The best Premiere Pro invitation templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only hub for invitation templates — explore the best free and premium invitation templates available this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As multiple businesses increasingly turn to digital platforms for their operations, creating exceptional video content has been the way forward, and doesn’t seem to be declining anytime soon. Ranging from professionals to hobbyists, countless individuals resort to crafting visual experiences through premiere pro. Adobe Premiere Pro continues to lead the pack of these video editing tools, but there is an array of beautiful, free invitation templates available inside and out of its platform that could provide the jest you need for your project. What follows are descriptions of some of the highest quality, free-to-use Premiere Pro Invitation templates. We’ve focused on the templates that are flexible and capable for range of functions. Rather than defaulting to your standard template, take some time to explore a few of these to discover their potential match with your aesthetics and project requirements. Use this list as a good primer to embark on that journey.

The best Premiere Pro invitation templates 2023


INVITATION (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Invitation” template for Adobe Premiere Pro provides a stunning and professional way to promote a variety of events. Suitable for anything from biennial conferences to holiday festivals and parties, this template features both sophisticated typography and a compelling mograph. It’s a perfect match to kick-start your event with a keynote speaker or a specialized session, as it offers individual customization like opener sequences and promos. Fully outfitted for Premiere Pro, you won’t need any additional tools to modify the intro and opener to elevate your event’s promotional quality.

2. Valentines Invitation

Valentines Invitation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Valentines Invitation” is a beautiful Premiere Pro template perfect for creating romantic invites or heartwarming social media posts. It features a 3D and parallax effect, introducing a dynamic and animated feel. Driven by a minimal design principle, the aesthetics focus on simple yet elegant animation, highlighting the love and memories a couple shares. Whether used for promotional cinema trailers or personal vlogs, this template is versatile, accommodating varying themes such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and more. Fully customization and user-friendly, users can easily upload their own text, logo, and photos to enhance their desired presentation or video display.

3. Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro invitation template is designed for weddings, portraying an elegant, clean, and colourful atmosphere. The default background contains watercolours of gold, greenery, and hand-painted flowers. Its elements and templates are inspired by the luminance of a bright cinematic landscape aiming to reveal a romantic story. Alongside, it includes audible tracks developed by Dredstudio, analogous to an inspiring wedding adventure across varied lengths, capable of setting the perfect mood. Whether it’s texts, nature-painting elements, or memories via sideshow, the adaptability remains high. Perfect for platforms like Igtv or any traditional wedding halls, its uses extend beyond the typical formal events.

4. Invitation Party

Invitation Party (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template, titled “Invitation Party”, embodies the spirit of adrenaline-pumping parties. Seamlessly blending elements related to clubbing and music, it effectively adopts brush strokes and dynamic transitions for a crisp cinematic appeal – perfect for DJ, EDM and dubstep events. What solidifies its identity are the epic, action-infused vibes and aggressive undertones that fit seamlessly. This template is well-tailored to incorporate essential event details within a dynamic, high-quality video invitation ensuring stakeholders look forward to a night of unforgettable reverie. Well-suited for promoting dance events and clubbing activities.

5. Wedding Invitation Instagram Stories

Wedding Invitation Instagram Stories (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Invitation Instagram Stories is a Premiere Pro template designed captivatingly for all wedding needs. Charming and bright with elements of nature and elegant florals, this clean design is appropriate for announcing engagement news or the happy timeline of events leading to a couple’s big day. The smooth transitions, pastel colors, and sleek titles provide a cinematic and sophisticated appeal that effortlessly tells a love story. Adjustable for IGTV and even TikTok reels, this beautiful template includes shining elements that illuminate your unforgettable moments. Perfect not just for weddings, but anniversaries as well.

6. Wedding Invitation Slideshow

Wedding Invitation Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Wedding Invitation Slideshow” is a Premiere Pro template perfect for couples who want to create a sentimental and romantic audiovisual cue about their special day. It employs a soft, minimal approach filled with love-centric visuals. Features include slots for important dates, images of cherished memories, elegant wedding titles, and a brief opener – allowing short yet comprehensive suites. Dappled with an imaginative application of ink effects, this slideshow can also be used for diapositivas and festival invitations. The end product is more than a mere invite but a collectible snapshot of the magic before the wedding day itself.

7. Halloween Party Invitation

Halloween Party Invitation (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template entitled “Halloween Party Invitation” is an ideal tool for crafting inventive, atmospheric invites or intros for Halloween get-togethers. The template features 8 editable text fields tucked into a realistic animation that tours a fog-dense cemetery. It is designed in a crisp 4K, ensuring high-quality visuals. No plugins are required for using this template and the setup is straightforward. It is underscored by a suspenseful music component from Envato Element’s PaBlikMM. The template’s key themes include Halloween, horror, party and invitation, embracing cemeteries, fog, gravestones, and skeletal motifs.

8. Wedding Invitation | MOGRT

Wedding Invitation | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Invitation | MOGRT is a Premiere Pro editable template, tailor-made for making elegant floral wedding invitations. This Indian themed design incorporates stylish, hand drawn and floral titles. Ideal for those seeking authenticity and simplicity, it also fits neatly with minimal or simple weddings. Besides, it can be utilized for ‘Save-the-date’ invites, special marriage events, and more. It also beautifully animates, further enhancing the classiness of your wedding ceremony with a cinematic presentation. It offers customization for wedding cards, wedding intros, and even entire wedding title sets.

9. Wedding invitation slideshow

Wedding invitation slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template titled “Wedding Invitation Slideshow” embodies elegance and cheerfulness. It provides a timeline-like, intro video that can be fully adapted for wedding invitations or ‘save the date’ announcements to deliver on Instagram or other platforms. The design reflects a hand-painted, vintage appeal using stunning floral and nature elements associated with weddings like flowers, leaves, and rings, bringing a feel of tradition and love. Perfect for anyone wanting to announce their impending nuptials or event in a lovely graphic presentation.

This invitation Premiere Pro template is also part of our wedding slideshow list.

10. Wedding Invitation Promo

Wedding Invitation Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a Premiere Pro template for a Wedding Invitation Promo. It offers an exquisite way to create a beautiful wedding invitation, slideshow, or romantic history presentation featuring a tender and sentimental style. Highly versatile and customizable, it is ideal for crafting emotional presentations, mood-based videos, or even historical imcludes allusions. This template can be used to create multiple outputs from a cinematic opener to a sad romantic slideshow, educational videos, game advertisements, and elegant presentations. Treat for any genre of video making, Wedding Invitation Promo template simply needs your images or videos, concise text, audio to complement, and you create your masterpiece. Infused with modern brilliance and traditional styling, the template reflects tags like wedding, bride and groom, anniversary, romantic mood, phot slides, color diversity, family, love, and more.

11. Wedding Invitations Pack

Wedding Invitations Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Invitations Pack is a comprehensive collection of motion graphic templates designed for Adobe Premiere Pro. This produces an interactive and lively twist to your traditional wedding invitations, enhancing the presentation using love and romance-themed elements. The package includes three different 1920×1080 FULL HD wedding invitation cards. Both Premiere Pro CC 2021 and After Effects CC 2021, or higher, are required to customize this template. Notably, there’s no need for additional plugins. It offers simplified usability, customization, and comes along with free customer support for any queries or difficulties encountered.

12. Wedding Invitation Intro (MOGRT)

Wedding Invitation Intro (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Invitation Intro (MOGRT) is a tastefully designed Premiere Pro template, ideal for couples searching for an elegant platform to send out their wedding details. Boasting a collection of hand-painted floral elements and enticing animation, the template seamlessly merges an immaculate vintage aesthetic with contemporary media. Additional facets such as further nature-inspired images and a feature for instagram videos make it a versatile choice. Incorporate all vital information from dates and events to a prospective timeline, presented invitingly in a unique invitation video. Take your viewer on a journey through your love story using this aesthetically charming wedding slideshow.

13. Wedding Invitation Instagram Stories MOGRT

Wedding Invitation Instagram Stories MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Invitation Instagram Stories MOGRT is a customizable template for Adobe Premiere Pro, designed specifically to enhance wedding-related content. Its prime usage is for crafting personalized wedding invitations that can be easily shared on Instagram Stories. It features elements like ring visuals, bride and groom specific slides and vintage themes that suit both the occasion and the platform. Innovatively designed for engagement announcements and timelines, it beautifully encapsulates the emotions, events, promotions tied with ‘getting married’. As an effective audiovisual introduction to express love and share happiness, it further adds an appeal to ‘save the date’ reminders.

14. Wedding Invitation Intro | MOGRT

Wedding Invitation Intro | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Wedding Invitation Intro | MOGRT is a user-friendly template designed for Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2016) and above. Without the need for plugins, any users can construct Full HD (1920×1080 resolution) invitation videos with highly customizable text-placeholders. Aesthetics remain adjustable through a Control Layer and assistance is facilitated with a 24/7 free support and a PDF Help File. Please note that while free fonts, and preview images, music, and videos are found in the project file, they are admitted for previewing and not incorporated into the project itself. This simplistic and romantic solution is perfect for novices and professional video project creators alike, with applications beyond weddings.

15. Funeral Invitation | Premiere Pro

Funeral Invitation | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Funeral Invitation | Premiere Pro” template is a high-quality creative tool tailored for memorial-style videos. It often utilizes symbolic images such as boards, candles, flags, and cards which enhance the emotions conveyed. Made for “Creators” who are mourning, the template celebrates the beauty of life and allows for sharing personalized memorials on platforms like Facebook or YouTube. This feature-rich and special resource serves as an opener, and enriched with warmth, it facilitates the creation of unique remembrance videos or maybe even a Memorial Day slideshow, hence helping to keep loving memories alive.

16. Wedding Invitation – Slideshow Opener

Wedding Invitation – Slideshow Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Wedding Invitation – Slideshow Opener” Premiere Pro template is a visually stunning creation perfect for a myriad of moments. Its elegant, cinematic and emotional nuances are well-suited to contexts such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and family gatherings. The vintage-yet-modern features provide a phenomenal parallax effect that gives an immerse sense of authenticity. Its versatility, backed by professional cleanliness brings into focus an array of cherished images, framed in a minimalistic and lovely packaging. Notably, dynamic transitions and accompanying texts ensure an enriching experience, further making the template an epitome of the harmonious intersection of event documentation and artistic interpretation.

17. Wedding Invitation Instagram Story MOGRT

Wedding Invitation Instagram Story MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Wedding Invitation Instagram Story MOGRT template for Premiere Pro is a versatile digital design script perfect for varieties of mesages related to love and momentous celebrations. Primarily used for creating captivating Instagram stories, it is ideal for crafting engaging wedding invitations but also fitting for business greetings, family DVDs, children’s announcements or romantic Valentine’s day messages. It features advanced digital functionalities such as image rotation, slider image gallery, and simple presentation opener. It also supports vertically-oriented designs making it modern and in sync with current aesthetical digital trends.

18. Floral Wedding Invitation MOGRT

Floral Wedding Invitation MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Floral Wedding Invitation MOGRT template has a charming, floral-centric design with full HD resolution. It’s user-friendly, requiring no Adobe After Effects or additional plugins and all instructions are included in a helpful PDF file. Creating personalized, elegant wedding invitations is made simple by its feature enabling complete customization of text placeholders. Spatial and visual effects can be controlled through its included control layers. Perfect for rustic or garden wedding themes, its aesthetics involve beautiful blends of florals, greenery and watercolor elements. With their Instagram adaptive version, the floral templates can quickly become interactive posts or story feeds for social media. Credit for this delightful template goes to Mk_Motion. Support is reachable 24/7 for any related queries. Please note, the utilized music is only for a preview, not included in the project file.

19. Xmas Party Invitation | MOGRT

Xmas Party Invitation | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Xmas Party Invitation | MOGRT is a beautifully-crafted Premiere Pro template, designed primarily for the festive season. Created to capture the festive delights of Christmas, this template artistically comprises features like Christmas slideshow, night sky, snow, Christmas tree, ornaments, magic, cinema-style intros, and elements like fireworks and countdown for New Year celebration. Along with the audio track titled ‘Christmas Ident By CrazyTunes’, the template leaves space for logo animation enhancing its appeal. Suitable phrases in various languages are set to help you perfectly voice universal Christmas and New Year greetings. Ideal for constructing thoughtful holiday wishes or party invitations.

20. Romantic Wedding Invitation (MOGRT)

Romantic Wedding Invitation (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Romantic Wedding Invitation (MOGRT)” is a striking template from Premiere Pro tailored specifically for weddings. Taking design cues from nature, it features beautiful hand-painted floral elements intertwined within the frames, making invitations visually stunning and classic. The fashionable template displays elegance in both vertical and Instagram formats. The essence of love encapsulates in this video which contains an elegant slide show, an intro, a timeline, and important details about the event. This elegant invitation video comprises ‘save the date’, ‘ring’, ‘marriage’, and other wedding-associated tags. It renders a modern vintage appeal, perfect for shaping the event’s narrative.

What are Premiere Pro invitation templates?

Adobe Premiere invitation templates are customizable prefixed layouts developed within Adobe’s professional video editing software, Premiere Pro. They come with pre-designed graphics, texts, and formats to enable Adobe Premiere Pro users to easily create personalized invitations for various events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries among many others. They have been designed to make the invitation process simpler, convenient, efficient, and still maintain a professional output. Their superior level of flexibility offers users immense freedom to tweak the fine elements in their projects thus giving them the ability to infuse their individual creativity effortlessly.

Every year, graphic designers release new Adobe Premiere Pro invitation templates with contemporary designs and updated features to accommodate the dynamic consumer taste, and 2021 is no different. This year has seen the introduction of unique style effects, broadened color palette, advanced text editing options, switchable background imagery, and a lot more enhancements. The prime aim of these changes is to equip users with template versions that are relevant to modern aesthetics and themes and most importantly do not require elaborate technical skills to modify or finalize. These incredibly versatile templates, therefore, make creating an invite a fun and engaging pass time any Adobe Premiere Pro enthusiast must explore this year.

Why use Premiere Pro invitation templates?

Utilizing Adobe Premiere’s high-quality Pro invitation templates is a game changer for content creators in 2021 due to several reasons. Firstly, these templates provide users with an abundance of choice for customization that most platforms do not offer. You can effectively create a distinctive and effective product without needing expert design skills. Furthermore, Premiere Pro boasts unique animation features, such as the ability to perform enhanced color grading and add exciting transitions between sections, providing an extra edge over other software. In addition, having Premiere’s Cinematic Fonts and Essential Graphics at hand has genuinely allowed for the creation of eye-catching and professional invitations which maintain viewers’ interest better than traditional templates could.

Moreover, with Adobe constantly evolving- based on customer feedback, Premiere Pro subscription offers frequent updates that appreciably include the latest advancements in technology. This ensures maintaining optimal compatibility and getting to use ground-breaking design features before they become mainstream. With Adobe’s cloud-based functionality, you enjoy the convenience of starting your project on one device and finishing it on another, providing seamless experience. Its highly supportive community is also an overwhelming advantage, providing guidance, fresh inspiration, and techniques daily. As conclusion, whether you are inviting guests to a virtual conference in VR, producing a live broadcast or creating an animation, Adobe Premiere’s Pro invitation templates consistently deliver a more polished result than their counterparts.

How to import Premiere Pro invitation templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro invitation templates this year, first navigate to Adobe’s website and look for templates that best suit your needs and download them. With Adobe Premiere open, click on “File” then “Import”. Alternatively, you can select the “Import” option from the media browser. Next, navigate to the downloaded template files, open them, and they’ll be placed in your Project bin for you to modify according to your specifications. It is important to note that because these are templates, they often come with placeholders for text, videos, and images which can easily be switched out with the media you prefer. Adobe Premiere Pro invitation templates are diverse and adaptable which provides myriad possibilities meant to fit into any function you’re planning.


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