video template optimized for website and app promotion videos. It features a clean, minimal, and stylish design targeted for creative web developers and users. The template requires Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 (or above). Highlighted as an industry-standard tool, it can create versatile website trailers, introductions, UX / UI showcases, company timeline presentations, logo reveals, game trailers, and promotional videos without needing After Effects. It is also suitable for corporate promotions, demo presentations, and more.

12. Car Dealership Explainer Animation Scene

Car Dealership Explainer Animation Scene (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Car Dealership Explainer Animation Scene is a Premiere Pro Interactive Template that offers a vast range of customization for video editors. It includes lower thirds, titles, callouts and numerous available elements; all adjustable for an optimal video production experience. Its features are regularly updated without any additional charges. Improvements range from providing new title packs to introducing new customizable options with various Callouts toolkits under different Premiere CC versions. This comprehensive toolkit offers full control over almost every aspect of the animation scene, whether it’s typefaces, captions, or controllers- all adjustable right within the template freely by simple drag-and-drops.

13. Premiere Pro Metaverse Technology Explainer Animation

Premiere Pro Metaverse Technology Explainer Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro Metaverse Technology Explainer Animation is a user-friendly video template that caters to business enthusiastic content creators. This design template embodies various arrays such as car dealership scenes, drone views, contracts, morning landscapes, character animation scenes, and a lot more. Its capacity to blend impressive sceneries like highways and sunny mornings with illustrative elements brings an added visual depth. From dealer showcases to landing page animations, all can be conveniently resized as per requirements.

14. Clean Corporate Business Solutions

Clean Corporate Business Solutions (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Clean Corporate Business Solutions template for Premiere Pro showcases a streamlined, expertly animated approach to explaining business solutions. Brimming with resizable animations, character designs and engaging graphics, this versatile template leverages a flat design aesthetic. Users can utilize elements such as planets, tablets, and high-tech goggles to create a virtual reality or metaverse-themed context for their content. Enhanced with UI and UX design elements, it’s ideally suited for crafting animation sequences for landing pages, product reviews, and illustrating program market insight. A selection of scenes, video tools, and vector components enables customization.

15. Promotional intro

Promotional intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template, titled “Clean Corporate Business Solutions”, allows users to effortlessly fashion business-centric videos that can serve several purposes. It is suitable for crafting strategy presentations, company or agency promotions, business event promotions and explainer videos. The template makes it straightforward to insert text for information, replace still images with video content, or customize colors to match a specific style. It’s designed to produce eye-catching yet professional output that serves as an effective opener or advert slideshow. Ideal for corporations, consulting agencies, event hosting or startups, the package is user-friendly, efficient, and fully customizable.

16. Basic – Animation Icons (MOGRT)

Basic – Animation Icons (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Basic – Animation Icons (MOGRT) for Premiere Pro is an adaptable video template allowing customization from its essential graphics menu. It has features that are compatible with Premiere 2021 and offers the flexibility to modify aspects such as the background, cubes, and text colors. It accommodates seven primary and five secondary video placeholders that can host social media icons. There are 33 main text placeholders, accommodating logo and website display. A video tutorial forms part of the package. However, it doesn’t include music, images, and videos from its previews but syncs harmoniously with a variety of brand styles and purposes.

17. SEO and Development – Animation Icons (MOGRT)

SEO and Development – Animation Icons (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Animation Icons (MOGRT) is a Premiere Pro explainer video template focused on SEO and development. It provides animation and creative design elements such as icons, line drawings, and simple cartoons useful in web-related presentations. Features include adaptive flat and thin-outline icons that are geared towards the concepts of UI/UX design, CMS, wireframe, templates, web design, and homepage. The template incorporates basic web elements such as location, info, search function, gallery view, and more. With its bodymovin and lottie integration, this template aims to enhance your explainer videos creatively.

18. WEB and Graphic Design – Animation Icons (MOGRT)

WEB and Graphic Design – Animation Icons (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

“WEB and Graphic Design – Animation Icons (MOGRT)” is a comprehensive Premiere Pro template rooted in current design trends and patterns. The package includes a multitude of clean, flat design, and thin line icons, making it ideal for site development and UX/UI work. Reflecting concepts of creative design and branding, it incorporates bodymovin and lottie animations for an engaging visual experience. Also, it can effectively facilitate presentations, augment landing pages, share business solutions, highlight customer reviews, or narrate an explainer video. The collection is also optimized for mobile viewing and stresses essential aspects of data protection.

19. Video Streaming Character Animation Scene

Video Streaming Character Animation Scene (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Video Streaming Character Animation Scene is a Premiere Pro video template that allows users to create an animated explainer video with vibrant and dynamic character animations. Created in a flat art style with fine outlines and a splash of visually pleasing aesthetics, this template fits perfectly into various web-domains such as website homepages, app landing pages, and UI/UX presentations. Terms like premium quality, design intervention, and tool driven-coding make it a versatile template for adapting to different branding or application requirements. It comes complete with customizable graphics for adaptation and tailored branding.

20. Weather Icon Line pack – MORGRT

Weather Icon Line pack – MORGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Weather Icon Line Pack – MORGRT is a premium collection of Premiere Pro explainer video templates specialized in character animation scenes. They include the latest, innovative motion graphic vectors that have sheer potential in stunning your audience. The beauty of these vectors lies in their ease of use; just drag and drop into your project, that’s all! Available in a resizable format, they’re suitable for virtually any kind of project medium like social media, websites, and YouTube. The pack also comes with a super handy help file and requires no additional plugins. Emphasizing the ‘character animation scene’ theme, these templates cover a diverse range of designs and scenarios. Perfect for user interfaces, blogs, cosmetics reviews, and even online streaming platforms. Get creative today with the Weather Icon Line Pack!

What are Premiere Pro explainer video templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are presets provided within Adobe’s professional video editing software that can be used as a foundation for creating explainer videos. These pre-formatted models simplify the editing process and trim down production time significantly. These templates usually come with myriad features suited for different filming needs, including animations, transitions, visual effects and more. They are designed for all sorts of purposes, allowing users to create anything from marketing reels to YouTube videos and beyond. Especially for this year, some newer templates cater to current trends with modern aesthetics and dynamic storytelling tools.

The best Adobe Premiere Pro explainer video templates this year boasts features like quick and easy customization, making them incredibly user-friendly, even for amateurs. Their flexibility allows content creators, marketers, and other professionals to enhance and personalize their brands or projects effortlessly. High-quality templates encapsulate the quality of visuals and animations needed to construct attention-catching explainer videos. Adaptive aspects like replaceable logos, editable texts,-changeable colors, and more make these templates ideal for comprehensive and detailed explainer video production.Kinetic typography, infographics template, and graphic expansion packs are gaining trade-wide recognition for their innovative take on layout presentations.

Why use Premiere Pro explainer video templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro explainer video templates continue to take center stage in content creation space this year owing to their undeniably robust and diverse toolset. These templates seamlessly integrate high-quality design intricacy with functionalities that streamline and bolster post-production processes, producing creative and compelling explainer videos. Its range of top-tier features, including typographic options, visual effects, customizable animations, color grading, and advanced audio editing capabilities, have augmented Premiere Pro’s standing as a go-to solution for professionals. Better still, it supports a wide array of formats and resolutions, it’s exemplary for making content for all platforms, from social media to full-scale cinematic productions.

Furthermore, the significant edge these Adobe Premiere templates have consistently demonstrated revolves around their intuitive nature. Handy even for users with no formal editing experience, Premiere Pro demystifies the process of creating stellar video content with an accessible, user-friendly interface. Appropriate even for those on a steep learning curve, templates induce efficiency, meaning quick turn-around without compromising on quality, creativity, or visual storytelling prowess. Adobe’s regular updates to Premiere also mean new, continually improving templates keeping up with industry trends and user expectations while keeping to state-of-the-art standards of video creation. Hence, more than just a software, Adobe Premiere Pro becomes an ever-evolving platform facilitating content creation for today’s fast-paced, increasingly digital world.