The best Premiere Pro number counter templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only number counter template provider — there's a multitude of superb, cost-free options widely available.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While many film editors and video content creators have returned to their studio setups, the trend of working digitally, using sophisticated software and plugins, has permanently changed the dynamics of video editing. One reigning constant in this dynamic space is Adobe Premiere Pro, and its use for all sorts of video projects, big or small, personal or professional. Often topping the list for essential video editing tools, Premiere Pro allows further customization with number counter templates, many of which are easily accessible, and even free. What you’ll find below are handpicked Premiere Pro number counter templates that spark fascination, due to their efficiency and creativity. We’ve concentrated on templates that cater to a broad range of use-cases which can elevate video projects that involve tracking numbers, dates, or statistical data. Rather than simply assume that the generic, pre-existing number counters in Premiere Pro are your best option, why not explore these innovative templates to discover one or a few that articulate your piece of work better? With a taste for uniqueness and a penchant for quality, you might find something that not just fits your style, but enhances and exceeds it. Dance into this expansive grid and let it guide you toward inventive approaches to represent numbers in your projects. You have arrived at a pretty solid place, to begin with.

The best Premiere Pro number counter templates 2023

1. Flip Counter

Flip Counter (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Flip Counter template for Premiere Pro is a time variant number counter with visually appealing flip text effect. Available with an intuitive interface, it adds a sophisticated look to various analytics and stats. The template maintains the fluidity, supporting customizable color variants with five theme-specific shades, three separator styles, and overall easy control settings. Allows user-friendly control of coding, and can be utilized effectively in presentations, slide-shows or clock-style countdowns. Complemented by clean After Effects, its fast rendering ensures smooth integration. The package also includes a charming music selection by StockSounds and boasts of a minimal and elegantly classy design.

2. Digital Neon TEN Counter

Digital Neon TEN Counter (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Digital Neon TEN Counter” is a uniquely designed Premiere Pro template with a digital, futuristic, neon aesthetic. This countdown project is ideal for timing down from ten seconds, in contexts ranging from starting a spaceship to building anticipation in presentations. With a well-structured organizational build, customization of background, numerics, text, and HUD tech elements can be easily made via a dedicated control layer. Users can decide on the color and opacity of every component in the template. Tagged keywords include ‘clockwork’, ‘futuristic’, ‘neon’, and ‘top ten’, indicating its function and visual style.

3. Flip Counter Creator for Premiere

Flip Counter Creator for Premiere (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Flip Counter Creator for Premiere Pro is a digital template providing users with moveable graphics files, accessible via an accompanying control panel. Compliant with Adobe Premiere Pro CC versions of 2017 onwards, it doesn’t require add-on plug-ins or a specific language OS. The compilation caters to a range of customizable counters, presenting two styles; flip and roll, all editable up to 4K resolution. Variable elements such as size, color, background, values, and digits can be effortlessly adjusted and users can utilize counters of up to 10 large units. Thus, this tool serves to project dynamic and visually engaging displays of numerical milestones.

4. Life By The Numbers 2: Pr

Life By The Numbers 2: Pr (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Life By The Numbers 2: Pr” is a unique number counter template for Premiere Pro dedicated to those who necessary customisation but aren’t skilled with After Effects or Premiere. This project can serve multiple industries, including corporate, events, wedding, etc. It provides audio (/stopwatch and glitches) along with 1 text holder and 6 texts categorising time units (seconds to years), making the project customization easy and versatile. Workable in Premiere Pro CC 2021 or above in Full HD, it features a 25-second project length. The template requires no additional plugins, with a PDF guide for assistance. Installation of Adobe After Effects is a necessity, tech expertise in utilising isn’t required.

5. Digital Countdown

Digital Countdown (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Digital Countdown’ is a visually striking Adobe Premiere Pro template designed for a cinematic, eventful quality. This futuristic styled countdown tool uses a binary theme and is well-suited to epic or dramatic scenarios like New Year’s Eve countdowns. Featuring five tracks, each 20 seconds long, this flexible product provides different options for usage. Its color glitch style graphic design emphasized by any audio can make any final reveal stand out, embodying timing in a dramatic and vivid platform. Ideal for openers, countdown presentations or significant event-driven projects.

6. Ultimate Countdown 3 Premiere Pro

Ultimate Countdown 3 Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Ultimate Countdown 3 Premiere Pro is a dynamic, fully customizable number counter template designed for various video projects. Ideal for corporate events, intros, TV shows, or symbolically counting down the top 10 moments on YouTube. With its ten-second format, it can fit sleekly into a media opener, or offer seamless transitions throughout any content. The template revolves around countdown and counter features, digit by digit countdown clock integrated harmoniously with text and character provisions. With its professional towards approach, it’s an asset to content creators seeking a structured yet flexible layout.

7. Ultimate Countdown 5 Premiere Pro

Ultimate Countdown 5 Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Ultimate Countdown 5 Premiere Pro provides a dynamic and engaging number counter template perfect for corporate events, media openers, and YouTube content. This unique template includes ten-second countdown features, making it an excellent option for lead-ins, transitions, or top 10 intro sequences in any context. The number counter uses a clock-style display for character-centric countdowns, offering high visibility for your content. Within Premiere Pro, it’s easy to customize the text, add personal creative twists, and effectively build anticipation or excitement towards a climax in your productions. Savor momentous event introductions through this advanced countdown and timeline-focused Premiere Pro template.

8. Ultimate Countdown 2 Premiere Pro

Ultimate Countdown 2 Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Ultimate Countdown 2 Premiere Pro is a uniquely designed number counter template fit for a variety of media-related applications. Whether utilized in a corporate event or a YouTube vlogger’s intro, its sleek and versatile design features serve several purposes. It showcases a dynamic, 10-second countdown to open the media coverage or TV show, transitions outstandingly, and introduces new segments in Top 10 format. With key elements such as text and clock characters, it manages to deliver the ultimate purpose satisfactorily – a swift and stylish transition from delay to main action.

9. Ultimate Countdown 4 Premiere Pro

Ultimate Countdown 4 Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Ultimate Countdown 4 Premiere Pro is a versatile and functional number counter template suitable for corporate events, TV shows, or media openings. Valuable with character elements, it showcases countdowns and counters effectively and is designed to cater for introductions, transitions, and openings. Apt for crafting your top 10 lists, the template operates with a ten-second design that puts forth a dynamic TV show-like feel. It aids in establishing an engaging media presence, particularly beneficial for content creators on YouTube. Plus, it offers ease in manipulating texts, number tweaking, and clock features.

10. Ultimate Countdown 1 Premiere Pro

Ultimate Countdown 1 Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Ultimate Countdown 1 Premiere Pro is a number counter template boasting a wide range of uses. Ideal for corporate events, TV shows and even YouTube channels, this template has a strong focus on countdowns or top 10 compilations. This Premiere Pro template projects a clean, professional look suitable for an intro, a media opener, or any transition moment with clock, number, and text elements in aid. The counter offers ten seconds of customizable yet direct-to-the-point counting. Additionally, it showcases opportunities for character identity and branding reveal within its design.

11. Wide Countdown Timers

Wide Countdown Timers (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Wide Countdown Timers Premiere Pro is a template designed for creating countdown timers with a wide banner format. Using this advanced tool, users can easily personalize elements such as the size, color, roundness, opacity of the background and others. It includes reverse timing features in mogrt files. Ideal for, but not limited to, displaying sales countdown, events start time, wait times and more. Formats supported include hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and later, offering 4K, full HD, 30 fps and customizable elements. Note that soundtrack and videos are not included.

This number counter Premiere Pro template is also part of our timer list.

12. Banner Countdown Timers

Banner Countdown Timers (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Banner Countdown Timer is a user-friendly Premiere Pro template suited for projects requiring a time tracking display. Its main features include the ability to set countdown timers with a wide banner for event start, waiting times, or sales countdowns. Advanced customization options allow users to adjust the timer’s aspects such as size, color, and corner roundness. Additional features comprise eight countdown timers with a maximum duration of three hours, compatibility with time formats such as hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds, and capability for reverse timing. It is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and later, and supports 4K, full HD and HD resolutions.

This number counter Premiere Pro template is also part of our timer list.

13. Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Countdown Timer is a multifaceted Premiere Pro number counter template ideal for showcasing countdowns, digital clocks, and sports timers. Its dynamic and versatile features allow it to adapt to various needs, such as, but not limited to creating engaging Instagram and livestream timers, showcasing event schedules, and presenting new year or sales countdowns. Along with option for hud and timer styles (rollover, flip, sliding, etc.), it offers design elements like neon, cinematic or flat aesthetic, roll or spin dynamics, banner and title placement. May also be a fitting add-on to produce compelling intros, sports score displays or “top 10” countdowns.

This number counter Premiere Pro template is also part of our timer list.

14. Countdowns, Players, Timers | Premiere Pro

Countdowns, Players, Timers | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Countdowns, Players, Timers | Premiere Pro template is an advanced resource to help customize dynamic time-based imagery. It’s amazingly versatile, offering customizable options like size, color, roundness, and time formatting options (hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds). Built to support Premiere Pro CC 2020 onwards, the template also includes 4K and FULL HD features at 30 fps. Eight elements—designed in two versions—are disposable up to an impressive three-hour duration and come with the potential for making background transparent. Highly user-friendly, this tool is perfect for establishing time motifs in videos across platforms, event schedules, Instagram posts, livestreams, and YouTube uploads. Note: The help files offer detailed assistance but videos and soundtrack are not included.

15. Widget Countdown Timers

Widget Countdown Timers (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro Template, ideal for countdown timers boasting a widget design, allows users to customize a plethora of elements – size, color, roundness, and more. It also supports a function to reverse time, with an option for hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds or combination of these. Easily utilized by dragging and dropping it into your project to set the time, it can be adapted for various applications, such as product sales countdowns, game stats visuals, or event launching timelines. Compatibility extends to formats from 4K to HD at 30fps, with timer durations up to 3 hours.

This number counter Premiere Pro template is also part of our timer list.

16. Callout Countdown Timers

Callout Countdown Timers (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Callout Countdown Timers is a Premiere Pro template that provides users with flexible and fully customizable countdown timer options. Its tools ranging from simple mechanics to more complex numeric counters allow its appropriateness for a variety of occurrences like livestreams, sporting events, and sales campaigns amongst others. The template features common geometric shapes and a clean interface that can represent time in various measures, including dates, hours, minutes, and seconds. This digital clock layout offers a modern, flat style in numerous forms, such as a sliding timer, sand-whisk timer, and flip counter. Despite its complex toolset, it prioritizes user-friendliness.

This number counter Premiere Pro template is also part of our timer list.

17. Circle Countdown Timers

Circle Countdown Timers (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Circle Countdown Timers is a Premiere Pro number counter template. It features clean, modern circle countdown timer designs suitable for various applications such as event countdowns, sales countdown, livestream waiting times, and sports timing. This practical toolkit includes elements like digital clocks, flip counters, and sliding timers in different geometric shapes. It’s fully adjustable, offering flexibility in measuring time from days to seconds. It exhibits a straightforward aesthetic resonating with hustling instagram stories to complex time travel animations. These timers maintain their appeal across backgrounds, broadcasts, or banners, engaging an audience through anticipation.

This number counter Premiere Pro template is also part of our timer list.

18. Banner Widget Countdown Timers

Banner Widget Countdown Timers (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro number counter template is specifically designed as a countdown timer with widget banner styling. Suitable for diverse applications such as player, sports interfaces, music players, sales countdowns, and waiting times among others, the template offers an impressive level of customization including size, color, and overall design. All elements of the template are adjustable and it’s designed for easy use—simply drag and drop the elements into your work. Maximal action duration is three hours and the timers run at 30 frames per second in a format with 4k and Full HD compatibility. Also provided is an option to use reverse timing. This template offers a user-friendly tool for various timed visual displays.

19. Fitness & Sport Countdown Timers

Fitness & Sport Countdown Timers (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Fitness & Sport Countdown Timers is a comprehensive Premiere Pro template that offers a myriad of high-quality animations for fitness and sports-related content. These design assets allow encompass various countdown timers whether it be a digital clock, stopwatch, training interval clock or event countdown clock. Adapted perfectly for fitness content, gym timers, sport-centered livestreams and enhancing standardized calendar events. It also includes elements tagged such as banner, fitness, date, counter, flat, digital clock and premiere pro. It gives a clean, professional vibe and is very adaptable to various projects in need of a time tracking mechanism.

20. Countdown Timers Pack | Premiere Pro

Countdown Timers Pack | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Countdown Timers Pack is a user-friendly Premiere Pro project designed to create versatile time indicators such as countdown timers, counters, and time banners. Suitable for any language, the template provides customizable elements, allowing you to alter size, color, roundness, and more. It gives scope for time representation across multiple formats – hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, or a mix of them. Ideal for creating sales countdowns, event launch timers, loading visualizations, or music player for YouTube videos. The package features over 50 countdown timer elements, with a maximum duration of up to 3 hours. Note, however, that the soundtrack and videos are not included in the pack.

What are Premiere Pro number counter templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-led video editing software, offers graphic templates that provide professionally designed motion graphics to capture the attention of the audience. Among them are the Premiere Pro number counter template, being highly sought-after this year. Comfortably integrated within the Premiere Pro interface, these templates are animated elements that showcase numerical counts or progress bars. This feature efficiently displays desired timed durations, data count, top list count, tips or steps count, and so much more. Importantly, enhancing the engagement of video content and piquing the interest of viewers.

Upgrading the whole digital set-up and rigidly emulating the trends of the year, these Premiere Pro number counter templates are fully customizable—fitting unique styles from minimalistic to decorative. They span from scores, gaming counters, likes, clock timers, dates, and almost any counting as needed. They come in various formats, allowing flexibility and suitability for different types of footage size dimensions. These elements inside the templates have entirely revolutionized the video editing process with quick, intuitive edits that prime high viewer retention.

Why use Premiere Pro number counter templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro number counter templates are an absolute necessity for anyone looking to make their content both aesthetic and informative simultaneously. As one of the best video editing software programs of the year, Adobe Premiere Pro already simplifies the video editing process, but with number counter templates, you can now showcase various metrics, countdowns, or lists in a visually compelling manner without coding. The options for customization are expansive, so whether you are a marketing guru presenting data figures or a vlogger doing a countdown series, number counter templates offer an ideal way to augment intelligence with professionalism embedded within the competitive digitized landscape.

The convenience and time-saving aspects of using Premiere Pro number counter templates are a big part of why they have received unanimous acclaim. Editors are no longer required to make numbers change dynamically from scratch; instead, these pre-built templates allow for quick updates, keeping the work process brisk and effective. Coupled with the sleek, high-quality graphics Adobe is known for and propensity for smooth integration with other assets in your project timeline, it markedly improves workflow efficiency. Therefore, if you’re aiming for top-tier video content necessitating dynamic numerical transitions, Adobe Premiere Pro number counter templates will clearly prove their worth by endowing properties of superior aesthetics with less fuss.

How to import Premiere Pro number counter templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro number counter templates this year, first, you need to download your preferred template from various resources available online. It could be premium or free-of-charge, but make sure you choose the one that suits your needs best. Then, you launch Adobe Premiere Pro on your device, click “Window” from the menu ribbon at top, and choose “Essential Graphics,” where you’ll locate the “Install Motion Graphics Template” option positioned at the bottom right. Click and browse the template file (.mogrt) you downloaded previously and “Open”. Finally, the template will be ready to use from the Essential Graphics Panel. Remember that working with templates can be inflected according to individual typing speed & editing style, offering a plethora of opportunities to drive up your creativity.


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