The best Premiere Pro photo templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only photo editing software on hand - there are multiple stunning photo templates to use for your creations this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As many creative professionals continue to explore the expansive world of Premiere Pro, churning out visually striking films and videos right from their personal workspaces, the raft of top-rated Premiere Pro photo templates continues to be a godsend. Admit it, you and countless others are depending on these complex layer and effect combinations for smoothening the post-production landscape. Adobe Premiere Pro indisputably commands leadership in this sphere, but numerous contemporaries offer equally aesthetic and functional templates sans a sterling price tag. What’s strung together here are narrative rundowns of some standout, free Premiere Pro photo templates of the year. We’ve circumscribed our focus to templates that bring to the table at least 10 unique transitions, effects or layer combinations. Rather than simply settling upon Adobe’s offerings as default best-case-scenarios, perhaps delve into experimenting with a couple to see how snugly they blend with your creative soul and your project demands. Feel ambitious? Then this recital proves an ideal springboard.

The best Premiere Pro photo templates 2023

1. Photo Exhibition In A Photo Studio

Photo Exhibition In A Photo Studio (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Photo Exhibition in a Photo Studio” Premiere Pro template enables the showcasing of family and wedding photographs in a well-styled, elegant photo studio setup. Within the template, the images appear strategically placed on the wall and art easels, simulating a professional photo exhibition. Created for both artists and photographers, it has potential for presenting new work or historic portfolio pieces. The template features 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840×2160) with 25 strategically set placeholders for photographs. Nevertheless, no plugins are required to use it. However, note that music, represented by AnorMusic’s “In Sentimental Inspiring Romantic Wedding”, and images are not included. Most crucially, the visually appealing presentation can impress a wide range of audiences. Tags include distinct photography concepts and setups such as 3D, backdrop, bride and groom, canvas, easel, and many more.

2. Memories Photo Slideshow | Photo Gallery | MOGRT

Memories Photo Slideshow | Photo Gallery | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Memories Photo Slideshow | Photo Gallery | MOGRT” is an adaptable photo template designed for use with Premiere Pro. Ideally used to create dynamic photo slideshows and galleries, it can effortlessly capture lifetime milestones or memorable moments. With its variety of themes—such as beautiful love, intimate anniversary, birthdays, and family events—to crafted modern, elegant, and simple slideshow styles, the template has a versatile charm. The gentle attributes solidify a sense of sentimentality associated with life events; its added potential usage for promotional material expands its function. This template is well-suited for an array of events like weddings, holidays, travel presentations, special events showcasing a romantic and lovely aesthetic.

This photo Premiere Pro template is also part of our picture in picture list.

3. Photo Slideshow

Photo Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

Photo Slideshow is a versatile Premiere Pro photo template, ideal for a wide range of uses like announcements for corporate events, nonprofit, architecture, and agency presentations. It brilliantly incorporates clean and modern design with 3D photo capacities, a digital photo display and opportunities for company logo display. This template has Slide functionality that allows minimal orientations perfect for a portfolio showcase or company history time-lining. There’s also parallax which creates a cinematic visual, helping to curve an inspiring image narrative. This multi-purpose template is also suitable for weddings and even offers templates for ending credits or an epilogue.

4. Photo Intro

Photo Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro Photo Intro template is a multifaceted tool that specializes in displaying photos inventively. Primarily designed as an image slideshow, it is suitable use for different events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family holidays, or any gatherings. This template has an Instagram alike feel which allows you to set up an image album or photo gallery. It includes features for individual photo display and overall, enables you to design your photos creatively and professionally.

5. Photo Slides

Photo Slides (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photo Slides template for Premiere Pro is a heart-warming, creative way to illustrate life’s cherished moments. With a cinematic, vintage aesthetic that evokes a spirit of romance and memory, this retro-inspired, slideshow-style tool interlaces ‘light leaks’ feature for a pleasing boho appeal. The template is adaptive and perfect for a variety of commemorative occasions that include weddings, engagements, birthday celebrations, and Valentine’s Day memorabilia, capturing the love-strengthened bonds between couples, as well as the vibrant camaraderie among bridesmaids and groomsmen. It is both a brilliant video display opener and a palpable reflection of happiness and affection.

6. Photo Lower Thirds

Photo Lower Thirds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photo Lower Thirds template is a versatile project for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 or above which doesn’t require any plugins. The template features a high-definition resolution (1080p) and a frame rate of 30 fps. Its well organized, easy-to-customize structure allows it to be of great use for a variety of practical applications. This includes a showreel, opener, TV show, or even a media opener for special events like an album launch, anniversary, birthday celebration, family gatherings, or weddings. A bonus of this template is the ability to use images instead of videos. Furthermore, it includes a helpful video tutorial and has a fast rendering time.

7. Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template titled “Photo Gallery” is a classy, modern tool for creating a visually appealing multimedia slideshow. It’s a perfect choice for showcasing photos from a variety of events such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, or vacations, making it a versatile tool for both personal and professional use. With its clean and elegant design, it is inclined towards a simple intro and special event moments. Two audio tracks, titled “Acoustic Love Song” by BlueSkyAudio, perfectly complement the slideshow. Set at an accessible 71 BPM rhythm, the template deeply enhances nostalgic memories and loving moments, giving every photo a beautifully nostalgic touch.

8. Photo Transitions

Photo Transitions (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photo Transitions template is optimum for creating high definition (HD) photo galleries or slideshows. Primarily aimed to showcase inspiring moments like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations or other key events, it helps immortalise cherished memories. Featuring an after effect version of CC 17 and above, it’s highly customizable and requires no plug-ins. Ideal for use as a family photo album or Instagram display, it also comes with a help file to make the editing process more streamlined. Compatibility extends to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 17 and above. Please note, music isn’t included in this template.

9. The History in Photos

The History in Photos (Credit: Envato Elements)

“The History in Photos” is a unique Premiere Pro photo template that exudes a distinct old-world charm. It is meticulously designed to lend a nostalgic feel to your photos with its elegant and beautifully-crafted polaroid frame. The template incorporates seamless transitions, nice visuals, retro-inspired elements, and a vintage aesthetic to capture and display your beloved moments. Its sophisticated aspect is amplified by its utilization of the camera effects. This elegant Pro template breathes new life into your historical moments, efficiently remodeled and presented in a celebratory retro-flavor through a serene composition of faded hues.

This photo Premiere Pro template is also part of our polaroid list.

10. Photo Opener

Photo Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photo Opener template for Premiere Pro presents a distinctive monochrome aesthetic, suited for business and corporate use. Ideal for promoting discovery-themed documentaries or presenting news segments, this minimal and modern template has built-in placeholders for photos. Its attraction lays in its creatively simple design while being stylish and universal. It leverages typography to deliver key messages and adopt a flat design maximizing text clarity. Trendy and functional, this version cultivates its appeal upon uncluttered organization of components, a highlight in presentations, and promos, leaning towards a mature contemporary feel.

This photo Premiere Pro template is also part of our picture in picture list.

11. Old Photos

Old Photos (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Old Photos” Premiere Pro template is a beautiful, tastefully designed slideshow template that brings your images to life. With a gentle, elegant feel, it is perfect for display at a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any special event reminisce fond memories captured once. Ideal to create a clean and modern portfolio, family albums, image slideshows, promo content and travel presentations for Instagram or any other mediums. With added features like the vacant Vacation slideshow and versatile intro slideshow, this template can encapsulate your lovely moments, thus creating an eternal memories album that tells your story seamlessly. It also allows video for displays.

12. Memories Photo Slideshow | Clean Cinematic Photo Slideshow | MOGRT

Memories Photo Slideshow | Clean Cinematic Photo Slideshow | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Memories Photo Slideshow is an expertly designed Premiere Pro photo template that fully emphasizes a vintage, cinematic aesthetic while making use of seamless transitions. It facilitates the showcasing of photo slideshows in a clean, stylish manner. This versatile template seamlessly accommodates themes such as family events, weddings, summer travel, and holidays making your memories come alive through moving film. Offering extensive range with remarkable transformation into film and gallery-style presentations, this template truly captures the nostalgia associated with reminiscing about precious moments from our lives.

This photo Premiere Pro template is also part of our picture in picture list.

13. Premiere Photo Slideshow

Premiere Photo Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Premiere Photo Slideshow” is a specifically designed template for Adobe’s Premiere Pro editing suite. It is ideal for displaying precious memories through still images. Featured settings include occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, holidays and special events. The template has a modern, clean and simple design, while still maintaining elegance with gentle flower introductions. Multiple slide facets on this template allow for it to be utilized as photo album, family slideshow or promotional slideshow for personal or corporate use. The audio accompanying the preview is an acoustic conversation track by Pinkzebra. This makes the template ideal for composing Instagram stories or other social media posts as well.

14. Photo Slideshow | Mogrt

Photo Slideshow | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Photo Slideshow | Mogrt” is a Premiere Pro photo template designed to help you create photo slideshows with a cinematic touch. The template samples cinematic audio from piano-based pieces by Olexandr Ignatov, setting a grand, expressive vibe to accompany your visuals. It is versatile and fitting for a wide array of content types like albums, historical timelines, anniversaries, special events, documentaries, vintage footage, or even wedding slides. The emphasis on nostalgia and memory is distinctive, allowing users to broadcast compelling visual narratives filled with historical ambiance, drama, or even war-themed stories.

15. Multi Photo Logo

Multi Photo Logo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Photo Logo is a robust Premiere Pro photo template designed specifically for modern news broadcasting and communication needs. Ideal for various platforms, it can be used for TV broadcasts and digital streams on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other online mediums. This template provides dynamic overlay options for images, headlines, text and logos, increasing viewer engagement with its professional finish. The template’s distinct aesthetic highlights are the parallelogram shapes and sleek, contemporary design. Whether it’s breaking news, sports reports or important alerts, this template could be a versatile tool for any broadcasting professional or enterprise.

16. Christmas Photos Slideshow

Christmas Photos Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro photo template, titled ‘Christmas Photos Slideshow,’ lets you create a remarkable animated photo gallery. Designed for user-friendliness and a series of sophisticated nuances, this template facilitates easy photo importing and customization to cater to various themes such as a wedding, a vacation montage, or a family album. Despite the template having no music or photos included, it is compatible with Ultra HD resolution (3840×2160). Possessing elements apt for family albums, elegant clean intro slideshows, lovely romantic events, special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, or professional uses such as filmmaker documentaries, memories album, and more, the template accrues versatility. It’s offered with a useful video tutorial ensuring ease of use and is sole for Premiere Pro CC21 and above versions.

17. Photo Slideshow (MOGRT)

Photo Slideshow (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Photo Slideshow (MOGRT)” template is adaptable for Premiere Pro and specifically developed for creating video presentations using photos. Embedded with a pleasant “Uplifting Sentimental Acoustic Folk” audio track by Pinkzebra, you can experience enhanced emotive depth in the context of anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or any other cherished occasions. This template’s aesthetic feature flexibility enables fitting for both – gentle, memory-driven family slideshows to modern promo presentations. Additionally, it offers easy integration for social platforms like Instagram, supporting features such as travel themes or a stylish photo album layout. Its simple and clean design maximises emphasis on displayed images proving itself versatile for various creative storytelling needs.

18. Photo Gallery Slideshow

Photo Gallery Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photo Gallery Slideshow template for Premiere Pro is a elegant and professional-quality tool, suitable for a wide range of purposes. You may use it for advertising campaigns, broadcasting news, introducing a business product, or even at award ceremonies. It has a clean and cinematic vibe. It also enables you to create a collage or video wall of multiple images or videos. It also includes features for inserting corporate logos or creating a photo logo. Additionally, it can serve as an edgy intro for a televised event, or a perfect frame for an online portfolio or fashion show. Suitable for the Youtube channel and social media postings, this template will add a corporate and professional look to your content.

This photo Premiere Pro template is also part of our multi screen list.

19. Photo Slideshow Intro

Photo Slideshow Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photo Slideshow Intro is a premiere pro photo template highly themed around Christmas celebration and the elegance of the winter season. Possessing diverse elements of bokeh, shiny gold designs and sparkles, it captures the holiday spirit and ambiance. This template is seamlessly compatible with Instagram stories, offering vertical layout options for a more impactful and immersive display of Christmas wishes. Complete with Christmas logos, titles, greetings, it showcases beautiful Christmas tree images and snowflakes against a backdrop of winter snow laden landscapes. Moreover, it lends a meaningful aesthetic to both Christmas and New Year’s event introduction.

20. Photo Slideshow Pro

Photo Slideshow Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Photo Slideshow Pro is a versatile Adobe Premiere Pro template that suits a variety of purposes. It contains parallax to bring depth to your photos. Users may use it for various events that capture joy, love, and fond memories such as birthdays, family gatherings, weddings, holidays, or Valentine’s Day. A track, ‘We Can Dream’ by Pinkzebra, is used in the preview with 4 differently timed versions included. Users can also place photos in a stylish, elegant fashion display or a trendy, colorful photo gallery. The effect is modern, minimalistic with hints of vintage style, fitting for personal use or promotional media.

What are Premiere Pro photo templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry standard when it comes to video editing, but it also features nifty adjunct, photo editing capabilities. Along aside this utility are what are known affectionately as photo templates. These presets are pre-packaged, pre-designed configurations that can apply detailed customization of transitions, effects, and text overlays among others, to a user’s photography. The best Premiere Pro photo templates this year offer unmatched creative beauty in execution, saving precious editing time and making complex design accessible for novice editors.

Whether it’s for travel vlogs, business promos, or social media content, these Premiere Pro photo templates give users high-quality, professional-looking designs within clicks. Among the top trending this year are media opener templates, 3D LUTs with themed cinematic color-grading, digital glitch templates, and Parallax-inspired images affording depth effects. It is worth noting that Adobe’s digital photo gazette frequently roll out updates catering to the current creative interests and needs of the altering visual narrative landscape, favouring always an ease-of-use married to high execution output.

Why use Premiere Pro photo templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro’s photo templates epitomize design efficiency for creators at all expertise levels this year. These professionally designed templates optimize the workflow by allowing users to easily edit and stylize their photos in Adobe Premiere Pro without starting from scratch. With diverse options ranging from slideshows, cinematic thumbnails to colorful dynamic promo. All these guarantee flexiblity, variety and seamlessness in creating visually appealing content and meet diverse user requirements. Furthermore, these templates come with plentiful pre-animated elements, extending users’ creative freedom while cutting down significantly on production time.

Bypassing technical complexities and fostering an intuitive user experience has placed the photo templates of Adobe Premiere Pro ahead. The vast plethora of these templates are meticulously planned to integrate seamlessly into any project within Premiere Pro – saving time that could have been spent in manually keyframing animations or editing graphics piece by piece. Moreover, for smaller studios or independent creators, the reduction in resource or manpower required during an editing process by using these templates can be extremely valuable. They are an ideal solution to tackle budget constraints while maintaining a high-degree compatibility with the hustle of content creation in the visually immersive digital space that characterizes this year.

How to import Premiere Pro photo templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro photo templates, start by locating your downloaded template file, which typically ends in .prproj or . mogrt format. Open Adobe Premiere Pro and navigate to File> Import or simply tap Ctrl/Cmd+I. Then locate the desired Premiere Pro photo template on your device, select it, and click ‘Open’. For .mogrt files, we’re required to navigate to Essential Graphics Panel and click on the ‘+’ button or drag and drop the template in this panel. Adobe will then load and integrate the template into your interface, ready for your customization and use.}


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