The best Premiere Pro opener templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only software boasting impressive opener templates — uncover a world of amazing layouts made available for you this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As numerous filmmakers attempt to adapt to the evolving trends and styles, harnessing the power of film editing (when suitably achieved) seems to have become more important and is likely to continue generating buzz in the motion picture landscape. Lots of us are still utilizing Adobe’s esteemed video editing software, Premiere Pro, to create compelling and story-driven work. While Premiere Pro’s base features continue to show its resilience, numerous opener templates out there can help you kick-start your projects effectively and creatively. Following along you can find some of the most intuitive and free Premiere Pro opener templates. We’ve narrowed down on templates that serve a variety of preferences and project genres. Instead of sticking to only defaults Premiere Pro serves, you might want to fish out one or a few of these creative designs to see how they resonate with your storytelling style, and elevate your crafted sequences. This assembled list of the best Premiere Pro opener templates this year is a terrific spot to begin.

The best Premiere Pro opener templates 2023

1. Sports Opener

Sports Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Sports Opener” template from Premiere Pro is created to compliment sports and active lifestyle content. Its aggressive design featuring dynamic transitions, radiant red accents, along with a ‘Color Control’ feature for effect customisation compliments brands or styles related to sports and athleticism. Popular touchpoints include an array of events such as baseball, basketball, football, golf, and MMA providing riveting introductions for game coverage, sports blogs, fitness fashion and other active thematic showcases. With a pixel resolution of 1920×1080, a video tutorial guide and supporting Premiere Pro CC 2018 and above, the template is adept to capture attention amongst those inspired by sporting activity and active lifestyles.

This opener Premiere Pro template is also part of our sports list.

2. Paint Brush Slides Opener

Paint Brush Slides Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Paint Brush Slides Opener template is a creative platform for generating vibrant slideshows or video/photo openers. Replete with brush strokes transitions and ink animation titles, it functions flawlessly for a myriad of content types from vacation memories to company history presentations. The template shines in displaying sweet memories, romantic videos, or traditional holiday greetings within its elegantly infused paint brush aesthetics. Whether it’s a travel adventure, sports endeavor, or a heartwarming family event; this Premiere Pro has added flexibility of transitioning with modern titles and a touch of universal appeal which effortlessly complements your crafted content.

3. Glitch Opener VHS

Glitch Opener VHS (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Opener VHS is a Premiere Pro template that boasts a vintage yet modern design. Featuring visual distortions traditionally linked with VHS tapes and TV static, it skillfully recreates an analogue, retro vibe. With tags like hip-hop, rap, and urban, this opener displays a raw edge that resonates with modern culture and music genres. Its design elements are versatile enough to serve as an opener and titles or even within a slideshow format, making it well-suited for various project needs seeking an old-school, glitch effect aesthetic. It must be noted that an After Effects version is also available for this template.

This opener Premiere Pro template is also part of our glitch list.

4. Dynamic Opener – Stomp Opener

Dynamic Opener – Stomp Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Dynamic Opener – Stomp Opener” is a vibrant, modern Premiere Pro template that is perfect for elevating your next video presentation. It ensures user engagement with its fast-paced and dynamic effects, interspersed with clean and minimal design elements. As characterized by the colorful and fun tones, this template is ideally suited for projects associated with happy, summer, or holiday themes. It seamlessly facilitates the integration of photos into it’s built-in slideshow and provides adaptability for the display of eye-catchy titles, thus functioning as a versatile intro or opener for your content.

5. Opener

Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro opener template, aptly titled ‘Opener’, is a dynamic and clean composition designed to set an energetic and bold tone for your videos. It boasts of kinetic typography, strong black and white hues, and quick motions which creates a minimal yet professional appearance. This versatile template, incorporate elements like rhythm and text that are perfect for corporate promotions, instagram posts and ads with a ‘drag & drop’ feature enabling direct transfers. Effective for trailers, TV spots and viral content on social media, this template excels in engaging viewers with a stomp, claps, and essential graphics which can customize as per the need.

6. Openers

Openers (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro opener template, titled ‘Openers’ is designed for versatility with its minimalistic, yet elegant design. The template offers 2D animation, broadcast bundle, and kinetic typography for a sleek, corporate style. It includes options for color controllability, enabling customization as desired. It’s easily usable for various platforms like Facebook, Instagram and provides IGTV-ready formats. This pack also targets professionals who need designs for presentations or YouTube videos. It features titles – including lower thirds, corporate, stylish minimal or simple – with typography accompanying kinetic style. The ‘Openers’ template brings together utility and design in a visually appealing combination.

7. The Opener

The Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

“The Opener” is a versatile Premiere Pro template perfectly suitable for a variety of video production purposes. Holding a significant emphasis on rhythm and dynamism, it’s ideal for marketing and advertising agencies, businesses, and design brands looking to display their portfolio or product range through a dynamic video. This modern and minimalistic template functions well for a fast-paced reel, slideshow, or showreel. With options for typography, quick transitions, inspirational visuals, claps and stomp opener elements, this template can powerfully enhance presentations, promotions or even fashion and event highlights.


OPENER (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro Opener Template is a clean, corporation-oriented template which has been imbued with a dynamic and elegant overture. Engaging the audiences through its positive and upbeat composition, it sets the tone for joy and happiness. This makes it an apt tool for summer holidays and travel features. It grants great playability for beginners and professionals alike to tailor casual, funny or sophisticated presentations. Through high customizable nature, one could easily integrate images into the slideshow approach of the said opener, hence making it a multi-purpose cinematography tool.

9. Mosaic Opener | MOGRT | Logo Opener

Mosaic Opener | MOGRT | Logo Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Opener | MOGRT | Logo Opener Premiere Pro template offers a lively, creative way to introduce your video content. It crafts an intro scene from a collage of images or videos, arranged in a mosaic grid atmosphere. This highly flexible template suits a wide variety of purposes – from displaying a photographer’s portfolio or Instagram story, assembling a video wall on YouTube vlogs, or exhibiting a montage of multiple screens. Additionally, it ensures a synchronized rhythmic flow with the track from BlueEagleAudio. This mosaic opener provides a striking yet versatile TV-quality level to your numerous creative initiatives.

This opener Premiere Pro template is also part of our mosaic list.

10. Ramadan Opener & Eid Opener | MOGRT

Ramadan Opener & Eid Opener | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Ramadan Opener & Eid Opener | MOGRT” is a Premiere Pro template with a specific cultural aesthetic aimed at the Arab and Islamic communities around the world. The opener includes desert and cityscape elements with a focus on Islamic typography such as Farsi, Arabic, and Ottoman calligraphy. Centred around the religious practices like Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr, fasting, and Hajj, this reusable template is ideal for creating greetings associated with these holy occasions. The wide range of regional appeal includes Turkish, Saudi, Eastern, and Arabian synergies. Its features can also present a social message while adhering to Islamic traditions and norms.

11. Chill Out Opener | Relaxing Opener V2 | MOGRT

Chill Out Opener | Relaxing Opener V2 | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Chill Out Opener | Relaxing Opener V2 | MOGRT is an easily customizable Premiere Pro template for CC 2022, with full HD resolution and no plugins required. Emulating a tranquil atmosphere, this non-After Effects dependent template consists of 16 unique scenes unified by a consistent lofi hip hop soundtrack from guitarsstate. The template’s adaptable design with universal expressions complements various themes, from intro, slideshow, or travel vlog, to advertising and commercial displays. Although free fonts and images from Pexels and Unsplash come with the template, they are not included in the project file. 24/7 support and a PDF help file streamline the user’s design process.

12. Urban Opener

Urban Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Urban Opener Premiere Pro template epitomises a modern, city-life aesthetic with a dynamic and vibrant touch. Primarily characterized by filmic glitch and grunge components, it potently delivers an authentic damaged yet lively emulation of urban realities. Though best suitable for creating fast-paced intros, openers or promos, its versatility also makes it apt for movie trailers or other time-limited presentations seeking to portray buzz-filled, urban environments or undertone. Constructed on subthemes of urban lifestyle, its visual texture underscores an ‘urbannan’ style that curates a genuinely unrobed, urban impression.

13. Typo Opener

Typo Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Typo Opener is a Premiere Pro template that adds a refreshing touch to any presentation. This template fits well for diverse city-themed projects, be it urban exploration, family trips, personal journeys or hip-hop events. It’s supercharged with a compelling slideshow feature that breathes life into simple photographs and matching uppercase typographical elements that amplify the entire story telling. With a vibrant and upbeat tone, it’s the perfect companion for summer holidays and vacation travel trailers, turning those blissful voyages into memorable footage.

14. The Modern Opener

The Modern Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Modern Opener, otherwise known as Typo Opener, is an innovative Adobe Premiere Pro template that marries professional technical components with a visually captivating design. This high definition template is effective for promoting multifaceted elements such as personal branding, corporate websites, and forthcoming events. It facilitates dynamic and rhythmic intros, incorporating bold typo dynamics and offers a tempest of visual kinetics ranging from fast flashes to strong shattering. Utilize this template to create a robust, quick, and imaginative promo or a high-impact stomp opener for a compelling, unforgettable audience impression.

15. Techonogic Opener

Techonogic Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Technologic Opener is a specialised Premiere Pro template designed to create a compelling intro for variety of digital contents featuring mid-tempo hip-hop music by CoffeeMusic. It suits a myriad of purposes across different industries ranging from advertising, commercial applications, business presentations to brand marketing, and even portfolio showcasing. The clean, elegant design has a minimalist modern aesthetic with dynamic transitions. Its multi-screen layout can display a sleek photomontage, comfortable for vlogs, travel videos and more. Notably, the template prominently accommodates the influence of social media with its design setup.

16. Awards Opener

Awards Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Awards Opener: Premiere Pro template is a modern and minimalistic introduction template, ideally suited for presentations in professional settings like professional networking, business startup presentations, economic events, and scientific research reveals. This opener utilizes sophisticated digital elements, that invoke a futuristic feel drawing parallels with tech titles and information technology innovation. Embedded suitable for data-based industries such as big data, and artificial intelligence, this template carries a vibe of technological expertise, bringing to the table elements of medtech and other advanced areas. Its stylish delivery comes with genuine inspiration for featuring groundbreaking work in various fields.

17. Summer Opener

Summer Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Summer Opener is a Premiere Pro template that manifests an elegant and cinematic experience inspired by Hollywood’s awards ceremonies. The background mixes colors of summer with an enchanting blend of gold and blue bokeh lights, creating an ethereal shimmer like that on the famous red carpet. This template is ideal for corporate affairs, nomination parties, and fashion festivals, enveloping the atmosphere with an essence of fame. Thankfully, no plugins are needed and it easily captures magical, star-studded events such as weddings and awards announcement.

18. Instagram Opener

Instagram Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Instagram Opener is a flexible Premiere Pro template ideal for creating sharp and modern intros. It’s compatible with Premiere Pro version CC 2022 and above, offering UltraHD quality (4096×2304, 25 Fps). This heavily-discussed template is 23 seconds long, featuring 5 media placeholders and 14 text placeholders you can easily edit. You don’t need any plugin, making it user-friendly and quick to render. Unless already one in your system, considering that it utilizes a Multicolor Pro font. Despite it not including preview photos or music, it provides a handy PDF detail help file, so you can swiftly address potential issues. The clean, colorful, dynamic, and minimalist design allows suitability for an array of themes, including holidays, travel announcements, and fun events.

19. Colorful Opener

Colorful Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Colorful Opener is a dynamic Premiere Pro template that neatly integrates and presents your company hashtags, events, promo visuals or intro/outro clips for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or IGTV. Computerised along with refreshing audio, ‘Stomp and Clap’ by Jackson Frost and designed with clean edges, the template assemblage turns out to be corporate-friendly. It’s crisp yet captivating features with a vertical orientation, make it an impressive choice for Instagram Stories too. It has a play time of 1:09 minutes and 165 beats per minute, offering a quick, upbeat visual solution for users.

This opener Premiere Pro template is also part of our outro list.

20. Modern Opener

Modern Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Modern Opener template for Adobe Premiere Pro offers a sleek, contemporary design, perfect for an array of purposes— from capturing summer vacation memories to presenting a new fashion lookbook. It comes equipped with 3 distinct versions of variable length and placeholder quantity, adjustable to any desired content volume. Given the comprehensive video tutorial, you don’t need plugins or affluent skills but Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 or above. The scenes embedded in this versatile templates exhibit an olfactory spectrum of colors, catering to all seasons and varied aesthetic preferences. It adjoins a jazzy hip hop tune by CoffeeMusic that enhances the overall visual presentation.

What are Premiere Pro opener templates?

Adobe Premiere opener templates refer to pre-designed templates readily available for users to generate high-quality video introductions with Adobe’s intuitive video editing platform, Premiere Pro. They are an essential part of digital content creation, providing a stunning head start while cutting down significantly on production time. As these assets are 100% customizable, users can professionally and promptly modify the appearance to suit their video projects, elevating the quality bar and efficacy of their video content considerably. The key techniques behind these templates include animations, effects, color grading, and creative transitions these templates employ, which otherwise would take hours to master and implement manually.

The best Adobe Premiere Pro opener templates this year feature a mixture of the latest trends and advanced technology. Technological footprint includes Red Giant plug-in transitions, refined cinematic lookup tables, and dynamic linking workflows among applications. These offer distinctive aesthetics, smooth animations, rich details, artistic plugins, and quick rendering that can be handily manipulated to suit anything from social feeds to theatrical presentations. Modern features such as resizeable-resolution and control panel driven modifications are expected design elements within prime-grade Premiere Pro opener templates, catering to a wide range of industries. Hence, these templates stand out as cost-effective production tools, especially apt for neophyte content producers who wish to bypass advanced learning curves to create top-notch cinematic effects.

Why use Premiere Pro opener templates?

The leading edge of video editing software in this tech-forward economy is embodied in none other than Adobe Premiere Pro. It is consistently renowned among creatives, production teams, and vloggers due to its extensive feature set, undeniable versatility, and compatibility with other Adobe software applications. However, with its sophistication can come complexity. To lessen this loads for users, Adobe offers excellently designed and highly customizable Premiere Pro opener templates. These templates tackle the unique demands of modern visual storytelling, sparing content creators the early steps of the editing process and boosting their effects arsenal. With Adobe Premiere Pro’s dynamic opener templates, users can create standout intros to videos effortlessly and using less time.

This year’s templates specifically have gained heightened popularity, enhancing convenience even more as they are aligned with current visual trends and viewer preferences. The wider availability means there is a perfectly themed template for every video, from cinematic travel blogs to straightforward corporate presentations, meticulous product demo videos to scribbly animation explainer videos. Having a durable narrative tool as these templates gives way not only to showcasing compelling visuals but, most importantly, reinforces the preciseness of conveying the video’s storyline. These attributes make Adobe Premiere Pro opener templates this year practical, and also invite opportunities to learn and uncover new editing skills that users can integrate into their robust content creation prowess.

How to import Premiere Pro opener templates?

Importing Adobe Premiere Pro opener templates is a simple task, suitable for video editors at every level of experience. First, download your desired Premiere Pro opener template off a platform like Adobe Stock or other resources online, ensuring it is compatible with your version of Premiere Pro. Then, open your software and click on the ‘Graphics’ tab situated in the top menu. Now click on ‘Install Motion Graphics Template,’ then navigate to where you stored the Downloaded file, click on it, and hit ‘Open.’ Once completed, you should see your newly added template in the ‘Essential Graphics Panel.’ Remembering this process will allow future adjustments to your Premiere Pro projects to be inexhaustible with a plethora of fantastic opener template designs ready to add that polished touch.


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