The best Premiere Pro intro title templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only option for intro title templates - there are a host of stellar templates to elevate your project this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As the world continues to embrace visual storytelling, editing skills have become more critical than ever before. Adobe Premiere Pro shines as one of the most apparent choices for video editors, globally. Professionally designed intro title templates help elevate the production status for anyone plunging into video editing, whether it’s a startup, filmmaker, or content creator. Adobe Premiere Pro proudly hosts an impressive array of such tools, yet, there is an abundance of alternative sources that provide different, eye-catchy free title templates too. The following article is composed of an intriguing line-up of some of the best Premiere Pro intro title templates available this year. We’ve narrowed down the field to templates that feature more flexibility, uniqueness, and compatibility. Instead of pragmatically sticking to Adobe’s in-built options, it might prove beneficial for you to check out a handful of these resources to see how they compliment your feel and resonate with your brand or project. You’re in the right place to embark on this tech voyage.

The best Premiere Pro intro title templates 2023

1. Intro Titles

Intro Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Intro Titles” template is a Premiere Pro product that enables user-friendly, remarkable introductions for a variety of mediums. With 16 distinct title options in 4K resolution, you can ensure optimal versatility and visual clarity. Compatible with Premiere Pro 2021 and beyond, you can seamlessly integrate both images and videos. A video tutorial is provided to guide users, ensuring ease of use with no plug-ins required. Housing an abstract design, customisable for black and white formats, this template is perfect for corporate presentations, marketing promos, or its kinetic typography, making it suitable for fast-paced, urban YouTube and social media content. Characters into strong typography are centered around bold fonts, so it can serve various sectors like fashion, product, programming or advertising.

2. Catch Your Titles

Catch Your Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Catch Your Titles Premiere Pro template allows one to create a sleek, professional intro title segment in Full HD at 25 fps. Offering compatibility with both After Effects 2019 and Premiere 2019, this template features 20 title placeholders and easy color customization options, all accessible via the essential graphics menu. The package includes a helpful video tutorial and a font information advising where the used typeface can be obtained. Using this template requires no plugins. Associated music can be found at the provided Audiojungle link. It’s suitable for uses like corporate presentations, promo content, résumés, and more carrying the relevant tags.

This intro title Premiere Pro template is also part of our legacy title list.

3. White Scroll Titles

White Scroll Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

“White Scroll Titles” is a high-resolution Premiere Pro intro title template designed for both professionals and beginners. The 1920×1080 full HD project offers three different versions of scroll opening with three .MOGART files included for customization. Designed for compatibility with Premiere 2019, After Effects 2019, and newer versions, it requires no additional plugins. A video tutorial and help files detailing the fonts used are included for ease of use. This template offers elements of architecture, business, modern design, and mapping elements, making it ideal for corporate, marketing, or trailer openings.

This intro title Premiere Pro template is also part of our legacy title list.

4. Youtube Intro Titles

Youtube Intro Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Youtube Intro Titles template for Premiere Pro allows users to introduce their youtube channel or vlog in a dynamic, modern and visually appealing way. This template features a kinetic, fast-paced typography style that closely aligns with contemporary digital trends. This simple opener enables you to efficiently communicate your brand’s identity using customizable text titles. The template also comes with options to incorporate ‘like’, ‘subscribe’, and ‘social media’ buttons, enhancing interaction with your viewership. It is a suitable tool for everyone looking for an efficient and modern approach to their channel’s branding.

This intro title Premiere Pro template is also part of our youtube intro list.

5. Glitch Distortion Logo Intro

Glitch Distortion Logo Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Glitch Distortion Logo Intro is a professional-grade Premiere Pro template that uses animated distortion, shabby grunginess, and a glitch effect, creatively unveiling your distinctive logo. Delivering a noteworthy introduction to a myriad of media, it’s intuitive to use, necessitating only that you input your logo, select hues to suit your trademark, and instigate rendering. No plug-ins are essential whilst the template harmonizes with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and concurrent versions. An educational video tutorial is bundled in this package, facilitating effortless usage. The glitch logo by Grach (ID- 19953754) proffers the befitting music. Prime for cyber, techno, and sci-fi themes. An urbane pick for logo animation and revealing, as well as trailers and openers for platforms like twitch and youtube.

This intro title Premiere Pro template is also part of our glitch list.

6. Real Estate Intros & Titles

Real Estate Intros & Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

‘Real Estate Intros & Titles’ is a full HD Premiere Pro 2019 project crafted specifically for the real estate industry. It brings a blend of elevation and elegance to screen with dynamic text and picturesque slideshow options. This package contains six gracefully styled intros which you can personalize. Designed to operate without plugins, it also encompass a video tutorial for ease of use. Please note that neither the preview images nor audio are included, however one can procure the latter from audiojungle. Highly versatile, it’s ideal for rental, sales, or open house video presentations.

7. Frozen Winter | Intro Title

Frozen Winter | Intro Title (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Frozen Winter | Intro Title template for Premiere Pro offers a striking visual effect of a title appearing as if encased in realistic icicles. Ideal for use in numerous video formats, including films, promotions, presentations and game intros. With full controllers, aspects like icicle length, logo color, background color, and position/scale are easily customized to your preference. The MOGRT file simplifies the process and runs on Premiere Pro cc 2019 or higher, making After Effects unnecessary. It also allows direct font-change implementations and includes a handy PDF tutorial. Its unique frosty aesthetic creates a cold, winter themed vibe for your videos.

8. Magic Christmas Intro | Titles Opener | MOGRT

Magic Christmas Intro | Titles Opener | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Magic Christmas Intro | Titles Opener | MOGRT is a high-quality template for Adobe Premiere Pro users. It offers a styled seasonal design with elegant animations suitable for creating professional holiday-themed videos. Key features of the template include an intro title, logo opening, and logo reveal, all enhanced with magical effects. This snowy, wintery theme includes seasonal greetings such as ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year,’ making it ideal for promos, intro footage, or any content related to festivities, seasons, or Santa Claus. Equally fitting to use across both commercial and personal projects for effective communication of holiday-ness and joy.

9. Photographer Intro Titles for Premiere Pro

Photographer Intro Titles for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photographer Intro Titles for Premiere Pro is a digital template specifically designed for those needing a modern, creatively designed opening sequence for their content. Incorporating 3D animations that leverage elements synonymous with photography and videography such as lenses, cameras, and studio environments, this template provides a visually dynamic intro to captivate viewers. Complemented by the ambient audio used in the preview, this reel has established clean, dark design aesthetics. Remember, this template serves as an excellent tool for revealing text titles in seamless fashion.

10. Gaming 8 Bit Intro / Titles – MOGRT

Gaming 8 Bit Intro / Titles – MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

Gaming 8 Bit Intro / Titles – ‘MOGRT’ is an Adobe Premiere Pro template ideal for those wishing to incorporate a nostalgic vibe into their content. It encapsulates an 8-bit aesthetic—quite reminiscent of the 80’s arcade era. The template accommodates gaming intro titles and logos, enhancing online gaming content with a distinctive retro appearance. Along with vizual features like pixel and 3D glitches similar to an old school VHS, it sets the tone to promise an impending virtual arcade experience. The synchronized 8bit arcade audio track complements the visuals, making it popular among creative gamers on platforms like YouTube.

11. Youtube Intro Titles for Premiere Pro

Youtube Intro Titles for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Youtube Intro Titles for Premiere Pro template is a practical tool for content creators that wish to distinguish their YouTube channels with attention-grabbing introductions. The template comprises fourteen sleek designs that are not only appealing but also easy to customize in line with your branding needs and deliver promptly. It’s engineered to fit content from any genre, including fashion, sports, travel and vlogging, using full HD elements that can transition up to 4K resolution. However, a Premiere Pro 2021 version or higher is necessary to adapt this template, with no extra plugins required, complying with a friendly-user approach. The package comes with a video tutorial to help simplify the editing and customization process.

12. Titles Intro

Titles Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Titles Intro is a versatile template suitable for a variety of video projects. It comes bundled with spaces for 1 logo, 4 photos or videos and 26 text placeholders. The resolution is strong at 1920×1080. Designed for compatibility with After Effects 2021, Premiere Pro 2021 or newer, it offers user-friendly color controls and includes an instructive tutorial. As no plugins are required and it renders fast, this template is ideal for those seeking efficiency. Please note that the 23-second duration template does not include music, but users are guided to a music link for acquiring music separately.

This intro title Premiere Pro template is also part of our legacy title list.

13. Photographer Intro Title Opener For Premiere Pro

Photographer Intro Title Opener For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photographer Intro Title Opener for Premiere Pro is a detailed, introductory, and customizable template that engulfs viewers in the world of captivities and precision. In essence, it stylistically reveals the text, and title in the form of an in-studio photography session with a glass-like finish. Perfect suitable for photographers’ promotional content or tutorial openers, its strong focus on photography and videography ensuring a fitting identity reveals makes it compellingly attractive. The attributes like words appearing seem more akin to text reveals, adding layers of content anticipation evoking audience stickiness while maintaining a professional and astute videograph delivery.

14. Minimal Intro Titles lV for Premiere Pro

Minimal Intro Titles lV for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Minimal Intro Titles IV for Premiere Pro is a modern and sleek template pack, combining elegance and simplicity in animation and design. Perfect for a corporate setting, the template features minimalistic lower thirds typography which can enhance intros, promos, or corporate videos. It employs a simple yet stylish play with text and titles, making your Premiere Pro project visually appealing. The package is downloadable as a .mogrt file, facilitating easy integration into your content. Be ready to bring an additional level of professionalism to your video making with this animated, modern title template.

15. Big Titles Intro

Big Titles Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Big Titles Intro template for Adobe Premiere Pro is a slick and contemporary design with plenty of room for creative customization. The template is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 or above versions. There are 23 placeholders for images or video, 12 text holders and universal expressions allowing a degree of flexibility. It is straightforward to edit and includes a useful, educational tutorial video. Requiring no plugins, this versatile project proposal brings an aesthetic fit for adverts, broadcasting channels, cinematic trailers, or sports event openers. Its vibrant energy and brisk style provide a taste of modern, urban street culture. The accompanying background music ‘Action sport cinematic hip-hop’ brings a dynamic vibe to the presentation.

16. Intro | Trailer Titles

Intro | Trailer Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Intro | Trailer Titles” is a well-crafted Premiere Pro intro title template specifically designed for high intensity visuals like cinematic trailers and heavy action sequences. Its striking use of dynamic metallic textures creates suspenseful title sequences, further heightened by explosive effects and particle accents. Offering epic, attention-grabbing aesthetics, this template is perfect for creating engaging intros, riveting teasers and commanding text sequences. From drama to adventure, this tool effectively contributes to crafting dynamic movie teasers or intros that ensure an unforgettable viewer experience.

17. Christmas Intro || Christmas Title Intro MOGRT

Christmas Intro || Christmas Title Intro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro intro template titled “Christmas Intro || Christmas Title Intro MOGRT” is a visually stunning design perfect for the holiday season. The template merges bokeh and glitter particle effects to give off a magical and fairytale-like atmosphere, perfect for family festive occasions. Elements of the holiday like Christmas trees, holly, and snowflakes add a classical Christmas touch. Additionally, it provides clean and creative text displays suitable for corporate greetings, titles, or post-introduction branding logos. It subtly pays homage to trailing light elements and golden tones for added glamour. Ideal for thematic visual content in glorious celebration of Christmas, new year or the winter season.

18. Red Ambient Titles Intro

Red Ambient Titles Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Red Ambient Titles Intro is a customizable premiere pro intro title template, offering a unique way for creators to present text-work, perfect for promos, intros, and openers. The default red color provides a vibrant mood, but it can be altered to suit specific needs. This abstraction focused template can aid in creating impactful typographic intros or openers with a fresh, dynamic charm. It simplifies the production process while remaining flexible, adaptable for a multitude of applications such as broadcasting, social media usage, presentations in a corporate context or passionate political and social demonstrations.

19. Hyper Titles – Kinetic Intro

Hyper Titles – Kinetic Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Hyper Titles – Kinetic Intro is a Premiere Pro template designed for efficient text and title presentations. This template allows for dynamic typography with the capability to support appropriate Audio syncing with Percussion Bass Electronic beats by Fugu_Vibes. The template’s colorful and abstract aesthetic combined with its kinetic nature make it suitable for sports openers, promo trailers, or YouTube intro videos. Moreover, this style caters well to projects characterized as brutal, urban, or related to gambling. It comes with four tracks of varying durations, lending flexibility according to the project requirements.

20. Epic Title Intro (mogrt)

Epic Title Intro (mogrt) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Epic Title Intro (mogrt) is an eye-catching template for Premiere Pro best suited for trailers or powerful short intro videos. Its dark, epic aesthetic makes it effective for setting a cinematic or futuristic tone. Whether you’re creating a film opening, an online identity reveal, or YouTube content, this versatile template hits the mark. To start, simply open the project through the Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro and customize the text as needed, taking note of suggested font installations. For optimum results, an Adobe After Effects installation is required. Potential sound accompaniments include ‘Epic Logo Intro 1’ by leto.

What are Premiere Pro intro title templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro intro title templates are pre-designed, customizable introductions that filmmakers, vloggers, and multimedia creators can integrate into their projects. Utilized as a creative foot in the door, these templates offer a starting point for constructing a striking and cohesive aesthetic for any video project. In 2021, they have improved immensely in terms of their design versatility and ability to adhere to various stylistic directions, delivering multi-faceted options for vast types of video production be it documentary filmmaking, YouTube vlogs, TV commercials or corporate videos.

The best Adobe Premiere Pro intro title templates this year come with multiple features, ready for diverse stylistic needs. Some hark back to classic cinematic sequences while others follow current visual trends and consist sleek, digital designs. What they all have in common is the concept of ‘plug and play’ – you can easily apply these templates to your projects to achieve aesthetically pleasing and professionally polished titles while significantly reducing prodigious manual work. This reigns in true operating momentum, allowing creators more time and space to focus on cracking storylines or making compelling video clips, amplifying their level of productions right off the bat.

Why use Premiere Pro intro title templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro intro title templates present a powerful tool in creating stunning and professional intros for videos. These templates, some of the best-produced this year, are feature-rich, offering variety in design and style that caters to different user needs. Elements such as transitions, animations, text effects and graphics allow users to customize and craft unique intros with ease. Using these templates in Adobe Premiere not only saves time on complex video editing processes, but it also ensures that the finished product resonates with the intended message and aesthetic value.

Moreover, Adobe Premiere Pro is respected in the industry for its versatile and robust features. Consequently, using your intro title templates in this software aligns your professional effectiveness with industry-standard practices. The templates offer beginner-friendly usage whilst still maintaining a high level of performance and complexity for seasoned users wanting to integrate high-end graphics or special effects. In essence, Adobe Premiere Pro intro title templates bring together functionality, design and quality within a seamless system, matching and elevating today’s content creation climate.

How to import Premiere Pro intro title templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro intro title templates, first, ensure that the required template is downloaded and saved conveniently on your computer. Launch Adobe Premiere Pro and create a new project or open an existing one. Navigate to the ‘Graphics’ workspace on your menu and then choose the ‘Essential Graphics’ panel. Click on the ‘Install Motion Graphics Template’ button, also represented by a folder with a plus (+) sign. From the dialogue box, navigate to the folder where you’ve stored the downloaded template and select it. Click open and the template will be imported into your software. To use it, simply drag and drop it onto your timeline from the ‘Browse’ tab of the ‘Essential Graphics’ panel.


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