The best Premiere Pro introduction templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only intro template creator — explore our top picks for compelling opening visuals in video editing this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As many content creators and filmmakers continue to work in their individual spaces, refining their skillset and compositions has gained steady momentum and it seems like this digital workforce trend is here to stay. Many of us are using video-editing professionals like Adobe Premiere Pro to shape narrative storytelling, script our virtual messages or visually bind the memoirs we create. Though Adobe is prominent on our roster, the draw of other free introduction templates competitors can’t be overlooked. What follows are some of the top prevalent, free intro templates that you can integrate within Premiere Pro. We’ve adhered to choices that are pervasive and versatile to use across an array of video types. Try not to assume that Adobe’s templates are the only possible match, take some time to try out a few others to understand how they complement your storyboarding style, and that of your colleagues or creative counterparts. This guide should offer a good starting point.

The best Premiere Pro introduction templates 2023

1. University Introduction

University Introduction (Credit: Envato Elements)

The University Introduction template for Premiere Pro is a resource tailor-made for educational contexts, promising a professional, impressive opener for any university or college video project. It seamlessly addresses themes across learning, student life and academics, honouring practices such as teaching, tutoring, internships, and masterclasses. The template also provides avenues for diploma showcases, retailing educational services, and advertising courses. It takes advantage of logo inserts to represent institutions, stamping a unique identity. This template truly encapsulates the rich world of university – a realm teeming with knowledge, skills and learning experiences. Customization is very practical with the helpful included instructions.

2. Fitness Introduction

Fitness Introduction (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Fitness Introduction for Premiere Pro provides a high-energy, modern texture ideal for promoting sports clubs, gyms, and fitness centers through video content. This After Effects animated template boasts a contemporary design with easy-to-modify text animations and fresh brush transitions. With its comprehensive quality, versatility and straightforward customizing options, it’s excellent for showcasing fitness or sports portfolios, fashion photographs, or for introducing TV shows and events presentations. As a bonus, no plugins are required. Despite the aggressive animations and vigorous feels, it’s highly user-friendly; all users have to do is, drop their images or videos, edit the text, add audio and enjoy the energetic, captivating results.

3. Digital Company Introduction

Digital Company Introduction (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Digital Company Introduction’ is a Premiere Pro template crafted principally for corporate presentation, logo introduction, or product promotions. Embellished with modern and minimalist elements, this template offers 3D animation, light effects and abstract graphics for creating a professional and cinematic online avatar. The inclusive aspect of lower thirds, fast transitions and kinetic typography makes it suitable for broadcasts, news channels and also fashion portfolios. Additionally, it supports photo slideshows, social media integration, portfolio, and business promotions, making it an ideal tool for leveraging technology and driving marketing strategies. Accessorised with trendy and urban design elements, it is perfectly pitched for today’s digital firms.

4. Credit Card Introduction

Credit Card Introduction (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Credit Card Introduction” for Adobe Premiere Pro software is a user-friendly template for presentations/features related to financial applications. It’s compatible with Premiere Pro CC 21 and up, offers 4 high-quality custom scenes in 1080p, extends over 13 seconds duration, and doesn’t require any additional plugins to function. Potential uses span from the presentation of credit flyers or business card prop introductions in banking and finance videos to offering previews of payment methods. The introductory music from MrClaps’ “Logo Intro” has been used for illustration purposes in the package, though users can customize audio according to their needs.

5. Profile Person Brief Introduction

Profile Person Brief Introduction (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Profile Person Brief Introduction” is a Premiere Pro template designed to facilitate professional broadcasts, corporate promos, and any type of online meeting or workshop. It’s especially designed for creating succinct introductory videos which can be easily shared on platforms like Instagram. The template includes a variety of lower thirds and graphics packs for displaying profiles, names, and other personal info during interviews or presentations. Also useful for Hackathons, the template has a professional corporate look with the capability to layer overlay elements and customize your own profile intro. It’s a perfect tool for Zoom calls.

6. Success Way Introduction

Success Way Introduction (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Success Way Introduction template is a digital narrative tool for portraying individual life stories, career timelines, business strategies, or promoting corporate events. It’s particularly suitable for showcasing success stories or creating inspirational video presentations. Apart from individual use, it can also be used by businesses to tell their growth story, display portfolio and any other information in a comprehensive slideshow video format. It can be customized with text, images, videos, and audio. You can choose to set distinct colors for the various elements present while maintaining a clean look. This high-quality, well-organized video editing tool in perhaps an uncomplicated way to display a journey of success.

7. Back To School Introduction

Back To School Introduction (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Back To School Introduction template is a versatile Premiere Pro tool that allows users to create professional, clean slideshows pertaining to education, notably about school history, student life, classroom activities, self-education, and graduation event videography. Fashioned in original motion design style, it features options for video or image input accompanied by editable text, and customizable audio inputs, to communicate about schools, colleges or higher education sectors. It also serves great for creating informative videos for distance, massive open online courses (MOOC), or promotional resources for institutes and especially for broadcasting learning processes to a global audience.

8. Bank Credit Card Introduction

Bank Credit Card Introduction (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Bank Credit Card Introduction” is a Premiere Pro template designed specifically for any banking-related presentations or promotions reveal. Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 21 and procedures, this high-quality unique 15-second animation, in 1920×1080 resolution has all required resources embedded, eliminating any need for additional plug-ins. The scene showcases credit card details in 3D format, providing a professional aura to financial marketing endeavours. The process of rendering for use is straightforward and stress-free. Included in the package is a quick promo logo sample music from audiojungle. Informative tags embedded includes credit card, finance, promo, promotion etc. aiding easy discovery.

9. Flash Squares Parallax Introduction

Flash Squares Parallax Introduction (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Flash Squares Parallax Introduction is a versatile Premiere Pro introduction template that can be adapted for a multitude of possible information sharing or promotional needs. It features a parallax effect and the utilization of flash squared, offering a modern aesthetic fitting for corporate or special event openings or various types of slide shows. From product showcases and business presentations to travel slideshows and training films, its flexible design can meet many demands. Additional applications include intro for social media posts, creation of memorial videos, or product launches. The template embraces a hi-tech esthetic with animated elements akin to an artificial intelligence platform or a military dimension and is bolstered by tools for infographics and data presentation.

10. Presentation

Presentation (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a Premiere Pro introduction template geared towards creating enchanting romantic videos, showreels, openers, slideshows or media openers for special events. Titled “Presentation,” this well-structured and cleanly designed pack can also effectively serve in presenting business portfolios, product or service. This template, created for versions of Premiere Pro CC 2017 or above, operates via Essential Graphics without requiring plugins. Its HD 1080p | 30fps output and modular structure facilitate quick rendering. Also, it’s easily customizable, containing an included video tutorial, and provides the option for image replacements for videos. Keywords related to this project are business, clean, corporate, flat, introduction, transitions.

11. Corporate Slides

Corporate Slides (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Slides Premiere Pro introduction template is structured with a sleek, flat design that effectively encapsulates company information through carefully selected transitions and precise typographical design. Following a kinetic pace, this introductory clip unfolds a corporation’s description, products, and services in a series of professional and visually appealing animated slides. Moreover, the range of customizable features presented within this package, serves numerous business presentation needs successfully. It demonstrates a versatile corporate visual standard made for the dynamic business environment.

12. Simple Polygon Corporate Slideshow – Premiere Pro

Simple Polygon Corporate Slideshow – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Simple Polygon Corporate Slideshow is a versatile Premiere Pro template eligible for all business-related events. It offers a neat, clear look and is conveniently editable, with straightforward controls for text, media, size, position, and source text – all within the native Premiere Pro software. Additional features include a pure modular structure and a global theme color control, allowing all slide theme colors to adjust swiftly. Despite it’s 2-minutes length, it runs at smooth 29.97 FPS. The Slideshow offers 14 media place holders and a light leak effect. The theme entirely assists AfterEffect CC 2018 – paid or trial, eschewing the necessity for extra plugins. Please note that preprocess images/audio/video files are not inclusive.

13. Abstract Slideshow – Premiere PRO

Abstract Slideshow – Premiere PRO (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Abstract Slideshow – Premiere PRO is an introductory template that exhibits a modern, stylish feel across various sectors. It uses abstract details subtly woven into the slideshow form suitable for photographers, corporates, or fashion-based portfolios. It is tailor-made for broadcast, commercial features, or id-entity-oriented productions. The overture feature offers strong visual stimuli and an impactful opener for diverse promotional elements or gallery displays. It blends well with various interfaces, ensuring that branding and promotional strategies are seamlessly aligned with the desired identification.

14. Photo Gallery Slideshow

Photo Gallery Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photo Gallery Slideshow is a Premiere Pro introduction template that facilitates the professional display of photographs or videos. With its Full HD Resolution (1920×1080 pixels), 30 frames per second speed, and a one-minute duration offering 65 place-holders, users can weave a visually captivating, fast rendering narrative. Compatible with After Effects CC 2017, CC 2018 or advanced versions, it offers full color control and doesn’t require plug-ins. A detailed PDF tutorial and fonts links are included. The preview video showcases audio (‘Acoustic Love Song’ by Blue Sky Audio) which can be obtained separately. This template could be great for a variety of contexts including corporate, fashion, portfolio promos, modern openers and more.

15. Promo I Opener for Premiere Pro

Promo I Opener for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Promo I Opener for Premiere Pro’ is a professional and versatile Premiere Pro CC 2021+ compatible introduction template. It provides editable font and customizable color schemes. It includes a step-by-step video tutorial and does not require any additional plugins. Its 4K resolution ensures high-quality output. A link for a complimentary font is included. The template is ideal for a variety of settings such as brand introductions, corporate presentations, and business promos. It renders a smooth timeline, involving parallax effects, making it suitable for showcasing products or services, introducing industrial factories and companies, or presenting client profiles.

16. Corporate Business Template

Corporate Business Template (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Business Template is a Premiere Pro introduction template designed with a professional focus. Anchored on the paradigms of business aesthetics, it presents a clean and streamlined platform to introduce a company or corporate event. The template acts as a comprehensive package, providing options to present services or complete an event slideshow. It can be used to showcase client testimonials, conference details, industrial advancements, corporate history timelines, and even company introductions. In addition, this versatile tool can significantly enhance the quality and coherence of any business-related footage or presentation.

17. Modern Corporate Presentation for Premiere Pro

Modern Corporate Presentation for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Modern Corporate Presentation for Premiere Pro is a highly professional and comprehensive template, designed to cater to modern corporations wanting to make a captivating introduction. An embodiment of a clean and minimalistic aesthetic, the template aims to present your brand, business, or corporation profile in a compelling manner. Versatile for various company presentations or slideshows, it promotes a sophisticated display of information in a streamlined fashion. Carefully tailored for Premiere Pro users, this template gives due emphasis to modernity and professionalism.

18. Minimal Logo Reveal

Minimal Logo Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Minimal Logo Reveal” is an introduction template ideal for Adobe Premiere Pro users. Illustrated through its name, the template champions a minimalistic design. It comes bundled with a striking Glitch aesthetic, accentuated by a dynamic audio track named “Technology Glitch Logo” by CoffeeMusic, which provides four underscores varying in lengths from 0:04 to 0:12. With elements embodying clean lines, subtle motion, opening, and ending options, along with its color-flexibility, it is dialed for both corporate or artistic imaging. This flexible yet elegant template can cater to any brand’s unique visual requirements seamlessly.

19. Minimal Corporate Slideshow – Premiere Pro

Minimal Corporate Slideshow – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Minimal Corporate Slideshow is a Premiere Pro template designed to deliver your company’s unique narrative in a simple yet effectual manner. Characterized by its clean, modern aesthetics, it offers an engaging introductory layout ideal for corporate presentations and promos. Its minimalist design allows you to display photos and pertinent information in a neat and organized manner conducive for creating impact. This noncomplex tool is an impressive amalgamation of a modern opener, introductory slides, and a catch-all promo reel for your business projects.

20. Wedding Presentation – Event Agency // Premiere Pro

Wedding Presentation – Event Agency // Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Presentation – Event Agency // Premiere Pro template is purposefully designed for event agencies, corporate body, wedding agencies, photographers and the promotional industry alike. It showcases modern and clean slideshows, intros, and promotional designs that are useful in creating compelling presentations. All elements featured in this platform are fully adaptable within Premiere Pro, servicing the intent of showcasing agency events, particularly weddings in unique, stylish demeanor.

What are Premiere Pro introduction templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro introduction templates are professionally created visual graphics and effects tailored for introductory sequences, used commonly in the creation of videos and films. They provide clinicians with polished, ready-to-use introductions for their projects, catering for various themes such as news broadcast, corporate videos, sports, weddings, and much more. Simplifying the creative process, these templates boost productivity by downplaying the technical aspects – they host neat animations, smooth transitions, and unique designs among others that nestle beautifully with concepts – all navigable without the typical complexities of Adobe software. The templates are customizable so video creators have the flexibility to reshape and resize the designs as well implement personal touches in terms of foisting colors, typography, and media aligned with the project’s visual direction.

The best Premiere Pro introduction templates this year offer contemporary and dynamic appeal formidably blended with sharp graphics and kinetic typography transitions thus inflicting a powerful first impression. They grant boundless creative freedom, from titling attributes to opener transitions and lower third templates – eventually attesting a resurgent surge of vibrant creativity. High-quality, multi-purpose templates such as Brush Particle Wedding Title, Dynamic Upbeat Opener, Sport Opener, Clean Corporate and Minimal Lower Thirds pack are in the buzz because of how they bridge both galvanized professionalism and refined creativity. Thoroughly optimized for editing efficiency, operational convenience and advanced user control, they curate

Why use Premiere Pro introduction templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro introduction templates are an invaluable tool for video editors and creators in 2021. They offer an efficient way to create swift and impactful intro sequences for all kinds of video content, such as the personalized video highlights or company promotional reels. Leveraging these templates can greatly reduce the production time while assuring a high-level of quality. Advanced features and customizations are accessible and easy to use even by beginners. This means that even those who are newer to using Premiere Pro can swiftly turn around professional looking videos just like more seasoned video editors.

The diversity in templates offered by Adobe Premiere Pro reflects the varying needs of today’s content creators. It has versatile options suitable for any genre or industry – from film and broadcasting to digital marketing or Vlogging. Niche influencers, corporate entities and creative artists find respite in its extensive library that offers multiple choices to cater to each unique style or customer requirement. The highly adaptive nature of the templates available, combined with the avant-garde editing features of Adobe Premiere Pro, simply emphasizes why it is the best this year.

How to import Premiere Pro introduction templates?

To import top-tier Adobe Premiere Pro introduction templates, start by downloading the desired template from a trusted source. Adobe’s own library is a foolproof choice but other professional online graphic platforms also offer high-quality options. After the download, open Premiere Pro and navigate to the ‘Effects’ tab. Here, click on the ‘Import Presets’ option and select your downloaded file. Premiere Pro will automatically adapt the template to your project where you can further adjust elements as needed. This process remains the entrance to a world of creativity, adding polishing elements to your video project and saving a significant amount of time, all while helping to maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout your work.


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