The best Premiere Pro graphics templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only source of graphics templates — there are a multitude of top-quality templates available for your video projects this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As many creators continue to harness the power of Adobe’s Premiere Pro, there is a persistent push towards creating top-notch graphic content that catches people’s interest. Templates in Premiere Pro keep simplifying the process of creating impressive projects involving images, animations or texts as part of their media. Naturally, some that excelled at their craft caught our attention more than some others. Consequently, what we bring you in this article are some of the most outstanding free Premiere Pro graphics templates that caught our eye this year. We have focused on templates that excel in functionality and are pleasing to the eye, so you may want to experiment with one or two of these to check their alignment with your creative vision and your project’s necessities. This compilation is likely to be an incredible starting point for all video editors new and experienced. Match the tone, writing style, as if you are an editor.

The best Premiere Pro graphics templates 2023

1. WEB and Graphic Design – Animation Icons (MOGRT)

WEB and Graphic Design – Animation Icons (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “WEB and Graphic Design – Animation Icons (MOGRT)” is a versatile template for Premiere Pro. It hosts a series of highly creative, animated design icons which blend striking visual effects with effective storytelling mechanisms. Animated using Bodymovin and built on the Lottie animation framework, these neat graphics come as flat line reviews emphasizing a thin-outline design protocol. These premium-quality icons can enhance presentation slides, constructive website landing pages, app development prototypes, and explainer videos showcasing tools application. Given their adaptability, they are skillfully designed to boost utility across web design, branding strategies, CMS compositions, and UI/UX touchpoints.

This graphics Premiere Pro template is also part of our explainer video list.

2. Buro – Instagram Stories – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics

Buro – Instagram Stories – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Buro – Instagram Stories template for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics is a modish and polished tool designed to enhance your social media background. Primarily used for corporate IGTV, blog advertising or online event promotions, this pack delivers multiple elements. With a stylish addition of typography, infographics and kinetic-elements, the templates are very much on trend. While it was initially rooted in Instagram usage, it has multi-application usability for platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube, positioning it as an all-around versatile choice for social media storytelling. It offers support for vertical layout optimized for smartphones.

3. Motion Graphics | Graphic Designer Logo

Motion Graphics | Graphic Designer Logo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Motion Graphics | Graphic Designer Logo is a Premiere Pro graphics template intended for users with Premiere Pro CC 2021 or newer. It offers customizable features and a 1920×1080 resolution. With a clean, modern envelope suitable for business and corporate identity introductions, it possesses vibrant colors and sleek animations embedded in the design. The animation style is mainly minimalistic, bright, and dynamic. Included with the purchase is 24/7 support and a detailed PDF help file. However, the music track used in the preview is not part of the package. Significantly, this template could be leveraged in creating logo animations for different platforms such as Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube.

4. Vertical Graphics Pack | Essential Graphics – MOGRT

Vertical Graphics Pack | Essential Graphics – MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Vertical Graphics Pack is a collection of 165 versatile elements for creative customization of social media content, adaptable for all vertical formats, which caters to platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. Created particularly for Premiere Pro, this pack allows users to adjust components to their needs. Users can modify texts, manage the graphic settings, and enjoy the choice of single color or gradient implementation. Intended for efficient and personal touch in content creation, the pack is compliant with Premiere Pro CC 12 and later, offers 1080×1920 vertical layout at 30Fps, and does not require plugins for operation. Additionally, tailored in-depth project information is provided, as well as comparable versions for After Effects and Final Cut Pro. This package can briskly enhance the visual narrative response through offerings such as comments, credits, icons, openers, transitions, etc. Available additional perks count performance ease, ‘In & Out’ animation, and intuitive duration adjustment tools. Its neutral design approach facilitates its use across diverse social media contexts from blog posting, insta reels or stories, snapchat contents to brand advertising, tv broadcasts and vlogging.

5. Graphic Intro

Graphic Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Graphic Intro project is a high-quality, dynamic Premiere Pro graphics template, which requires Premiere Pro 2021 or later, and After Effects 2021 or later for optimal usage. This template supports 17 text fields and 1 logo placeholder, all easily customizable through a user-friendly, full color control panel. It allows fast rendering time to generate full HD content at 1920×1080 resolution. The package includes a video help tutorial, but please note that music is not included. With its vibrant, street style aesthetic, it’s perfect for a range of uses from urban fashion to event marketing or music vlogs.

6. Graphics Element Animation

Graphics Element Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Graphics Element Animation is a Premiere Pro template, significant for establishing character and scene animations. Capabilities range from resizeable motion to explainer animations. Designs are customizable to fit diverse project themes, moving between elegant and simple design templates. Geometric shapes and careful illustrations amalgamate to shape visual elements, enhanced by innovative drips and mattes techniques to foster unique motion graphics. The inherent versatility supports various vector formats. Aimed at anyone keen on molding distinct animations and variety-sized screen productions, this compelling palette provides a beneficial toolkit. Room for artist’s ingestion forms a hallmark for this design model—an array of refined, advanced, and approachable graphics tools in the Adobe channel.

7. Titles Graphics Pack

Titles Graphics Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Titles Graphics Pack for Adobe Premiere Pro is a comprehensive collection to elevate any video project. This pack offers a vast assortment of versatile options including corporate titles, kinetic typing, and dynamic lower thirds. Featured in the collection comes extensive transitional and background variation alongside an assortment of diverse text animations. It is notably advantageous for presentations, social media ventures, or any projects requiring advanced typography handling. The pack also incorporates aptly fitting music from CoffeeMusic with The Future Bass preview track, promising to aesthetically sync with all available dynamics.

8. Blueprints Graphics Intro

Blueprints Graphics Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Blueprints Graphics Intro is a Premiere Pro template offering sleek typographic intros in a modern design. You get ample creative control; customize 2 media placeholders, 6 text placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder to make it your own. Adjustable text and colors further adapt the product to a style of your choosing. The template is available in high-definition for an enhanced display. Visual elements include 3d graphics and abstract imagery shaped like arrows, wide lines and geometric shapes. Its colorful, minimalist design and quick pacing make it suitable for platforms like YouTube. Tags for this template relate primarily to its design, visual elements, and functionality.

9. Analytics Graphic Pack

Analytics Graphic Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Analytics Graphic Pack for Premiere Pro is a comprehensive, multifaceted toolkit designed to enhance any analytical presentation. Its assortment of features include area graphs, bar and line charts, infographics, and icon graphs, ideal for representing big data. It contains typography, callouts, timelines, and transitions to structure presentations. Moreover, isometric data displays, diagrams, various device icons, and maps allow concise representation of company portfolio, demographic, and ecological data on a global scale. This package is rich with elements showcasing science or medical data, social media statistics as well as business statics, and is perfect for a corporate environment.

10. Social Media Video Graphics

Social Media Video Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Social Media Video Graphics for Premiere Pro is a robust and modern template pack designed to enhance the visual experience for audiences on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. With its sleek design style underpinned by a flat graphics approach, this pack offers essential elements including titles, text and lower-third details. The typography and layout are uncomplicated yet compelling which makes it a fitting choice for producing promos, vlogs or any type of social media content. This template translates complex narratives into simplified, intuitive visuals.

11. Sports Opener | Essential Graphics

Sports Opener | Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sports Opener | Essential Graphics is a graphics template specifically designed for Adobe Premiere Pro. Ideal for creating dynamic introductions for sports or fitness-related content, the template comes with an After Effects version providing increased creative control. It supports Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and incorporates innovative design features without requiring any external plugins. Easy to use with universal expressions, the package also offers free font options. It includes a helpful PDF tutorial for smoother usage, and includes placeholders for music and video content. Relevant components and attributes include events, adrenaline-rush-themed content, fitness narration, crossfit regimes, inspirational sports events and fast-paced promotional segments.

12. Titles – Essential Graphics | Mogrt

Titles – Essential Graphics | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Titles – Essential Graphics | Mogrt” template is a high-quality resource that offers 20 animating title features. Doubling as a learning tool, it offers control over aspects such as time duration of the animation from the start to finish. Full control extends over text, colour and animation duration. It is designed for versions of Premiere Pro (2017.2 or higher), providing flexibility for the users to change text settings including font. A tutorial video is included for guidance. Useful for corporate applications through its minimal modern finish, this template supports various aesthetic inclinations considering typography, kinetic style, and lower third designs.

13. Minimal Titles | Essential Graphics

Minimal Titles | Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Minimal Titles | Essential Graphics is a brilliant Premiere Pro graphics template specially designed for a crisp, clean and professional look. The package includes a mix of lower thirds, kinetic text animation, and corporate titles. Each prime feature serves an elegant minimalist aesthetic while maintaining a highly stylish approach using typography. This versatile template bundle exudes sophistication — whether for corporate applications or refined film titles. It merges simplicity and functionality, ensuring that your text messages are not only visually pleasing but also impactful and effectively communicated.

14. Broadcast Package – Essential Graphics

Broadcast Package – Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Broadcast Package – Essential Graphics template is a must-have for those in the broadcasting arena. It comes with clean, modern graphics conducive to branding any channels’ identity uniquely. The elements included are distinguishable lower thirds, advanced transitions, social media integrations and promo placeholders to accommodate your content effectively. Utilized effectively, this could both organize and give a professional edge to a broadcasting program, vlog schedules, YouTube channels’ continuity. It’s constructed to seamlessly transit from one context or scene to another for a harmonious viewing experience.

This graphics Premiere Pro template is also part of our broadcast list.

15. Search Bar Graphics Pack

Search Bar Graphics Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Search Bar Graphics Pack is a user-friendly template for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 (v14.7 or newer). It involves a MOGRT file and offers easy customizability for text, aimed to render quickly and smoothly. The graphic pack is designed to be 4k Ultra HD ready, operating at 60 fps for high-quality output. Features include a modern, simple, flat design and a seamless transparent overlay. Included in the pack are graphics and styles that mirror the aesthetic of a Google search bar with a lower third element—perfect for various video projects needing a clean, functional search bar graphical interface. No additional plugins are required.

16. Graphic Elements | Premiere Pro

Graphic Elements | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Graphic Elements | Premiere Pro” template created by CandyMustache330 is effectively designed for use with Premiere Pro CC18 and CC1945. It’s packed rich with varieties, including 330 animated elements, 45 animated typography scenes, and much more like shape transitions, animated icons, third reductions, etc. It’s predominantly all-encompassing, covering aspects like 4K resolution, auto-resizing boxed titles, a control panel for each scene, and fast render capabilities among others. Importantly, it’s multilingual-friendly, comprehensible through special feature video tutorials for each category, and necessitates no plugins. Regarding social media and animation essentials, it offers IGTV, Youtube pack, colors, and animated context. This package is currently licensed for a commercial application.

17. Glitch Titles // Essential Graphics

Glitch Titles // Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

Glitch Titles // Essential Graphics is a Premiere Pro graphics template. This serves useful in turning your titles, headers, and other texts into a dynamic, abstract design with a glitch effect. The template is optimized for Premiere Pro CC2017.1.2 and above and offers full color control, resizable box/line widths, and universal language response. A guide is provided to gain complete comprehension. Interestingly, with this template there isn’t a need of plugins and you get a free font post purchase.

18. Simple Mogrt Graphics Titles

Simple Mogrt Graphics Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Simple Mogrt Graphics Titles’ template provides a simplistic solution for adding unique titles to Premiere Pro projects. Suitable for versions 2017, 2018, and 2019 of the software, this template facilitates seamless addition of motion graphics to your projects without the need for any plug-ins. It caps at 4k resolution, guaranteeing high picture quality. It offers fundamental features like changing fonts (only effective in the 2019 version), incorporating versatile styles such as cinematic, corporate, lower thirds, kinetic typography, and more. Despite its extensive functionalities, it maintains user-friendliness, with a drag & drop feature for videos or images, along with an accompanying video tutorial for guidance.

19. Modern Lower Thirds – Essential Graphics

Modern Lower Thirds – Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Modern Lower Thirds – Essential Graphics’ is a Premiere Pro graphics template distinctly designed for different purposes such as news release, business presentations, documentary filmmaking, fashion shows, and corporate affairs. It features a streamlined and sophisticated aesthetic combining abstract, gradient elements with clean, minimal typography. Ideal for lower third overlays during interviews or title headlines in opining segments, this piece corresponds to a modern approach. Its crucial specificity lies in its elegance and versatility, hence addressable to expand the scope of any visual project to a more professional base. It’s easily customizeable as per requirement.

This graphics Premiere Pro template is also part of our interview list.

20. Unique Graphics For Premiere Pro

Unique Graphics For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Unique Graphics For Premiere Pro is a powerful graphics template providing creative titling options for video projects. It offers six distinctive scenes and the ability to control color, customized based on project requirements and aesthetic preference. It boasts alpha background and 1920×1080 resolution, ensuring high-quality outputs. These graphics are editable with After Effects CC 2022 and facilitate very fast render times. Premiere Pro and mogrt templates are included along with a video guide for efficient use and navigation. Emphasizing modern, classy typography, this organized pack enhances slideshows with display of big, stylish titlestext, thus ensuring a visually appealing experience.

What are Premiere Pro graphics templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro graphics templates, colloquially known as mogrts, are pre-designed media-rich structures which are fully customizable, saving filmmakers hours of design work. Introduced by Adobe, these templates simplify the post-production workflow in Premiere Pro, offering a seamless integration with Adobe After Effects. They provide royally free content that designers can integrate within their videos such as animated titles, lower-thirds, motion graphics, overlays, and end credits with everything editable within Premiere Pro. 2021 saw a myriad of bold, modern Pro templates with eye-catching transitions, engaging animation styles, and unique text effects that drastically enhance video editing efficiency and quality.

Notable 2021 examples include Kinetic Typography, a wildly popular template with dynamic animated text- the perfect fit for social, web, commercials where words compel as hard as visuals. Similarly, the PremiumBuilder Characters pack offers cartoony animations perfect for brighter, light-hearted content. On the corporate side, Urban Promo perfectly suits businesses with a modern design, slick transitions and upbeat feel. Another alluring favorite is Essential Elements and Lower Thirds which brings color to short highlight reels, long explainer/tutorial videos or products. Thanks to how easy the templates are to work with, content creators in 2021 are relieved of heavy amounts of monotonous design work yet yielding highly satisfying production results rest enjoyable for their target audience.