The best Premiere Pro movie trailer templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only platform for movie trailer designs — here are some of the best templates available this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While many burgeoning filmmakers are heading back to production studios, digital editing, particularly at home, seems to have made its mark and is likely not fading anytime soon. Many creators are still using software like Premiere Pro to craft, fine tune and edit their work – be it short films, features or even shoestring budgets videos. While the market is peppered with a variety of softwares, Adobe’s Premiere Pro consistently graces the top of that list, but there are plenty of other remarkable movie trailer templates available that could enhance your visual storytelling. What you’ll find up ahead are some of the most compelling free Premiere Pro movie trailer templates of this year. We’ve narrowed down on templates that offer ample room for cinematic creativity without any restrictions. Rather than allowing Premiere Pro be the only viable choice for you, you might consider testing these templates to identify how well they align with your artistic vision and your colleagues’ aesthetic. Let this list be your guide on this creative journey.

The best Premiere Pro movie trailer templates 2023

1. Cinematic Movie Trailer

Cinematic Movie Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cinematic Movie Trailer is an advanced and powerful template designed for use with Premiere Pro 2021 or higher. The project features a full HD 1920×1080 resolution at 25 frames per second, perfect for a range of visually intensive genres, from blockbuster and all the way to bollywood and gaming trailers. With a running time of 39 seconds, it presents 6 diverse placeholders and 10 textfolders for maximal control and customization. The project also includes a helpful PDF file for guidance. Strongly oozing aesthetics of multi-faceted adventure, brutal dynamism, hybrid fragility, hollywood charm, and an epic racing tease, this enables creators to offer a compelling preview of stunning cinematic experiences.

2. Glitch Movie Trailer

Glitch Movie Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

Glitch Movie Trailer is a stylish Premiere Pro template designed for film or video promotion. The template caters primarily for Premiere Pro CC17 (11.1.2) and includes movie trailer and movie title comp sections. The movie trailer carries a duration of 1:15, with provisions for 5 video/photo placeholders and 14 text holders. In contrast, movie titles last 0:35, with one video placeholder and five text holders. Rendered in Full HD 1080p resolution and at 25 fps, this template offers a modern, grunge-style, detail-loaded design with glitch effects, noise and distortion elements to heighten reveal sequences and add depth to your video, film or commercial production.

3. Horror Movie Trailer

Horror Movie Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Horror Movie Trailer” is a dynamic Premiere Pro template. Designed primarily around the ambiguous theme of horror, it incorporates 23 text placeholders, 5 image placeholders, and a logo, adding depth, excitement, and mystique to any upcoming trailers. Boasting exemplary specifications such as Full HD resolution, a runtime of 30 seconds, easy-color control, and quick rendering, it targets a wide variety of users, even those using After Effects 2021 or Premiere Pro 2021 and upper versions. Although the audio and preview images are not included, it does not require additional plug-ins. The love for enticing cinematic effects extends teasingly to themes of dark horror, dynamic channels, summer sketches, and the trends of YouTube stomp typography.

4. Grunge Movie Trailer

Grunge Movie Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Grunge Movie Trailer is an advanced Premiere Pro template, compatible with CC 2017 or above, that doesn’t require plugins for use. This visually intriguing template is thematically grunge and offers 15 placeholders each for media and text, and operates on HD 1080p with a speed of 30fps for a sharp cinematic feel. Among its features are a well-organized structure, easily customizable setup, and a welcome video tutorial. Ideal for a wide variety of visual showcases including romantic videos, showreels, TV shows, slideshows, special events, it allows the use of images as well. Utilizes glitch and particle effects for a bold cinematic appeal.

5. Horror Movie Dark Trailer

Horror Movie Dark Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Horror Movie Dark Trailer” template provides a robust base for producing chilling promotional materials for your horror film project. The template offers a dark, eerie ambiance accentuated by bloody designs and terrifying imagery, including branches, cemeteries, and skulls. Whether you need to create movie end credits, title sequences, or teaser trailers, this template features the versatility to suit diverse content goals. To customize, simply import your preferred images or video content, tweak the text, add complementary audio, and showcase your scary vision. This professionally-designed Premiere Pro movie trailer template ensures easily customizable and high-quality results for any horror or thriller project you have.

6. Epic Cinematic Movie Trailer

Epic Cinematic Movie Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Epic Cinematic Movie Trailer is a comprehensive Premiere Pro template that offers full HD resolution of 19285×1080 pixels. It’s compatible with any frame rate and Premiere Pro 2021 or higher versions. The template has a short duration of 39 seconds and provides 6 placeholders along with 10 text folders. A helpful PDF file is included for user convenience. The template reflects a dark, impactful, and cinematic ambiance presumably suitable for game intros, movie teasers, or trailers. Its features and effects include cinematic flare and particle effects. A compatible soundtrack can be found on AudioJungle.

7. Trailer – Cinematic Movie Opener

Trailer – Cinematic Movie Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Trailer – Cinematic Movie Opener is a beautifully designed Premiere Pro template imbued with a blending of modernism and high cinematic quality. Perfect for creating trailers, teasers or film openers, this template combines elements of a dark, atmospheric aesthetic with glowing particle animations — enhancing the effect of revealing layered emotions. It delivers a nuanced feel of an epic saga set against a backdrop of stars, suited for presenting an autobiographical montage themed around awards, nominations, or talent. Adaptable to different platforms like Netflix, Instagram, or YouTube, it also allows for adding inspirational narrative or love story arcs.

8. Cinematic Trailer | Movie Teaser | MOGRT

Cinematic Trailer | Movie Teaser | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

Cinematic Trailer | Movie Teaser | MOGRT is a Premiere Pro template meticulously designed for crafting captivating movie trailers and teasers. The unique combination of stylistic elements such as dark, metallic intersections, glitch effects wrapped in kinetic particles induces a sense of suspense and action. The template renders a visually striking and distinct black tone making it ideal for crafting blockbuster-style trailers. Additionally, extensive customization options extend to the text overlays and title sequence, enabling the creation of a compelling intro that piques viewer interest.

9. Cinematic Movie Trailer for Premiere Pro

Cinematic Movie Trailer for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cinematic Movie Trailer For Premiere Pro is a sophisticated, dynamic template engineered for creative film producers and editors. It is designed with elements such as motion graphics, grungy black/yellow visuals and placeholders to fit individual needs. This template features a wide variety of personalized text settings, thus it helps in introducing the film with custom titles and credits. Conveniently, it comes with an action packed audio track ‘Smash It Up’ by Music2noise for a heightened movie-like effect, making intros compelling from the outset. Its inherent versatility can be leveraged to create a stirring promo or an epic film trailer.

10. Action Movie Trailer Premiere PRO

Action Movie Trailer Premiere PRO (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Action Movie Trailer Premiere Pro template is specifically engineered for creating high-quality, dynamic content suitable for an array of genres. Given its categorization under tags like epic, cinematic trailer, and action thriller, it can create significant previews for action, drama, and adventure films. Features such as dynamic titles, film openers, and broadcast titles lend it a professional touch perfect for both movie trailers and television promotions. Specialty intros for themes like boxing or bloodsport come included as well. Boasting energetic titles, this template adds a visually robust and engaging feel to your work.

11. Stellar – Movie Trailer For Premiere Pro

Stellar – Movie Trailer For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Stellar – Movie Trailer For Premiere Pro’ template offers a powerful and cinematic visual progress for captivating trailer creation. Crafted to deliver an epic intensity scaling across various genres; cinematic game teasers, intense film videos, hybrid teases and more, it seeks to elevate the craft of montages, horror videos or intense dynamic scenes. This multifunctional template supports Full HD resolution with resolution of 1920×1080. Moreover, it is integrally beginner-friendly requiring no need for plug-ins or expertise in P Pro. Seamlessly insert text, integrate your images, and coordinate with the audio. The template operates on Premiere Pro CC 2021 or higher.

12. Laura Action Movie Trailer Premiere Pro

Laura Action Movie Trailer Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Laura Action Movie Trailer Premiere Pro template design effortlessly blends thrilling action-centered visuals with an underlay of distinct cinematic energy. This template primarily designed with an action movie in mind is customizable to encompass elements like film intros, movie opening and closing sequences, name promo and the powerful action sequence of ‘Laura’. Enhanced with love-story vibes and a gripping title trail, this dynamic template proves ideal for constructing a compelling story line, in accordance with user creativity and interpretation. The plugin additionally meets high-end professional movie trailer standards, set by the industry.

13. Trailer | Epic Cinema

Trailer | Epic Cinema (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Trailer | Epic Cinema is a Premiere Pro template used for creating charged, exciting movie trailers and cinematic teasers. It is packed with functionalities useful for putting together gripping film openers, dramatic outros and thriller movie credits. This template can also be modified to fit gaming intros, dynamic film promos, extreme action teasers and quick cinematic titles. Easy to use, the template provides options to incorporate photos or videos as preferred. This template is optimal for promotional material on YT channels and social media use. The set includes 13 FullHD MOGRT trailers with comprehensive PDF tutorial. Functioning on Premiere Pro 2021 or later, this project breathes energy, versatility and quality into variety of contexts including broadcas, film, advertising, online content and live events.

14. Movie Trailer Pack v1.0 • MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Movie Trailer Pack v1.0 • MOGRT for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Movie Trailer Pack v1.0 • MOGRT for Premiere Pro is designed by MotionRevolver, offering several intriguing styles for distinct genres. It includes five separate movie trailers options: Atmospheric for wedding or drama films, Chromatic for epic or action, comedy for comedic themes, Fire & Brimstone for intense horror, and Road theme for travel or suspense movie trailers. Alongside the templates, detailed video tutorials are available to guide in customizing the product, ensuring a simple personalization process. On purchasing the package of templates, it also includes title transitions for an impressive and resonant final product.

15. Cinema Trailer Titles | Premiere Pro

Cinema Trailer Titles | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cinema Trailer Titles | Premiere Pro template provides a dynamic introductory sequence to showcase movie trailers. It offers a selection of template options that mimic Hollywood-style blockbuster film effects, including a dramatic audio preview, varied credits template, and stylistic grain and noise. It also offers options suitable for documentaries and tv shows. Among its descriptive elements are different placeholders that can be adapted to any film genre. The template packaging also provides 5 different tracks each with a unique playing timeline. Additionally, it allows adaptation for various platforms like social media and is suitable for promotions.

16. The Trailer

The Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

Meet “The Trailer,” a streamlined Premiere Pro movie trailer template, fitting seamlessly with a variety of projects. Drawing from tags including action, epic, and suspense themes, this template brings a dark cinematic atmosphere with its metallic visuals and atmospheric glitch elements. It features bold title sequences and poignant text overlays, heightening the suspenseful movie-like immersion. Additionally, the seamless integration of drifting particles enhances the dark, mysterious aura, ensuring a gripping teaser right off the bat. Whether for an epic intro or a thrilling title sequence, “The Trailer” ensures a mystifying, appealing preview.

17. trailer

trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro movie trailer template merges the elegance of a classic design with contemporary themes. Inspired by abstract elements and stark, grunge influences, it ingeniously infuses elements of broadcast or newscaster aesthetics into a cinematic universe. The template lends itself effortlessly to dramatic narratives especially revolving around historical, political, or investigative themes, offering an ideal base for creating a ‘memorial’, ‘Family’ or COVID – 19 ‘pandemic’ documentary styled piece. Its vintage and dark undertones, contrasting beautifully with its more emotional and inspirational aspects, surreally transports the audience to an enriched and multidimensional cinematic experience.

18. Trailer Teaser

Trailer Teaser (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Trailer Teaser is a template compatible with Premiere Pro, intended for creating dramatic movie trailers. It is highly versatile, accepting a variety of formats for footage, either still images or video. The template includes an informative video tutorial and it wouldn’t necessitate any additional plug-ins. It supports a Full HD display, appropriate for projects which involves intense narratives like action-packed epic tales, fight scenes, investigative stories, and more. Its features, characterized as aggressive and fast-paced, are also suitable for promotional purposes like intros, teasers, and title presentations.

19. Cinematic Trailer

Cinematic Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cinematic Trailer is a premium template for Adobe Premiere Pro, specifically designed to enhance movie trailers. This template, accessible for Premiere Pro CC 2019 (13.02) or higher, offers full high-definition quality (1920x1080p) with no need for extra plugins. The template allows users to customize the text font and to easily modify colors for strong and dramatic effect, suiting the cinematic theme perfectly. It comes with a helpful video tutorial simplifying the customization process. Please note that images, videos, and music files utilized in the preview are not included in the project file. The overall style conveys action, suspense, and intensity, making it ideal for creating compelling trailer content.

20. Glitch Trailer

Glitch Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Trailer Premiere Pro template boasts a contemporary, dynamic glitch design suited for cinematic trailers, teasers, television promos, or title sequences. This innovative template works well even on slower computers and is easy to render. The project includes 14 text placeholders and 12 video placeholders making it user-friendly and customizable. Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and above, it does not require any additional plugins. The package includes a link for a free font and a helpful step-by-step video tutorial. However, music elements are not included. It’s an ideal choice for projects seeking a dark, epic, tech as its tags coined: film, glitch, action, cinematic, youtube, etc.

What are Premiere Pro movie trailer templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro movie trailer templates are pre-configured project files designed to help media professionals and hobbyists alike create high-quality movie trailers on Adobe’s popular video editing software, Premiere Pro. These templates streamline the creative process by furnishing users with stylized title sequences, custom transitions, or imaginative special effects that foster professional-quality movie trailers. The ease of use, combined with the opportunity for stunning aesthetics, makes the Adobe Premiere Pro movie trailer templates a fantastic tool for content creators of all proficiency levels. They can be seen as catalysts pacing you through the labyrinths of professional video editing swiftly and effortlessly.

Throughout 2021, some standout Premiere Pro movie trailer templates have taken center stage, helping creatives produce eye-catching and compelling movie trailers like never before. These easily customizable templates come in a variety of themes, with some blending ambient text and shot transitions for horror films, while others spotlight bold, kinetic typography perfect for blockbuster action flicks. Despite 2022 being just around the corner, this year’s range of Adobe Premiere Pro movie trailer templates brings substantial production value that transcends the home studios and are guaranteed to command attention beyond the bounds.

Why use Premiere Pro movie trailer templates?

The rise of video content consumption in the modern digital era is transforming Adobe Premiere into a market pioneer like no other. The software suite provides a gamut of high-quality Premiere Pro movie trailer templates that eases the process of video editing, saving time and enhancing output quality to captivate audiences. Each one of Adobe Premiere’s refined, professionally developed templates encapsulates multiple customizable scenes, relaxing in their extensivity and vying for unmatched videography craftsmanship. These templates are both practical for beginners trying to find their footing in Premiere Pro and seasoned videographers who continually up their filmmaking game and keep pace with the industry’s ever-changing landscape.

In addition to their improved customizability, Adobe Premiere Pro’s updated 2021 trailer templates showcase more organized layouts and embrace faster rendering. Contrary to traditional video production methods where each element has to be created from scratch, these trailblazing templates seamlessly mentor users on integrating effects and motions in their projects. From animated titles to contemporary three-dimensional effects, Adobe Premiere can curate cutting-edge trailers easily. Its knack of synchronization with other Adobe software accentuates versatility, creating a harmonized environment that is vital for innovation and exploration. Simply put, using Adobe Premiere’s movie trailer templates is key in staying relevant in the ever-competitive film production domain.

How to import Premiere Pro movie trailer templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro movie trailer templates, first, you need to ensure that you’ve downloaded the template package and unpacked it. Then, open Adobe Premiere Pro on your device, choose “Window” on the main menu bar, follow it up by selecting the “Essential Graphics” option. A panel will display on either the right or left side of the window. Click on the “Install Motion Graphics Template” button, represented by a folder with the + sign – usually at the bottom. Navigate your way to the location of the unpacked templates and select the motion graphic templates (.mogrt) you’d like to import, and then click Ok. The selected template will automatically appear in the browse tab of the Essential Graphics panel.


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