The best Premiere Pro photo montage templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only platform for photo montages — discover exceptional templates from broader sources this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While several designers and editors are jumping back to in-person collaborations, telecommuting for creation and editing processes continue to thrive and will remain popular in the foreseeable future. Many professionals in the field continue utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro to piece together eye-catching photo montages, given its extensive capabilities. Premiere Pro remains to be the industry standard, but various free templates out there could significantly optimize workflow and enhance creativity. In this article, we delve into some of the most engaging free Premiere Pro photo montage templates. We’ve focused on examples that make at least 10 photos or more come alive. Rather than impulsively sticking to your usual editing style, why not try to experiment with one or two of these templates to see if they compliment your artistic direction? Disrupt convention and discover new styles, this suggested list could be an excellent point of departure.

The best Premiere Pro photo montage templates 2023

1. Social Media Photo Slideshow

Social Media Photo Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Social Media Photo Slideshow template for Premiere Pro allows you to beautifully compile precious memories into an endearing portfolio. Designed around the concept of a Polaroid photo montage with a colorful grid-like layout, this template appropriates particularly well for family-oriented moments, birthdays, holidays, and school milestones. It blends perfectly the essential happy, beautiful elements of children, baby, and family memories. Furthermore, it’s a great opener or intro for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, encouraging social media interactions to ‘follow’, ‘like’, or comment by evoking emotion with the showcased smiles.

This photo montage Premiere Pro template is also part of our polaroid list.

2. Premiere Photo Slideshow

Premiere Photo Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Premiere Photo Slideshow” is a approachable option for creating high-fi definition photo montage videos. This Photo Gallery template offers a user-friendly setup, making the process of importing preferred photos and customizing the slide flow both swift and uncomplicated. It is designed compatible to Premiere Pro CC21 and above and doesn’t require Plugins for usage. It can be used to create sophisticated and elegant professional videos or personal mementos, such as a wedding shower, a family photo series or an album of travelling experiences. Additional features include a 3D viewing capability and a complimentary video tutorial. Prime use cases have ranged from event photography, to faith outing videos to boutique marketing efforts. Please note that this package doesn’t include authorized photos or original music as presented in its exemplification.

This photo montage Premiere Pro template is also part of our photo list.

3. 100 Photo Show | Premiere Pro

100 Photo Show | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The 100 Photo Show Premiere Pro photo montage template is designed to prominently feature dynamic animations of 100 photos. Created with versatility in mind, it enables the user to easily customize features like color replacement, particle FX activation, Leak Opacity alterations, and more. It contains placeholders for 100 Photo/Video and 03 Text. Additionally, the project is endowed with Universal Expression to assist users irrespective of their language. It is designed to function with Premiere Pro CC 2022 and higher. It includes Full HD resolutions, is plugin-free, and also includes a tutorial video. Usage might range from sharing Instagram memories to showcasing high school anniversaries, college graduations, weddings, events, or holidays. However, the music and preview Images are not provided within this template.

4. Mosaic Stomp Multi Photo Logo

Mosaic Stomp Multi Photo Logo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Stomp Multi Photo Logo, a Premiere Pro photo montage template, showcases dynamic motion graphics designed for a fast-paced, multi-photo intro. As the name suggests, it creatively amalgamates a series of images in a mosaic style, accompanied by stomp animation effects, painting an energetic backdrop for introducing your logo. This template allows you to add up to 42 photos, presenting a picture wall or musical slideshow that suits diverse themes, from festive holidays and end-of-year compilations to unveiling personnel heroes of your brand or promoting an NFT collection. It serves as a vivid, pacey visual archive feasible for many scenarios.

5. Stylish Geometric Photo Openers – Logo Reveal

Stylish Geometric Photo Openers – Logo Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Stylish Geometric Photo Openers – Logo Reveal is an adaptable and modern Premiere Pro template equipped with 10 geometric logo reveal engine from sleek, professionally designed, and animated montages. Intending to provide confidence, energy, and creativity, this template can serve corporate businesses, music acts, travel destinations, and many more. Each template allows for easy editing with customization of colors, fonts and logo. Its geometric design along with attention-grabbing transitions make it dynamic and eye-catching. This template helps immensely in making simple, clean, confident, and professional presentations or promos, using your own images, videos, and branding.

6. Clean Minimal Opener / Inspiring Cinematic Slideshow / Montage Reel / Travel Adventure Gallery

Clean Minimal Opener / Inspiring Cinematic Slideshow / Montage Reel / Travel Adventure Gallery (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Clean Minimal Opener’ is an extraordinary template suitable for creating adventure-themed montages in Adobe Premiere Pro. Designed in a cinematic style with a minimalist approach, the template houses expressive elements perfect for compiling impressive travel explorations and the exhilarating sense of wanderlust. The feature readily complements family and friends’ memories from vacations or significant events, whether nature outings or bustling city-scape adventures. The flexible format pushes the boundaries for representing journey experiences from various locations and landscapes. It has reserved spaces for titles making it versatile in encapsulating warm, grunge, or romantic moods captured during different activities.

7. Photo Cloud Collage | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Photo Cloud Collage | MOGRT for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photo Cloud Collage | MOGRT for Premiere Pro template is a versatile and adaptable photo montage platform designed with a convenient modular format. It can comfortably handle different scale projects, be it 10 or multiple hundreds of photos. The completely editable template requires no prior experience with Premiere Pro; all it needs is a copy of After Effects CS5 or higher. The entire project is established in Premiere Pro, making every aspect of its presence and timing customizable. Its effectiveness extends across different project types like weddings, corporate showcases or sports. It can work with several types of media, it includes pre-animated placeholders and has undeniable utility at classic resolutions, right up to UHD 4K.

This photo montage Premiere Pro template is also part of our video collage list.

8. Dynamic Slideshow

Dynamic Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Slideshow is a Premiere Pro photo montage template suitable for creating modern and captivating presentations. It showcases features like multifaceted floating pictures, a configurable frame and gallery, and parallax effects, which essentially give the pictures a perception of depth. Specifically adapted for intros, openers, and showreels in urban settings or sights, offering a sleek and contemporary feel. This photo gallery template, which is apt for montage displays, is a fabulous tool for crafting enticing promos or showreels. It delivers an avant-garde urban vibe that resonates with new-age aesthetic sensibilities.

This photo montage Premiere Pro template is also part of our picture slideshow list.

9. Our Memories Slideshow | Mogrt

Our Memories Slideshow | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Our Memories Slideshow | Mogrt” is a refined and romantic Photo Montage Template for Adobe Premiere Pro. Highlight your precious memories through an elegantly designed slideshow imitating the style of a newspaper or magazine article. The montage, swarming with immaculate and graceful transitions, also channels a beautiful bokeh light overlay adding an adorable vintage vibe. Perfect for showcasing wedding or engagement photos, holiday snaps, birthdays, and monumental life events, the template’s modern both looks and adds a touch of nostalgia. It ensures your memories are beautifully treasured for years. Besides, for every photo, clean and uncomplicated titles are included. Pairing acoustic-pastel-tone audio, this endearing slideshow is sure to evoke a wholesome reminiscence.

10. Vertical Slideshow V3 | Premiere Pro

Vertical Slideshow V3 | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Vertical Slideshow V3 | Premiere Pro is a contemporary, multimedia template designed specifically for use with Adobe’s Premiere Pro. Offering a clean, elegant design with seamless transitions, it gives users flexibility to create a variety of content, from photo montages and business presentations to product promotions or minimalistic social media stories for platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Its functionality extends to diverse usages such as showcasing real estate, crafting stylish wedding clips or assembling fashion portfolios, allowing brands to guarantee a modern yet refined corporate image display in vertical format. It facilitates kinetic typography for efficient text presentation.

11. Vertical Slideshow v2 | Premiere Pro

Vertical Slideshow v2 | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Vertical Slideshow v2 | Premiere Pro is an updated, minimalist photo montage template designed for a wide range of uses. With its clean cubic grid and smooth transitions, it’s well-suited for creating elegant branded or corporate presentations, image album displays, or social media posts. The design is fiercely modern with a hint of stylish typography. Beyond business and branding purposes, this template can also be used to showcase personal photographs, making it perfect for crafting engaging photo stories, wedding slideshows, or travel adventure accounts. Though simple, the visuals work neatly for a substantial, kinetic impact.

12. Vertical Slideshow v1 | Premiere Pro

Vertical Slideshow v1 | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Vertical Slideshow v1 | Premiere Pro is a modern, clean photo montage template designed to present photos and text in a vertical style popular on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook Stories. It’s versatile enough for a range of applications from showcasing travel photography, fashion collections, real estate portfolios, business promos, or wedding albums. Its flat, minimalist design emphasises the subject while also maintaining an elegant, stylish look. The templates includes kinetic typography transitions, corporate branding elements, and a variety of grid and gallery settings, making it adaptable for various needs.

13. Cinematic Slideshow

Cinematic Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

Cinematic Slideshow is an emotionally riveting Premiere Pro template that crafts an atmospheric and enchanting visual experience. Classic yet cutting-edge, it exhibits a blend of distortion, parallax and vortex transitions that enriches imagery, creating an entrancing, dream-like allure. The template is structured to support either photos or video thus presenting robust versatility for a portfolio showcase or corporate video. Its tasteful design and breathtaking effects makes it suitable for travel advertisements, brand promos, demo reels, social media footage and a captivating narrative telling in appealing glitch and HD resolution formats. Dance with elegance, ambition and inspiration through this epic photo montage.

14. Clean Openers

Clean Openers (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Clean Openers’ template is a thoughtful bundle with 12 uniquely elegant variations for your logo reveals, intros, and video branding. Each opener is distinguished by a smooth animation and sleek, modern design, offering simplicity and sophistication in equal measure. The quick styles are perfectly suited to subtly highlight your key images or videos, making it an excellent touchpoint for instantly recognizable branding. As fast as it is effortless, this plain yet professional template adds honest elegance and straightforward style to your corporate presentations, demo reels, social media branding, and more. With its handy provisions and unique geometric designs, the clean openers are time-efficient and chic, efficiently upgrading your overall visual content.

15. Mosaic Logo Reveals – Premiere Pro

Mosaic Logo Reveals – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Mosaic Logo Reveals template for Premiere Pro is a high-quality, media-rich project created to enhance your branding animations and end-tag sequences. You can replace included content with your own images or video to personalise the montage. With flexibility in design, this template is suitable for various applications, from introducing a promotional campaign or program, to concluding a business conference or corporate campaign. This template includes 10 different, customizable Mosaic Logo Reveal Animations, each featuring supreme ease of use with a drag and drop option for all segment replacements. Additionally, the package includes 10 identical vertical equivalents for application on social media platforms. With user benefits such as adjustable features and colours, the Mosaic Logo Reveals template is a versatile, efficient tool for promoting brand events.

16. Fast Promo

Fast Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Fast Promo template for Premiere Pro will give your photo montage a quick and rhythmic flow. Providing effective and seamless transitions such as dynamic flash, light burst, warp, and much more to match to any beat. This template further includes stylish overlays and effects to enhance any sports, fashion, travel, or business photos. The template comes with clever text animations providing stunning typography to get your message across. The Fast Promo template is easily customizable offering the opportunity to create a variety of projects like slideshows, promotional videos and personal galleries etc., while guaranteeing inspirational and influential results.

17. Energetic And Creative | Stomp Opener | Mogrt

Energetic And Creative | Stomp Opener | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Energetic And Creative | Stomp Opener | Mogrt is a dynamic slideshow or opener template for Adobe Premiere Pro. With a fast-paced, modern design, this template can be used either standalone or as an exciting introduction to the rest of your content. It captivates viewers with geometrical, vibrant visuals and allows for custom images and text. Clean and stylish, it doesn’t require additional plugins and is fast to render. It’s ideal for promoting your business or product, especially with its eye-catching animation and design. This remarkable opulency can compete in corporate, retail or fashion spaces – injecting energy and flair into your marketing materials. It’s well-organised and easy to customize.

18. Elegant Stylish Opener

Elegant Stylish Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Elegant Stylish Opener” Premiere Pro photo montage template is a versatile tool crafted primarily for creating animated introductions in a bold and sophisticated manner. Suitable for a variety of events and purposes, the template can be employed to make a compelling opening scene for fashion presentations, corporate introductions, or brand advertisements. Users can easily input their choice of photos or videos alongside the relevant descriptions and adjust the colour of any design elements within the template. The end result is a trendy and professional montage that presents a slick and creative reveal. With its modern geometric shapes and clean typography, the template embodies a distinct, stylish and classy ambiance.

19. Energy Slideshow | Mogrt

Energy Slideshow | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Energy Slideshow|Mogrt is a dynamic and expressive Premiere Pro photo montage template that passionately balances creativity and energy. Designed for infinite scope of uses, this bold, artistic, and high-energy project presents both pictures and videos with unique transitions that blend sophisticated sketch-like and painting textures, blossoming into sharp, vivid images. The transforms are trendy and the outcome stylish, best suited for photographer portfolios, model demo reels, fashion brand commercials, personal albums, artist galleries, and creative montages. With clean and neat title animations, a smooth drag-and-drop layout and theme-specific keywords like dynamic, art, energy, and morph, this template offers an easy, modular customization experience that is perfect for your creative needs.

This photo montage Premiere Pro template is also part of our picture slideshow list.

20. Event Promo

Event Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Event Promo is a Premiere Pro photo montage template that has been optimized for various digital platforms, including Instagram stories and IGTV. It offers flexibility through its completely modular structure. The template works effortlessly with Premiere Pro 2021 and doesn’t need any plugins to function properly. No matter the occasion – whether it’s a conference, workshop, or a personal slideshow – this template can be easily customized using any of the 73 placeholders allowing the inclusion of photos as well as videos. Although the template does not include music, it provides comprehensive video tutorials and has customer support for enhanced ease of use.

What are Premiere Pro photo montage templates?

“Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing tool loved by video editors and designers for good reason. It allows the users to enhance their video production and storytelling experience with an array of tools and features to create striking and captivating content. In this context, downloadable templates, specifically photo montage templates, act as a catalyst to skyrocket the editing process. In Adobe’s vast library, photo montage templates are specialized Premiere Pro files, featuring pre-made video montage sequences, perfect for a range of projects. With Adobe’s Premiere Pro templates, users can quickly structure their work; it saves time, avoids trudging through the edit from scratch, and provides professional standard video compositions out of the box.”

“To offer an insight into some of the best Premiere Pro photo montage templates of this year, a sudden upsurge is seen in options ranging from travel memories montages to wedding related ones, corporate presentations, and everything in between. Some very popular styles seen this year cater towards making photo montage presentations more intuitive and impactful. Classic Slideshow, Modern Circle Slideshow, Moments of Life, and Inspiring Parallax Slideshow are few of the many brilliant templates used widely. The key appeal of these trend-setting montage templates is quickly rendering visually impressive and engaging content without necessitating extensive editing skills. Furthermore, designers and video editors universally agree that utilizing Adobe’s Premiere Pro photo montage templates is a smarter work approach providing productive and

Why use Premiere Pro photo montage templates?

One of the excellent tools to elevate any media project is Adobe Premiere Pro photo montage templates. This year, these templates have revealed superior worth for both the novice user and the proficient creative. Utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro templates provides a fast and powerful way to generate professional-standard videos without requiring extremely comprehensive editing knowledge. Premade transitions, graphical overlays, and introductory sequences can substantially enhance any piece of content; meanwhile, reliable support networks, extensive customization options, and regular updates embody the commitment Adobe offers to maintaining quality and relevance in a rapidly evolving digital-media landscape.

The diverse selection of top-tier templates this year echoes the dynamic video aesthetics now on the global platform and supports a vast spectrum of artistic preferences. Ranging from corporate promotional materials to aesthetic blog content, every vision can be achieved. With seamless assimilation into the software suite, Adobe Premiere Pro’s templates bring valuable organization and clarity to the post-production process, assisting both the time-strapped creative and the resource-limited project. For anyone aiming at creating high-grade video content, leveraging these Adobe Premiere Pro photo montage templates ensures maximization of quality and a potent arsenal of multimedia assets.

How to import Premiere Pro photo montage templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro photo montage templates, first, you need to download the template that best suits your needs from a trustworthy source. After downloading and unzipping if needed, launch Adobe Premiere Pro, then click on File > Import. Hold down ‘Ctrl’ (on Windows) or ‘Command’ (on Mac) then click on the imported file and choose ‘Import as a Project.’ Simply navigate to and select the specific template project file (.prproj) through the browsing window. Once imported, these templates will appear as preformatted projects, ready for editing. Make sure to remember where you saved the downloaded template files, as Adobe Premiere Pro does not embed them into your current project. If you mistakenly uninstall the templates or templates source files, it may influence your project drastically.


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