The best Premiere Pro podcast templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only podcast template provider in the game — here are the top-performing ones to make your podcast stand out this year.

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While numerous podcast creators continue to use Premiere Pro to design interesting and engaging content, switching your production online (where applicable) seems to have become the trend and isn’t going anywhere soon. Many of us are still relying on Adobe’s powerful video editing software to enhance our storytelling potential, making the use of podcast templates a widespread norm. While templates provided by Premiere Pro itself have their value, there are various free apps around which offer dynamic podcast templates you can consider. We will be shedding light on some of the best free podcast templates for Premiere Pro. This analysis will focus on those free apps that offer various and numerous template options. Rather than automatically resorting to built-in Premiere Pro preferences, you may wish to experiment with some of these other options to see which augments your content style and fits in with your narrative aesthetic. The list below will serve as an apt starting point.

The best Premiere Pro podcast templates 2023

1. Podcast pr

Podcast pr (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro podcast template is a visually engaging tool ideal for promotions. It creates an audio visualization of your podcast and also doubles as a book promo using waveform aesthetics. The template supports multi-platform use and is compatible with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. It uses a hip-hop spectrum visualizer, contributing to the dynamic feel of your content. Perfect for both audio-only mediums like an audiobook or podcasts, and audio-visual platforms. This strategic visualization evidently supports enhanced content discovery.

2. Podcast Opener

Podcast Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro podcast template, titled “Podcast Opener”, has a modern, clean and minimal design that fits various podcast themes. It offers a dynamic progression and stylish typography making it ideal for urban, lifestyle, and fashion-focused podcasts. The template incorporates fast-paced rhythmic elements with trendy inspiration, easily aligning with music, specifically genres like hip-hop and rap. The 2:02 long audio track by MarbleSpace adds a distinctive touch. Labels like ‘blog’, ‘vlog’, and ‘YouTube channel’ signify its adaptability to different online platforms. The template’s bpm is at comfortable 95, setting up the right tempo for your auditory project.

3. Fashion Podcast

Fashion Podcast (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Fashion Podcast Premiere Pro podcast template is an innovative tool designed primarily for the promotion of fashion events, season sales, clothing line launches, or even home appliances ads. With its vibrant color transitions and dynamic text animations, the template creates an impactful atmosphere suitable for special events and pivotal weekdays like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Integrating geometric shapes with stylish video clips, it presents a sophisticated avenue for showcasing fashion brands, portfolios, and streetwear collections. An exemplary means to promote clothes boutiques or dress collections on various social media channels including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or TV. This customizable template is handy, user-friendly, rendering a smart and concise advertising solution. Additionally, its fresh design stands ideal for various fashion-related tags from “season sales” and “new arrivals”, to “stylish wear” and “lifestyle shopping”.

4. Podcast Audio Visualizers

Podcast Audio Visualizers (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Podcast Audio Visualizers is an advanced template intended for use with Adobe’s Premiere Pro editing software. Its function is to create a gripping visual accompaniment to any podcast or audio profiles across various mediums like Apple Music, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube Music. This template uses an entire spectrum of audio equipment to generate high quality broadcast music and comes with audio-visual tools featuring waveforms, equalizers, and analog audio capabilities. It is an excellent resource for DJs, music festivals, promotion, radio broadcasting, as well as content creators involved in streaming music focused content on social media platforms. It’s particularly useful for lyric videos, song promos, music lists, and EDM styled visuals.

5. Podcast Live Promo

Podcast Live Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Podcast Live Promo is an inventive and dynamic template, aptly designed for Premiere Pro. It denotes an ultramodern aesthetic entwined with 3D constructs, effectively combined with immersive title animations and media placeholders. The template can be employed to draw attention to podcasts or broadcasts, promote live events, radio channels, focus on YouTube intros, and more. Introducing colorful glitch effects, potential openings with logos, retro influences, a vivid yellow, crafted specifically to echo the vibrance of the music and podcast culture. It also includes an intricate video tutorial for easier user-interface. It is inspirational for creative intros, broadcasts, promotional content etc.

6. Podcast Claymotion Reveal

Podcast Claymotion Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

Podcast Claymotion Reveal is a template ingeniously made for Adobe Premiere Pro. It creatively incorporates stop-motion visuals with a clay aesthetic and a microphone, contributing a unique and whimsical design to your podcast or video material. With a range of colors and textures, it adds an enticing layer of fun and playfulness. This feature-packed template comes with a colourful assortment of tags notably featuring aspects like comedy, audio, broadcast, and logo materials to give more flair. Suitable for social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, it can be easily customized for logos, texts, and various media applications for any audience.

7. Modern Podcast Opener

Modern Podcast Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Modern Podcast Opener template for Premiere Pro offers a clean and minimalistic design that caters to the modern podcaster. It depicts an animated microphone often portrayed in on air and radio contexts. This template enhances the professional feel, with several tracks of varying lengths :0:06, 0:10, 0:14, 0:16 and 0:33. It also encapsulates realistic 3D movements and supports 4K resolution. The tags indicate that this template can be effectively used for a variety of podcast mediums – apple podcast to Spotify, for creating both intros and outros, making the narrative engaging and compelling.

8. Podcast Intro | Mogrt

Podcast Intro | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Podcast Intro | Mogrt is a style template specifically designed for vlogs or podcasts looking for a clean, vibrant introduction that leaves the audience’s interest piqued. Comprised purely of striking text projected on a dark backdrop, it sets itself apart through a bold typography versus videos or images. Aimed at short promotional intents, such as broadcasting a channel’s theme or the beginning of a show on social media platforms, it’s ideally recommended for platforms like YouTube, Spotify, or Twitch. Furthermore, this template offers the chance to place strong punchlines that resonate with listeners, making it alluring, memorable, and effectively placing brands at the fore.

9. Youtube Podcast Intro

Youtube Podcast Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Youtube Podcast Intro is a versatile template specifically designed for Premiere Pro. With 3D animated features, it’s perfect for various categories from sports, tech vlogs, beauty blogs, business broadcasts to gaming. The animation styles range from fast-paced glitch style to an elegant, minimalistic approach. This modern template also preps you for active social media engagement with specific set-up integration for TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch. Notably, it includes fun, stylish aspects like vibrant color choices, dynamic typography, and customizable logos. It matches your needs whether you’re looking for a clean-cut podcast, or trying out vibrantly-themed show intros and outros.

10. Podcast Intro Template

Podcast Intro Template (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Podcast Intro Template is an impressive introduction tool dedicated to podcasters and broadcasters. Ideal for online channels or live shows, this template offers multiple features including advertising spots and even podcast-interview capabilities. Silent elements such as on-air microphones and studio settings complement audio elements from Apple Music and Spotify ensuring a full-bodied radio and podcasting experience. This ready-to-use template easily reveals your brand akin to a simple opener or short introductory video, offering ready-to-use features, that can be broadcasted on platforms ranging from Twitch, Youtube, to VideoHive as per your requirements. It’s designed for influencers, making it visually appealing with after-effects achieved via Envato Elements.

11. Podcast Stories and Posts

Podcast Stories and Posts (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Podcast Stories and Posts Premiere Pro Template” is specifically designed for podcasters, allowing users to customize vertical posts and stories. This setup includes four post templates and four story templates, all boasting easy-to-use color controllers. To ensure efficient workflow, an optimal volume of 1080×1920 is highly recommended. Tailored for either Premiere Pro 2021 version or above, the templates apply to various themes including event promotion, track release, among various podcast topics for platforms like Instagram. As an added perk, the template package offers free customer support.

12. Podcast Intro | MOGRT

Podcast Intro | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Podcast Intro | MOGRT is a stylistically minimalist and smartly modern template designed for Adobe Premiere Pro. Proactive and dynamic, it was tailored for diverse range of content including podcasts, vlogs, brand promotions, sports videos or corporate streams. This package incorporates action-filled and fast opening effects, with options for logo reveal and portfolio display. Its clean style offers a colourful palette that is easy-on-the-eyes. The design affably supports lifestyle channels, travel or event broadcasts, and advertising campaigns with option for even though social-media reliant bloggers showcasing a particular brand or personal bloggers! This is a truly versatile broadcast resource.

13. Podcast Intro | Premiere Pro

Podcast Intro | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Podcast Intro | Premiere Pro template is an effective tool for creating dynamic podcast intros with professional quality. It uses vivid and vibrant text overlays to add a refreshing punch to your podcast. The template is easily customizable – you can modify the text, insert your brand’s name and, or a logo. It is user-friendly and even beginners can access the accompanying video tutorial for guidance. This intro can be used to generate anticipation to continue watching or to encourage viewers to take the next step. Ideal for promotion across various platforms, from tv and radio to social media and streaming services like Spotify and Twitch.

14. Youtube Podcast Opener MOGRT

Youtube Podcast Opener MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Youtube Podcast Opener MOGRT is a leading-edge template for Premiere Pro tailored for creating stunning podcast introductions. It features a clean and modern design loaded with a vibrant color palette and dynamic motion animations, ideal for subtle brand advertising across various genres like travel, sports, and lifestyle. This optimal, fast opener appeals through its employed minimalistic but creative visual aesthetics, making it conducive for marketing or event promotions, portfolio displays, and social media, TV shows, or blog presentations. This-versatile template offers great utility to vloggers, video bloggers, content creators, and digital broadcasters.

15. Podcast Lower Third | Premiere Pro

Podcast Lower Third | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Podcast Lower Third | Premiere Pro is a versatile animated template suitable for kinetic typography. Its clean corporate-style design makes it elegant and dynamic, making it perfect not only for podcasts but also for social media titles, including Instagram. The template includes animated titles featuring intro, lower thirds, and text animations, all pivotal for enhancing viewer engagement. Suitable for logo presentation, it maintains a cinematic appearance that keeps it sophisticated. Its adaptability presents users with the utmost flexibility for crafting stimulating visuals for variegated mediums like YouTube or other platforms.

16. Podcast Badges For Premiere Pro

Podcast Badges For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Podcast Badges For Premiere Pro is a multi-use template suitable for bloggers and social media influencers who create podcast content. Featuring universalized Expressions, it is fully responsive with both square and story size resolutions. This project is compatible with After Effects CC 2022 and leverages the Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro. Aimed at non-experienced users, the template offers a detailed video tutorial. This hip and modern project meets requirements for various entertainment formats including podcasts, promotions, rhythmic advertising, and more. It enables sound visualization and waveform feature for an audio-driven presentation. It is easily adaptable for different usages – from talk shows to fashion-oriented content.

17. Podcast Illustration Concept Animated Scene

Podcast Illustration Concept Animated Scene (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Podcast Illustration Concept Animated Scene is an engaging Premiere Pro template designed for versatility and aesthetic appeal. Complete with customized animated characters and scenes, it promotes lively content visualization. The use of a purple color scheme complements the professional yet creative design that is resizable—flawlessly adjusting to various needs. This dynamic template incorporates keyword animation and feedback features, making it ideal for startups, social media news platforms, or internet marketing projects. Additionally, it provides elements for advertisements, sales copywriting, and landing page animation to your podcast-related endeavors.

18. Podcast Instagram Pack for Premiere Pro

Podcast Instagram Pack for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Podcast Instagram Pack for Premiere Pro is a template explicitly devised for podcast marketing on Instagram. Ideal aspect ratios for spaces like Instagram stories (in vertical 1080×1920) or classic Instagram squares (1080×1080) are integrated. The pack comes with color control, universal expressions, and options to incorporate video or photo holders for customization. With features that enable users to make intros, promos, and more, the pack offers multiple social media possibilities beyond Instagram, applying to Tik Tok, Facebook, Snapchat et al., while centering on enhancing podcast outreach.

19. Podcast Title Visualizers for Premiere Pro

Podcast Title Visualizers for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Podcast Title Visualizers for Premiere Pro is predominately a modern, clean and minimal template integral for video podcasts shown on platforms like YouTube. This template offers distinctive utilities such as logo visualizers set with an equalizer option, lower thirds, clean text elements, and bold typography for podcast tile display. Its minimalist style leans heavily on simplicity making it easy to utilize while still giving off a sophisticated appeal. Perfect for music or general podcast types, it underlines advancements in visualizer capacities, affording optimal presentation for podcast titles and logos.

What are Premiere Pro podcast templates?

Adobe Premiere is a leading professional video editing tool widely sought after for creating polished video content. A handy aspect of this software includes templates for different types of videos you might want to create, like promotional content, YouTube clips, or interviews. Of relevance today are Adobe’s Premiere Pro podcast templates, which easily pass as some of the best in 2021. These podcast templates are prebuilt configurations that can facilitate creators to seamlessly integrate video or static images into their podcasts. For a video podcast or a visual display to accompany an audio podcast, these templates provide organized layouts, intuitive interfaces, and preset configurations, making it simple for beginner podcasters to get started while also providing a plethora of specifics that advanced users can tweak according to their needs.

Tactfully curated to cater to different stylistic preferences, the Premiere Pro podcast templates comprise a variety of animation styles, text overlays, intros, credits or ‘end cards’, logo entry options as well as a multitude of visual transition effects. Apart from lending an added flair to podcasts, creators can use these templates to uphold consistent branding and forge a unique visual presentation signature. Additionally, as the ultimate game-changer, they save countless hours in the editing phase by enabling multi-use settings based on preferred values. Owing to their essential role in adding high-grade audio and stimulating visual elements, Premiere Pro podcast templates curry favour with podcasters of all genres who aim

Why use Premiere Pro podcast templates?

Adobe Premiere has always been celebrated in the content creation world for its versatility, making it ideal also for podcasting. Using Adobe’s Premiere Pro podcast templates makes your process easier by offering you a plethora of professional-quality templates to take your podcast to an elevated level. Editing becomes particularly feasible with Adobe’s robust features, especially for individuals unfamiliar with the world of tech. The tools handle effects, transitions, text, and more – almost every aspect required for a top-grade podcast.

This year, Adobe has added some incredible features to give a sleek look to your podcast including animated motion graphics, music beds under themes, filters, and diverse sound editing options. Podcasts require professional audio management and these Premiere Pro podcast templates ensure high-quality audio configuration in presenting your content in the best possible way. The customizable, pre-built templates save time, minimize mistakes and enhance your episode’s visual appeal as users get the advantage of Adobe’s best integration and intricacy without starting from scratch.

How to import Premiere Pro podcast templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro podcast templates, start by locating the template file on your computer and follow a few quick steps. Open Adobe Premiere Pro, navigate to “Graphics”, then select “Install Motion Graphics Template”. A dialogue box will appear, leading you to the file location on your computer. Choose the desired template and click “Open”, Adobe Premiere Pro adds the template to the Essential Graphics panel, where you can customize it according to your need. Keep in mind, you need to use the latest version of Premier Pro, as earlier versions might create compatibility issues with recent templates.”


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