The best Premiere Pro motion templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the lone source for motion templates — explore the most impressive free Premier Pro motion templates of the year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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In a time where video content continues to remain king in digital communication, many of us are continuously looking to up our game in video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro has become a preferred tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike thanks to its powerful editing features. But the standout heroes of this unique software are undeniably the motion templates. Their ability to add slick, high-quality animation to your edits can go unchallenged. However, finding the right template can feel overwhelming because there’s an almost unending stockpile to sift through. Sure, we all know that templates by the likes of MotionElements and RocketStock are very popular yet there are numerous other creators offering fantastic templates available for the taking. In light of this, we’ve shone a light on some of the most engaging free Premiere Pro motion templates available for you this year. We have narrowed the field to those which can truly overhaul your video content and set a benchmark for quality. Instead of solely defaulting to the known leaders in the market, you might want to experiment with some other templates to see how well they melt into your unique editing style or the project you are undertaking. Consider this your guide to finding the best Premiere Pro motion templates this year. It’s an excellent place to dive in.

The best Premiere Pro motion templates 2023

1. Motion Fashion Instagram Stories

Motion Fashion Instagram Stories (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Motion Fashion Instagram Stories template is designed for Adobe Premiere Pro to spruce up your social media content. Packed with dynamic animation features such as stop motion, text animation, and lower thirds, these templates are an infusion of creativity and energy to your stories. It includes grunge elements, media presentation capabilities, and paper textures to ensure a trendy output. The preinstalled logos and title graphics enrich the content, promoting more engagement among viewers with its stylish and “crazy’ yet aesthetically pleasing visuals.

2. Video displays in motion

Video displays in motion (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro motion template named “Video displays in motion” is specially designed for Instagram stories that need a dynamic upgrade. It features 6 aesthetically appealing options and offers both 1080×1920 resolutions, while boasting an ‘easy to use’ mantra. The template is compatible with every language version of Premiere Pro and works well with After Effects CC 2021. Users can include both videos and images, with an included video tutorial for assistance, and easy organization. Notably, no plugins are needed, making this accessible for beginners as well. It best compliments social media, hip hop, and urban street contexts.

3. Crazy Motion Titles

Crazy Motion Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Crazy Motion Titles is a well-structured Premiere Pro template focused on motion graphics. It’s compatible with Premiere 2021 and features 6 video placeholders and 9 text places, that can be fully edited through Premiere’s essential graphics menu. You can also loop the animations, and it includes a 3D pre-rendered background, and has space reserved for your logo. A step-by-step video tutorial assists you in customizing the template to your liking. While preview videos, images, and music aren’t included, the link to the licensed images and the recommended music, Upbeat Corporate Inspiring & Sport ByDirtyflint, are provided.

This motion Premiere Pro template is also part of our video editing list.

4. Motion Titles and Lower Thirds

Motion Titles and Lower Thirds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Motion Titles and Lower Thirds Premiere Pro template integrates diverse envelope pushing creative elements such as the captivating dynamism of typography, intriguing animation, and stylish, modern motion titles. It embodies a playful blend of vibrant purple hues and grunge aesthetics with creative flexibility in color control. Adding a touch of quirkiness to the settings, it embraces styles from crazy, unfolding arrows, to felt pen and paper effects. Ideal for presentations, promo videos, special events, intros, or openers, this template provides a unique experience and contributes greatly to emotional resonance and thematically engaging masterpieces.

5. Liquid Motion Shapes

Liquid Motion Shapes (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro motion template, titled Liquid Motion Shapes, provides a high level of customization and variety with 20 unique text animations. As per the digital needs of contemporary editing, it is resizable and compatible with Premiere Pro CC2021 and higher. The user-friendly design requires no plugins and features a tutorial video to enable a smooth user experience. With cross-border accessibility through International expressions and an auto resizing text box, it fits for varied content arenas, such as corporate presentations, documentaries, social media promotions and more. Enjoy minimalistic design elements, even in advanced tasks like creating lower thirds or personalized titles.

6. Modern Motion Titles

Modern Motion Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Modern Motion Titles is a Premiere Pro motion template inspired by a versatile range of aquatically-themed concepts. From ocean waves to free-flowing liquid simulations, this template encapsulates the exact essence of a modern, summer vacation. The template serves a variety of needs: overlaying cartoonish titles on vlogs, creating fun transitions during parties or making a smooth splash in a bold video campaign. It acts as a perfect tool for any creator striving for fluid visual cohesion onscreen. With lively colours and transition elements playfully peppered throughout, it adds depth and vivacity to any digital media project.

7. Dynamic Motion Opener

Dynamic Motion Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Motion Opener is a Premiere Pro motion template that exhibits a predominant minimalistic and modern approach. It tags attributes like clean, corporate graphic styles alongside flat design techniques. This template bursts with refined elegance application which works suitably with lower thirds usage. The animation format promotes simplicity and emphasizes the minimalist aesthetic, making it ideal for mini presentation types. Keywords such as typography highlight the textual animation features that pair seamlessly with the simplistic modification of titles. This helps create a versatile usage in differently themed contexts.

8. Motion Titles -MOGRT

Motion Titles -MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Motion Titles – MOGRT is a Premiere Pro template, specially designed with modern and corporate themes. It features an array of kinetic typography and dynamic title styles to suit various projects, offering a strong visual aesthetic with a dash of energy. This fast-paced, rhythm-centric template provides a distinctive opener or intro for promotional materials or slide presentations. Its use of modern designs and kinetic typography techniques enable more engaging content creation.

9. Stop Motion Grunge

Stop Motion Grunge (Credit: Envato Elements)

Stop Motion Grunge is a Premiere Pro motion template that is innovative and distinctive. It delivers 13 unique title animations, ensuring diversity in content creation. The template’s resolution is Full HD 1920×1080 and it contains smart controllers, intended for versatile application across various formats. Use of the template requires the presence of Adobe Premiere and After Effects CC 2019 on one’s machine. It encompasses a number of features perfect for clean, commercial, and corporate themes, consisting of lower thirds, minimal elements, motion packs, and premade text/title designs. Also noteworthy is the offer of free customer support.

10. Stop Motion Lower Thirds

Stop Motion Lower Thirds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Stop Motion Lower Thirds is a premiere pro motion template, designed to bring an action-filled, cinematic finish to your video content. It promotes highly dynamic motion, with the unique stop motion effect as its core specialty. The motifs of city and urban life settings are diligently displayed, often resonating with the realistic themes of street views and urbanist ideas. Commonly used in reels and promos, the template pitches in a visually stunning contribution for impactful content outcomes.

11. Motion Elements Pack

Motion Elements Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

This premiere Pro motion template, named “Motion Elements Pack,” offers a versatile selection of functional elements for your videos. It features a clean and modern design style in vibrant gradient hues of oranges and yellows, offering an appealing touch of abstract artistry. The pack provides a comprehensive set of titles, lower thirds, and nuanced typography options that are simple yet elegant. Emphasizing minimalist aesthetics, this template augments any video project requiring a less complicated approach to design, all while retaining a refreshing burst of color.

12. Animated Motion Titles

Animated Motion Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Animated Motion Titles Premiere Pro motion template is a versatile tool for text-based storytelling. The template includes modern, professionally designed lower thirds, transitions, and opening title animations. Ideal for corporate and business contexts, the template uses simple shapes, quick animations, and clean text blocks to convey information efficiently and attractively. Also, it is very user-friendly and allows for convenient customization, making it easier to align with different themes or brand styles. Thus, this template offers a streamlined, effective approach to enhancing video presentations or introductions with dynamic text titles.

13. 100 Motion Elements Premiere

100 Motion Elements Premiere (Credit: Envato Elements)

The 100 Motion Elements Premiere Pro template is a dynamic and diverse tool that suits a multitude of video editing scenarios. It brings together both vintage and modern styles with 3D, neon, hologram aesthetics, and includes animated text, fire animation effects for a striking appeal. From liquid patterns and glossy finishes to stop-motion cartoon graphics, these designs provide an impressive isometric view in a minimalist setting. Options extend to Instagram-worthy fonts and retro typography making this handy for various social media platforms. Tags-wise, the template touches on shapes, types, strokes and a inclusive text pack for diversified use.

This motion Premiere Pro template is also part of our animated title list.

14. Photos In Motion Logo Reveal

Photos In Motion Logo Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photos In Motion Logo Reveal is a vibrant Premiere Pro motion template that employs a myriad of animated effects to highlight pictures. Gear yourself up for alternating high-energy flashes, nuanced animated scribbles, all compactly encapsulated in a 2D cartoonish style. Primarily orchestrated with an energetic rock music piece, the animation ensures it emanates an exhilarating presence. This particular template charms with its full dynamism, employing a comprehensive range of motion elements to impart a lively, hand-drawn feel to the visuals.

15. Motion Transitions For Premiere Pro

Motion Transitions For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Motion Transitions For Premiere Pro is a flexible and high-resolution template featuring 1920x1080p output and compatibility with Premiere 2021 or later. It allows users to edit everything directly from the essential graphics menu. The project incorporates 31 photo or video placeholders and one logo placeholder. It facilitates easy color change of backgrounds. The package doesn’t include any music. Accompanied by a comprehensive video tutorial, it involves the engaging elements of camera work effects suitable for a range of uses. Its themes are suitable for everything from family photos to social media promotions. Please note, this template is not accompanied by music.

16. Motion Presets for Premiere Pro

Motion Presets for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Motion Presets for Premiere Pro is a collection containing a vast array of features designed for 4k resolution video manipulations. Developed 100% for Premiere Pro, the template is compatible with any frame rates per seconds. Colors can be effortlessly altered and a useful video tutorial is included. It is optimized for Premiere Pro CC18 or newer. This toolkit brings you various features deployed in professional videography such as after-effects, broadcast, clean, drag and drop, explainer and more along with uniquely designed transitions, creating a flat, minimalistic yet modern aesthetic for any explainer videos, presentations, or slideshows.

17. Liquid Motion Shapes And Titles

Liquid Motion Shapes And Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

Liquid Motion Shapes and Titles is a creative and versatile Premiere Pro motion template suitable for various types of projects. Expertly designed with dynamic kinetic animation, it gives users a convenient way to enhance their content, from promotions to Twitch streams or vlogs. This template provides a full package of uniquely animated text titles and transitions along with high-quality motion graphics. Considering key tags such as Stream2020, typography and presets, it clearly aims to meet modern needs and trends, offering a professional option for incorporating visually compelling elements in a fluid, streaming format.

18. Stop Motion Neon Promo

Stop Motion Neon Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Stop Motion Neon Promo is an engaging Premiere Pro motion template that is characterized by vibrant neon colors and dynamic stop motion effects. Perfectly suitable for an array of motion graphics, video intros, and animation projects, this template also boasts a flexible design customization. Built-in sound effects amplify its energy, further enlivened by the exciting audio tracks in the preview. An amalgamation of the liquid motion, splash styles, wave elements, and interesting shapes makes it a sophisticated tool for creating cartoon-influenced visuals. Transitions and title options enhance versatility, fulfilling a multitude of creative needs.

19. Motion titles – Premiere Pro

Motion titles – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Stop Motion Neon Promo” template provides users a unique tool for creating promoting video featuring neon designs and glitch, stomp, and neon effects. Ideal for several events such as; a party, hip-hop dancers, music fest, mall sales, among others. This template allows the user to incorporate personal photographs or videos, and customise text to fit their narrative. Despite its complex appearance, the template is designed for easy use, offering fast rendering and simple color changes, available even to those unfamiliar with Advanced Adobe Programs. additional guidance is available in a provided help file. It best suits any project requiring street style, hip-hop-leaning tone, and stylish dynamic sequences.

20. Stop Motion Multiframe Intro

Stop Motion Multiframe Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Stop Motion Multiframe Intro is a Premiere Pro motion template the encapsulates motion in a unique, minimalist approach. Each photo taken at a different time frame comes together to create an attention-grabbing narrative. This intro works best for corporate, promo, and social media advertisement given its clean and business-like design. Other highlights include text animation with a rhythm that adds an excellent beat to the visuals. Fugu_Vibes incorporated Technology Fashion Action Energetic Background audio in this template consisting of five different tracks. Use it to add diversity to your content, especially in conveying quotes, titles, and typography.

What are Premiere Pro motion templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro motion templates are pre-made video graphic elements reminiscent of a plug-and-play toy. Usually downloaded by filmmakers and video editors, these ready-made packages help seriously cut down the time required to assemble motion graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro. The templates comprise diverse components such as title sequences, transitions, special effects, animations, and lower thirds. By leveraging these templates, video producers can focus more on enriching the narrative and content of their film rather than solely fine-tuning technical aspects.

This year, as a burgeoning legion of budding video makers channel their creativity through videos, indulging in the best Premiere Pro motion templates became all the rage. From glamorous, well-timed transitions to meticulously crafted graphics that bring out the visual aesthetics of your content- these templates offer a broad gamut of styles that cater to almost every imaginable context. The best Premiere Pro motion templates this year not only come equipped with time-saving features but also seamlessly blend with your project, giving it a top-notch professional polish. Personalizing content according to each unique project and standing out has never been more straightforward, courtesy of Adobe Premiere’s motion templates.

Why use Premiere Pro motion templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro boasts a top-of-the-line video editing platform perfect for creators who are focused on producing high-quality content. The program contains an extensive assortment of Premiere Pro motion templates that users can leverage to turn their creative vision into a reality. Digital effects, solid animations, lower-third titles are just some of the excellent elements they can infuse into their productions, giving them a polished and professional look. Furthermore, these templates save learning time and effort as they enable non-expert editors to produce compelling, professional content, faster and with ease without needing advanced levels of expertise.

In 2022, the availability of more top-grade Premiere Pro motion templates is setting new editing standards in the industry. With superb sophistication, they are being used to develop stunning, studio-grade edits from the convenience of your workstation. Customizable templates particularly enhance the user’s creative freedom to allow personal branding and unique stylistic approaches. These templates aren’t just tools for creativity, they also streamline post-production workflows. Regardless of the complexity of a project, these templates enable users to meet their video production deadlines while shelling out visually engaging content admired by both viewers and clients. So, choosing Adobe Premiere Pro with its superior motion templates truly provides unmatched styles for presentation that deserve to be at the forefront of visual storytelling in 2022.

How to import Premiere Pro motion templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro motion templates this year, first, download and unzip the template files you wish to import from a trusted source. Launch your Adobe Premiere Pro software and navigate to the ‘Window’ option in the main menu, go down and click ‘Essential Graphics’. From the new window that opens, toggle to find the button at the lower end labelled ‘Install Motion Graphics template’. Navigate to where your downloaded templates are stored and select the PRPROJ, MOGRT or AEP file type of the templates to import. Choose the appropriate destination folder, and click ‘Install’. Voila, imported Premiere Pro motion templates should be ready to use inside the ‘Browse’ tab.


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