The best Premiere Pro lyrics templates this year

Adobe Premiere Pro isn't the only destination for lyric templates — explore the plethora of top-quality templates ideal for your music video production.

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As numerous content creators are persisting with digital platforms, adding visually compelling elements to their projects—especially music videos—has become increasingly essential. Many of us are still utilising Adobe’s flagship video editing software, Premiere Pro, to achieve slick, professional results. Premiere Pro’s built-in templates carry a significant part of that burden, yet in the ocean of offerings, identifying the right one could be demanding. What’s been most attractive this year are the lyrical templates, enhancing how well music videos transition and resonate with their spectators. What we’ve compiled here are some dynamic, captivating, and incidentally free Premier Pro lyric templates to create gripping visual effects for your final delivery. Don’t feel constricted by the saturation of a single design; why not try different styles, see how it harmonises with your creative aspirations, and how warm your viewer’s reception is. To ease your quest in this overwhelming market, this list is an optimal place to kick off.

The best Premiere Pro lyrics templates 2023

1. Lyrics Template

Lyrics Template (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lyrics Template is a unique and vibrant Premiere Pro Template, designed especially for creating visual narratives, complete with accompanying song lyrics. It’s suitable for making punctuating thanks to on-screen typography, enhancing music videos, romantic films, commercials, wedding features, or promotional visuals. The template includes 50 text holders and scenes which are easy to move and adjust duration. It comes with customizable color control, editable fonts, modular structure, and a strategic placeholder for photos/videos- it assures high resolution (Full HD 1920×1080). MOGRT files and a Video Tutorial are also included for easy customization. Note that music is not included.

2. Lyric Elements

Lyric Elements (Credit: Envato Elements)

Lyric Elements is a vibrant, animated template designed for use with Adobe Premiere Pro. It creatively and vividly displays music lyrics on the screen. The entire theme centers on conveying feelings of love, even incorporating elements such as hearts, sun, windmill and flowers. Additionally, it uses transitions had cartoon spark explosions which are prevalent. It also suits themes around Valentine’s Day and weddings, making it versatile for various moods and occasions. With an audio track: Bright Shining Love (Vocal Mix), this template brings brightness and sweetness into the themes it portrays. Audio preview gives 2 minutes and 30 seconds duration. This premiere pro lyric template can cater for a tempo of 143 bpm.

3. Music Players With Lyrics Titles

Music Players With Lyrics Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Music Players With Lyrics Titles is a Premiere Pro template specifically designed for any project requiring synced lyrics and audio visualization. The key feature of this template involves digital players with audio spectrum visualization that adapt interactively with any song, assisting users in creating an immersive music player preview for tracks. Highlight of the template includes neon-style graphics, which enhances aesthetics tailored primarily for social media platforms like Instagram. Its flexible design allows it to accommodate different song durations and beats per minute settings, such as the included track “These Are the Best Days” by pinkzebra.

4. Lyric Video For Premiere Pro

Lyric Video For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Lyric Video for Premiere Pro’ is a versatile and easy-to-use template ideal for animating song lyrics. This project is designed with customization in mind with a dynamic text animation style, and doesn’t require any additional plugins for its usage. It comprises of 68 pre-made titles and supports full HD resolution. It uses universal expressions making it compatible with any languages. It is expertly structured for easy use and quick render times. In addition, the project offers full control of colors and effects via an educational video tutorial. Note the template does not contain music. Note as well that this modern, Instagram-friendly video does allow for lyric videos to be created easily and professionally.

This lyrics Premiere Pro template is also part of our video editing list.

5. Lyric Slideshow | Premiere Pro

Lyric Slideshow | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lyric Slideshow | Premiere Pro is a visually compelling template offering a unique, modular design ideal for repurposing across various projects. It is dominantly accompanied by 5 audio tracks named ‘Optimistic Light Acoustic Folk’ by Bright_Light, all differing in length to serve varied preferences. Rich with colorful, hand-drawn transitions it smoothly integrates lyrics and accompanying images creating an intimate, storytelling mood perfect for family, travel blog posts or presentations. Its introductory, smooth-flowing opener uplifting the atmosphere could also suit ‘confession’ genre projects. The speedy beat of 180 BPM further enhances its spirited appeal.

6. Cartoon Lyric Animations for Premiere Pro

Cartoon Lyric Animations for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cartoon Lyric Animations for Premiere Pro is a visually engaging template designed for adding identifiable, fun, and pop aesthetics to your projects. This template includes eye-popping animations, incorporating elements of color, cuteness, doodle design, and hand-drawn elements. Its warm and happy overtone, exemplified through the use of cartoon-style flowers and simple strokes, is perfect for a wide range of compositions – from love songs to light-hearted social media content. It aligns with happy, upbeat music styles, giving a synchronous flow to your lyrical compositions.

7. Lyric Video Template | Grunge Style

Lyric Video Template | Grunge Style (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lyric Video Template | Grunge Style is a customizable tool for the innovative Premiere Pro user interested in music and video projects. Featuring stylized brush strokes and splatters, this template creates an appealing, grungy aesthetic for lyric videos. Its unique typography presents clear, dynamic lyrics alongside your musical accompaniment, reminiscent of karaoke style. Apart from lyric and music videos, it can easily be adapted to other lifestyle-themed projects. This template offers creative freedom for medleys of paint themes and the musical milieu, providing an edge to your video content.

8. Cartoon Lyric Titles for Premiere Pro

Cartoon Lyric Titles for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cartoon Lyric Titles for Premiere Pro is a youthful and visually stimulating template suited for social media content creation, particularly for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Its bold typography, eye-catching designs, including cartoon fire, a standard skull, and psychedelic elements, make it attractive for brand marketing and personal blogging. The designs and elements used in the template are very colorful and modern, targeted towards a youthful audience. Adding lyrics or text reveals is simple and can appeal to the viewer’s refined and stylish sense. Lower thirds options for branding purposes are also included in the template.

9. Lyrics Template Liquid Style For Premiere Pro

Lyrics Template Liquid Style For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lyrics Template Liquid Style for Premiere Pro features a lively animated font in a ‘Liquid Look’ ideal for creating custom Lyrics videos. Without requiring plugins, users can drag-and-drop the provided compositions to design sleek lyrics videos. The template facilitates straightforward font changes directly in Premiere Pro, and extensive customization including color, position, and size alterations. Using Premiere Pro Motion Graphics templates’ compatibility starts from CC2019 and above with supplementary tutorial support made available. Essential software requirements include After Effects and Premiere Pro installation on user’s computer. Note, music tracks are not provided and audio used in previews are not included. Key descriptive indicators would include features such as cartoon, confetti, hand-drawn elements, karaoke style, liquid effect, music and song typography, and splatter stories.

10. Cartoon Lyric Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Cartoon Lyric Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

Cartoon Lyric Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT is a vibrant, hand-drawn template ideal for creating engaging lyric videos and presentations. It features colorful, cartoon-like autumnal themes well-suited for conveying messages about beauty, family, or a declaration of love. The multi-purpose template allows you to showcase text animation, titles, and smooth transitions. The cartoony appeal enhances the mood, making it perfect for projects related to music videos or simple slideshows.

11. 2D Lyric Elements | Premiere Pro MOGRT

2D Lyric Elements | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The 2D Lyric Elements Premiere Pro MOGRT is a visually-appealing template that allows users to add stylized and professional lyric overlays to their videos. Inspired by abstract, autumn-colored cartoons, its elements include hand-drawn shapes, leaf transitions, and slide-show backgrounds, complementing the fine fettle theme. It is an ideal choice for incorporating love confessions within lyrical videos. It’s also filtered by ‘windnan’ for its soothing, visually focused feel. This makes a compelling and stylish difference to personalized or promotional videos aimed at harmony and introspection. Tagged under ‘lyric pack’, this template brings words to life on screen elegantly.

12. Lyric Video Template 2 – Premiere Pro

Lyric Video Template 2 – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Lyric Video Template 2 – Premiere Pro is a creative tool ideal for those looking to display lyrics or text seamlessly with their media. Featuring 21 pre-animated titles, this template allows full control over elements such as fonts, color, text position, and scale. All elements are delivered in Mogrt format guaranteeing easy editing and adaptability. Two additional files are included specifically for background and film burns customization, enabling the use of any media or color. It is perfect for creating content for music videos, songwriting showcases, or special events. The template package also includes a detailed tutorial video.

This lyrics Premiere Pro template is also part of our video editing list.

13. Lyric Elements and Scence | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Lyric Elements and Scence | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

Lyric Elements and Scence | Premiere Pro MOGRT is a versatile template that allows users to present lyrics in a dynamic and creative way. It comes with a variety of elements such as bird and star overlays, cartoon transitions, hand-drawn effects, and more. The template also encompasses fun, animated text styles that add a unique charm to any project. Users can personalize the scenes according to their thematic requirements, making it ideal for love confessions or other lyrical showcases. Please note, the audio used in preview (These Are the Best Days by Pinkzebra) is not included.

14. Lyric Music Video – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics

Lyric Music Video – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lyric Music Video template for Premiere Pro focuses on Essential Graphics that cater to lyric-based video productions. It showcases a charming hand-drawn cartoon style that applies typography techniques to boost elegancy. Created to fit romantic themes, this template could be a suitable choice for music and wedding videos. In addition, it’s specifications support Instagram’s format, enhancing its versatility. It adds a selection of kinetic elements and introduces an effect of aberration to increase the visual appeal. Make creative and artistic music videos having rhythm-inspired graphics synced with the lyrics of the song.

This lyrics Premiere Pro template is also part of our music video list.

15. Lyric Video // Hip-Hop Typography

Lyric Video // Hip-Hop Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Lyric Video // Hip-Hop Typography” is a high-energy, dynamic, Adobe Premiere Pro template ideal for making a music lyric video, with a focus on hip-hop culture. Characterized by its bold typography and brutalist design style, the template showcases an aggressive and eye-catching text animation perfect for a modern urban street aesthetic. It features 36 pre-made text scenes and 25 image scenes, along with 22 brush graphic elements, providing a range of stylistic options. The template, designed to operate flawlessly in Adobe Premiere Pro CC21 v.15.01, requires no additional plugins. Its cohesive design reinforces the essence of hip-hop culture, empowering creatives to showcase their favorite track in a unique and compelling format.

16. Lyric Template | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Lyric Template | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lyric Template for Premiere Pro MOGRT is a multifunctional tool ideal for creating romantic audio-visual projects such as music clips, wedding videos and more. With a modular structure allowing for assorted styles, users can drop their desired image or video, modify the text, and attach audio to achieve their envisioned result. The template offers use of any font with a link provided to ensure convenience. Also, a useful help file is included. The versatility of this template makes it perfect for a range of themes, including but not exclusive to adventure, animation, weddings, travel and love-themed projects. It is compatible with Premiere Pro 2019 and above.

17. Lyric Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Lyric Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lyric Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT template offers dynamic, hand-drawn animation to spruce up your lyrics visuals. Thoughtfully crafted keeping a child-friendly aesthetic in mind, it incorporates elements of bubbles, smoke effects, and water-inspired splashes emulating a playful pool environment. Featuring trendy, customizable text animations proved ideal for captivating your audience attentively to your on-screen lyrics. The template also includes a soundfx tag, implying it can synchronously work with your audio for a more immersive experience. It’s a wholesome offering for anyone aiming to make rhythmically engaging lyric titles or text presentations.

18. Lyric Titles| Premiere Pro MOGRT

Lyric Titles| Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lyric Titles| Premiere Pro MOGRT is a finely crafted template specifically designed for adding lyrics to videos. Equipped with lower thirds, the package is animated and brimming with a fun and vibrant cartoon-style approach. It’s ideal for presentations or slideshows where text and title animations enrich the viewer’s experience. It makes adding splash transitions between titles straightforward, thereby condensing complex motion graphics tasks into simpler processes. Perfect for users needing to efficiently meld lyrics into their creative video projects.

19. 2d Lyric Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT

2d Lyric Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The 2d Lyric Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT is a template primarily for Instagram stories, YouTube, and personal brand video type. It comes brimming with fun and beauty in a immersive 2D cartoon aesthetic. It’s particularly suitable for crisp summer themes, given its splashy water, liquid transitions, and bright color palette. This template enables users to present Lyrics next to other visual elements in a captivating manner, perfect for creators tackling colorful, energizing, and playful subjects/content to connect with an online audience.

20. Love Lyric Animations | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Love Lyric Animations | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Love Lyric Animations is a 4k-resolution Premiere Pro MOGRT template designed for creating animated lyrics videos. The template contains an assortment of appealing cartoon characters and stickers evoking feelings of love and joy. Its heart and couple icons making it appropriate for depicting love stories, while the colorful ambience calls attention to the allurement within the template. The hand-drawn motifs in the templates enhance its charming and simple aesthetics. Importantly, it is perfect for use in family settings and across various social media platforms for lyrics, love narratives, and appealing visuals.

What are Premiere Pro lyrics templates?

This featured content from The Verge covers Adobe Premiere Pro Lyrics templates, a popular tool for modern creatives. These templates serve as versatile aids for those working on music-related projects, including lyric videos, music tracks, promotion clips, and more. They help to showcase the background lyrics presenting an aesthetically pleasing visual appeal into your video, assembling impressive and professional sequences with minimal effort. An array of the best templates often come fresh this year with innovative styles, effects, animations, and customizable features designed for Adobe Premiere Pro.

These user-friendly templates are perfect for any creative professional looking to bring a piece of lyrical magic into their video projects. Beyond matching beats and rhythms, they engage audiences by letting them attune to your video content’s lyrics for better resonance. The best Premiere Pro Lyrics templates this year offer advanced features like full HD resolution, easy-to-edit text boxes, various artistic font styles, and a library of captivating transitions that are easy to manipulate. The magic lies in helping creators produce impressive videos without significant video editing skills while enhancing the theme of their song or music. This is another way that Adobe promotes more extensive access to video creativity for all sorts of media creators.

Why use Premiere Pro lyrics templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro is a gateway to creativity and self-expressivity, providing peers in the video-editing realm with a plentitude of user-friendly options. When it comes to lyric videos specifically, incorporating the best Premiere Pro lyrics templates in 2021 can help simplify the editing process, reduce the learning curve and increase efficiency. These templates provide premade, easy-to-customize visual assets that can enhance the lyric delivery, draw viewers’ attention, and visually enrich videos, making them quality competitive. Savvy editors can significantly expedite their workflows and produce engaging lyric videos faster and easier.

Unleashing its true potential, Adobe Premiere incorporates a spectrum of design friendly options- ease in typography, smooth blending options, prepared motion graphics, and advanced color-grading tools. Deploying state of the art Premiere Pro lyrics templates can distinctly facilitate creating consistent styles and themes, befitting different musical genres or moods. Professionally pre-built designs can resonate with the music rhythms, bestow a synchronic balance, and evoke emotions aligned with the song lyrics. Hence, in a capaciously digital year like this, properly levying these handy tools, editors/designers exponentially increase the viewing pleasurability while saving valuable time.

How to import Premiere Pro lyrics templates?

To import the best Adobe Premiere Pro lyrics templates of this year, choose your preferred design from the various online platforms that offer templates such as Envato Elements or Motion Array. These platforms typically allow two different download options. Templates are often delivered either as .MOGRT files (graphics file format used by Adobe Premiere Pro) or project files. If you download a .MOGRT file, navigate yourself to “Graphics” in Premiere Pro. Always remember to install the required fonts before opening Premiere Pro. Then click “Install Motion Graphics Template”, browse and choose your downloaded .MOGRT file. If you download a template as a project file, you can simply open this project in Premiere Pro, change its content and reuse them in any other projects. See to it to also install any required plugins. Keep collaborating the artwork of the incredible motion writers behind these high-grade template files–and create visually stunning frameworks for unforgettable tunes myself.


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