The best Premiere Pro picture slideshow templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only option for slideshow creations — there are a multitude of top-performing templates you can use this year.

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As multiple industries embrace virtual platforms for display and content sharing, incorporating visually engaging elements such as picture slideshows remains relevant and is likely here to stay. Quite a number of us are drawn to Adobe’s Premiere Pro, one of the market leaders when it comes to video editing and presentation tools. There’s a range of fantastic picture slideshow templates available, but identifying the gold in the heap is no simple job. Therefore we’ve taken the hurdle to outline and detail some of the most remarkable Premiere Pro picture slideshow templates available in this year. We’ve focused our attention on templates that incorporates stunning aesthetics, and a user-friendly interface. Rather than assuming that the basic templates are ideal for you, explore one or two of these templates for yourself — you just might surprise yourself by pushing the creative boundaries! This compilation offers a superb starting point in your search to find a template that caters to your style and sparks appeal among your peers or your audience.

The best Premiere Pro picture slideshow templates 2023

1. Parallax Picture Slideshow

Parallax Picture Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Parallax Picture Slideshow is a Premiere Pro template that provides modern and captivating visual effects to amplify your images’ depth and movement aspects. With its “Parallax” feature, it enables viewers to immerse in a three-dimensional illusion on a two-dimensional surface. Additionally, it delivers an atmospheric and cinematic look blended with watercolor and ink elements. Intensifying your presentations’ overall appeal, this template also allows additional introductions and titles— perfect for showreels, trailers, and photo slideshows. Exude inspiring and epic emotions through this dynamic and accessible template.

This picture slideshow Premiere Pro template is also part of our picture in picture list.

2. Photo Slideshow

Photo Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Photo Slideshow’ Premiere Pro template is a modern, informative, and cinematic creation with a plethora of useful features. Brimming with potential for diverse utilizations, it can be used for corporate conferences, anniversary albums, medical shows, marketing agency presentations, and more. It comes loaded with stunning 3D and digital transitions, making every slide feel dynamic and engaging. Moreover, it adds depth to the wedding albums, motivational videos, or corporate reports. The clean design can accompany birthday videos, travel vlogs, or Christmas greetings while adding a stylish charm. Additionally, embedded mock-ups and graphic designs ensure the promotion of businesses remains lean yet superb, allowing room for logos and brand identities. Whether it’s for a church gathering, university project, or sporting local event, the emotional, modern, gentle touch amplified with stylish motion graphics paints a beautiful story. Moreover, it neatly caters to digital products promotion, complementing iPhone, Samsung, LG, and Apple applications. Adaptable for infographics and data visualizing, it can service trend assessments and projections, making it suitable for start-ups and companies alike. Easy-to-use, this bright and uplifting Premiere Pro slideshow template smoothly blends emotion and elegance, promising unparalleled results every time.

3. Slideshow – Hand Made Photo

Slideshow – Hand Made Photo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Slideshow – Hand Made Photo is a versatile Premiere Pro template that beautifully displays your photos in a dynamic and artistic style. This template can be efficiently used for various occasions – birthday, funeral, holidays, weddings and more, given its design aesthetic involving brush strokes and watercolor effect. It’s built meticulously with an easy-to-use modular structure programmable on Premiere Pro 2021, ideal for beginners. The fully HD resolution (1920×1080), opportunity to change colors and a constructive video tutorial further improve the usage of its advanced features. Therefore, the template caters to a range of thematic presentations including children cartoons, documentaries, personal portfolios or even romance narratives.

4. Family Photo Slideshow | Mogrt

Family Photo Slideshow | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Family Photo Slideshow | Mogrt is a dynamic Premiere Pro template designed for repackaging family photos into an interactive and well crafted 4k video slideshow. Tailored to imbibe heartwarming themes, the template features a heightened editing ability with options for personalizing titles, text presets, shapes, backgrounds and other motion elements. Equipped for compatibility with the 2021 edition of Premiere Pro CC or higher, it proffers easy customization, a swift rendering effect and quality customer support. This template does not include the depicted font, music and video, but possesses additional, essential qualities for creating engaging content detailed in its project features.

This picture slideshow Premiere Pro template is also part of our graduation list.

5. Wedding Slideshow

Wedding Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Wedding Slideshow template in Adobe Premiere Pro provides a romantic platform for showcasing memorable photos. Excellent for several occasions, it can be used for wedding celebrations, birthdays, Christmas events, and fashion displays. The template comes with features offering a 3D view of the photo gallery, brilliant transition styles for opening each photo, and customizable titles. Those interested in creating a photo album with a poignant depiction of love and memorable times would absolutely appreciate this tool. Its mixed-use applicability ensures users can personalize it beyond its primary wedding theme.

6. Dynamic Slideshow

Dynamic Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Slideshow template for Premiere Pro brings together a panoply of contemporary visual elements to turn your photos into compelling narratives. At its core, this template circles around dynamic, floating pictures which are seamlessly infused into a modern montage-like design. The arrays of frames ingeniously incorporate parallax to add depth and dimension. Moreover, it seamlessly functions as a gallery, intro, opener, and promo or as a supplemental showreel, adding versatility to it. Characterized by its ‘urbannan’ theme, with its streaks of urban style, this template truly redefines the concept of the photo slideshow.

7. Deep Ambient Inks Photo Slideshow

Deep Ambient Inks Photo Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

Deep Ambient Inks Photo Slideshow is a Premiere Pro template that allows you to create an atmospheric and romantic photo slideshow featuring elegant chroma aberration effects. Incorporating stunning ink animations, this template is ideal for a visual narrative of love stories, family films or capturing significant milestones. Easy to customize and universally adaptable, this slideshow maker could add magic to travelogues, vintage shots, wedding scenes or warmly express a sweet home environment. This versatile, user-friendly slideshow puts a creative spin on commemorating significant moments or people, devising a montage of memories in a striking, inked layout.

8. Circus Slideshow

Circus Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Circus Slideshow is a distinctive Premiere Pro template set in an engaging 3D vintage circus scene. Designed with 28 media placeholders, it’s a versatile tool for energetically exhibiting memorable moments from occasions such as children’s birthday parties, carnivals and other celebratory events. The slideshow template, officially supported by 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160, is both user-friendly and does not necessitate the use of plugins. A step-by-step video tutorial is included. Selectively orchestrated to personify fun, amusement and commemoration, it does not include supporting components like pictures, music (“Funny Comedy Brass Band” by Music-Ideas – Audiojungle ID 34360353).

9. Romantic Beautiful Slideshow

Romantic Beautiful Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro picture slideshow template is titled ‘Romantic Beautiful Slideshow’. This template offers a graceful and elegant design, ideal for encapsulating endearing moments into a captivating slideshow. It’s perfect for showcasing picturesque memories from occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or themed events. The in-built motif is romantic, flaunting elements that signify love and warmth, such as flowers, summer, clean-clarity images and a bit of youthful charm. Furthermore, the preview features an enriching and inspiring audio track featuring beautiful piano with strings. It ensures a melodious narration to your heartfelt images.

10. Romantic Wedding Slideshow

Romantic Wedding Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Romantic Wedding Slideshow” is a professionally designed template optimized for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021. This easy-to-customize slideshow, with Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, features universal expressions and is fully adjustable, allowing color settings to be changed in the control layer based on your needs. The no-after-effects package includes a helpful PDF file and free 24/7 support. Used media in this slideshow such as font links are provided for guidance. This versatile slideshow can elegantly adapt to themes of marriages, events, galleries, family, love, etc., offering a distinctive way to display cherished memories. Note that preview music, images, and videos are not included in the project file.

This picture slideshow Premiere Pro template is also part of our wedding slideshow list.

11. Christmas Time Slideshow 4K

Christmas Time Slideshow 4K (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Christmas Time Slideshow 4K” is a charming and heartwarming Premiere Pro template that crafts a warm Christmas atmosphere using live-action images of a beautifully adorned Christmas tree. It sports visually inviting design with 32 placeholders for your images and videos, backed with 34 customizable text layers to personalize your slideshow. This smoothly animated template runs 1:57 minutes on 4K and Full HD resolution, doesn’t require plug-ins, and compatible with Premiere Pro CC2018 Version 12.1 or higher. Ideal for Christmas and New Year family or corporate slideshows, memory album, holiday greeting videos, and more. It offers an inclusive video tutorial and Font Links File.

12. Love Story Slideshow

Love Story Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Love Story Slideshow is a uniquely designed Premiere Pro picture slideshow template. It has a beautiful clean aesthetic, incorporating baby photos, flower animations, and romance-themed imagery to tell a couple’s love story. Suitable for various purposes, you can use it for events such as weddings, family gatherings, Valentine’s Day parties and other heartfelt memories. The animated flower gallery gives it a spring or summer vibe, making it remarkably perfect for commencing a fresh tale of young love. This wonderful template wisely encapsulates your photos in an album style, elevating the anticipation in every frame of the unfolding love story.

13. Moving Pictures Premiere Pro

Moving Pictures Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Moving Pictures Premiere Pro” picture slideshow template is a dynamic and trendy tool perfect for a multitude of projects. Its fashion slideshow feature and modern trailer capabilities make it suitable for reveling in stylish video display. It’s not only ideal for an engaging opener or attention-grabbing intro but also acts as an efficient media opener. It offers rapid transitions, ideal for occasions where brevity is needed, like a quick intro or youtube video. It has customizable titles and works extraordinarily well for special events, trailers, and video shoots.

This picture slideshow Premiere Pro template is also part of our picture in picture list.

14. Stylish Powerful Slideshow

Stylish Powerful Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Stylish Powerful Slideshow is a dynamic Premiere Pro picture slideshow template known for its cutting-edge aesthetic and bold visual impact. This modish template fuses creativity and power, provoking emotional and intriguing responses from viewers. It showcases adventurous title animations, as well as diverse transition options like glitches, light bursts, picture walls, among others. Ideal for any modern business wishing to promote fashion, lifestyle, technology or travel, its grainy, colorful overlays help project your brand’s narrative in a compelling way, across multiple social media platforms. From stylistic retro to warm vintage undertones, this slideshow template embodies expressive photo artistry flawlessly, perfect for a demo, portfolio, or showreel.

15. Energy Slideshow | Mogrt

Energy Slideshow | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Energy Slideshow | Mogrt is a dynamic and imaginative Adobe Premiere Pro template, crafted for a wide range of creative uses. With its artistic and bold design, it seamlessly blends sketch-like effects into crisp imagery, perfect for showcasing work in photo and video formats. Suitable for uses such as photographer portfolios, fashion ads, personal photo albums, and creative montages, this template promises the enhancement of your content. An easy-to-use modular structure lets you adapt the layout to your liking with basic drag-and-drop customization. Moreover, the clean and simple title animations and on-trend transitions add to the template’s contemporary appeal. Features like glitches, retro elements, rhythmic energy and vibrant colors along with a watercolor aesthetic make bringing your creativity to life simple and satisfying.

16. Christmas Slideshow For Premiere Pro

Christmas Slideshow For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Christmas Slideshow for Premiere Pro is a versatile, high-quality template designed specifically for creating holiday-themed photo presentations. It requires no auxiliary softwares and operates exclusively with JPEG formatted images. The template incorporates features such as color customization and contains capacity for 12 images and 12 text nests. Functioning optimally with Premiere pro 2019 13.1.5 or higher, the template yields detailed, full high-definition visual outputs (1920×1080) at 30 fps. Supplementary files such as a custom font link and a help file are provided for user assistance. The diverse tags associate the template with themes of celebration, festivity, elegance, winter, and holiday cheer among others.

17. Love Slideshow For Premiere Pro

Love Slideshow For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Love Slideshow for Premiere Pro is a carefully designed, cinematic template that features smooth transitions and stylish design. Aimed to be used in Adobe’s Premiere Pro, this template utilizes precise animation, joined with a detailed video tutorial and compatibility with CC2022 and beyond. It uses Essential Graphics Panel, needing only After Effects CC 2022 for full operation. The template’s assets include 11 editable text layers and media placeholders meant to visually showcase significant events like weddings, anniversaries, or romantic moments. Note that no additional plug-ins are required for this well-organized, 1080p resolution project, and it’s apt for various themes like memories, fashion, or special family moments.

18. Autumn Slideshow | MOGRT

Autumn Slideshow | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Autumn Slideshow | MOGRT is a sophisticated and elegant picture slideshow template for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It’s designed to work seamlessly with versions from 2016 onwards. The template does not require any plugins and supports full HD resolution (1920×1080). There are provisions to customize text placeholders and update all settings including colors by way of the Control Layer. It features universal expressions, which works for all After Effects languages. This slideshow theme perfectly suits a variety of themes like weddings, couple narratives, fashion seasons, travel memories, and portfolios among others. It includes round-the-clock support and a PDF Help file for easy comprehension. Users must provide their own images, videos and music as the ones used in the project file are just for preview.

19. Travel Book Slideshow

Travel Book Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Travel Book Slideshow is a high-definition, modern template for Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 and newer versions. Boasting 30 fps, it includes 17 image-video placeholders and text placeholders each, two text placeholders on book covers, and one logo placeholder. Its background is 3D prerendered for a sleek finish. Accessibility is a highlight, you can manage everything straight from the Premiere essential graphics menu, eliminating the need for after effects or additional plugins. Ideal for a travel journal, family album or event portfolio, it creates an elegant, clean screen continuity. However, please note that the images, font, and audio used in the preview are not included. Use descriptors such as adventure, vacation, family album and others in working with this template.

20. Travel Time Slideshow |MOGRT|

Travel Time Slideshow |MOGRT| (Credit: Envato Elements)

Travel Time Slideshow |MOGRT| is a dynamic and modern Adobe Premier Pro slideshow template specifically designed for showcasing travel related content. This gives you the potential to display personal vacations, global journeys, or commercials for travel businesses, including air ticket sales or cruise agencies in an elegant and clean manner. Apart from business use, it can fancy up personal blogs or vlogs, allowing the addition of family and friends photos to share inspiring travel experiences. It features different presentation styles, a spot for your portfolio, and an expressive intro reel for a vivid depiction of one’s world voyage.

What are Premiere Pro picture slideshow templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are professionally made project files that allow users, regardless of their skill level, to create stunning videos by simply dropping in their footage and editing the text. The best Premiere Pro picture slideshow templates available this year not only enable users to display photos in unique and eye-catching ways, but also include customizable music, transitions, and effects. These templates make it easy to create beautiful video presentations, promotional materials, wedding albums, and multi-media stories.

Some of the most popular templates this year include transitions and effects themed slideshows, cinematic slideshows with striking visuals, modern slideshows that stay on the cutting edge of design and ‘fast slideshow’ themes that pump up the pace and energy of your presentation. Each of these templates offer various levels of customization tied in with Adobe Premiere Pro’s high level functioning, creating dynamic, engaging visuals that stand out. Users searching for an effective and visually interesting way to share their photo-centric stories, these templates are some of the top options in Adobe Premiere Pro’s wide-ranging library.

Why use Premiere Pro picture slideshow templates?

Utilizing the best Premiere Pro picture slideshow templates this year indeed redefines the way we appreciate visuals and discover storytelling in a captivating manner. Adobe Premiere is widely appreciated for its advanced multimedia editing capabilities, and these templates enhance that benefit by offering pre-made, professional designs that can significantly curtail the time and effort required for making captivating visual content. These professionally designed templates are customizable, allowing users to align them with their specific brand image or preferred aesthetics, thus providing flexibility alongside quality. The use of such templates essentially allows creators to tell vivid, dynamic stories without making substantial investments in video editing software mastering or graphic designing.

Moreover, Premiere Pro templates cogently respond to the newer demands of web aesthetics and social media trends that constantly demand fresh, innovative visual content. These templates emerge as versatile content creation instruments that streamline video editing process for creators of all proficiency levels. They remove the potential bottleneck that might arise from having to build up a video from scratch, while granting the license to experiment with diversified visual narratives. Templates are updated regularly, mirroring the shifts in layout trends, animation advancements, and effects, which helps creators to sustain their competitive edge by staying abreast with the latest transition styles, text animations, color grading advancements, and more. Overall, it fosters the production of engaging, stylish, and professional visual narratives regardless of one’s skill level in video editing.