The best Premiere Pro mogrt templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only mogrt template provider - there are a myriad of top-notch templates you can employ for your editing this year.

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As several content creators continue to produce quality video content for varied audiences, utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro (when suitable) seems unchanged and will likely persist for the upcoming years. Many budding and professional editors use motion graphics templates or mogrts, to elevate their editing process. Adobe Stock arguably leads this array of repositories, but there are a multitude of other free sites available from where you can get these vital editing tools. Hereafter are the summaries of some of the most riveting free Premiere pro mogrt templates. We’ve featured templates which offer a significant impact and flexibility to every video project. Instead of just rushing to Adobe Stock, it might be worthwhile to explore a couple of these options first, in order to determine how well they serve your creative pursuit and align with your taste or your team’s or audience’s taste. If you’re ready for your drawing board, this narrative could be a valuable kick-off point.

The best Premiere Pro mogrt templates 2023

1. Infographics I MOGRT

Infographics I MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

Infographics I MOGRT is a Premiere Pro template designed for extensive and detailed infographic visualization. It offers multitude of variety which includes features such as bars, pie charts, widgets, maps, timelines, and typography depicting different digital information modules, suitable for a wide range of fields spanning business analytics, social media metrics, economic data/cryptocurrencies and population statistics. The template even highlights specific details regarding the countries, states— specially USA, implying its geographical focus. Bundled into a cohesive unit, these infographics will suffice various visualization needs across different professional domains. It encompasses audio in its preview window that’s Uplifting Future Bass by 7_Keys, providing an upbeat, powerful atmosphere.

2. Basic – Animation Icons (MOGRT)

Basic – Animation Icons (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Basic – Animation Icons (MOGRT) is a data-driven premiere pro mogrt template. It’s a creative pack of flat design icons with thin outline and line art and are animated, using technologies such as Bodymovn and is adaptable to Lottie. Its usability ranges from web design for homepages, landing pages, CMS themes, adaptive UI/UX to banner presentation, and explainer videos. It features a versatile collection of basic icons, including namely home, location, info, add, favorite, search, trophy, gallery, service, briefcase, email, and folder.

This mogrt Premiere Pro template is also part of our explainer video list.

3. The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT

The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT is a sophisticated and innovative toolkit for recreating the iconic 1980s aesthetics in your videos. This toolkit comes with 45 unique text styles, 39 retrowave backgrounds, 14 animation styles, 20 VHS overlay options, and 6 stylized taglines. There are user-friendly controls to help you tailor your personal style. Neon shapes, retro treatments, and yes-pop culture inspired vibe give your project the classic 80’s signature styling effects. Additional features include an alpha channel for transparency, animation capabilities, and futuristic design options. Classes, insignia options and a variety of label styles enhance this versatile packages already rich font collection. It lets you plug into the electro, new wave era effectively recreating a nostalgic vibe.

This mogrt Premiere Pro template is also part of our animated title list.

4. Education and Science Animation | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Education and Science Animation | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Education and Science Animation Premiere Pro MOGRT template is an all-purpose tool suitable for a diverse array of projects like video explainers, infographics, website animations, social media posts, marketing content, and many more. The design is minimal, modern, clean, yet unique, with great attention to detail including 26 ready-made scenes. Its flexible text and color controls are guaranteed to work in any language and does not require any plugins. It accommodates projects requiring a wide range of display formats including HD to 8K resolutions. The file includes Premiere Pro files, motion graphics templates, a help document, and font and illustration details. The indicated soundtracks are not included.

This mogrt Premiere Pro template is also part of our premiere project list.

5. Text Messages Package l MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Text Messages Package l MOGRT for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Messages Package is a MOGRT bundle explicitly designed for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021+ and Adobe After Effects CC 2021+ aimed at assisting editors in incorporating messaging visuals into their video projects. Comprised of ready-to-use presets like text, vertical and horizontal photo, location, voice, file, and “typing” messages, all conveniently customizable inside Premiere Pro or After Effects to adjust timing, color, text, opacity, and more. Each element is resizable to maintain quality regardless of resolution. Also included in the bundle is a detailed video tutorial and a free font link. Technical support availability guarantees a seamless editing experience. Suitable for a variety of projects, like vlogs or YouTube videos.

This mogrt Premiere Pro template is also part of our premiere project list.

6. Real Estate | MOGRT

Real Estate | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Real Estate | MOGRT template is suitable for all Premiere Pro users desiring a distinct, customizable layout for advertising properties. Additionally emphasizing color contrast and animation, it contains MOGRT files specifically engineered to edit text colors in Essential graphics. In sporting 1080×1920 HD resolution, 5 unique scenes can be personally tailored, accompanied with tutorials, music links, and free fonts for expedient utilization. Supporting primarily Instagram slide shows, stories and videos, it also covers other social platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Round it up with Olexandr Ignatov’s uplifting tracks for a lively portrayal of property listings.

7. Typography | MOGRT

Typography | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The MOGRT template named “Typography” is primarily designed for Premiere Pro software. This high-quality dynamic template is imbued with black, bold and brutalist aesthetics paired with kinetic typography, delivering a captivating digital glitch effect that accentuates fast animations. Some key utilities of this Typography MOGRT template can be found in corporate videos, product promos, intro sequences, TV shows, and particularly for creating compelling posts for social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. Additionally, it facilitates the simple integration of customized ‘.txt’ and ‘.ai’ elements, making it a very useful tool for professional video editing.

8. Instagram Stories | MOGRT

Instagram Stories | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Instagram Stories MOGRT is an adaptable template for Premiere Pro. Aligned with today’s prevailing aesthetics, it offers a minimal and elegant design solution that fits both Instagram and IGTV formats. Suitable for array of applications such as broadcasting, corporate presentations, animations or typography, it features adjustable color controls and kinetic type options for more intuitive and dynamic storytelling. The template tracks well with digital technology or corporate documentaries, with audio tracks ranging from 27 seconds to 2.33 minutes. Apart from Instagram, the template can also be used for YouTube and Facebook applications.

9. The Opener | MOGRT

The Opener | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Opener | MOGRT is a template designed for use in Adobe’s Premiere Pro editing software. Its options emphasize a modern and dynamic feel, suitable for delivering video content across various platforms. This template could be particularly useful for those creating content related to fashion, lifestyle, sports and urban streetwear, due to its stylish lookbook-ers and grid gallery. The multi-screen and multi-frame function offer great options for a collage or mosaic style presentations. It also carries broadcasting and promotional elements that could meet the requirement for Youtube, Instagram and social media channels. It can be used as a opener, slideshow, portfolio, intro or even an event promo.

10. Christmas is MOGRT

Christmas is MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Christmas Is” MOGRT template designed for Premiere Pro is a comprehensive, user-friendly solution to send festive greetings to both personal and professional network circles. Predominantly purposeful for creating holidays promos, intros, and corporate or family season’s greetings, it extends its applications to chrome-casting websites and YouTube channels. The selling point of this full HD, 1920×1080 resolution template is that it allows the personalization of texts and background colours, transpiring various look and feel variants. Customization instructions are provided in a self-explanatory PDF help file. The package operates on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 or newer versions, without any requirement for additional plugins, After Effects, or audio. Its notable themes encapsulate celebration, fairytale aesthetics, holiday ambiance, seasonal merriments, and topically, Christmas and New Year.

11. Lower Thirds | MOGRT

Lower Thirds | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Lower Thirds | MOGRT” template is exclusively designed for Premiere Pro to comprehensively manage on-screen titles and text animations. This minimalistic pack features elegantly animated lower thirds and typography options that assist in broadcasting and presentation needs. It includes kinetic text animations for a sporty appeal, ideal for corporate titles and intro sequences. The bundle also gives color control options to fit company branding while offering stylish titles for social media stories on Facebook, Instagram, and IGTV. It also offers text packs that write for YouTube projects, enhancing their professionalism.

12. Quotes | MOGRT

Quotes | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Quotes | MOGRT is a Premiere Pro template intended to assist in creating colorful titles in the quote format, utilizing a modern design that can be altered to fit diverse media content. With high flexibility, the template allows changes in positions, color, scale, length and opacity. The project is designed to be compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2020 and later, offering Full HD, 30 fps, and a capacity of adding ten animated titles. The features include control of IN & OUT animation for more specific content duration. The template is simplified for the editing, including a detailed help file that provides guidance. The design includes elements suitable for various usages – from corporate quotes to social media titles. Other versions available include After Effects and FCPX. Tags: abstract, social media, motion, typography, corporate, minimal.

13. Lower Thirds MOGRT

Lower Thirds MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Lower Thirds MOGRT’ is a concise and sleek in-out animation template for Premiere Pro. Attuned for 4k resolution, it’s well-suited for usage in corporate presentations, TV broadcasts as well as social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The template package boasts clean typography, title animations and dedicated lower third elements for an effective and neat textual presentation. It’s designed to enhance promos, stories, reels, and any other broadcast elements, providing a professional look to any visual media content.

14. Wedding | MOGRT

Wedding | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Wedding | MOGRT” is a Premiere Pro template designed primarily for wedding-related content. With a catalog of functions, it can serve to construct a story around photo galleries or image rotations, creating an engaging, captivating narrative elevated by elements of romance and love. It also includes features suitable for businesses like photo studios or for personal uses such as Valentines’ day greetings or anniversary celebrations. The template supports a vertical layout, catering especially to social media platforms like Instagram. This versatile tool delivers efficiency, simplicity but with classy output as it suits a spacious range of requirements and themes.

15. Typewriter / MOGRT

Typewriter / MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

Typewriter / MOGRT is a Premiere Pro mogrt template with nine unique title formats that can help elevate the professionalism and creativity of any video project. It’s characterized by a distinct typewriter-inspired style, self-resizing box, glitch effects, and an adjustable color, speed, and size. Particularly well-suited for use in video intros, promos, and video descriptions, users can easily create a host of additional titles from the original nine. Also included is a useful video tutorial that demonstrates how to use the versatile typewriter template. Notable is the availability of soundtracks hereblink, boosting audio-visual cohesion. Overall, it catifies efficient one-stop options for enhancing lower thirds, heading, typography, and other text-based elements of any Premiere Pro project.

16. The Slideshow | MOGRT

The Slideshow | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Slideshow | MOGRT is a motion graphics template specifically designed for use in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 or above. This template, featuring high-definition 1920 x 1080 resolution at 29.97 FPS, provides you with a one minute 36 seconds duration to showcase 20 photos and incorporate corresponding text. A control panel and video tutorial make it easy to use without needing any additional plugins. The evocative music from audiojungle enriches the mood. The 3D photo slideshow capabilities and styling elements make it perfect for capturing beautiful moments, memories and traveling experiences, with a vintage, cinematic feel for weddings or other cherished events.

17. Real Estate Mogrt

Real Estate Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro MOGRT template catantically designed to aid the creation of stunningly visuals for real estate campaigns. The product includes a motion library containing various elements such as titles, shapes, backgrounds, gradients, and icons, optimized for 1080p resolution at 30 fps. Users can easily customize the premade sections and quickly create video content. The template caters to a wide range of real estate-related topics, including not only agencies and real estate properties, but also ecommerce, offices, hotels, resorts, and general property advertising. Specifically engineered to operate with Premiere Pro CC 2021 and higher, the template sports a clean, professional, and elegant look. Notably, the product extents customer support round the clock. Please note that images, videos, and music in the preview are not included in the download file.

18. Instagram stories MOGRT

Instagram stories MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Instagram Stories MOGRT template for Premiere Pro primarily focuses on presenting content in a lively, refreshing dynamic within the dimensions designed especially for Instagram’s story format. It features clean and simple animations contrasted with stunning glitch effects for a more modern and stylish flare. Suitable for presenting text content, brand logos, sports stories, or virtually any social media updates, the template delivers a progressive and contemporary feel ensuring noticeable viewer engagement and content articulation. Despite its modern aesthetic, it retains the standard user-friendliness of Premiere Pro MOGRT templates.

19. Cracked Instagram Stories – Mogrts

Cracked Instagram Stories – Mogrts (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cracked Instagram Stories – Mogrts template for Premiere Pro is meant for gaming-related broadcasting and promotions, with a futuristic, cyber and glitch-themed design. This template creates dynamic and engaging introductions for live streaming esports tournaments, game teams, player profiles, and digital promotional content within the realm of video games. The robust design supports expression, enjoyment, and challenges. With associated functions such as highlighting the equipment pc gamers use; like joysticks, mouse & keyboard, and moniter, to name a few, it can be utilized audiovisually indicating the dedication and enthusiasm of esports lovers. Ideal for professional youtube gamers, twitch streamers, and esports event organizers.

20. Wedding Intro (MOGRT)

Wedding Intro (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wedding Intro (MOGRT) is a modern and versatile template designed for Premiere Pro creators making content for Instagram stories. It offers 6 unique design layouts compatible with both images and video in a 1080×1920 resolution—appropriate for IG story format. It is marked by universal language support and no plug-in requirement, enhancing user convenience. Moreover, it aligns smoothly with After Effects CC 2021 and carrying provisions for easy usage—the template even includes a comprehensive video tutorial guide. Aesthetics weaved into the design reflect spaces like a loft, swimming pool areas, office environments and other interior spaces, alongside emphasising modern but luxe interiors. Whether for a media opener or a property showcase, this can gracefully serve diverse needs.

What are Premiere Pro mogrt templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro mogrt (Motion Graphics Template) templates are a game-changer for any budding video editor. Available in both After Effects and Premiere Pro versions, these templates are user-friendly and bring a wealth of creative possibilities to anyone who wishes to take their video editing workflow to the next level. The best part? They can be easily found within Adobe Stock and seen later where you can search by different specify such as transitions, title sequences, or lower thirds. Simple or complex, they offer motion design capabilities that previously required more advanced technical skills to execute.

This year, some of the best Premiere Pro mogrt templates have boasted impressive animation features and iconography that have elevated not only the aesthetic allure of video editing projects, but also their comprehensibility. Templates with dynamic effects, modern fonts, and geometric layouts are particularly avante-garde, accurately mirroring the sleek and cutting-edge themes prevalent in contemporary popular culture. They not only provide incredible shortcuts to a professional-level production, but present a myriad of customizable options to ensure every output is uniquely aligned with the creator’s vision. MoGRT templates are, therefore, an invaluable tool in the arsenal of today’s video editor.

Why use Premiere Pro mogrt templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro mogrt templates are often dubbed as one of the best tools available for video editing this year, and quite rightfully so. The main attraction is their elegant, pre-built designs which enables novices and professionals alike to render a polished final product. The Premiere Pro mogrt templates cover a large array of themes ranging from text transitions to title sequences that can be fully customized, which makes them applicable for virtually any project you want to embark on. Considering the fact that these templates take away the painstaking and time consuming task of creating effects from scratch, it facilitates drastically improving workflow efficiency and the general quality of the output.

Another factor that bolsters the popularity of Adobe Premiere Pro mogrt templates is their flexible integration feature. With this feature, you could integrate content across Adobe Premiere Rush and Adobe After Effects which gives you a wider field to show your creativity and create dynamic video content. Sprinkle in the fact that these templates are compatible with various video dimensions, including landscape, portrait, and square, it reinforces their value, as they are ideal for crafting eye-catching media content for numerous social media platforms. Besides, with frequent updates in Adobe’s library – in terms of design choices and creative functions – Premiere Pro mogrt templates have indeed risen to be among the best in the industry during this year.

How to import Premiere Pro mogrt templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro’s best .mogrt templates this year, you first need to begin in the Essential Graphics Panel (EGP). The templates, known as .MOGRT files, stand for Motion Graphics Template Files and are often the go-to for multiple versions of animated graphics or texts, like lower thirds or callouts. Within the EPG, hit the “+” icon to open a browse window and navigate to the place you have saved your .mogrt files. After locating it, select the templates you wish to import. Click ‘Open,’ and your template will now populate in the Browse tab from where you can drag it straight into your timeline, and get editing!


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