The best Premiere Pro premiere project templates this year

Adobe Premiere Pro isn't the only powerhouse in video project templates — there are a plethora of outstanding templates available this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As production studios are slowly returning to pre-pandemic routines, a significant number of video editors and creators are continuing to work from their home studios, and it’s a trend we can expect to stick around. Many of us still rely on high-quality project templates to accelerate our workflow and enhance our creations. Adobe’s Premiere Pro firmly dominates this sphere, boasting a vast range of templates for various categories. Still, there’re myriad notable, free premiere project templates available that can significantly enhance your next production. In this discussion, we spotlight some of the standout free Premiere Pro project templates available this year. We’ve focused on templates that cater to diverse users, from greenhorns to veteran editors. Rather than assuming that a preset template from Adobe is the best fit for your project, we encourage you to explore some of these excellent options. The scouting and decision-making are integral parts of the process for videographers and editors. This list will serve as a valuable jumping-off point.

The best Premiere Pro premiere project templates 2023

1. Minimal Document | Premier Project

Minimal Document | Premier Project (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Minimal Document | Premier Project” is a professionally developed Premiere Pro Project template suitable for any type of media project due to its minimalistic design. With this updated CC 2021 version, it operates on 100% Premiere Pro, freeing you of requiring any extra plugins, and includes a procedural video tutorial for your benefit. Its specifications warrant a default creative phase lasting 52 seconds with 4K resolution, 30 FPS. This template contains provision for 11 media holders and 8 texts that are entirely customizable. Notably, this template is accommodating across various themes from business and crime scenarios to emotional epics or historical documentaries.

2. Sport Opener | Premiere Project

Sport Opener | Premiere Project (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sport Opener | Premiere Project is a dynamic and high-energy Premiere Pro template best suited for sports-related content. It needs Premiere Pro CC 2014 or above to function, offering 100% compatibility. Designed in 1920 ×1080 HD format, it has a robust structure comprising eight media holders and text holders. Crucially, no plugins are required with this 28-second module. Notably featured are easy color alterations, an accompanying video tutorial, and free font links. As hinted by its names, it carries an urban vibe resonating with energetic sports themes like the gym, fitness, workout, and extreme sports while allowing for sleek modern, and somewhat glitchy outputs.

3. The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT

The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT is a comprehensive toolkit for Premiere Pro projects, especially suitable for creating 80’s styled titles, trailers, and text effects. It boasts a wide selection of professional 80’s styling effects including 45 unique text styles, 6 tagline styling text effects, and 39 retrowave-inspired backgrounds. Additionally, it includes 14 different animation styles, 20 organic VHS footage overlays, and an option for neon shapes. It’s an ideal tool for adding a touch of stylish nostalgia to your digital content with its customisable controllers, allowing you to create unique results influenced by the vibrantly iconic aesthetic of the 1980s.

This premiere project Premiere Pro template is also part of our animated title list.

4. Social Media Project – for Premiere Pro

Social Media Project – for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Social Media Project is a premiere template designed specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro desktop video editing software. This template is a composite blend of aesthetic animations and kinetic typography which gives a professional edge to your social media posts. Ideal for advertising, corporate titles, online events or product promos, this versatile template can be used across a range of platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube. This project embodies a minimalistic styling decorated with modern slideshow effects, clean and bold Instagram stories, and fast-paced text animation.

5. Golden Logo – Premiere Pro Mogrt Project

Golden Logo – Premiere Pro Mogrt Project (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Golden Logo – Premiere Pro Mogrt Project’ is particularly fitting for cinematic, classic, or possibly wedding or fairy tale video productions. Provided exclusively via Videohive/Envato marketplace, this project requires no plugins and comes with a comprehensive video tutorial, simplifying customizations. Files for text and logo replacements are included, along with optional effects such as an old movie effect or unique golden logo transition. Coordinated with the classical, sentimental style track, ‘Timeless Logo’ by Willow_Branch_Music, this project furnishes your logo, smoothly transitioning it in and out as if bookending your film.

6. Gaming Intro – Gamer channel opener Premiere Pro project

Gaming Intro – Gamer channel opener Premiere Pro project (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro project, “Gaming Intro – Gamer Channel Opener,” is designed specifically for gaming channels and YouTube intros. First and foremost, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 or newer is required for this project; no additional software like After Effects is needed. It’s useful not just for creating intros for YouTube gaming channels, but also for creating promos for cyber sports broadcasts, revealing gaming logos, opening cyber sports events, and presenting video game trailers. Given its systemic focus on gaming including major well-known brands of games, it can be said that the product is designed as a comprehensive resource for gaming related intros. With this template, users can create high quality, professional, dynamic, and exciting videos to present their content and draw their audience’s attention.

7. The Most Useful Transitions Pack for Premiere Pro

The Most Useful Transitions Pack for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Most Useful Transitions Pack for Premiere Pro is a comprehensive bundle of 300 transitions spread across 10 categories such as motion, zoom, glitch, light, roll, spin ,stretch, vr, split, and mix. Bolstered with a tutorial, the pack provides guidance on how to get the transitions into your timeline effortlessly. Compatible with Premiere Pro 2018 and upwards, the transitions utilize the template’s scalability to sync with 8K, 6K, 4K, HD, Mobile, and Square Resolution. The package also contains Sound FX and assures rapid rendering. Insiders curated the transitions to work for various professional uses, including videographer work, trailers, photo slideshows, and promo and pass seamlessly with ventures in cinema, blogging, Instagram, digital distortions and more. Transitions pack presets are also available for Final Cut Pro/Apple Motion and DaVinci Resolve.

8. Education and Science Animation | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Education and Science Animation | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Education and Science Animation Premiere Pro MOGRT is a detailed project template offering 26 pre-made scenes – a comprehensive tool for creating verious content such as video explainers, presentations, infographics, online marketing materials, and more. Suitable for any language, it retains high utility value with editable text and color controls. The product requires no plugins and supports Premiere Pro CC 2018 and subsequent versions. Assurances include 100% resizable templates with a vector layer that supports 4K and 8K resolutions. Its striking features echo a splash of creativity, refreshing the education, e-learning, and science web animation landscapes. Support and future updates are also readily available.

9. Text Messages Package l MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Text Messages Package l MOGRT for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Messages Package l MOGRT for Premiere Pro is a comprehensive messaging template bundle for creating well-designed messages for your diverse video content. Developed for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 and requiring Adobe After Effects CC 2021 or later, this package facilitates messaging creation in situations ranging from YouTube content interactions to detailed chat sequences in films or TV series. The pack is loaded with variants like Text, Location, Voice, and File Messages with customization flexibility on almost every element. The RTL language is not supported. This complete suite is sophisticated and simple, allowing you to strengthen your message interaction depiction, no matter the screen resolution. Requires no additional plugins or assets for functioning.

10. Halloween – Premiere Pro

Halloween – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Halloween – Premiere Pro” project template is geared towards creating various Halloween themed graphics. Suitable for everything from home movies, costume party and horror film trailers, the template comes with handy features like 15 video placeholders and 17 text placeholders making it easy to grasp for video editing enthusiasts. Despite not requiring any plugins for functionality, Adobe’s After Effects software is advised to be installed on your PC for ease. Editing options also include a high-resolution Frame Design and a PSD. Additionally, working specifically with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and higher versions, it offers Full HD resolution of 1920×1080.

11. Lower Thirds \ Premiere Pro

Lower Thirds \ Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro project template is specifically developed for creating refined lower thirds. Titled ‘Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro’, the 4K-resolution (3840×2160) project is compatible with Premiere Pro CC2020 and above, indicating compatibility with the latest software versions. To assist with initial usage, the project includes a video tutorial and is organized cleanly for advanced ease of use. No plug-ins are required to operate this, offering immediate usability. Kindly note that the used music, London Drum Bass and font is not included in this project. Additionally, this tool incorporates a myriad of quailities including kinetic typography, alternative big titles, and text resizing.

12. Youtube Pack Premiere

Youtube Pack Premiere (Credit: Envato Elements)

The YouTube Pack Premiere is a 100% Premiere Pro Project fit for use with the generous features of the Premiere Pro CC 2021. It offers an easy-to-follow video tutorial and doesn’t require plugins. It comes with color control for simplified customization, along with an efficient render speed and full HD Resolution. Well ordered and designed, this pack includes audio melded in preview to optimally showcase your content. From logos to overlays and intros, it’s built to cater to a diverse range of needs from promotional to social media activities. From blogs and vlogs to corporate presentations, it uniquely elevates any project.

13. Christmas – Premiere Pro

Christmas – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Christmas – Premiere Pro” project template is designed to capture the festive spirit of the holiday season. It showcases elements of bokeh light effects, falling snowflakes, dream-like dust particles reminiscent of a winter celebration, and eye-catching text crediting with flexibility on titles, words, or even logos. Offering modern and minimal aesthetics with touches of Christmas magic, this template can serve various uses, such as an opener, card, or a new year greeting. Paired with merry cartoon elements and decoration designs, it calibrates a perfect balance between festiveness and professionalism. Suitable for various seasons, messages, and audiences.

14. The Slideshow for Premiere Pro

The Slideshow for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Slideshow for Premiere Pro project template simplifies the process of creating personalized motion slideshows. Ideal for showcasing pictures or videos from celebrations, weddings, holidays, birthdays, and travels, it features user-friendly control layers for tweaking text and colors. Different versions—short, medium, long and extra-long timestamps are predefined, boasting multiple placeholders. The project emphasizes easy customizability and efficiency, needing only Premiere Pro to operate while requiring no plugins and providing a hastened render process. There’s a handy video tutorial included to guide you. Even the background audio—the motivating ‘Beautiful Piano with Inspiring Strings’ from pinkzebra is thoughtfully included. Note that it’s perfect for reflecting family-generated content, gallery displays, and other anniversary or milestone-centric presentations.

15. Dynamic Slideshow for Premiere

Dynamic Slideshow for Premiere (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Slideshow for Premiere is a user-friendly and versatile project template tailored for Premiere Pro 2021 and above. It incorporates six media and 14 text placeholders and comes with a complete tutorial for extra assistance. This template does not require any plugins, offers full font customization, and can easily be customized according to your project needs. Notably, this package includes a captivating soundtrack, “The Beautiful” by GlowCity. This dynamic slideshow is perfect for creating engaging presentations, promos, social media posts, or any video displays. Additionally, its multiple track availability promises maximum flexibility.

16. The Slideshow Premiere Pro

The Slideshow Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Slideshow Premiere Pro is a versatile project template designed for creating personalized media slideshows. It is compatible with Premiere Pro 2021 or higher versions. The user can adjust all settings via the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro (mogrt), avoiding the need for plugins. The template offers Full HD and HD resolutions for optimal clarity. Its utilities include a video tutorial and font links within the project, while image and audio are not integrated into the template. It boasts a minimalist, corporate style suitable for various themes such as cinematic, travel, memories, social media, and more.

17. Infographics | Premiere Pro

Infographics | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Infographics | Premiere Pro template is designed to create eye-catching and informative infographic scenes conveniently. This product features 290 different infographic scenes in MOGRT format, which comprise various charts and graphs, like pie charts, bar graphs, and column charts. Each of these elements is easily customizable for text, color, and size. A unique selling point of this template is it’s ‘one-click duration adjustment’ for any scene, eliminating the worry of specifically timed scenes. Additionally, this template is ideal for a variety of uses such as video presentations, vlogs or logos due to its clean, minimal, kinetic, and professional design. Its simplicity realizes an uncomplicated design experience for the user, just through dragging and dropping.

18. Instagram stories | Premiere Pro

Instagram stories | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Instagram Stories | Premiere Pro” is a comprehensive template uniquely built to cater to Instagram-specific content, catering to both individuals and business entities. With a resolution of 1080×1920, it includes functionality for color manipulation, and controlling duration. It provides a tutorial and suggests font and music selection options, though note that video and music files are solely for preview. The template will suit multiple uses, from sales and social media promotion to portfolio displays and introductory graphics. It strictly focuses on creating content compatible with Instagram, and is inclusive of kinetic, minimal, and animated Instagram styles.

19. Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro

Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro project template is a mix of contemporary design blended with high functionality. Offering 11 exceptional lower thirds, it is stylized for 4K resolution and has animated title capabilities. Not requiring any plugins, this template features full color control, therefore best suited for presentations, cinematic visuals, corporate promo, and social media content due to its sleek, clean animations and modern typography. Other spotlight features are its fast render capacity and ease of customization allowing it to be well tailored for individual creative needs as implied by the tags like mogrt, opener, typo, and kinetic.

20. The Documentary | Premiere Pro

The Documentary | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Documentary | Premiere Pro is an adaptable project template designed particularly for creating documentaries. This add-on provides 15 distinct subtitles or lower thirds suitable for Adobe Premiere Pro, adjustable for names, surnames, and positions. Users can control the time duration, change positioning and customize color palette, besides managing the background transparency to blend with varying screen images. This compatible feature with 4K, FHD, Vertical and Square videos also has modifiable resolution sizes. Useful for broadcasting, promotional and social media outreach and much more, it acquaints user with tutorial video and offers free fonts link.

What are Premiere Pro premiere project templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are pre-configured project files that users can utilize to create professionally-edited videos without starting from scratch. Essentially, these templates are ready-made video projects tailored with preset effects, transitions, graphics designs, and more – curated to take the game of video editing a notch higher. These project templates- constantly updated every year, thus the ‘best Premiere Pro premiere project templates this year’ – can be fully personalized for custom video editing tasks. They target both novice and expert video editors who seek less time spending on the task and more on creativity.

From the myriad of Adobe Premiere’s offerings this year, users are spoiled for choice in picking from a variety of trendy and innovative designs. You’ll come across a vast range of types like promo videos, slide shows, music videos, short-films, presentations or lectures having captivating yet intuitive transitions, eye-grabbing titles, and sophisticated color grading to next-level motion graphics and visual-effects. The use and adaptiveness of these templets adhere to both personal and corporate purposes. Their intuitive workflows and striking creativity further carved the path in making them much popular among the editing community this year.

Why use Premiere Pro premiere project templates?

The success of your video content greatly depends on how effectively you are able to catch and retain your audience’s attention. Opting for Adobe Premiere Pro templates, considered some of the best premiere project templates this year, will get you halfway there. Adobe Premiere Pro perfectly integrates with Adobe’s suite of creative tools, allowing you to seamlessly transition workflows between Photoshop, After Effects, and Audition. The variety of project templates on offer act as the perfect base for rapid video development, suiting a range of creative purposes from promotional trailers, company presentations to social media ads, thus lessening the creation rigors on your part.

What makes Adobe Premiere Pro templates a complete standout is their customizability – anyone, professionals or beginners alike, can easily inject their unique creativity into a project while ensuring first-rate video content. The templates are continually updated, keeping you in tune with evolving trends and styles. The sophisticated features, offering everything from text overlays, transitions, to color grading presets, afford more elaboration, command flexibility, and proficient workflow. In this respect, choosing Adobe Premiere pro project templates is about improving efficiency, cutting on production time, and ultimately creating high-quality, up-to-date, and captivating video content tailored to your specific preferences and audience.

How to import Premiere Pro premiere project templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro project templates, initialize the Adobe Premiere Pro software and navigate to the ‘File’ option in the top menu. Click on ‘Import’, and in the resulting window, find your desired project template file, typically with a .prproj or .pproj extension. These templates can include effects, transitions, and motion graphics premade to simplify your content creation process. This year, top-rated templates range from motion graphic packs to cinematic title styles, embodying professional video editing aesthetics that enhance the quality of your work significantly. Be aware, it’s important to ensure your template is compatible with your Adobe Premiere Pro version to prevent any software difficulties. Streaming video content creation couldn’t get any easier with the utilization of these customizable Adobe Premiere Pro project templates.


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