The best Premiere Pro glitch templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only source for glitch templates - there are many exceptional templates that have made their mark this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While many content creators are heading back to their usual video editing suites, working digitally, and tailoring media to our ever-evolving virtual landscape is certainly here to stay, making an imposing wave in the contemporary creative scene. Many of us are still harnessing the dynamic power of Adobe Premiere Pro to craft compelling visual narratives, commercials, and indie or blockbuster films. While in-built advanced features provide much to explore, a myriad of formidable glitch templates rock the boat as an external companion. Undoubtedly, there is the tried-and-true selection always making the popular list, but have you taken a peek at some of the gritty new arrivals available for free? Herein follows the introduction to some of the most engaging free Premiere Pro glitch templates this year. The focus has been on offerings that pack a punch, hosting its minimum ten distinctive variants. It wouldn’t hurt to pry away from your go-to template juggernaut, take these ones out for a test drive to determine how they might add that certain dynamism to your editing repertoire and your content’s unique flair. This carefully curated list is an ideal platform to jump-start your dive.

The best Premiere Pro glitch templates 2023

1. Glitch Distortion Logo Intro

Glitch Distortion Logo Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Glitch Distortion Logo Intro is a notably designed Premiere Pro template that brings together various dynamic animations including distortion, grunge, scribbles, and glitching effects to display your logo. It is user-friendly and beginner-friendly, only requiring the user to add their logo and modify colors fit to their brand, then render. It is useful as a strong introduction to diverse forms of media. This PR template does not call for plugins, is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and newer, and includes a video tutorial. Soundtrack in preview is by grach, titled Glitch Logo (Audiojungle ID – 19953754). Inspirations: cyberpunk, future, datahack, technology.

2. Glitch Opener VHS

Glitch Opener VHS (Credit: Envato Elements)

Glitch Opener VHS is a high-quality Premiere Pro template that offers a unique way of opening and presenting different kinds of projects. Its modern and raw aesthetic has strong hints of a retro, vintage feel, thanks to the clever use of the glitch and VHS effects. The styling is particularly complementary to urban, hip-hop and rap themes, and can effectively curate a slideshow, titles, or function as a TV show opener. Given its distinctive retro-meets-modern appeal, this template imparts a remarkable ‘throw-back’ charm to your visuals.

3. Distort Glitch Title Reveal

Distort Glitch Title Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Distort Glitch Title Reveal” is a Premier Pro glitch template built to create an engaging digital experience. This tool utilizes high-tech distortion techniques that add a unique, glitchy twist to your title. Its fast-paced execution helps encapsulate an action-packed atmosphere quickly. With the integrated logo intro, your branding becomes part of the visual residue left by the tv noise. The template is suitable for reveals or openers, delivering RGB-inspired, nose-heavy animations. This innovative tool offers an opportunity to impress audiences with its intricate detail and contemporary appeal in an intro or opener.

4. Glitch Intro – Glitch Opener

Glitch Intro – Glitch Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Intro – Glitch Opener is a dynamic Premiere Pro template, specializing in creating aggressive, action-packed introductions and opening titles with a distinctly digital and futuristic aesthetic. Capable of adding an adventurous touch to documentaries, travel videos, demo reels and more, this template features unique glitch transitions, titles, and typography. It’s especially suited for making a statement in commercial promotions, special events presentations, and YouTube-related content. With its digital and flashy style, the template amplifies the epic and motivational aspects of your production reel or slideshow presentation.

5. Glitch

Glitch (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch template for Premiere Pro is an abstract package designed with dynamic glitches and contemporary geometric lines, offering a unique and aesthetically appealing style for creating professional, attention-grabbing presentations or multimedia intros for corporates. This sizable bundle contains colorful glitch overlays, layouts, and shapes, which can be resized, creating a seamless experience you can loop for maximum effects. It comes in a chic and cool gluey tone, making it perfect for modern themed video editing. Perfect for corporate Instagram or other social media posts, YouTube channel videos, and indeed any trendy, hi-tech online content requiring a hint of vibrant, edgy glitch design.

6. Glitch Logo

Glitch Logo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Logo template for Premiere Pro is an abstract, action-filled sequence with an energizing vibe. It employs artistic animation which emulates a distressed, distorted bad signal for a glitch effect, with elements featuring digital chaos. With its dynamic rhythm and speedy transitions styled in cyberpunk aesthetics, the template is capable of creating an intense, fast-paced glitch logo intro, opener or reveal. Despite its intricate effects, the usage remains simple and modern, with touches of grunge. Ideal for Instagram promos, YouTube intros, or trendy sci-fi trailers and logo animations. It has a unique RGB noise texture, making your logos explode with energetic modernity.

7. Glitch Opener

Glitch Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Opener template for Premiere Pro offers a modern, dynamic design embellished with fast-paced, energetic glitch effects. The template begins with a striking intro that evolves into an exciting slice slideshow with varied action titles, perfect for promo or opener purposes. Despite exuding an extreme ambience, this glitch template consciously incorporates subtlety among the ‘error’ effects for a balanced presentation. From thrilling event trailers to impactful presentations, the Glitch Opener adds captivating intrigue to any application. Please note, proficiency in Premiere Pro will allow optimal use of this dynamic resource.

8. Cyberpunk Glitch

Cyberpunk Glitch (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cyberpunk Glitch template for Premiere Pro offers a cinematic introduction grounded in technology and the digital future. Made to capture the aesthetics of cyberpunk culture and games, it provides fast, larger-than-life glitch actions along with polished distortion and noise effects. With characteristics tagged as cyber, fast and future, this versatile template also facilitates making a captivating ident and trailer. The blend of high-tech style with frenzied graphical motions breathes life into raw, powerful concepts which can be customized as needed. Recommended for presentations seeking an edgy, dynamic look and feel.

9. Glitch Typography

Glitch Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Typography template for Premiere Pro is a contemporary design option featuring a fashionably distorted ‘glitch’ effect. With animated text and titles, it embodies a hi-tech, futuristic and cyberpunk aesthetic. Movements are dynamic, resembling network errors, flickers or a bad signal to create glitch text and titles. A diverse range of elements such as abstract geometry, lower thirds, audio-reactive dubstep distortions, sci-fi elements and simple text animations make it ideal for openers, trailers, YouTube video titles and credits. Overlaying noise patterns & technology elements boost the template’s edgy, modern feel.

10. Glitch Lower Thirds

Glitch Lower Thirds (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Glitch Lower Thirds is an animated Premiere Pro template ideal for incorporating dynamically-styled text into film, corporate presentations, social media titles, or promo materials. With a modern and clean aesthetic offset by an elegant glitch effect animation, this template bolsters the appeal of lower-thirds – which can be easily optimized for company logos, names or surnames, news information, or intros. This kit is user-friendly, offering typo and text animations that subtly imbue character into your display, suitable for platforms from Instagram to YouTube. Built for the chic minimalist, the Cinematic Glitch Lower Thirds modish versatility brings sophistication to kinetic title animations.”

11. Glitch Reveal

Glitch Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

Glitch Reveal is a premiere pro glitch template perfect for those keen on technologically oriented visuals. The project works well with Premiere Pro CC2021 and above, and requires no plug-ins. It comes with an easy customization feature and a handy help file to guide users through a seamless creative process. It has futuristic, high-tech themes in cyberpunk and sci-fi genres, apt for projects related to gadgets, games, and digital elements. It’s also remarkable for glitch logos, glitch intros, text titles, animations, and noise particles highlighting data-oriented designs. Hollywood to retro styles, creative options are bountiful in this package.

12. Glitch Instagram Stories

Glitch Instagram Stories (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Instagram Stories template is a resourceful and creatively animated tool for Adobe’s Premiere Pro. It features six unique Instagram story animations which are user friendly and easy to interface into video presentations. The template is suitable for a diverse range of videos like corporate presentations, business slideshows, company broadcasts, and promotional events. Without requiring any plugins, it creates an up-to-date and dynamic effect across a variety of information displays, featuring glitch effects, typographical variants, RGB components, social media formats, intros, and outros. The modern, minimal aesthetic lends an element of elegance to this powerful template.

13. Glitch Titles

Glitch Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Titles is a strikingly modern template designed for Adobe Premiere Pro, featuring eight animated glitch-style title slides. This accessible template is practical for enhancing corporate presentations, business slideshows, company broadcasts, promotional, and event videos. The dynamically animated Motion Graphic design, regulated by color customization options, does not need additional plug-ins. The template’s abstract, digital, dynamic animation style complements the geometric text style, suggesting a clear association with the themes of science and space.g This intriguing glitch animation text surely sets a captivating tone, providing a transformative and creative user experience.

14. Glitch Trailer

Glitch Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

Glitch Trailer is a dynamic Premiere Pro template featuring a modern glitchy design. It is ideal for use in cinema trailers, teasers, title sequences, and television promotions. Given its speed, it can handle operation in slower computers without affecting the production quality. This template is equipped with Motion Array plugins and transitions. Other features include 14 text placeholders and 12 video placeholders. Built for compatibility with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and later, it does not require any additional plugins. Easy customization simplifies production, while a provided link for a free font, and an included video tutorial for ease of use. The draft lacks inbuilt music.

This glitch Premiere Pro template is also part of our movie trailer list.

15. Glitch Slideshow

Glitch Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

Glitch Slideshow Premiere Pro template offers a modern, abstract and digital aesthetic with elements of technology-oriented glitch effects. It maintains a clean and elegant feel apt for diverse environments such as corporate presentations, business broadcasts, video blog transitions, Instagram demos and showreel intros. It also serves as a creative tool to present professional productions in the film industry or Twitch and TikTok streams with its epic styles, inspiring audiovisual narrative, minimalistic parallax effects, as well as powerful cinematic titles and trailers. The multipurpose use makes it ideal to deliver hi-tech HUD data or event highlights.

16. Glitch Transitions

Glitch Transitions (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Glitch Transitions” is a premier Pro glitch template comprised of six different transitions providing a modern and stylish approach to video edits. These transitions symbolize a digital error or distortion, blending extreme dynamic impressions with a trendy appearance. The template has utilized a chill and abstract audio beat provided by BerryDeep. It plays within a 2:26 duration times at 110BPM. In all, this toolkit fuses RGB elements conjointly with glitch effects to bring invigoration and uniqueness to video transitions.

17. Glitch Promo

Glitch Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Promo template for Premiere Pro is a MOGRT project built around fast transitions. It is best suited for quick cinematic promos, special event introductions, extreme sport highlights, and more. The fast-paced, dynamic, and grungy vibe also lends itself perfectly for urban photo galleries, stunning broadcast promos, adventure slideshows, or groundbreaking music and fashion shows. The template supports Premiere Pro 2021 or above with FullHD (1920×1080), operating at 30fps. Users will find it straightforward to use, with an accompanying PDF tutorial provided. The package includes ten 6-second Glitch Action (MOGRT) segments. This edgy cinema-style tool is perfect for advertising, film production, and online platforms such as youtube.

18. Glitch Virus

Glitch Virus (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Virus Premiere Pro template is a sharply designed abstract-themed project. It predominately features glitch effect aspects which appears as if your video has been electronically corrupted or ‘infected’, thus aligning with the ‘virus’ theme. It’s perfect as an opener for online content or introducing key elements in videos. The downloadable file also comes with a selection of stylized titles, allowing the user to summarise or caption frames in an atmospheric way. Its core inspiration appears to resonate with technology, digital disruption and edginess.

19. Glitch Intro

Glitch Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Glitch Intro is a modern, sleek and dynamic Premiere Pro template designed to add a layer of visual interest to the entry of any video content. Characterised by special glitch effects, it can serve as a modern, vibrant introduction, designed to engage and professionalise your video instantly. It’s gained popularity across multiple video platforms, including YouTube, webcasts and corporate presentations. The template comes with 14 text placeholders, five media placeholders and one for a logo. Plus, there’s absolutely no need for plugins. Tagged under kinetic, logo, vhs among others, this is a versatile tool with a tendency to uplift the viewing experience.

What are Premiere Pro glitch templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro glitch templates are a collection of visual resources used to enhance digital video projects on Adobe’s video editing software, Premiere Pro. These templates carry an appeal rooted in their ability to disrupt visual continuity, instilling an artistic flair into the video timeline, ideal for achieving a modern or retro “broken signal” aesthetic. They vary from digital glitches, distortion effects, dynamic glitch lines, and mind-blowing transitions, creating a cinematic scope capable of riveting audiences when well incorporated. Whereas some are available for free, most of the these pre-arranged, plug-and-play layouts are repayable; reiterating their ultimate investment value in delivering outstanding production content.

In this year alone, we’ve seen a unique array of Premiere Pro glitch templates, emerging severely in popular themed projects among many digital creators. They are designed to portray raw, intense energy, often lending their appeal to action or futuristic projects. While these glitch templates were primarily utilized by VJs and adventurous music video directors in the mid tens` , they’ve diversely spread into tutorial clips, interviews, and atmospheric gaming videos. By capably delivering a retrowave kind of nostalgia or brooding postmodern suspense, these templates capture creative results certainly lauded in hindsight as a 2021 creative aftermath warranting praise and emulation.

Why use Premiere Pro glitch templates?

In 2021, Adobe, with its impressive lineup of visual and graphic editing tools, is the undefeated leader in the market, a position it has solidly maintained through relentless product updates and feature enhancements. Adobe’s Premiere Pro glitch templates have led the pack this year, owing to their style and impressive functionality. Being high-quality, these glitch templates allows you to give your videos a unique distortion effect effortlessly. So if you’re looking to create glitch-style animations and morphing effects in your videos without investing heaps of time and budget, Adobe has got you covered with Premiere Pro glitch templates.

A unique differentiation of Adobe’s Premiere Pro glitch templates lies in its user-friendly ideology. You don’t need advanced tinkering skills with the Premiere Pro to leverage these glitch templates. Once installed, they’re easy to apply and customize as you wish. Whether it’s enhancing wedding videos or creating commercial promos with an edgy feel, putting some twitch in transition or simply having fun blending videos, images, and titles for your vlogs or social media posts – Adobe Premiere Pro glitch templates have become a powerful weapon in the quiver of beginner and experienced video editors. Furthermore, as an ongoing trend, having straight access to Adobe’s latest glitch creations as they update their library ensures that your videos stand out in the tsunami of branded content.

How to import Premiere Pro glitch templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro glitch templates into your project simply follow the subsequent steps: Begin by launching Adobe Premiere Pro, then navigate towards “Window” from the top menu and select “Essential Graphics”. Next, in the Essential Graphics panel, by clicking on the button at the bottom-right of the screen labeled “Install Motion Graphics template”, you are free to browse and select your desired glitch template saved previously. Following your selection, this template will be automatically imported and you can discover it in the “Browse” tab in the Essential Graphics panel, ready for you to drag and drop onto your timeline and customize to your content’s visual need. Remember, employing the competitive edge of professional glitch templates elevates the range of dynamic expressivity for story and mood setting in your video projects this year.


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