The best Premiere Pro like and subscribe templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only platform with Like and Subscribe templates — there's an array of high-quality alternatives available this year.

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As we’re seeing many content creators gravitating towards home-based production, the appeal of professional video editing, particularly Adobe’s Premiere Pro, has evidently soared — and is likely to continue. Many of us are still utilizing premade ‘like and subscribe’ templates to catch up with our viewers, peers, and friends. While standard Premiere Pro templates persistently dominate the popular list, there is a vast catalog of exciting and complementary free templates that can maximally rocket your unique online presence. Coming up are highlights of some consequential and free Premiere Pro ‘like and subscribe’ templates. We’ve targeted templates that accommodate extensive features and can be easily customized. Instead of plain assumptions that the Premiere Pro built-in templates are your favorable pursuits, why not venture and compare these top-notch and intuitive alternatives? You just might find the perfect one that aligns impeccably with your creative approach and your viewers’ tastes. Here’s your exciting launchpad.

The best Premiere Pro like and subscribe templates 2023

1. YouTube Like & Subscribe

YouTube Like & Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Like And Subscribe” template by BRAXXU is a Premiere Pro tool intricately designed to enhance YouTube content. It hits the professional and dynamic levels through its customization capabilities, from clean designs to vibrant elements. Networking beyond YouTube, it incorporates popular social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, expanding its use for cross-platform promotion. This lightweight template encapsulates a ‘reminder’ feature, which nudges viewers to engage with channel activities beyond watching. It is ideal for users across broad categories, catering to bloggers, gamers, and Youtubers along with its facile overlay application. With its impressive features, “Like And Subscribe by BRAXXU” can effectively boost branding and viewer engagement.

2. YouTube Subscribe & Like Pack

YouTube Subscribe & Like Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The YouTube Subscribe & Like Pack is a practical template for Premiere Pro, designed to boost user engagement in YouTube channels. This pack includes a range of animated elements, such as subscribe and like buttons, bell notifications for updates, interactive transparent overlays, and video promo elements. The relatable clickable items will encourage users to become subscribed members of a channel. The pack’s creative design furthers audience interaction with the content through versatile, stylish buttons and eye-catching visuals.

3. YouTube Subscribe Like Notification Pack

YouTube Subscribe Like Notification Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro YouTube Subscribe Like Notification Pack is an ideal template for YouTubers, bloggers, filmmakers and corporations to interact with their viewers. It includes versatile elements like lower thirds, end screens, reminder notifications and promotional titles. The ready-to-use template aims to make it convenient to encourage followership and coax likes from viewers. It also includes subscribe and follow buttons that are integral to managing a successful YouTube or Instagram channel. Furthermore, this tool supports the use of MOGRT files, enhancing its ease of operation and functionality.

4. Urban Youtube – Like Share Subscribe

Urban Youtube – Like Share Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Urban Youtube – Like Share Subscribe template is a spunky and dynamic Motion Graphic template. With designs incorporating elements of urbanism and brutalism, it closely imitates the infectious energy of city life. Giving off an edgy look with torn paper, stroke techniques, grunge textures, and pop colors, the template fits Facebook and YouTube video creators seeking a call-to-action screen choice. It possesses six text placeholders and one logo placeholder. You need a Premiere Pro CC 2021 to use the template in its available 4K resolution. However, it doesn’t come with music. Concentrates promptly are bold, bright, notification-like, and would cater well for hip hop, glitch, game contents with a fast-paced scheme.

5. Trap Youtube – Like Share Subscribe

Trap Youtube – Like Share Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

Trap Youtube – Like Share Subscribe is a visually engaging Premiere Pro template designed with modern and energetic animation. It features interesting techniques to truly bring your media to life. The template comprises 5 text placeholders and 1 logo placeholder, making it a versatile call to action screen for your Facebook or YouTube videos. The design brings in elements of fast, game-like visuals along with a hint of glitch aesthetic. Additionally, it provides a smooth outro with the necessary call to action – for likes, shares, and subscribes – perfect for any kind of Youtube channel. The template is also 4K ready.

6. Youtube Like Comment Subscribe | For Premiere Pro

Youtube Like Comment Subscribe | For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Youtube Like Comment Subscribe For Premiere Pro” is an elegantly animated Premiere Pro template with a modern design. This beginner-friendly template includes a useful voicemail guided video tutorial and doesn’t require any plugins, offering fast rendering and easy customization. Simply adjust to your own designs, like colors, logo and text, while the inbuilt sound effects (pop, keyboard, bell) enhance viewer engagement. This well-organized project is tailored for a range of fields from marketing to economics – useful for creating attention-grabbing youtube promos. Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 and above, but doesn’t support After Effects. Notable highlights include 4K resolution, free updates and 24/7 professional customer support, facilitating both visual and user experience. Audio not included.

7. Subscribe Pack

Subscribe Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Subscribe Pack is a Premiere Pro template designed specifically for YouTube content creators, particularly bloggers and vloggers. This template includes themed buttons indicating “like,” “subscribe,” and “get notified,” to encourage viewers to engage with the channel content. The icons such as like, subscribed, bell sign are related to YouTube’s notification features, acting as visual reminders for the audience to stay connected. This user-friendly pack aids in enhancing the interactive aspects of your video, making it ideal for crafting a brand presence on YouTube.

8. Youtube Subscribe

Youtube Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template features an animated ‘Subscribe’ element specifically designed for use in YouTube videos. It includes 10 different ways to present the ‘Subscribe’ animation and allows users to easily control the animation’s time duration, as well as aspects such as color, associated text/logo and overall duration. Compatible with 4K, Full HD, and video formats used in Instagram Stories, the template includes a tutorial video and provides the user full control over design elements. Additionally, the template uses free fonts, making it versatile for various purposes, including blogs, broadcasts, gaming video intros/outros, and more accessible for users.

9. Subscribe Buttons

Subscribe Buttons (Credit: Envato Elements)

This advanced Premiere Pro template provides an elegant platform featuring animated subscribe, like, and notification buttons ideal for incorporating in any Youtube video. Offering advanced customizability options, this MOGRT file supports multiple formats including, 4K, FULL HD and configurations ie. horizontal, vertical or square. Simply by adopting a drag-and-drop method, users can position these defined elements, modify their size, color or opacity enhancing viewer engagements. Providing 10 animated subscribe buttons, users can conveniently control their video output characteristics with in & out animation feature extending from this non-intrusive yet effective Youtube interface. Resources include detailed guidance, excluding soundtrack or the demo video application.

10. YouTube Subscribe

YouTube Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro Like Subscribe and Notification Bell Video Overlay template is a notable tool for any YouTube channel users. Aimed to prevent viewers from forgetting to subscribe as they receive reminders of new videos, all within an engaging visual. Complemented with Social Media Lower Thirds and ending cards as an additional feature, which begins from 2:22 minutes into the preview. The template allows easy color changes, editable main text, and includes a list of free fonts without requiring additional plugins. Appropriate for marketing, promotion, and branding uses in varying situations providing versatility. The package also includes a user-friendly Video Tutorial bolstering its accessibility. Also featuring high resolution, with up to 4K effect on End Cards and Social Media Lower Thirds. The 17 YouTube Subscribe animations option, five available YouTube ending cards, and seven Lower Thirds complete one robust package posing huge flexibility for content creators.

11. YouTube Subscribe Reminder

YouTube Subscribe Reminder (Credit: Envato Elements)

The YouTube Subscribe Reminder is a user-friendly Premiere Pro template designed mainly for creating channel reminders during YouTube Broadcasting. With its animation element, it exhibits ‘like’ and ’subscribe’ buttons fading smoothly into view, suitable especially for bloggers and vloggers. It includes options to customize elements like the lower third and morgt for a personalized touch. Simply put, it aids in creating engaging end screens reminding viewers to like the video, subscribe to the channel, and activate notifications all carried out in an aesthetically pleasing and non-interruptive interface.

12. YouTube Subscribe Elements

YouTube Subscribe Elements (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro “YouTube Subscribe Elements” template is a comprehensive tool designed for content creators, specifically for channels focused on food or vlogging. Filled with YouTube-oriented graphics like the bell icon for notifications or channel intros, this template makes it easy to incorporate subscribe, like, and reminder notifications into your videos. It’s concentration on function and YouTube-specific elements makes it effective in reminding viewers to engage with your content in these substantial ways.

13. Youtube Neon Subscribe

Youtube Neon Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Youtube Neon Subscribe is a graphic template for Adobe Premiere Pro, primarily designed for vlogging and Youtube channel applications. It features a trendy neon theme, inviting viewers to like, follow, and hit the bell icon for notifications. This project does not require additional plugins making it easy to customize even for beginners. The template comes with a downloadable relaxing ambient musical score from Audio Jungle, increasing production value. It also includes a step-by-step video tutorial to assist in efficient utilization. With this template, you can emphasize subscription reminders and other crucial notifications without disrupting viewer engagement.

14. Creative Subscribe Elements

Creative Subscribe Elements (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Creative Subscribe Elements is an elegantly laid-out Premiere Pro template consisting of nine innovative animated Lower Thirds and Subscribes Panels. It’s molded to be impeccably suitable for various types of content, including portfolios, product promos, photographs, videos, blogs, lifestyle stories, sports, travel, fashion, food, nature and leisure etc. This template will enable you to showcase photos/videos, and offer lustrous, professional content to your audiences, without the need for any plugins. Tags associated with this template imply its adaptability to serve a myriad range of applications, like blogging, social media streaming, promotional content, video vlogging, YouTube channels and more.

15. Subscribe Panels (MoGRT)

Subscribe Panels (MoGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Subscribe Panels (MoGRT) is a Premiere Pro template suited to content creators looking to neatly incorporate subscribe and like reminders into their videos. This project consists of seven lower thirds with animated in/out features and an the editable Universalized Expressions. The template, which adheres to a 1920×1080 resolution at 60 frames per second, requires no additional plugin and is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2021 and above. Although it includes links to tutorials, free fonts, and exemplary media, all necessary images, videos, and music files must be provided by the user. Suitable for use across blogs, vlogs, YouTube, and a host of other social media platforms.

16. YouTube Subscribe Notification

YouTube Subscribe Notification (Credit: Envato Elements)

This YouTube Subscribe Notification template is dedicated specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro users. It’s a timesaver since it doesn’t need After Effects for installation and features full HD resolution at 1920×1080. It comes with a step by step video tutorial making it accessible even to beginners. It renders quickly, requires no plugins, and offers color controls. Furthermore, the project is well-organized, making it easy to manipulate for different uses. Notably, the template is beneficial to bloggers, vloggers, corporations and anybody operating a YouTube channel.

17. Youtube Subscribe Buttons

Youtube Subscribe Buttons (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Youtube Subscribe Buttons Premiere Pro template assists in creating animated reminders for viewers to like and subscribe. Business-oriented yet adaptable to multiple contexts, the template brings a clean, modern look to any broadcaster’s channel. Features like clean flat text animation, modern opener, Instagram transitions, and title options provide flexibility and ease of use. This comprehensive package doesn’t only cater to YouTube channels – it can be adjusted for other social media platforms or web content. The vibrant lower thirds will make promotions and product reveals pop, regardless of the channel or platform you use.

18. Modern Subscribe Button

Modern Subscribe Button (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Modern Subscribe Button is a customizable template designed for Adobe Premiere Pro. Minimalistic and stylish, the template includes animation elements like a subscribe button, bell symbol, and reminders, along with broadcast-quality branding tools. It enhances social media marketing by encouraging viewers to like, subscribe and follow the channel. This package is perfect for any YouTube channel, providing end screens, lower thirds, and channel promos. Taking a clean, colorful, and modern approach, the template presents all essentials for channel growth and viewer engagement, adding followers and increasing views. Its elegant creativity offers unique opportunities for individual branding and promotion.

19. YouTube Subscribe Button | MOGRT

YouTube Subscribe Button | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a YouTube Subscribe button template designed for use with Adobe Premiere Pro.The template features an accurate replica of the YouTube interface subscription button, designed to upgrade your video aesthetics. Ideal for YouTube or TikTok content creators, it can potentially expand audience interaction and subscriber numbers. Items such as fonts, size, color, and roundness are all easily customizable, and it’s compatible with Google Material Icons. Boasting sleek In-Out animations and multi-language support, this button adds embedded professional touch. It’s a tool maximizing flexibility by being resizable, workable with any font without the need for plugins, and boasts a rapid render speed.

20. Clean Youtube Subscribe Pack

Clean Youtube Subscribe Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Clean Youtube Subscribe Pack is a premiere pro template designed for adding a sophisticated and clean look to your youtube channel content. It features elements like a subscribe button, channel name, and bell icon for notifications; useful for vloggers and bloggers. Furthermore, the package includes lower third titles and social overlay reminders that subtly prompt interaction. Its unassuming yet classy design enables it to fit seamlessly into any video theme or color scheme. Tagged as a blend between an eye-catching overlay and a discreet reminder, this layout pack serves as a professional and effective tool to increase viewer engagement.

What are Premiere Pro like and subscribe templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro ‘Like and Subscribe’ templates are professionally designed shareable graphics which provide video creators streamlined toolkits to encourage viewer engagement. These slick and visually appealing templates make it easier for YouTubers, Instagram ninjas, vloggers and every kind of digital content creators to ask viewers in an attractive manner to hit the “like”, comment on their post, and “subscribe to their channels or profiles. Especially for 2022, several trends are on the rise in the template space that are not only dynamic, engaging but also impress viewers through sophisticated visual design aesthetics.

In the year 2022, some of the best Adobe Premiere Pro Like and Subscribe templates are excellent in terms of sleek animations, modern fonts, and integrating social media icons tastefully. Animation-based designs, including stunning 3D effects, are gems for creators to make their videos stand out in the crowd. Intelligent use of colors also show merit when incorporated in the templates that easily blend with diverse themes and brands. Adding to it, some designers have taken a minimalist approach using subtle graphics detailing which are proving popular because of their classy touch, potentially catching viewers’ eyes. These recent templates are stepping up the game when it comes to punctuating video content with striking visual cues.

Why use Premiere Pro like and subscribe templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro is widely acknowledged for being a highly adaptable and robust video editing software. One reason why their like and subscribe templates are considered top-tier this year is due to their user-centric design. Adobe consistently implements user feedback into enhancements, thus constantly evolving and improving their templates’ elements. These templates are tailored to catch body’s attention, featuring technicolor graphics and sleek animations that engross the viewer while avoiding becoming too disruptive or impeding the main content’s flow. The customizable nature of Adobe’s templates make them appropriate for different style preferences, rendering them appealing to a broad user base.

Another compelling reason involves Adobe Premiere Pro’s comprehensive compatibility and cross-functionality. Adobe’s ecosystem synergizes its array of software, boosting users’ productivity via seamless data transfers between different applications such as After Effects and Photoshop. This unification extends to their templates, establishing a seamless workflow that transcends multiple software. Furthermore, Adobe’s continual updates place special emphasis on maintaining a forward-compatible system. Their templates evolve in tandem with each software update ensuring not only compatibility, but continually gaining contemporary features that would align them with current editing trends. Thus, users using Adobe Premiere Pro can trust in a proactive system sustained by updated, effective, and customizable templates to meet their requirements in varied creative projects.

How to import Premiere Pro like and subscribe templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro ‘like and subscribe’ templates, you first need to download the templates, which are readily available online from sites such as Motion Array, or even in Adobe’s own stock template library. After downloading the file, locate it in your system and unzip it if it is condensed. Once unzipped, launch Adobe Premiere Pro, go to ‘Graphics’ at the top of the screen then choose ‘Install Motion Graphics Template’. Find the folder where the unzipped file is situated, click on it then select ‘Open’. Your template will then be added in your Essential Graphics panel, ready for you to utilize it in your project. This broad availability and seamless integration are why Adobe’s software and these kind of practical templates have continued to earn industry respect this year.


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