The best Premiere Pro guide templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only game in town — there are numerous premiere guide templates you can rely on for your professional video edits this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As countless creatives continue to spend the majority of their time tinkering with videos within the confines of home studios, Adobe’s Premiere Pro has become an essential tool in any videographer’s arsenal. Many creative sophisticates are consistently using Premiere Pro and adapting to its features to polish up their video content operations, ranging from amateur YouTube creators to professional movie makers. Premiere Pro remains a towering giant amongst its rivalling video editing software, but its uses can be optimized even further with the aid of customizable guide templates. Now, we will review some of the most innovative and user-friendly Premiere Pro guide templates that have made a splash this year. Our focus is aimed at templates that offer deep tuning options and expand creative expression potential. Instead of accepting only the basics of what Premiere Pro has encapsulated within its essence, you might benefit substantially from using one or two of these personalized templates according to your specific needs and artistic aspirations. We strongly suggest you to start panning through this delineative list.

The best Premiere Pro guide templates 2023

1. Fashion Guide Media Opener

Fashion Guide Media Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Fashion Guide Media Opener is an advanced guide template produced for Adobe Premiere Pro. Loaded with text mods, fashionable transitioning effects, and a vibrant layout, it juxtaposes the conservative work template design norm. Detailed with 11 scenes of editable text layer, 16 clear placeholders for any slideshow or video and a slot for a logo. Tailor it swiftly to represent a specific brand using an incorporated intelligent color control feature. This tool is optimal for conducting seamless portfolios, runway images; it also effectively kick-starts TV shows and ad campaigns or preludes future events. No prior plug-in aids are needed. Its modern minimalistic design making it the perfect starter for any type of media introduction related to brands, fashion, glossy magazines and luxury events.

2. Travelers Guide Premiere Pro

Travelers Guide Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Travelers Guide Premiere Pro is a comprehensive guide template suitable for individuals looking to create travel or journey-themed video projects. With its handy structure, you can easily produce retro, vintage-styled slideshows and intros for various platforms, including TV shows or YouTube. The guides also support placeholder and opener techniques to improve video presentation skills. Despite featuring a classic feel, the tools are ideal for birth-based video projects such as wedding themes. It’s your trusted partner whether you’re crafting a travel promo or personalizing a ‘my video’ assignments.

3. How-To / Step-by-Step Instructions Video

How-To / Step-by-Step Instructions Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro guide template allows users to construct a step-by-step instructional video succinctly and professionally. It is versatile and suitable for a range of informative videos, like corporate service instructions, product demos, DIY guides or recipe videos. With options for 3-4 steps or 5-6 steps formats (with or without a logo outro), this template hosts a range of customization opportunities – Images or videos can be added, text and elements colors can be individually adjusted on each step card. This template requires Premiere Pro version CC 2021 or newer. However, After Effects isn’t mandatory. The music component is not inclusive.

This guide Premiere Pro template is also part of our explainer video list.

4. Fashion Media Opener Mogrt

Fashion Media Opener Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Fashion Media Opener Mogrt” template is ideal for crafting stylish promos, openers and intros for your fashion-related content. It can also be utilized to create engaging video or photo slideshows, showreels, presentations, and more. Suitable for a wide array of applications, it’s perfect for promoting fashion shows, events, and products in-store or online. It’s compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and above, and requires After Effects CC 2019 for certain features. It provides a total of 10 modifiable scenes and detailed instructions for easy usage and customization. However, it does not come with the soundtrack or sample footage shown in the preview.

5. Instructions & Help – MOGRT Icons

Instructions & Help – MOGRT Icons (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Instructions & Help – MOGRT Icons” is a template guide designed for Premiere Pro. It features 24-hour assistance through animated icons in a flat, cartoonish style. The guide is adaptive, capable of smoothly integrating with various formats such as CMS, bootstrap and more. Made to be very user-focused, it is exemplary for tech support, helpful information, instruction panelling and manual formulation for websites. The guide imbibes modern explainer techniques often used on landing pages and homepages, making it essential for a techno-friendly UI/UX experience. Useful entities like lifebuoy and phone icons signify emergency or hot line support.

6. Kids And Kindergarten | MOGRT FILE

Kids And Kindergarten | MOGRT FILE (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Kids And Kindergarten | MOGRT FILE is an Adobe Premiere Pro guide template which features MOGRT files adding the ability to alter text color through Essential Graphics. Designed in Full HD resolution, it is configured with five unique scenes and is easily customizable. Supplementary resources – a video tutorial and links for audio, font styles are included. The free-to-use font gives it a creative touch while the thematic music adds an upbeat, energetic feel. This template lends itself to a broad swath of applications like advertisements, learning aids for children, kindergarteners, educational show intros, slideshows, children’s celebrates, and more. It capably compliments any child-related digital media visual presentation need.

7. Kids Education Study (MOGRT)

Kids Education Study (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Kids Education Study (MOGRT)” is designed as a template for creative educational materials in Adobe’s Premiere Pro. It reflects different scenarios from after-school activities to classroom settings and is suited for use in presentations, online courses or children-oriented content. Packed with colorful and playful designs, the template showcases an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for children’s photos, video clips, and school or course promotional materials. Moreover, it’s equipped with music by VILLATIC for multimedia presentations. It also carries the emphasized idea of learning, success and exploration meant to attract and visually, and auditorily engage a younger audience.

8. Kids Education Promo | MOGRT

Kids Education Promo | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Kids Education Promo | MOGRT is a remarkable Premiere Pro guide template designed with bold, exciting elements perfect for highlighting educational contents or programs aimed at children. The template incorporates a vivid color scheme and diverse features like playful, compatible for school promos, kindergarten introductions, or kids-themed tv-program profiles. Its tags signify that it is perfect for showcasing youthful achievements, innovative educational approaches, or group-based learning, while ability to include pictures suggests usage for galleries or birthdays. This guide template provides a holistic solution for educational and kids-focused promos or demonstrations.

9. Creative Kids / Promo Slideshow

Creative Kids / Promo Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Creative Kids / Promo Slideshow, a Premiere Pro guide template, features a playful, creative, and colorful display aimed specifically to captivate the attention of children and youngsters. This design is well suited for a variety of children related functions including after-school clubs, kid’s parks, kindergartens, and more. It can be employed for savvy advertisements, lively invitations and announcements, educational course or workshops and baby celebrations. Along with its vibrant appeal, it also offers space for relevant photo albums or images, enforce its appeal during learning programs, social sporting events amongst children—making it a versatile tool in educating or engaging a young audience.

10. Happy Kids Promo Slideshow | MOGRT

Happy Kids Promo Slideshow | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Happy Kids Promo Slideshow is a user-friendly Premiere Pro guide template designed for creating vivid and engaging slideshows for childhood-centric events and activities. Ideal for after-school clubs, kid’s parks, kindergarten promotions, and children’s birthday celebrations, this template incorporates bright, lively themes. It allows the addition of photos and can serve as an invitation, course promo, or learning program announcement. Tags about sports, learn, teacher, advertisement, and successful process further demonstrate its versatile use. Importantly, it functions as a useful tool for capturing the little innatenesses of the young generation and showcasing them creatively.

11. Kids School Presentation | MOGRT

Kids School Presentation | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Kids School Presentation | MOGRT” is a comprehensively designed Premiere Pro guide template. Ideal for myriad uses, such as after-school club announcements, academic course demonstrations, kindergarten learning modules or individual child introductions, its versatile design is both bright and inviting. The audio songs paired with the template by KakaduCreation provide energy and engage listeners of all ages. Editorial tags about learning, parks and playgrounds, instructor-guided exploration, promotion, and young talent evoke imagery of activity-filled environment and first birthday celebrations. This guide is designed to encapsulate the vibrant arena of primary education and school-based activities and events.

12. Kids Promo Slideshow | MOGRT

Kids Promo Slideshow | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Kids Promo Slideshow | MOGRT is a Premiere Pro guide template designed for activities relating to children and young generation. Featuring a bright, colorful, and creative design, it functions as an excellent support for announcements or advertisements such as after school clubs, learning courses, or special events like a first birthday. It is also perfect for making process videos for developmental groups, celebrating the success of young talents, and advertising for kids’ parks or kindergartens. Additional uses can include a slideshow template for kids’ photo albums or intros for kids’ TV programs.

13. Kid’s Education Promo || MOGRT

Kid’s Education Promo || MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Kid’s Education Promo || MOGRT” is a versatile Premiere Pro guide template intended for diverse educational and children-centric contexts. This colorful, creative tool aids in building vibrant introductions, promotional materials, or photo albums, making it a fitting choice for advertisements, course demonstrations, after-school club announcements, and even first birthday invitations. Suitable for promoting a kindergarden, a kid’s park or playground, and instilling importance of learning to the younger generation, it features a coherent blend of fun-filled activity visuals encapsulating entertainment and efficacious study methodologies. Consequently, its content revolves adequately around children, play, learning processes and celebrating the milestone of educational journey.

14. Kids School Promo | MOGRT

Kids School Promo | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Kids School Promo | MOGRT is a Premiere Pro guide template crafted for vivid and lively presentations. This template could be beneficial to those engaged in children’s education, which includes kindergarten, daycares, learning centres, or any child-promotion activities. It can easily be utilized to produce a variety of engaging content such as an intro for a kids channel, kids fashion slideshow or even a birthday celebration video featuring fun colourful visuals. It gives room for creativity with child-centric elements like playground settings, vibrant outfits, as well as educational contexts.

15. Baby Planet Promo Slideshow

Baby Planet Promo Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Baby Planet Promo Slideshow is a user-customizable Adobe Premiere Pro guide template designed for showcasing images and videos. It can mainly be used for the likes of after-school club activities, baby celebrations, or in creating kids park promotional materials. Characters such as advertising, creativity, celebration, and learning processes can be highlighted due to its support for Adobe After Effects CC 2018 and Essential Graphics panel. The template is easy to customize and helps highlight various aspects, including social activities and sports activities. To provide clear instructions, a PDF help file is included, along with resources such as fonts.

16. Blog Opener

Blog Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template, titled ‘Blog Opener’, is designed as the perfect resource for bloggers aspiring to elevate their video presentations. Aimed at increasing blog visibility, viewer engagement, and searchability, this template is highly versatile allowing you to cater to a diverse range of blogs including lifestyle, beauty, travel or hobby blogs. With features like Color Control, timing adjustments and personalized branding elements, this template helps create an introduction tailored to your individual blog branding. It’s rendered in 4K, exclusively supported by Premiere Pro CC 2021 and demands no additional plugins, making content creation smoother and enviably high-resilient. From promotional posters to social media posts or Youtube intro videos, this template equips you with all the necessary tools – structuring and enhancing your blogging journey.

17. Baby Planet Slideshow 2 MOGRT

Baby Planet Slideshow 2 MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Baby Planet Slideshow 2 MOGRT is a Premiere Pro guide template oriented towards playful children-themed visuals. It features a High Definition setup with a 30 frames per second rate, set to be compatible with Adobe After Effects 2022 CC and above. It provides a 28 media placeholders, twelve unique scenes, and a one-minute duration. No plugins are required for this easy to customize template. Additional supports, like color control and a PDF help file, are available for user convenience. The visuals center on baby, boy, celebration, children’s education, and similar themes, making them perfect for kids’ birthday celebrations, kindergarten events, or kid-centered media projects.

18. Happy Kids Education Promo (MOGRT)

Happy Kids Education Promo (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Happy Kids Education Promo (MOGRT) is an upbeat and colorful Premiere Pro guide template, designed specifically with children’s activities and education in mind. The bright, creative designs are perfect for advertising after school clubs, kindergarten programs, learning courses, and other children-centric activities and events like camps, birthdays, or sports. An ideal tool for the development groups or teachers aiming to share announcements, invitations or demonstrate an activity. Its versatile nature enables users to effectively feature slideshows showcasing a school, playground environment, kids’ accomplishments, and milestones. This template brings a lively boost to the young generation’s settings it represents.

19. Happy Kids | Kids Opener | MOGRT

Happy Kids | Kids Opener | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Happy Kids | Kids Opener | MOGRT’ is a template designed for Adobe Premiere Pro. It is ideally used for creating engaging content related to kids. This template can become an integral asset for various children-oriented scenarios such as announcing after-school clubs, creating intro for kids’ T.V. shows, developing teaser for children’s courses, or launching promo for kiddie brands of clothes and toys. It features a bright and colorful design, suitable for showcasing children activities, education programs, or birthday celebrations. It also allows inserting images for a snippet-like, slideshow effect. This makes it useful for crafting children-related vlogs and small online shows.

20. Baby Planet Slideshow | MOGRT

Baby Planet Slideshow | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

Baby Planet Slideshow | MOGRT is a creative Premiere Pro guide template ideally designed to create slideshows aimed at younger generation audiences. With its outstanding themes revolving around children, fun, childhood activities, and education, it indeed stands suitable for projects relevant to after-school clubs, kids’ fashion, birthdays celebration etc. It provides a bright, colorful ambience and can be seamlessly utilised to assemble a children’s photo album, a kindergarden’s event promo, a learning course intro or even to boost a dedicated children’s YouTube channel. Special touches of celebrating relevant societal and cultural norms about childhood foster overall appeal of the template.

What are Premiere Pro guide templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are pre-built customizable projects that include video, audio, graphics, and effects, enabling users to create professional and quality video content swiftly and efficiently. Often, these layouts will have various editing functions already configured like timeline sequence settings, transitions, color grading layers, text boxes, motion configurations, and more. This year’s best templates not only streamline workflow but infuse a fresh and stylish vibe to any video project, whether it’s a simple vlog post, advanced film making, or corporate presentation.

These Adobe Premiere Templates remove the stress of starting from scratch and have enormous value, particularly for novice editors, who can benefit from clear organized structures as they develop their skills. Advanced users can also save time and focus on more custom refinements. An array of templates has gained popularity this year, each suited to different needs. You have cinematic template packs, YouTube infographic kits, Instagram story templates, title intro templates, and so much more. With a vast array of options and increased quality, the power of Adobe Premiere templates has never been stronger or easier to use.

Why use Premiere Pro guide templates?

The use of Adobe Premiere Pro guide templates promises to be a real game changer this year. As more content creators, both professionals and novices, gravitate towards producing high-quality visuals, such templates provide an efficient launchpad. These pre-made structures lower the learning curve for newly onboarded editors. Moreover, they help enhance productivity by speeding up the workflow, potentially cutting hours of manual editing down to mere minutes. With functions for adjustment layers, color correction, and transitions among others, these templates allow users to apply desired style and effect choices quickly and consistently across individual project files.

With Adobe’s impressive track record in the tools and applications department, these Premiere Pro guide templates warrant reporting. Groundbreaking updates in the templates include responsive design controls, ensuring seamless adaptation across numerous digital screens. Further, they tuck in advanced provisions, such as motion graphics and effects, offering more creative freedom. Great time savers and value for money, these templates charm not just the beginners but also seasoned professionals who love the ease of personalized settings they come with. In a world where speed and quality are of the essence, Adobe Premiere guide templates emerge as potent tools in content creation weaponry.

How to import Premiere Pro guide templates?

Implementing templates into your Adobe Premiere Pro projects is a straightforward process that can elevate your video content to the next level. Begin by downloading your preferred Adobe Premiere Pro template from trusted online marketplaces and platforms. Once downloaded, open Adobe Premiere Pro, click on ‘Window’ from the top menu, and select ‘Essential Graphics’. In the Essential Graphics panel, click on the icon at the bottom-right, labeled ‘Install Motion Graphics Template’, navigate to the saved template, and click ‘Open’. Your template will now be available for use in the ‘Browse’ tab of the Essential Graphics panel and can be implemented into your Premiere Pro project. These actions are quite simple and considering the wealth of available templates could truly give your video presentations a professional edge this year.


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