The best Premiere Pro mosaic templates this year

Premiere Pro mosaic templates aren't the only ones on the market — there are a number of outstanding templates ready for you to use this year.

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Even as many movie makers and video editors are adopting cutting-edge software, the preference for Adobe Premiere Pro (where applicable) remains unchanged and is surely here to stay for a considerable while. Several of us still turn to a variety of mosaic templates on Premiere Pro to spice up our videography skills, edit aesthetically compelling footage, or churn out mesmerizing advertisements. Native Built-In Mosaic Effect knows how to lead this pack of mosaic templates, yet an array of indisputably viable free alternatives floats around that warrant your attention. The time has come to untangle details on the year’s much sought-after free Adobe Premiere Pro mosaic templates. By retaining a focus on the ones that support extensive customization options, not merely a single look, it distills from complexity to simplicity. Don’t just conclude that Native Built-In Mosaic Effect ticks all your boxes. Take the plunge with one or two from this lineup to gauge how seamlessly they comply with your craft, and those with whom you collaborate, or simply feed forward with your imaginative ideas. Use this curated list to jump right at the deep end.

The best Premiere Pro mosaic templates 2023

1. Mosaic Photo Reveal || Mosaic Intro MOGRT

Mosaic Photo Reveal || Mosaic Intro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Photo Reveal || Mosaic Intro MOGRT is a stylish template designed by Mk_Motion for Adobe Premier Pro CC 2021 and above. It offers 77 media placeholders, modifiable text placeholders, and customization options for colors through the control layer — all without the need for plugins or After Effects. Home to a detailed PDF guide and round-the-clock support, this template accommodates users from all language backgrounds utilizing its universal expressions feature. It’s versatile for uses such as presentations, social media posts, vlogs, photo albums, or video displays. Please be informed that images used in the preview are not included in the actual project file.

2. Mosaic Slideshow

Mosaic Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Slideshow is a distinctive Premiere Pro mosaic template that can turn photographs and videos into a catchy and optimistic showcase with inspiration. This template features a fascinating mosaic sequence complemented by vibrant elements, energizing transitions, and slots for extending pictures or video clips referred to as placeholders. Structured with an indie and bright look, its cool rhythmic flow is set to the timing of motivation pop rock tracks making it perfect for corporate presentations, summer party promos and any event that could use a crystal-shaped, energetic and abstract montage to deliver a positive and attention-grabbing intro.

3. Mosaic Intro

Mosaic Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Mosaic Intro” is a customisable Premiere Pro template for short productions. Aimed at businesses or individuals alike, it can be manipulated to your unique digital content using Premiere Pro 2021 (or newer) from text and logos, to images and colors, lending the project a modern eye-catching appeal. Among its uses include intros for TV shows, promotional materials for upcoming events and openers for social media videos. It remains straightforward in use and requires no plugins. The template supports high resolution up to 4K and includes a separate, in-depth instructional video. The proposed audio for the template is called ‘This Hipster’ by InPlusMusic. It caters to various themes like corporate promo, creative art display, photo albums, event teasers, portfolio showcases, and frames multimedia on a photo wall part of a multifarious screen, providing an unforgettable dynamic visual experience.

4. Typo Mosaic

Typo Mosaic (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Typo Mosaic Premiere Pro template is designed creatively and allows substance for versatile uses in advertising, awards ceremony broadcasts, corporate logo displays, and other commercial platforms. This template demonstrates a neat and elegant mélange of cinematic visuals and digital collage that make it ideal for fashion shows, event parties or corporate showcases. Made clean with engaging visuals, you can present a gallery of images, videos, or photos in a mosaic logo, populate an LCD screen or a photo wall in a zoomnan pattern. This impressive portfolio solution is suitable for vlogs, social media, trailers, web titles, and is especially appreciated among photographers for its efficiency and simplicity. Introduced with a potpourri of photo logos and video frames, it connects on a personal level and greatly reinforces advertising of a travel company, a personal brand or a YouTube Channel. This chic, multipurpose and attention keeping template enriches any broadcast news, corporate web titles or personal vlogs.

5. Mosaic Logo Reveal

Mosaic Logo Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Logo Reveal is a creative template compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021, offering full HD resolution (1920×1080) with a MOGRT file. It requires no plugins and can be comprehensively customized, including color control and optional depth of field settings. The template includes space for up to 28 photos and links for the recommended Gotham font. A license comparison guide, video tutorial, and details about how to customize the template are also included, ensuring a simpler experience for users. Whilst it is designed as a logo opener, it can be repurposed for numerous creative photo presentations. Music, font, images, and video are personalizable, although not included in the template.

6. Mosaic Photo Reveal

Mosaic Photo Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Photo Reveal template for Premiere Pro is a distinct, modern logo intro tool versatile enough to fit both personal and professional aesthetics. Perfect for all forms of media including commercials, trailers, movies, or even social network posts, this template can adapt to your needs. Import your desired visuals into the multi-screen video wall for a custom, clean intro for mediums like a YouTube vlog, for example. Appeal to your viewers with the brisk yet professional animation. The template does not need any plugins and also includes a guidance video. Bearing aesthetic traits, the template has organizational, gallery, and even multi-screen capabilities. This isn’t just an introductory tool it is a multipurpose asset available for creating photo galleries, splitting screens, and more.

7. Mosaic Parallax Slideshow

Mosaic Parallax Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Parallax Slideshow is an elegant Premiere Pro template, perfectly suited to bring your photos to life in a cinematic style. With a clean execution, it collages images together using the parallax effect, creating a visually appealing and stylish photo slideshow. Images can appear inside defined photo frames to imitate a family photo album or a compendium of holiday memories. It’s also flexible enough to apply to event promotions or anniversaries. Allow yourself to bring elegance to your visual storytelling with this unique, mosaicked twist on classic slideshows.

8. Premium Overlays Mosaic

Premium Overlays Mosaic (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premium Overlays Mosaic template is compatible with After Effects 2019 and Premiere Pro 2021 and higher. It can adapt to various resolutions including 4K, HD, Square, and Mobile. With 32 Mogrts included, users can utilize Blending Mode to enhance footage without requiring plugins. A Universalizer Controller makes it suitable for any language, and there are voiceover tutorials included. Features fit well into diverse scopes, such as broadcasting, gaming, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube), and even cinematic or wedding videos. There’s a vibrant blend of effects like glitch, mosaic, transitions, and dust effects.

9. Mosaic Photo Gallery

Mosaic Photo Gallery (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Photo Gallery is a multipurpose Premiere Pro template perfect for showcasing content in a dynamic and engaging fashion. This template allows for multi-screen display, making it exceptional for modern showreels, event promos, or even corporate intros. Three color versions are provided: white, black, and bright purple, but colors can be adjusted according to individual needs. Users can easily replace text fields with photos or videos, tailoring it to serve needs ranging from Instagram content sorting to vlogging on YouTube. This template, suitable for Premiere Pro 2021 and above, allows for both creativity and professionalism while keeping things stylishly clean.

This mosaic Premiere Pro template is also part of our picture in picture list.

10. Mosaic Video Opener

Mosaic Video Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Video Opener is a meticulously crafted Premiere Pro template that offers a unique, dynamic way for content creators to introduce their work. Designed to display as either a photo slideshow or video, its modern, opulent mosaic aesthetic enables attractive promotion of products or concepts. Ideal for intro, logo, opener, and trailer work, this tool simplifies creating work specifically tailored for platforms like Instagram, making it appropriate for both professional and layman users aiming to produce visually compelling content.

11. Mosaic App Promo

Mosaic App Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic App Promo is a versatile, high-end template created for Premiere Pro. Perfectly suited for promoting mobile services, apps, and websites etc. , this tool specializes in accentuating app features through effective visual representation. Users may incorporate screenshots, video and enticing animations. Remaining adaptable, the patent dark style shell and selective motion design adds mystique and professionalism to any project, whether it’s a weather app or trendy watch service. High-resolution, 3D imagery ensures high-quality screenshots. Stylishly presenting applications in a unique, dynamic manner, this template successfully combines functionality with aesthetics to win over audiences. This makes any market reach streamlined and convenient while leaving a memorable impression.

12. Mosaic Logo Intro

Mosaic Logo Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Mosaic Logo Intro” is an innovative Premiere Pro mosaic template designed mainly for introduction videos but can be utilized in various settings due to its versatile design. This multipurpose template features an array of stylistic features including minimalistic but dynamic visuals, creative frames, and a quick logo reveal. Furthermore, it has an in-built audio track by GlowCity which goes perfectly with this attention-winning layout offering an edge of modern sophistication serving well from casual vlogs to professional filmmakers. Its adaptability extends to different platforms ranging from Instagram to Youtube making it a tool for all. Thanks to its adaptive mosaic gallery design, it accommodates plenty of audiovisual content making it particularly suitable for vibrant summer motifs and rushes or even fresh fashion campaigns.

13. Mosaic Logo Opener

Mosaic Logo Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Logo Opener is a Premiere Pro template meticulously designed for creating dynamic, quick insights of pictorial content. It’s adaptable to various uses from corporate presentations or YouTube vlogs, to gallery introductions. Its unique feature is creating a mosaic effect using either people’s faces or different pictures that collectively reveal a logo or any brand insignia. It’s also Instagram friendly and exhibits an exciting stomp style animation—ideal for creating snappy demo or promo content. Furthermore, this template has zoom elements for more focus, adding a dash of social impulse to this aesthetic design.

14. Mosaic Cube Block

Mosaic Cube Block (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Cube Block is a Premiere Pro template that uses a complex combination of smaller photos or videos to construct a larger “mosaic” like image. Awash in versatility, it can work with simple static images or intricate video footage. The template functions especially well in depicting a narrative or story progression, making it ideal for corporate presentations or any wider broadcasts. As hinted from its tags, it is able to cater for different social media platforms like Instagram, thereby offering wider reach. Sleek and swanky, it gives memories and work showcases this deeply unique and eye-catching format.

15. Mosaic Slides Logo Opener

Mosaic Slides Logo Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Mosaic Slides Logo Opener” is a Premiere Pro template ideal for photographers and portfolio development. Developed for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020, After Effects CC 2020 installations, it incorporates a combination of 40 different image slide placeholders and attached title holders, featuring four unique frame styles that can either show photos or videos. The user-friendly template facilitates easy customization, with full graphics flexibility and a simple drag-and-drop feature, facilitating quick rendering. Users also have a logo holder and access to multichannel slides. Detailed PDF help included to guide you better, however, an audio file or preview images need to be added additionally.

16. Mosaic Opener for Premiere Pro

Mosaic Opener for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Opener for Premiere Pro template provides dynamic transitions and effects to create compelling displays for videos and images. Suitable for various purposes, such as corporate presentations, advertising campaigns or social media content, it allows users to make an effective introduction with a stylish grid or collage layout. Accompanied with animation, blur and parallax features, multi frame and multiscreen options, it can add an elegant and cinematic look to production. The template length is 1:42 and matches the BPM of ‘Rhythm Of The Streets’ by Bright Light to set a lively urban ambience. Brands, broadcasters and influencers can significantly benefit from its versatile use.

17. Dynamic Mosaic Logo Intro

Dynamic Mosaic Logo Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Mosaic Logo Intro is a sophisticated Premiere Pro mosaic template. As indicated in its name, it creatively uses the mosaic style to introduce a logo dynamically. It’s perfect for enhancing a host of media formats – fast-paced social media posts such as Insta-stories, Vlogs, kinetic typography and photography-centric content. The layout is ideal for demonstrating a photo collage or gallery, making it suitable for remembering significant memories in a singular photo album, or introducing a photography-themed promo. Its efficient multi-screen display can accommodate multimedia materials for reveals, slideshows, story reels, and even documentary presentations.

18. Mosaic Logo Opener | MOGRT

Mosaic Logo Opener | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Logo Opener | MOGRT template is a dynamic Premiere Pro feature that allows users to unveil logos in an appealing, mosaic-themed format. Well-suited for a variety of sectors, such as Instagram feeds, YouTube channels, TikTok posts or vlogs, the tool can be used to assemble photos into neat grids or collages. The versatile template can be applied to more specific events like birthdays, weddings, fashion scenarios, or NFT summaries. Features like zooming, step presentation, and a short, efficient design, provide a unique reveal approach for logos. The product is free and easy to use.

19. Mosaic Opener | MOGRT | Logo Opener

Mosaic Opener | MOGRT | Logo Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Opener is a multi-faceted Premiere Pro template that allows you to display your photos or video clips artfully across multiple screens. The “MOGRT” in its title stands for Motion Graphics Template, indicating this download is a seamlessly-used integrated graphics animation. This opener is particularly striking with its collage-style gallery ready to showcase photography portfolios, vlogger reels, or professional end cards on YouTube channels. Accompanied by a ‘snap’ audio logo from BlueEagleAudio, it efficiently projects your unique logo in the ending or starting of videos, thereby ideal for Instagram stories and YouTube shorts.

20. Mosaic Picture Wall for Premiere Pro

Mosaic Picture Wall for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Mosaic Picture Wall for Premiere Pro’ is an easily customizable template, designed to hold plenty of different media elements. With 365 places for media and 20 places for text, this 4K resolution template perfectly suits those seeking to create a high quality multi-media composition. It features a practical Essential Graphics Panel that brings simplicity to customization, making it friendly for new users. The package includes many premium additions such as free font links, After Effects project files, and round-the-clock item support. Please note that the images and music featured in the preview are not included. Tags: summary of the year, slideshow, sport, timeline, travel, video wall, wedding etc.

This mosaic Premiere Pro template is also part of our picture in picture list.

What are Premiere Pro mosaic templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro mosaic templates have emerged as phenomenal tools for videographers interested in introducing visual complexities into their projects without sacrificing time or experiencing the technical overwhelm. These pre-designed templates inject staggering mosaic effects into videos, thereby garnering more engagement by substantially revamping the visual aesthetic and rendering the narrative more exhilarating. The templates, typically provisioned by industry experts, span an array of styles, from simulating shattered glass effects to spinning mesmerising staggered scenes.

In addition to a plethora of impressive designs availed this year, professionals are embracing the unprecedented multiple-effects capability latent in these templates. Essentially, the Adobe Premiere Pro mosaic templates are continuously optimised throughout the year with resizable vectors, editable text layers, customisable colours, versatile graphics and much more, all in a user-friendly interface. Offering a comprehensive solution, from quick pattern fillers to engaging opening sequences, Pro mosaic templates are lauded for their capacity to elevate any video project into a striking professional masterpiece that will ultimately leave viewers spellbound.

Why use Premiere Pro mosaic templates?

The use of Adobe Premiere mosaic templates represents both professionalism and dynamism in the realm of video editing and content production this year. Bosch’s unprecedented range of tools and accuracy available skillful creators allow marketers, artisans, storytellers, and tech connoisseurs perfect their craft. Adobe Premiere Pro, indeed, the industry-standard for high-quality content creation, harnesses the power of these mosaic templates to make visually Stunning, compelling content with an accentuated appeal and uniqueness which further facilitates storytelling and communication.

What makes Adobe Premiere the prime choice for video editing schematics is it offers a diverse suite of assets tailored to users’ specific needs and purposes. With this year’s mosaic templates, they provide a graphic blend of patterns and creativity perfect for a myriad of applications from feature films, TV series to YouTube videos, aiding editors make slick transformations, flawless audio effects and ingenious crafting. They streamline the production process, saving valuable time and effort, therefore, giving video editing endeavors a dash of finesse and sophistication. This makes Adobe Premiere Pro mosaic templates a prevailing trend in the digital landscape for 2021.

How to import Premiere Pro mosaic templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro mosaic templates into your project, first, make sure the template file is downloaded and accessible on your computer. Open Adobe Premiere Pro and select your project. Click on the ‘Essential Graphics Panel’ located on the right side of the screen, and click on the button that says ‘Install Motion Graphics Template’. This will open a file browser, through which you may navigate to the location you saved your template. Once found, simply click on it, select ‘Open’, and the template will be imported into your Premiere Pro project, ready to be dragged onto your timeline and customized within the program to match your desired aesthetics. Remember, adding compelling visuals such as mosaic templates to your videos elevates built-in dynamicity while emphasizing your content literacy.


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