The best Premiere Pro interview templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't your only choice for interview templates — there's a wealth of stunning ones to try out this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While many film creators and editors are reverting back to their onset practices, the rise in adapting video editing templates, particularly for interviews, seems to have established its foothold and, likely, will continue to shape the film-making landscape for the foreseeable future. Many of us are pioneering continuously through Premiere Pro, employing it to slice and dice raw footage, collaborate with creatives, and visualize narratives. While customizable templates undoubtedly top any short filmmaker’s best-friend list, there are a significant number of compelling free or inexpensive templates to facilitate your next interview project.What unfolds next are quick rundowns of a array of remarkably engaging Premiere Pro interview templates that we think deserve your attention. We’ve narrowed down choices that assist to re-imagine any interview virtually and allow you to inform an original story through your snippets. Instead of automatically resorting to your default options – give a few trendy templates a shot, it might smoothly blend in with your creative aesthetics grandly and greatly benefit your teammates and/or peers within the creative clouds. The forthcoming compilation is a glance into the glorious possibilities you could unlock this year.

The best Premiere Pro interview templates 2023

1. Candidates Offline Job Interview Instagram Story

Candidates Offline Job Interview Instagram Story (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Candidates Offline Job Interview Instagram Story is an exceptional Premiere Pro template designed for the creation of dynamic Instagram story videos. Suitable for a variety of online applications, this template is not just for Instagram, but can be used for Reels, Tiktok, Snapchat, Youtube Shorts, and Facebook stories as well. It’s perfect for promoting social media accounts, tossing a spotlight on vacancies or job interviews, featuring professional settings, and grabbing audience’s attention. Easy to customize with its built-in color panel and step-by-step PDF tutorial, it requires no plugins, and offers 4 media placeholders, a manageable modular structure, and a 0:19 second duration. Ideal for businesses, HRs, and job seekers, it promises to give a powerful impression to your content.

2. Job Interview And Hiring Premiere Pro Animation

Job Interview And Hiring Premiere Pro Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro interview template, called Job Interview And Hiring Animation, offers a creative platform that is ideal for designing interactive character animations. It has a variety of elements and design templates best suited for showcasing job interviews, recruitment processes, and employment presentations. It allows users to customize a variety of design aspects including resizing animations, character illustrations, and listings to deliver short explainer animations with more authenticity. Features specialized for different industries, roles, and fine tunings make the template adaptable for any occupation, intern or expert both. Vector-based elements promise flexibility while the variety of animation scenes instigates the industry-standard feel.

3. Premiere Pro Offline Job Interview Character Animation Scene

Premiere Pro Offline Job Interview Character Animation Scene (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro Offline Job Interview Character Animation Scene is part of a comprehensive pack offering expert-level, image involved modernizers and Premiere Pro templates with built-in creative motion graphics. These highly creative vectors can be customized and made perfect for enriching your edit and setting your project apart. Easily incorporate and manipulate these animated scene templates by simply dragging, dropping, and rendering. They also serve great for videos on social platforms, websites, or even YouTube channels. Complete with an Explainer Animation, flexible Resizable, and Scene animation, make your stories standout with our implementation. User-friendly and absolutely zero plugins required make this versatile pack suitable for both professionals and advanced enthusiasts alike with options for character animation, scene templates and many more.

4. Profile Person Brief Introduction

Profile Person Brief Introduction (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Profile Person Brief Introduction” is a versatile Premiere Pro template, perfect for use in corporate promos, interviews, and social media posts. It features a variety of graphics, overlays, and “lower thirds”, which are essential for displaying interviewee names and other crucial information during broadcasts. The template, easily usable for live interviews and broadcasts, is also perfect for profiling individuals in different settings such as hackathons, meetings, or workshops. Its compatibility with social platforms makes it suitable for Instagram profiles or Zoom calls as well. The professional design makes it broadly suitable for different contexts.

This interview Premiere Pro template is also part of our introduction list.

5. Clean Lower Thirds

Clean Lower Thirds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Clean Lower Thirds Premiere Pro interview template offers 6 modern, animated titles with a fresh look. It’s designed for ease of use and can be swiftly styled to reflect your personal brand. It serves as a striking tool to display content relating to various topics, incorporating your portfolio, sports, food, travel adventures, or even wildlife and family photos. It’s aimed at creating a compelling video to narrate your story without the need for additional plugins. Relevant tags for this design include ‘clean’, ‘simple’, ‘interview’, ‘media’, ‘social’, ‘text’, ‘titles’, ‘typography’, ‘vlog’, and ‘youtube’.

6. 15 Lower Thirds Clean & Shadow \ Premiere Pro

15 Lower Thirds Clean & Shadow \ Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The 15 Lower Thirds Clean & Shadow Premiere Pro project offers 15 varying clean and shadowed lower third options. Elaborated with Full HD (1920×1080) resolutions, this template is exclusively compatible with Premiere Pro CC2019 or newer editions. Lacking the need for plug-ins makes the template relatively easy to use, and an included video tutorial aids smoother navigation for beginners. Neither music nor font is incorporated in the project. This project, with its simple, minimalist and transparent aesthetics, is fitting for modern businesses, corporate interviews, and vlogs.

7. Lower Thirds Pack

Lower Thirds Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lower Thirds Pack is a comprehensive template for Adobe Premiere Pro users. Designed explicitly for use with interview-style content, it comes with a diverse array of customizable, dynamic lower thirds. Suitable for a variety of contexts, from vlogs to professional broadcasts, it features a clean look, elegant yet simple text schemes, and provisions for incorporating logos. These versatile nameplates can be easily tailored, aiding in clarity and value addition to your segments. Tags for this package include vlog, text, big, dynamic, and more. It offers users a simple way to refresh their on-screen identifications.

8. Gradient Titles

Gradient Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Gradient Titles Premiere Pro interview template stands as a contemporary and understated option for those looking for minimalistic aesthetics. With a clean and simple design, lower thirds text can be easily incorporated into interview footage. Its flat and modern typography presents in a well-designed gradient style, appealing mostly to vlogs and modern style videos. The elegant and subtle use of transitions further enhances its minimalistic charm. It takes its tags, like clean, elegant, minimalist etc., very seriously, which are reflected in its design and suitability for various screen presentations.

9. Title Thirds

Title Thirds (Credit: Envato Elements)

Title Thirds is a Premiere Pro template designed for creating lower third graphics widely used in interview videos, corporate presentations, news programs and promotional content. Given its minimal and simple design structure, this template helps to present textual information in an engaging and legible form, without overwhelming the central content. The template incorporates diverse elements, ranging from brand names to YouTube-specific identifiers, rising to needs across different contexts. The ease of editing in Adobe Premiere promotes seamless structuring of text and titles, fulfilling professional expectations efficiently and effortlessly.

10. Comic Slideshow Premiere Pro Version

Comic Slideshow Premiere Pro Version (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Comic Slideshow Premiere Pro version is a dynamic and engaging template designed for use in creating interactive interviews, action-oriented presentations and epic cartoon-style visuals. With themes of adventure and echoes of comic marvels, this template brings a vibrant, superhero atmosphere to your content. It’s expansive features make it applicable for social media content, YouTube presentations, and even unique wedding slideshows where a lively, comic flare is desired. At the intersection of traditional print and digital multimedia, the Comic Slideshow Premiere Pro Version reimagines interviews and presentations in a vibrant new style.

11. Modern Lower Thirds

Modern Lower Thirds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Modern Lower Thirds” is a Premiere Pro interview template, centrally aimed to enhance abstract, business-related or corporate visuals by incorporating a clean and minimalist design. Therefore, making it a suitable companion for documentaries, news, or interviews. Additionally, the harmonic interaction of logo, typography, and opener titles adds modern subtlties to a production’s lower third screen space. Marked by its modern design, this template supports a more engaging and visually appealing presentation of information.

12. Modern Titles

Modern Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Modern Titles Premiere Pro interview template is a sleek solution for those working on interviews, vlogs, or social media projects that require simple but impactful text inclusions. As a fully compatible Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 project, it does not require any additional plugins. The template supports 1920×1080 Full HD resolution to enhance clarity. Astonishingly easy to edit, this project imbues clean, dynamic, and minimalistic aesthetics while facilitating features like lower third nameplates. The recommended soundtrack adds an touch of excellence to any video.

13. Lower Thirds and Titles – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics

Lower Thirds and Titles – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

Lower Thirds and Titles – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics is a user-friendly template, designed predominantly with key sections such as gradient-trendy interview setup, sophisticated minimal styling transition or a conventional broadcast corporate use. The compilation can be used for YouTube channels for improved typography visually improved text. The provided subtitles tool makes it attractive for documentaries, news interpretation or on social media platforms like Instagram. The efficiency is increased with apt tags and is substantiated with “lower third,” offering extra context for viewers. It provides a systematic method of presentation adhering to documentary industries norms.

14. Modern Lower Thirds – Essential Graphics

Modern Lower Thirds – Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

Modern Lower Thirds – Essential Graphics is a stylish template for Adobe Premiere Pro.This design tool, infused with abstract and gradient elements, enables minimal yet edgy drama to any interview or documentary. With a professional, clean and modern aesthetic, it’s also ideal for business, corporate, news, or even fashion contexts. Its functionality extends to customisable titles and potent typography, adding alluring layers to context clarity. Therefore, fostering a compelling synergy between text and visual elements. This revolves around structured simplicity; thus making it an invaluable asset in comprehensive and coherent visual narratives.

15. Modern Lower Thirds // Essential Graphics (Mogrt)

Modern Lower Thirds // Essential Graphics (Mogrt) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Modern Lower Thirds // Essential Graphics (Mogrt) is a comprehensive interview template for Premiere Pro, compatible with versions 2019 and above. It allows extensive customization, letting users adjust the font, color, position, scale for every chunk of text, as well as the box/line width. It ensures that the user has full control over colors and includes an educational tutorial. Though the purchase offers a free font, image and music tracks are not included. This minimalist and elegant template satisfies varied business types and purposes, suitable for branding, interviews, news broadcasting, and vlogs.

16. Liquid Transitions Pack 04 | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Liquid Transitions Pack 04 | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

Liquid Transitions Pack 04 is a Premiere Pro interview template offering an ingenious way to incorporate dynamic, liquid-style transitions into your projects. This multipurpose template enlivens every visual presentation ranging from cartoon, family photos, seasonal fashion contents, interview excerpts and vacation slideshows to promotional content in a seamless manner. Accompanied by an energetic ‘Melodic Future Bass’ audio clip by Seven_Pounds, it’s customizable for specific durations. This pack amplifies the expressiveness of intros, overlays and openers to a great extent. Considering its accommodations for stylistic surprises like liquid transitions, the pack stands as a go-to assets for diverse presentation needs.

17. Titles Pack – Premiere Pro

Titles Pack – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Titles Pack is a Premiere Pro interview template that features a mix of full-HD (1920×1080) resolution typography styles. All elements in this offering exist as .mogrt files. They have pre-programmed controllers for color, size, position, and duration, allowing a seamless and personalized workflow. No plugins are required, and users are assured of fast rendering. The pack includes intro, lower-third, presentation, promo, quotes, slide, social and others and are customizable for different uses – be it broadcast, business, corporate, special events, optimizing for Youtube. Kindly note the package does not include music.

18. Creative Typography | Essential Graphics

Creative Typography | Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Creative Typography | Essential Graphics is an interview template provided for Adobe Premiere Pro. It features a fullHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 that requires no actual plugins. The template allows duration control and arrives with a useful PDF tutorial. It also supports a universal expressions feature, and a non-premium font link is included. The template is perfect for various project requirements, characterized by its clean, minimal, and modernistic tile design. It suits a wide array of uses, from business presentations to news, interview displays, quotes, and abstract conceptual displays. Audio for this template preview carries a BPM of 135 and is titled “Be Free” by Twisterium.

19. Lower Thirds Typography

Lower Thirds Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lower Thirds Typography is a Premiere Pro interview template, greatly suited for diverse applications including corporate communications, documentary filming, broadcasting, and news. With its simple and minimalistic design, it allows for elegant integration of text and titles, even enabling the addition of subtitles if required. It features essential graphics transitions, providing an aesthetically pleasing flow that enhances an interview’s presentation. Given its adaptability, this template is also appropriate for Instagram and YouTube content, following it having included the audio track – The Chill Future BassBy7_Keys, in the preview.

20. Big Typography Titles I MOGRT

Big Typography Titles I MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Big Typography Titles I MOGRT template is a resource for Adobe Premiere Pro with customizability in mind. Tailored for Premiere Pro versions CC2017 and above, it allows users to modify fonts, colors, positions and scales for text for personalized presentations or segments. Full color control and universal language subtitled expressions add to its utility, requirng no plugins for use. This tool’s easy use is ensured through a helpful tutorial and free font included upon purchase. Useful for a range of productions like business or corporate presentations, interviews, YouTube entries, social events vlogs, it also accommodates media categorized as promo, slide, intro and lower third.

What are Premiere Pro interview templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro interview templates are pre-made outlines used to style and structure the creative production and editing of interview videos. They essentially consist of motion graphics, overlays, color schemes, and pre-arranged sequences intended to allow video editors a more seamless, efficient workflow. They are extensive along with customizable, suited to facilitate a professional finish for live chats, talk shows, discussions or any conversational videos, abolishing the need for creating complex editing schemes from scratch.

This year’s Adobe Premiere Pro interview templates have been noticed for their exceptional quality and relevance to contemporary aesthetics. They highlight trends in visual representation, engaging with vibrant color grading methods, dynamic title variations, cinematic themes, kinetic typography, and other modern styles. Driven by the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite’s constant roll-outs of updates and vast support for its user community, video producers can rely on these templates to unleash captivating visual narratives, easing up cutting-edge storytelling in maintaining high-end interviewing solutions.

Why use Premiere Pro interview templates?

Readers, one of the biggest reasons why Adobe Premiere’s Premiere Pro templates stand out this year is its enhanced features that are tailored to elevate professional editing for articles, media coverage, or video content to an unprecedented level. Adobe’s reliable interface and versatile resources attract people from various working fields. The interview templates offered by Adobe Premiere Pro come with a powerful design combined with dynamic transitions and text animations, creating an interactive user experience. The software has considered the increasing needs of vloggers, film creators, journalists, and editors to productively manage the high demand for high-quality content globally.

Another crucial aspect that makes these Premiere Pro templates the best this year is Adobe’s continuous engine upgrades and extended support. The various resources include educational guides, technical support, and online tutorials which result in a seamless learning curve, despite the software’s seeming complexity. Thus, both beginners and experts can utilize the program to the fullest. Furthermore, Adobe invests in widespread compatibility by ensuring these templates support high-resolution formats up to 8K, therefore accommodating future-proof content. With Adobe’s Premiere Pro templates, creators are equipped to handle any production task efficiently this present day, fortifying their footing in the content creation industry.

How to import Premiere Pro interview templates?

Using the best Premiere Pro interview templates has never been easier. Simply open up your Adobe Premiere software, navigate to the ‘graphics’ panel on the right, and choose ‘install motion graphics template’. You will then be prompted to locate your downloaded template—typically in .mogrts file format—from your computer files. Select your target template and hit open. Your newly imported interview template should then appear in your ‘essential graphics’ panel, ready to be dragged and dropped into your video project timeline. You can also input specific search filters in Adobe Stock’s library, like “interviews” to find professionally curated interview templates for even more polish in your productions.


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