The best Premiere Pro multi screen templates this year

Adobe Premiere Pro isn't the only program offering multi-screen templates — explore the best ones from various digital platforms this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While many creatives continue to deploy their artistic prowess from the corners of their homes, the dynamic extensions and improvisations are becoming prominently mainstream, and their trend isn’t ebbing away any soon. A large chunk of video content creators are investing in multi-screen templates on Adobe Premier Pro to facilitate engaging storytelling, pitching their brands, or for their personal artistic explorations. Adobe itself remains atop the templating market, but there are many other free templating options in the arena that engage scintillating visual dynamism in your aims. What comes next are in-depth elucidations of these intriguing free multi-screen templates for the year. We’ve particularized those templating options that allow twin to decuple, or more screens. Rather than simply assuming that Adobe rules the skyline, you could take one or two of these fascinating options for a comprehensive test ride. Understand how coherent do they well-underpin your artistic possibilities, your audience leanings, and resonate with collaborators’ expectations. This list could serve as a befitting, decisive headstart.

The best Premiere Pro multi screen templates 2023

1. Multi Screen

Multi Screen (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Multi Screen” template for Adobe Premiere Pro offers a dynamic way to composite multiple video clips or photos into a split-screen display. With its 4 tracks, you can effortlessly create a multi-layered and fast-paced multimedia presentation suitable for any brand or corporation. Beyond branding and broadcasting purposes, this template is perfect for demonstrating photo collections, Instagram stories, typography and various dynamic frames on social media or other platforms. Due to its flexibility, whether utilized as an opener or a logo reveal option, the multiscreen template holds manifold applications for vloggers, photographers, or marketers seeking impactful presentations or promos.

2. Multi Screen – Split Screen

Multi Screen – Split Screen (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen – Split Screen Template is a versatile tool designed to suit various applications for Premiere Pro editing. Optimized to deliver visuals in 4K quality, it is capable of showcasing multiple videos or photos on-screen simultaneously, allowing it to create smooth and contemporary multicasting presentations. Highlighted features include a clean design perfect for demo reels, event collages, fashion vlogs and more. Also present is a seamless multi-display option suitable for artists, brands and broadcasters in need of multiple or splitting screens into a grid, encouraging creativity and amplifying engagement levels in audiences. A professional collage maker, it serves as a perfect social media promo constructor.

3. Multi Screen Opener

Multi Screen Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi-Screen Opener is a modern Premiere Pro Template constructed to fit both corporate and personal styles. It’s a unique, brief introduction template aimed at perfectible usability on television programs, commercials, films, teasers to your followers on social media, and providing a professional touch to upcoming promotional events. The inclusive feature in this easily operable no-plugins-needed template is a multi-screen video wall and a user guidance tutorial video. Simply, you can add and merge multiple photos and videos to establish this entirely animated intro. Ideal for various applications, from social media promotion to web content and others. Compatible with Premiere Pro 2021 and onwards.

4. Multi Screen Slideshow

Multi Screen Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Slideshow is a dynamic, modern Premiere Pro multi-screen template designed to showcase photos or videos vividly and impressively. Ideal for commercial use, the template allows for multiple videos or images to be presented simultaneously, offering a grunge, brutalism aesthetic. Tempered by the urban and hip-hop influence, it suits promotionals, fashion videos, corporate projects, and online content, including lifestyle and travel vlogs. It comes with an attractive audio track from CoffeeMusic. It’s also suitable for album showcases, demos, and other creative displays, enabling every visual campaign to embody an edgy and modern appeal.

5. Multi-Screen Slideshow

Multi-Screen Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi-Screen Slideshow is a template designed for Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s excellent for creating dynamic visual content with a multi-screen or mosaic aesthetic. Suitable for a wide range of applications, its features make it perfect for showcasing snippets from cooking shows, city tours, or fashion events. With support for Full HD broadcasts, the template can be used to create corporate productions, holiday features, sport or travel vlogs for YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media platform. This can also function well for photo gallery displays, event opulent, and sport transition videos.

6. Multi Screen Transitions

Multi Screen Transitions (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Transitions pack for Premiere Pro is designed to enhance and customize video creations. The pack provides over 80 high-quality transitions in eight diverse categories, curated in a personal library to make your videos stand out. The pack is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 or newer. Features like auto-resize, fast rendering, compatibility with images or videos, free updates, and support to tailor the pack according to the video. It also requires no plugins, and the simplified process eradicates traditional difficulties creating creative transitions. There are links included for free fonts and video footage, all catered to the user’s prerogative.

7. Multi Screen Frames Pack

Multi Screen Frames Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Frames Pack for Premiere Pro is a modern template, ideal for splitting visual elements cohesively across multiple screens for broadcast purposes. It features a professional multi-screen setup with a split-screen effect that can showcase multiple video elements simultaneously. Its edgy, urban styling is reflected in its framework and its high adaptability allows for professional and compelling video wall compositions. Given specific features like “multiframe”, it’s dedicated to enhance non-linear video editing, and relies far upon tags such as broadcast, modern, urban, and wallnan for organizing and categorizing its key characteristics.

8. Multi Screen Website Promo

Multi Screen Website Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Website Promo is a handy Premiere Pro template designed for those wanting an attractive way to showcase the functionalities of their new website. It can help you present the services or features of your platforms accurately. The template projects a minimalist yet fresh aesthetic, garnering more attention from potential customers. It allows embedding of screenshots, video clips, and animations. The template could be utilized for demoing applications, displaying user interfaces, or promoting any mobile, tablet, or desktop-based services and applications. The project simplifies promotion efforts offering a unique motion design and efficient workflow.

9. Multi Screen Promo Pro

Multi Screen Promo Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Multi Screen Promo Pro is a dynamic and sleek Premiere Pro Template, featuring a contemporary design with kinetic animations and camera effects. The flexible capabilities of the product serves a range of functions, suitable for corporate presentations, YouTube videos, Instagram TV, stories, branding initiatives and much more. Despite containing advanced Full HD features, no plug-ins are required and it contains options for 33 image holders, 12 text holders and control settings. It’s a versatile tool including a drag-and-drop feature, valued for creating engaging and efficient screen, multi frame, and multi video projects grounded in various contexts from sports to fashion, street vlogs to urban documentaries, broadcast news to personal portfolios.

10. Creative Multi Screen Opener – MOGRT

Creative Multi Screen Opener – MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Creative Multi Screen Opener – MOGRT is an advanced premiere pro template designed for creating dynamic multi-screen video presentations. It is typically used for collages of photos or videos in a variety of themes including events, fashion or urban. Emphasizing a fast-paced, modern aesthetic consistent with social media platforms like Instagram, it offers multiple frame and split screen options. It’s an ideal solution for content makers who need a gallery-friendly template suitable for modern vlogs, event promos, and intros that offers a distinctive mosaic or grid-style visual arrangement.

11. Multi Screen Mosaic Logo Openers

Multi Screen Mosaic Logo Openers (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Mosaic Logo Openers is a Premiere Pro template that provides a distinctive multi-screen and mosaic format for showcasing logos or other visual content. Easily adapted for variegated uses like business presentations, weddings, or personal video collages, the template offers a dynamic and visually-pleasing way to introduce a logo or photo montage. Different screen configurations, with striking display grids and brisk animation sequences, can be tailored to individual preferences. It also includes audio tracks for tonal and rhythmic enhancements, and is optimal for both on-site meetings, YouTube vlogs, as well as Instagram posts.

12. Multi Screen Promo | Premiere Pro

Multi Screen Promo | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Multi Screen Promo | Premiere Pro” is an intricately curated multi-panel template, designed for Premiere Pro CC 2021 and higher versions. This versatile layout provides an opportunity for editable fonts and forthright color adjustments. It boasts Full HD 1920×1080 and grand 4K 3840×2160 resolutions. Included is close to a half-minute run-time and a useful video tutorial. The template captures a myriad of themes ranging from a simple, sleek slideshow to a more specialized memories album or travel presentation. Encompassing a plethora of utilities including, though not exclusive to promo pictures, typography video displays, and modern image-slides, makes this template a go-to destination for present-day evocative storytelling.

13. Multi Screen Frames for Premiere Pro

Multi Screen Frames for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Multi Screen Frames for Premiere Pro template offers over 80 options for users to project varied content concurrently on multiple screens. It’s designed to quickly render in full HD, and can be resized to 4K or higher, thus providing a versatile solution for presenting visually rich stories or messages. An integral video tutorial eliminates potential complexities, with no additional plugins needed. The template is user-friendly, designed for effortless customization, compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2021 or newer. Emanating flexibility, it can accommodate a range of themes – from action and events to documentation, social media, travel, weddings and many more.

14. Multi Screen Bundle – Premiere Pro

Multi Screen Bundle – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Bundle for Premiere Pro offers a dynamic and engaging way to showcase multimedia content, specifically designed to grab viewers’ attention. The template is fully-editable with areas for flashy motion graphics, text compositions, and even a designated spot for your logo, ensuring customization to suit diverse needs. Modern in design, the multi-screen feature allows simultaneous viewing of various media, making it perfect for professional presentations, promotional videos, or attention-grabbing video montages. Although versatile, expertise in the Adobe after effects and a Premiere Pro software is helpful for usage. The template smoothly incorporates from the attached audio track.

This multi screen Premiere Pro template is also part of our editing list.

15. Multi Screen Layouts Pack for Premiere Pro

Multi Screen Layouts Pack for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Layouts Pack for Premiere Pro is an extensive collection of digital media tools for bloggers, filmmakers, and broadcast professionals, among others. The kit features a selection of beautifully crafted MoGRTs and smooth seamless transitions, containing multipurpose and customisable multi-screen, multi-window, grid and split-screen templates. It also includes a variety of creative assets such as cinematic openers, photo slideshows, and digital event promos. Designed to make trendy explainer videos, Instagram posts & YouTube trailers with ease. Notably, it also comes with a lively, energetic upbeat sport-summer hip-hop audio track for the preview use.

16. Mosaic Logo Intro I Multi Screen Opener

Mosaic Logo Intro I Multi Screen Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

Featuring a seamless, multi-screen organization of images, the Mosaic Logo Intro Multi Screen Opener within Premiere Pro is the ideal tool for photographers and other creatives who wish to launch logos or photographic displays in striking detail. Utilizing a beautiful mosaic logo reveal and highly flexible photo gallery which elevates your content to create an enthralling rich, sophisticated introduction, the template supports varied inputs while providing an intuitive user experience. Fit both for personalized designs and professional needs, this versatile tool invokes cinematic artism to meet everyday design objectives.

17. Multi Opener

Multi Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Opener Premiere Pro template is versatile and dynamic, perfect for a variety of creative projects. This multi-screen template enables impressive photo and video displays like grids, collages, and album-like arrangements, making it ideal for memory-driven works, vlogs, and even promotional content. Navigate a range of application contexts from virtual meetings or conference summaries to instagram posts or youtube video intros. The template allows a unique user to execute fast and neat logo animations and reveals enhancing its professional finish. Notably, the template is comfortable both horizontally and vertically and quickly adapts to mobile, adding user convenience.

18. Multi Photo Logo

Multi Photo Logo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Photo Logo Premiere Pro template is a neat tool designed for creating clean and stylish collages. It can be used extensively for corporate logos, business product launches, advertising campaigns, fashion show promos, event party showcase, award ceremonies, or on broadcast news segments. Its well-structured layout conveniently displays photos on a large lcd screen or video wall, creating an intro sequence as a image gallery for multi image, multi video or photo wall displays. Additionally, it supports trailers, vlog content, travel videos and the neat fold ‘n frame feature underlines phases and sections on a slide. Resulting clip is perfect for sharing over social media, youtube or on websites.

19. Minimal Multi Image Logo

Minimal Multi Image Logo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Minimal Multi Image Logo is a creative template for Premiere Pro CC 2018, featuring a stylish yet minimalist animation. It includes options for multi image displays on screen, vertical layout for social media stories, as well as promotable intro videos for corporate identities. This user-friendly template has customizable text and logo. Despite its sophistication within full HD 1920×1080 and vertical 1080×1920 versions, no third-party plugins or After Effects are needed and an easy-to-understand tutorial is provided. Tags emphasize its modern edge and multifaceted uses, ideal for blogs, corporate marketing, portfolios, and particularly, Instagram story and Facebook elements.

20. Multi Image Logo – Premiere Pro

Multi Image Logo – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Image Logo template for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 offers elegant simplicity and customization to create professional quality media presentations. This Full HD, 1920×1080 pixels, MOGRT project doesn’t require any plugins and holds space for 25 image/photo placeholders along with one logo and text placeholder. However, note that only images/photos can be used, videos are not compatible. A detailed PDF help guide accompanies the template, but do note that media and audio used for promotional purposes (“Floating Particles Logo” by author “alkis”) are not included. Ideal for modern corporate logo, fashion portfolio, product promos and more.

What are Premiere Pro multi screen templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro multI screen templates are creative aids and tools designed to enhance video editing and production work. Users of the Adobe Premiere software can benefit significantly from these templates, as they provide innovative multi-screen graphics and designs. These templates cover a wide array of visual styles, ranging from split screens to showcase more than one visual simultaneously, to seamlessly moving screens that contain creative background shots. Into 2021, these templates have become more attractive and user-friendly, assisting both newbie and professional editors in curating compelling video presentations.

The best Premiere Pro multi screen templates of this year utilize a delightful fusion of effective visual storytelling and modern aesthetic design. They promote easier and far more efficient editing experiences, whether for social media applications breaking their content into compilations, product showcasing, or narrative storytelling elements divided into different screen portions. These contemporary templates come tooled with customizable colors, sizes, dynamic animation details, text overlays and stretching possibilities, delivering not just versatile templates, but presenting a mesmerizing and captivating viewing experience for audiences. They stand out as exceptional assets in the creative marketpace, paving the way for enriched and revolutionized video productions.

Why use Premiere Pro multi screen templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro allows video editors, from professionals to hobbyists, to elevate their production quality with multi-screen templates such as split screens, panel effects and grids. Using these templates provides a seamless way to showcase multiple video streams at once, creating captivating, dynamic visuals. The best Premiere Pro multi-screen views this year are not only user-friendly – essentially they can be drag and drop – but also come packed with a myriad of customizable elements. This means you can fine-tune timelines, synchronize audio tracks, factor in useful color coding and make design agnostic changes. Templates will drastically cut down edit time, allow for more versatility, and give productions a polished, professional feel without the necessity for advanced, technical design know-how.

Notably, Adobe Premiere Pro multi-screen templates outshine other software due to its time-saving presets and easy integration within a highly collaborative environment. This robust platform presents the users with enticing features such as adjustment layers, dynamically linked After Effects compositions, and flexible bin sharing, which ultimately speeds up the post-production workflow resulting in adherence to set deadlines. With innovative additions like automatic reformatting for social media platform specifications, the Premiere Pro multi-screen templates have managed to stay relevant amidst varied industry transformations. This adaptability to different animation systems and mutable characteristics impressively complements any video editing scope or intention. Therefore, the utilization of Adobe Premiere Pro’s best multi-screen template features

How to import Premiere Pro multi screen templates?

If you’re looking to enhance your Adobe Premiere editing experience, importing multi-screen templates can be a game-changer. Start by sourcing the best Premiere Pro multi-screen templates from sites like Envato Elements or Motion Array. Once you’ve chosen and downloaded your template, open Premiere Pro and click on ‘Window’ in the software’s menu bar, finding and selecting ‘Essential Graphics.’ Within the Essential Graphics panel, click on the icon that resembles a folder, ‘Install Motion Graphics Template,’ and locate the downloaded template on your device. Selected, it will now slot itself into your Template directory, ready for you to drag and drop onto your timeline, offering a more make dynamic and professional edits to your video projects.


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