The best Premiere Pro outro templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only source for sparky outro templates — explore the best ones trending this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As many content creators continue to enrich their digital stories, post-video elements (or outros as they’re commonly called) persist in being an integral part of modern video editing. Many of us are using Adobe’s Premiere Pro for our video editing needs which include crafting a memorable ending to our videos. Common in Premiere Pro’s extensive capabilities is the use of professionally designed outro templates. Currently, there are an abundance of free outro templates available right at our fingertips for Premiere Pro, but which ones truly stand out? Following is an analysis of some of the more impressive free outro templates for Premiere Pro this year. We’ve focused on those that meet a professional standard and provide a noteworthy conclusion to your content. Instead of simply settling for the first option you stumble upon, you might wish to explore a handful of these to discern which one aligns well with your creative style and your audience’s expectations. This article is an excellent starting point on finding the best Premiere Pro outro templates for this year.

The best Premiere Pro outro templates 2023

1. Social Outro – Follow Pack

Social Outro – Follow Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Social Outro – Follow Pack is a finely designed Premiere Pro outro template formulated principally for various social media channel communications. It can comprehensively enhance one’s advertising or commercial videos by incorporating platform’s connections such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It features prompts like “Follow us” and subscribe, designed to encourage viewer interaction and engagement. Its techno-modern design representation perfectly conforms to the nature of internet networking, enabling seamless incorporation within varied social media environments, ideal for content creators and youtube marketers.

2. Classic Overlay Logo Outro

Classic Overlay Logo Outro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Classic Overlay Logo Outro template is a streamlined, efficient Adobe Premiere Pro design suitable for the 2019 version, 13.1.5 and above. This template expedites logo animations with elegance, using abstract flat designs married with fluid 2d and 3d shapes and transitions, and accommodates a bright, range of colours. Users can simply incorporate personal logos, fine tune changing colours, and savour a seamless final render. The pack embodies five different versions and enriching sound effects, all exhibited in full HD quality. However, music scores are not bundled with the template. This design comes with an integrated PDF help guiding and adapts to universal expressions wonderfully.

3. Overlay 2D Glitch Outro

Overlay 2D Glitch Outro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Overlay 2D Glitch Outro is a Premiere Pro template for use in creating modern, elegant logo animations. Highly customizable, users can easily substitute the text, tweak the colors, and insert their logo design for rendering. The template is compatible with 4K (3840×2160) and Full HD (1920×1080) resolution for detailed graphics and vibrant visuals. This package comes with a user-friendly help file for easy navigation. It’s constructed for Premiere Pro 13.1.5 or above, eliminating the need for plugins, ensuring ease of use and quicker rendering process. Basic keywords for this template are glitch, minimal, lines, 4k, design, 2d, motion, and stylish.

4. Simple Abstract Logo Outro 4K

Simple Abstract Logo Outro 4K (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Simple Abstract Logo Outro 4K is a minimalist and modern template for Adobe Premiere Pro. Designed for 4K (30 FPS) format, it offers neat logo animation with capabilities to customize text, color, and logo inclusion. There are total five versions, all inclusive of SoundFX. Plugins are not required for this template that works with Adobe Premiere Pro version 13.1.5 or above. It also includes a PDF help. Colours can be easily altered. This 2D/3D, dynamic, and clean template is suitable for intros, outros, transitions, and even social media or youtube channels, embodying corporate, business, or branding scenarios effectively. Please Note: Music is not included.

5. Multiple Social Outro – Follow Pack

Multiple Social Outro – Follow Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multiple Social Outro – Follow Pack is a customizable Adobe Premiere Pro Template, designed to facilitate an appealing video outro showcasing multiple social media channels. No plugin is required to use this. Accompanied by a distinct hip-hop tune acquired from AudioJungle link, this outro template contains tags that suit trendy internet usage descriptives such as Instagram, Facebook, subscribe, Twitter as well as YouTube. This user-friendly technology enables a crisp redirection to diverse networking webpages, simultaneously promoting ‘follow us’ and ‘subscribe’ actions. All these combine aesthetically to enhance the viewer’s multichannel social media experience.

6. Overlay Flat Logo Outro For Premiere Pro

Overlay Flat Logo Outro For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Overlay Flat Logo Outro for Premiere Pro is a modern, stylish template designed for logo animation. It allows users to easily customize by replacing text, changing colors, and inserting their logo. The product operates at full HD (1920×1080) with 30fps speed. No supplementary plugins are necessary. Operable by Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 (15.0.0) or later, this template has a free font link, fast render attribute, and includes a PDF help guide. Sounds provided by Hip Hop Logo by dopestuff. It’s suitable for creating smooth, abstract, elegant, and creative outro for different projects, including YouTube outros.

7. Logo Reveal

Logo Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro outro template, titled “Logo Reveal,” encompasses a simplistic yet visually stimulating animation for an impactful brand presentation. In tandem with the engaging 2d flat animation, multiple audio tracks by LEXMUSIC and MatSteiner-FX seamlessly blend to provide brief yet impactful auditory snippets. Every element is tailored for a fast, easy-to-follow reveal, infused with splashes of color for sharp contrast, aiming to deliver precision and brevity in one package. This template is particularly suitable for YouTube outros and intros, excelling at logo openers and revealing logo shapes in a clean aesthetic.

8. Youtube End Cards- Premiere Pro

Youtube End Cards- Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Youtube End Cards-Premiere Pro is a Premiere Pro template designed for optimizing video outros on Youtube. This template includes 5 different Youtube end screens, each carefully tailored for Youtube creators. It supports Full HD, i.e., 1920×1080 resolution and is compatible with Adobe Premier Pro 2019 and beyond. The layout includes distinct elements such as end cards and screens for versatility. Its major asset is the free customer support provided, ensuring a hassle-free user experience. Linked specifically to outro, end cards, social media and Youtube-related contents, it’s a useful tool for enriching your exit frames and boosting audience engagement.

9. Youtube End Screen Notification Titles

Youtube End Screen Notification Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Youtube End Screen Notification Titles in Premiere Pro is a creatively designed 2D template with a fascinating combination of colorful and fun typography, perfect for your channel’s end screen. It features a lively and vibrant animation sequence designed to hold viewers’ attention, prompting them to subscribe and engage more with your content. The template facilitates adding customized outro messages on social media and other notifications to increase interactivity. This template is ideal for Youtubers looking for an effective way to promote their channel through visually appealing end screen engagements.

10. Instagram Opener

Instagram Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Instagram Opener” is a Premiere Pro outro template designed specifically to enhance your Instagram promotions. It has an element of energy, with its background music “Stomp and Clap” by Jackson_Frost to beautify the template’s vibe. Suited for closing Insta-stories or IGTV segments, it works well with vertical orientations and has a neat, corporate aesthetic. Despite its professional appeal, it’s versatile enough to be used for Facebook and ads apart from Instagram. The clean and minimalist design makes content stand out and promotes user engagement as an Intro as well as an Outro.

11. Christmas Greeting Cards | Mogrt

Christmas Greeting Cards | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Christmas Greeting Cards | Mogrt” is a festively themed outro template for Premiere Pro. Highly suitable for holiday-themed videos or events, it encompasses key components such as snow and winter imagery, embodying the spirit of Christmas and New Year season. This outro can be perfectly presented as greetings or a completion to intros and openers. This can also be adjusted to perfectly serve as a gentile transition between different segments in conveying well-wishes for festive celebrations. User-friendly, it provides a warm and engaging way to wrap up your holiday message or event footage.

12. Like Share Subscribe Glitch Logo Reveal

Like Share Subscribe Glitch Logo Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro outro template, entitled “Like Share Subscribe Glitch Logo Reveal”, adds a modern and engaging twist to channel endings. Emphasising call to action elements such as like, subscribe, and notifications, it offers a seamless way to encourage audience interaction. Oriented for gaming and YouTube content, it flaunts a fast-paced, glitch style that adds energy and motion to end screens. This template serves not only as a visually appealing outro but also as a clear, effective prompt for audience engagement.

13. Color Glitch Logo Intro

Color Glitch Logo Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Color Glitch Logo Intro’ is a Premiere Pro Outro template that uniquely incorporates the distinct application of color, and a glitching effect to reveal logo at the end. The visually stimulating artwork bursts into vibrant particles before sketching out the desired name or logo as an intro or an outro. Options include versatile opener using a chronological title sequence. It breaks the norm on the digital plane with undulated strokes providing a distinct breaking or ‘glitching’ effect, infusing your brand with an adventurous spectrum of hues. It is especially ideal for websites.

14. Trap Youtube – Like Share Subscribe

Trap Youtube – Like Share Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Trap Youtube – Like Share Subscribe Premiere Pro template offers a dynamic and visually pleasing design, ideal for any Youtube creators wanting to invigorate their videos. Packed with modern animation tricks, this template perfectly fits any type of media and possesses 5 text and 1 logo placeholders for customization. It’s a versatile end screen, designed to encourage interaction on Facebook and Youtube videos. The fast, gaming-forward, glitch aesthetic ensures it will capture viewer attention and impressions. It’s available in the higher resolution of 4K, to complement the end of your Youtube channel videos seamlessly.

This outro Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

15. Film Credits Pack V.2

Film Credits Pack V.2 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Film Credits Pack V.2 is a resourcefully constructed Premiere Pro template that enables users to seamlessly create or enhance movie end credits. It makes an excellent tool for movie production, ideal especially for cinema-style, historic or epic themed footages. Not limited to cast listing, it is equipped to craft outros, promo clips, or other title sequences. Its polished features go beyond common film credit renditions, allowing the user to dynamically convey important movie information. Befitting of its volume 2, it offers expanded flexibility and customization options.

This outro Premiere Pro template is also part of our rolling credits list.

16. YouTube EndScreens 4K v.1 – MOGRT

YouTube EndScreens 4K v.1 – MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

YouTube EndScreens 4K v.1 – MOGRT is a Premiere Pro outro template. This end card is prepared for 4K display, offering high-quality end scene graphic that comes embellished in a spectrum of lively colors. It introduces a modern aesthetic and user-friendly operation, making it simpler for users to customize. Key features include applications for promotion, technology, or social media themed video productions. A couple of additional plus points are composed oriented settings that act as invitations for viewers to subscribe along with custom designated end screens for special outros.

17. Intro Video

Intro Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Adobe Premiere Pro Project is versatile in use and can cater to a variety of platform needs, namely Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook channels either as an intro or outro. The project includes video tutorials for a smooth editing process and supports Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.2 and higher with full HD resolution. It offers users the option to utilize eight text placeholders, an image placeholder, and three-color presets. Works remarkable for multiple projects, whether it be a motivational promo, dynamic opener, event promo, or even personal needs such as typography or logo introductions. Matching with its high-speed frequency of 60 FPS, it’s quick, easy on the eye, and innovative in design.

18. Paper Rip Titles Mogrt

Paper Rip Titles Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Paper Rip Titles Mogrt template for Premiere Pro is an elegant yet vibrant solution for anyone needing a quick, visually stirring outro. Live, splendid hues offer a stunning contrast to the rippled-paper text elements characteristic of this outro template. Initiated by fast-paced intro-mogrt and capped with an engaging outro, this highly adaptable template isn’t limited to self-presentation or promotional videos. Apply it to trailers, slideshows, or any dynamic presentation project for hassle-free visual diplomacy. Being effortlessly editable, all text and colors can be personalized to suit specific video project requirements.

19. Distortion Signal Logo | Essential Graphics

Distortion Signal Logo | Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Distortion Signal Logo | Essential Graphics is a modern, abstract Premiere Pro outro template featuring an ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160. Its project features include an After Effects version, universal expressions, and doesn’t require any plugins. This template includes inbuilt links for free fonts and an insightful video tutorial for easier setup. Accompanied by latest signal glitch logo music, it creates fast, dynamic and colorful feel, perfectly embodying the glitch logo style in an appealing minimal design, ideal for product reveals, intros, openers and outros.

20. Abstract Typo 02 for Premiere Pro

Abstract Typo 02 for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Abstract Typo 02 for Premiere Pro is a versatile typography package for creating elegant and engaging outro screens, animated titles, and intro videos. It generates high-quality renders that are appropriate for various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or even for broadcast shows. Key features include color controls which allow for quick color changes, the ability to change fonts and easily customizable text. The resulting video is fully resizable to any resolution. With quick render times and no need for plugins, this template transforms any project into a sleek, minimal, and professional product.

What are Premiere Pro outro templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro outro templates are pre-made structured frames particularly formatted for creating outtros for videos or films. Outdoing competitors in this tough market of video editing tools, Adobe Premiere Pro has successfully carved itself a niche with these outro templates. They provide users with professional-grade, high-quality animation styles, graphics options, suggestive texts, and other design elements perfect for creating gorgeous wrap-ups at the end of a video. Getting accustomed to these outro templates ensures impressive payoff irrespective of what your video project intends- whether a convincing branding closure, peak curiosity for the next episode, or a compelling call to action, accentuated with personalized touches.

In line with remarkable features that this year has seen, it’s not hard to see why Adobe Premiere Pro outro templates retained their place as top-notch tools in this competitive digital world. They’re constantly refined to meet user expectations, and 2021 is no different. The pre-built templates allow users, regardless of their design experience, to generate a professional end credit scroll, teasers, or clip presentation easily. Moreover, some even offer customization capabilities that are editable via simple drag and drop, allowing you to bring in a unique vibe that sets your video or film apart. These Adobe Premiere Pro outro templates have, indeed, paved the tedious journey towards superb video end frames at an impressive speed and efficiency this 2021.

Why use Premiere Pro outro templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates have emerged as a cutting-edge tool for professional video editors across the world. Their unmatched flexibility leads to faster post-production as they offer a myriad of customizable options, from tweaking color palettes and fonts to restructuring layout and visual effects. For those needing solid and impactful videos to end pieces, Adobe’s best Premiere Pro outro templates of this year have precisely curtailed the time taken in a technically intense, meticulous workflow. These templates offer a spectrum of high-quality, emotionally striking, and aesthetically appealing outros to keep audiences hooked the end, thereby enhancing brand image and message retention.

One of the prominent reasons for the popularity of these outro templates is the diverse range tailored to specific user and industry demands. From the cinematic and commercial to the subtle and understated, Adobe covers everyone’s tastes. These templates are premade with professional-level graphics and animations and can be easily edited and revamped as per user requirements. For users lacking in cinema-grade production resources, these templates craft satisfaction via purely virtual victories. Furthermore, the integration capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro mean you can trace company branding consistently across various platforms for a truly mesmerizing audience experience. The increased user-friendliness coupled with the superior, personalized finish unquestionably makes Adobe Premiere the best Pro outro templates dealer this year.

How to import Premiere Pro outro templates?

If you’re aiming to end your Premiere Pro projects on a dynamic note this year, using a top-notch outro template is the key. First, identify the outro template you’ve selected then download it into your local storage. Launch your Adobe Premiere Pro software and go to ‘Project Panel’ usually located on the lower left portion of the interface. Just right-click within the project panel, then click on ‘Import…’ You’ll then need to locate your downloaded template usually in .prproj or mogrt formats, select them, then click ‘Open’. Your imported templates will appear within the respective project folder ready for use on the timeline for your editing convenience.


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