The best Premiere Pro intro templates this year

Adobe's industry standard isn't the only option for creating video intros — explore this year's top Premiere Pro intro templates suited for every filmmaker's needs.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While numerous content creators are leaning towards dynamic video intros to hook the viewers, harnessing premium Adobe Premiere Pro templates (when available) has gained traction and is likely to persist indefinitely. Many of us are still exploring new, captivating intro pro templates for our channels, documentaries, brands or even for our individual projects. Adobe Premiere Pro continues to mark their presence at the peak of this mountain of templates, but numerous other impactful templates, devoid of any costs, are lurking on the internet waiting to enhance your creations. In this article, following up is a detailed expedition of the most innovative free Adobe Premiere Pro intro templates. We’ve focused on templates that meet varying levels of complexity for diverse users. Rather than simply believing that Adobe Premiere Pro templates are the prime choice for you, experimenting with some from this compilation might strike the right chord with your tastes and the essence of your project. This compilation is a cardinal direction to move towards.

The best Premiere Pro intro templates 2023

1. Glitch Distortion Logo Intro

Glitch Distortion Logo Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Distortion Logo Intro is a uniquely designed Premiere Pro template that employs animation effects such as distortion, grunge, scribbles, and glitching to reveal your brand’s logo. It can be easily customized: simply, drop your logo, adjust the colors to your brand’s theme, and render. Useful as a brief introduction for a range of multimedia presentations, this intriguing PR template is sure to be a hit with your audience. It requires no additional plugins for functionality. Suited for Premiere Pro CC 2019 and later versions. The package also includes a helpful step-by-step video tutorial. Features a futuristic and modern vibe which might especially appeal to the tech community, gamers and YouTubers.

This intro Premiere Pro template is also part of our glitch list.

2. Intro – Youtube intro

Intro – Youtube intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Intro – YouTube Intro Premiere Pro template is a multi-functional tool offering various customization options and presentation formats to suit your personal or professional needs. Including 4k, 2K, and Full HD resolutions, it is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 or later versions and requires no additional plugins. The template encompasses long, short, Instagram stories, portrait, and post versions of intro, each with a 15 or 23sec duration. Plus, with its included tutorial, simple control layer, and 24/7 customer support, you can easily customize and render your intro/slideshow by changing text or adding pictures/videos. Noteworthy, it has minimal, stylish elements with kinetic typography designed for users interested in various topics including fashion, sports, and travel vlogs.

This intro Premiere Pro template is also part of our text intro list.

3. Christmas Intro / New Year Intro / Xmas Intro MOGRT

Christmas Intro / New Year Intro / Xmas Intro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Christmas Intro / New Year Intro / Xmas Intro MOGRT is a Premiere Pro intro template designed for the holiday season. With its rich christmas-related tags – including christmas animation, christmas greetings, magic christmas, and winter, it emphasizes the festive spirit. This flexible and customizable template features themed elements like a Christmas tree, Santa, and snow, and offer options for including a Christmas house and various types of greeting text. It also accommodates for corporate use with a logo option. This top-notch, higher-end template is sure to embellish your festive content and bring depth to your messages.

This intro Premiere Pro template is also part of our text intro list.

4. Intro

Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro intro template offers a fast-paced approach for creating inceptive content for various online activities, like Instagram vlogs, YouTube channels or photo & video galleries. Performing excellently at conferences, meetings, or simply for personal use, it highlights a versatile “multi” concept, allowing multi-photo, multi-screen, and multi-video displays. With this template, users can fuse their memories into a chronological album or timeline, display a collage on the mobile phone or create a promotional video, storyboard or even a brand image with the logo intro/reveal animations.

This intro Premiere Pro template is also part of our video intro list.

5. The Intro

The Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

“The Intro” is a high-energy Premiere Pro template elevating content with an edge. Utilizing a mix of fast-paced street scenes and dynamic slideshow effects, it yields a punchy cinematic atmosphere perfect for a plethora of platforms like event promotions, social media, or Youtube channel introductions. Peppered with stylish visual glitches and strategic black and scratch elements, it provides an upbeat, urban, street-style ambience that speaks to several sectors—streetwear, lifestyle, and fashion, amongst others. Best used for party adverts, action sequences, travel vlogs, city exploration and general hip-hop infused showcases. Your logo, ready for display, finishes the reveal.

6. Christmas Intro || New Year Intro || Xmas Intro || Happy New Year MOGRT

Christmas Intro || New Year Intro || Xmas Intro || Happy New Year MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro intro template is themed around Christmas and the New Year celebration. Titled ‘Christmas Intro || New Year Intro || Xmas Intro || Happy New Year MOGRT’, it contains elements related to the holiday season such as a Christmas tree, decorations, a festive house along with Christmas greetings and wishes. The template also allows users to integrate their Instagram and company’s logo seamlessly into the intro. Stylized with an elegant and magical ambiance, it uses winter-related particle effects like snow to create the feel of the holiday season magically. Additionally, it supports custom titles and opener modifications to meet varying requirements.

This intro Premiere Pro template is also part of our text intro list.

7. Creative YouTube Intro || Vlog Intro (MOGRT)

Creative YouTube Intro || Vlog Intro (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template, entitled “Creative YouTube Intro || Vlog Intro (MOGRT)”, is designed particularly for YouTube or blog introductions. The design features a 4K resolution intro that lasts for 24 seconds and incorporates seven media placeholders. The template is extremely flexible, with easy-to-use customization for text and color settings. Universally compatible with all After Effect languages, it requires no plugins, and help files are included for all features. The prominent characteristics of terms like ‘social media’, ‘logan reveal’, ‘minimal’, and ‘vlog intro’ amongst others provide a useful snapshot in terms of its range and functionality. It exemplifies a modular structure and offers 24/7 support.

This intro Premiere Pro template is also part of our vlog list.

8. Christmas Intro || Christmas Title Intro MOGRT

Christmas Intro || Christmas Title Intro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Christmas Intro || Christmas Title Intro MOGRT’ template on Premiere Pro facilitates creating a captivating and magical introduction for Christmas and New Year celebrations. This visually appealing design boasts brilliant bokeh lights, charming Christmas tree elements, snowflakes, decorative holly patterns and a clean, professional look. Users will find a perfect fusion of creativity and corporate relevance featuring displays enriched with glittering gold particles, creating a dreamy, fairytale ambiance. The intro template, filled with holiday spirit, carries wishes and greetings suitable for children and family-oriented events, offering a magical glance at the winter wonderland of Christmas 2023.

This intro Premiere Pro template is also part of our intro title list.

9. YouTube Blog Intro || Brush YouTube Intro

YouTube Blog Intro || Brush YouTube Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Brush YouTube Intro is a Premiere Pro template intended for modern and trendy creators. It provides a visually uplifting, dynamic, and kinetic animation style rich in colors that aesthetically opens your YouTube Channels, Instagram Stories, or any other social media platforms available. It’s decorated with hip hop and urban vibes that match the travel, fashion and party content. Also, it can also work for brands’ advertisements, vlog introductions, or video marketing. The visually aesthetic transitions, stylish typography, fast openers, and overall adaptive design, not only make promising intros but also a captivating slideshow, portfolio, and rhythmic promo reels.

This intro Premiere Pro template is also part of our youtube intro list.

10. Opener Intro

Opener Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Opener Intro template designed for Premiere Pro is a high-energy, dynamic choice ideal for proactive and vibrant brands. Enhanced with bold action themes, the introductory video lends itself to advertising and promotion for a range of contexts including sports events, instagram Vlogs or movie trailers. The synergy of eye-catching grunge elements with glitch and kinetic effects imparts the template an edgy, modernist appeal. Complimented by syncopated rhythm cues, the design sparks a heightened mood like in HipHop, rock music, or intense activities like race, fight or dance. Substantial typographical elements abet impactful brand messaging.

11. Ramadan Intro

Ramadan Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Ramadan Intro is a thoughtful Premiere Pro intro template designed with the month of Ramadan and Eid festivities in mind. The template showcases an immersive Middle-Eastern cityscape accentuated by Arabic calligraphy, reminiscent of great cities like Dubai or Istanbul. Included are symbols relevant to the Islamic culture such as the moon, which signifies the commencement of Ramadan. Gold accents offer a luxurious finish, extending the warmest Muslim greeting. Hallmarks of Arabian, Ottoman, and Turkish cultures intermingle in the background, suggesting an authentic experience. This culturally-enriched template can resonate with anyone observing the fasting season or Islamic religious customs.

12. Gaming Intro

Gaming Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Gaming Intro template for Premiere Pro presents a nostalgic nod to the 80s and 90s gaming era. With a high-quality 4K resolution, this 2D abstract design simulates the distinct 8-bit style of classic arcade and console video games, such as those on Nintendo and PlayStation. Adaptability is evident, as it can don a variety of roles from a channel intro or opening to a podcast prologue and end screen outro for gamers and streamers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Allowing for customizable logo reveals, the template encapsulates retro-themed, eye-catching videos.

13. Logo Intro

Logo Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Logo Intro Premiere Pro template, tagged specifically for business logos, company identities, and corporate branding aesthetics, provides an elegantly simple yet dynamic animation framework for logo reveals. Its minimalist design caters to modern aesthetics and supports a palette ranging from gleam white to mystifying dark. The logo—short, clean, colorful, and glossy, if applicable—opens and closes naturally, both metaphorically blinking like a cinematic tantalizer for corporates and teasing future prospects in business. This short film embraces both the digital landscape of ​​social media sites like Instagram and Twitch and traditional show settings, thus achieving a crossover appeal converging different media realities.

14. Intro Instagram Stories

Intro Instagram Stories (Credit: Envato Elements)

Intro Instagram Stories is a Premiere Pro intro template designed to enhance your social media streaming content. Featuring 16 distinct Instagram introductory story templates in 1080×1920 resolution, it is ideal for both image and video-driven stories. This template is easily usable with Premiere Pro 2021, above versions and no plug-ins are required. The Intro Instagram Stories template includes a helpful video tutorial and its structure is soundly organized to assist in implementation. This template is suitable across various categories like business promotion, abstract animation, Instagram or Facebook sales or posts, portfolio showcase and more, emphasising a sleek, minimal design approach.

15. Quick intro

Quick intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro “Quick Intro” template is a high-definition, kinetic intro featuring a blend of rapid movements, flashes, and dark aesthetics. With 17 text placeholders, 5 media placeholders, and a logo placeholder, it provides ample space for personalization. Ideal for creating strong promotional videos with a rhythmic, modern, robust approach. Accompanying video tutorial aids in step-by-step layout customization for user conveniences. Identity building become robust with its striking and powerful visual elements enhancing openers and titles. Explore its dynamic and contemporary sensibility enabling powerful visual storytelling.

16. Claps Intro

Claps Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Claps Intro is a unique Premiere Pro intro template that creatively integrates the audio piece, “Claps Stomp and Piano” by Redoctopus, into its composition. It features lively and energetic dynamics, enhanced with fast shapes, fun typography, and funky hip-hop-influenced elements. The template includes five tracks, the longest running at 1:06 and the shortest at 0:14, which present a diverse range of moods –from being carefree, cheerful, and bright to being intense and soulful. Incorporated are also features that allow for the addition of corporate titles, kinetic typography, and vlog intros. Suitable for use in promotional or opener videos due to its unique, relaxed rhythm and modern, zoom-out animations.

17. logo intro

logo intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a Zoom Outro Logo reveal template specifically created for Premiere Pro – a digital design and editing tool. It features a clean, crisp design with elements of minimalism and includes functionality for rendering 1 logo and 36 field placeholders for images or videos. The package comes with two text placeholders complete with a tutorial to facilitate the efficient customization. Although it comes in Full HD resolution, no third-party plugins are required. This template is designed to prompt intros and outros for a variety of digital content, making it useful for corporate and social media platforms as well. The template pairs well with the audio track “Logo Reveal” that can be accessed on Envato.

18. Urban Intro

Urban Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Urban Intro” Premiere Pro template offers a modern and dynamic aesthetic with an energetic groove, courtesy of its upbeat sport summer hip-hop from CoffeeMusic. The template provides a clean, creative design and smooth transitions. Key features like corporate presentation, brand marketing, and multi-photo display provide value and relevance in multiple domains like businesses, agencies, album display, event promotions, portfolio presentation and more. With a cinematic flare to its minimal design, this template makes for an effective prompt that inspires motivation. Even on social media platforms or for YouTube intros, this template can impart a trendy and engaging appeal.

19. Stomp Intro

Stomp Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Stomp Intro” is a fast-paced Premiere Pro intro template characterized by rhythm and high-dynamic energy. This bold, minimalistic template enhances media presentation with its innovative design focused on movement-enabled typography (dynamic typo), animated screen transition and punchy percussion beats reflecting the ‘stomp’ aesthetic. The template’s clean, modern look fused with urban inspirations is ideal for a wide range of uses —including social media, hip-hop, fashion, event promotions, commercial advertising and more. Plus, its suitability for corporate branding and marketing reveals a diverse application for both creative and business sectors. Overall, a stylish visual tool easily adaptable for your messaging goals.

20. Instagram Intro

Instagram Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Instagram Intro is a versatile and dynamic Premiere Pro template that allows for endless creativity in your social-media content. With the integration of upbeat, summer pop audio set at 120 BPM, this template ensures your content will hold viewers’ engagement. Its focus lies in multiple tracks that are highly editable, perfect for a range of uses from advertising to personal Instagram stories or posts. Unique features include logo animation, neon overlays, text animation and more, further enhancing its versatility. It’s ideal for businesses that wish to showcase their brand across various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube.

This intro Premiere Pro template is also part of our video intro list.

What are Premiere Pro intro templates?

Adobe Premiere intro templates, as the name suggests, are predesigned formats created exclusively for the video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro. These time-efficient templates are quintessential starting points for content creators, filmmakers, video editors to make impactful intros for their videos. They typify a preset slide design complete with high-quality visuals, captivating animations attracting the viewer’s attention from the first frame itself. Things like video themes, title effects and transitions that may otherwise require hours to craft from scratch are expertly designed in these templates, enabling creators to pinpoint their creative energy on storytelling rather than the intro’s intricate design aspects.

Compatibility and customizability take the weightage this year, making these the best Premiere Pro intro templates. Content creators can appeal to their distinct aesthetic trends simply by incorporating relevant changes easily. A non-limited choice range from simplistic and uncluttered, to thematic or very detail-orientated robust-graphics. Contributors such as graphic designers, globally across different industries upload fresh new templates continually, thus providing users engaged a plethora of choices to fit their scale, content nature, and individual personal tastes better. In conclusion, Adobe Premiere’s best templates this bash at shrinking prep time effectively, while raising content quality standards substantially for creators.

Why use Premiere Pro intro templates?

The use of Adobe Premiere Pro intro templates has seen a remarkably high uptake this year, consistently proving to be an indispensable tool among content creators, documentarians, and enthusiasts alike. Primarily, these allow users to create high-quality video introductions, outlines, credits, and a plethora of other elements with relative ease and minimal effort. What sets Premiere Pro’s premade templates in a league of their own are their richness in variety, top-tier quality, professional-grade performance, compatible formats, and user friendly interfaces — all unmatched assets the soundest videographers crave for a robust editing experience.

One worthy note should be pinned to the customizability factor. The best Premiere Pro templates — anything from sleek logo reveals all the way through to compelling cinematics — are commanding raving reviews this year mainly because users can adjust them at will, tailoring them to their exquisite tastes or project specifications. From a technical standpoint, these templates speed up the editing workflow, a feature digital artists constantly rave about particularly in today’s fast-pacing, ultra-razor-sharp industry where high-quality, efficient video production counts as a peculiar resource. Efficient, versatile, and intuitively captivating; it’s clear why Adobe Premiere Pro is the crowned choice for video editing enthusiasts in harnessing the top echelons of audiovisual creation precision.”

How to import Premiere Pro intro templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro intro templates, first download the template file. Subsequently, launch the Adobe Premiere Pro program, and navigate to the ‘Graphics’ section available at the top menu. Locate and click on ‘Install Motion Graphics template’ through the ‘Essential Graphics’ panel dropdown menu. Afterwards, browse your file directory and select the downloaded template file that generally comes with a .mogrt extension. Confirm your selection and the template is shortly imported and ready to use. Always ensure that the template files are compatible with your version of Adobe Premiere Pro to prevent any potential glitches of mismatches.


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