The best Premiere Pro rolling credits templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only source of rolling credits templates — there's an array of options available for your cinematic end credits this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While many creators are returning to film studios and editing suites, digital content creation (when viable) seems to have taken root and is likely to persist. Many of us are still using media software like Adobe’s Premiere Pro to craft our stories, be it for work assignments, passion projects, or simply to entertain friends or attract users online. Premiere Pro continues to lead the fleet of professional video software, especially due to features like rolling credits templates, but there are an array of other quality templates available that can elevate your end-credits scene. What follows are descriptions of some of the more impressive Premiere Pro rolling credits templates available this year. We’ve focused on templates that are versatile, user-friendly, and effective. Rather than simply settling on the default Premiere Pro template, you might want to explore one or two others to see how well they align with your artistic vision and the expectations of your audience. This roundup is a great place to commence your search.

The best Premiere Pro rolling credits templates 2023

1. End Credits

End Credits (Credit: Envato Elements)

“End Credits” is a comprehensive suite for easy creation of professional cinema film credits in Premiere Pro. Simply import one of the 38 provided credit segment designs and customize with your chosen font. The assortment includes effects like rolling credits, fading titles and multiple column layouts. This pack also houses 15 unorthodox credit designs with intricate animation, operated through Premier Pro Motion Graphics. The kit showcases a user-oriented structure and provides a useful tutorial for guidance. Resolutions up to 4096×2304 and Full HD output are supported. Note: Music and plugin changes are not included. Bonus After Effects templates are available for varying font choice.


VINTAGE CREDITS (Credit: Envato Elements)

The VINTAGE CREDITS template for Premiere Pro is a tastefully classical design, evoking the soft lights and ornate detailing of a bygone era in film history. Ideal for scripting end-of-film credits, the template features smooth rolling scripts or text scrolls typically found in retro cinema. The format supports the inclusion of details like cast names, the movie title, and other acknowledgments. It’s an asset in content creation that caters to Premiere mograph and mogrt applications. This template effectively enhances your closing credits or outros by adding a touch of nostalgic charm.

3. Cine Credit V.1

Cine Credit V.1 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cine Credit V.1 is a rolling credits template that is designed with a minimalist aesthetic, ideal for individuals who want a clean and direct film finish. It is designed specifically for Premiere Pro CC 2019 or above, and simply requires changes to the text prior to export. The package includes an easy-to-follow video tutorial, and doesn’t require any additional plug-ins. It offers a resolution standard of 1920×1080 (30FPS), and contains five mogrt files as placeholders. The package does not include music, images or fonts, enabling users to customise it according to their particular aesthetic preferences and needs.

4. Cine Credit V.3

Cine Credit V.3 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cine Credit V.3 is a Premiere Pro template designed to facilitate professional quality rolling credits at the end of cinematographic productions. It offers ease of customization for the cast lists, title sequences, and various other textual elements. Its scrolling function allows credits to roll smoothly, thereby enabling a complete cinematic feel. Suitable for films, shorts, or any televised media, the template supports a true movie outro experience, creating an ideal vehicle for displaying essential acknowledgements.

5. Film Credits V 0.6

Film Credits V 0.6 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Film Credits V 0.6 template for Adobe Premiere Pro is a seamless solution designed for cinema-grade text credits. Robust with text options and customizable features, it accommodates for end credits, movie titles, sponsors, and logo features. Ideal for both short and full-length films, this offers intro and outro segments with smooth, professional-grade scrolling. This template effortlessly fits into opening sequences or final endings of a TV show, offering a classic rolling effect as traditionally seen in cinemas. Providing concise titling formats and logo integrations, it serves to accurately and elegantly punctuate productions.

6. Credits 1.0 – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics

Credits 1.0 – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

Credits 1.0 for Premiere Pro, brought to you by Essential Graphics, is a professional template designed to facilitate user-friendly creation of rolling credits. Ideal for various cinematic productions like movies, TV shows and film-based galleries, it supports both an intro and outro display. Key features include scrolling text credits and captioning, title sequencing, and flexibility in final output display. It is fully compatible with Premiere Pro and is designed with an emphasis on aesthetics integral to cinema and broadcast aesthetics.

7. Cinematic Lights For Premiere

Cinematic Lights For Premiere (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Cinematic Lights for Premiere” is a 4K resolution rolling credits template designed for use with Adobe Premiere Pro. This high-quality, cinematic theme integrates elements commonly associated with cinema and cinematography, such as glowing light effects for emotional emphasis and a robust title sequence. This template also includes an opener and a film intro to immerse the audience, making it ideal for movie production, and facilitating the seamless incorporation and scrolling of credits. Relevant tags include cinema, credit, premiere, roll caption, and film.

8. Cinema Trailer Titles | Premiere Pro

Cinema Trailer Titles | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Cinema Trailer Titles | Premiere Pro” template offers a dynamic medium for displaying cinematic credits. It’s designed to stimulate an authentic unraveled film look, complete with grain and leakage effects. This template contains multiple placeholders for key details such as cast names, directed by, among other credit sequences typical to film or documentary. It includes transitions between different elements to maintain viewer engagement. Accompanied with Adventure Dramatic tracks by StudioKolomna, this template offers solutions for film credits, promotional materials, social media teasers and even short television sequences. This allows filmmakers to convey necessary movie details in a classic Hollywood style.

This rolling credits Premiere Pro template is also part of our movie trailer list.

9. Credits for Premiere Pro

Credits for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Credits for Premiere Pro is a cutting-edge finishing tool catered toward video projects, providing an attractive, minimalistic design with smooth animation for the end of a film. It lists the crew, main characters, or promotional content in style. Fully compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and later, the template features MOGRT files and offers high definition clarity at 30 frames per second. Users can customize colors, durations, and each textual element for personalized credits. Also, a detailed help file is included. Other respective versions are available for After Effects and FCPX. Note that no soundtrack or video content is included.

10. Film Credits for Premiere Pro

Film Credits for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro rolling credits template titled “Film Credits for Premiere Pro” is best utilised for the closing credits of videos, films or movies. Featuring minimal design and dynamic animation, this template can enhance the ending of any project and drive the viewer’s curiosity about the crew and main characters. Additional versions of this template are available for After Effects. The template provides features such as compatibility with Premiere Pro CC 2020 and later, 4K,FULL HD| 30 fps resolution, a friendly interface, color customisation, IN & OUT animation easy control, and an in-depth help file. Please note, soundtrack and videos are not included.

11. Horror Minimal Trailer

Horror Minimal Trailer (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Horror Minimal Trailer is a Premiere Pro rolling credits template suitable for a variety of productions. Sporting a black and white, grayscale tone, it captivates with an abstract, cinematic feel whilst staying minimalist. Useful across diverse genres like detective fiction, horror, and noir, it furnishes a vintage appearance complemented by glitches and grunge elements that induce an air of suspense and historical setting. Apart from tailoring it for a suspenseful end with a list of cast details for films and shows, it provides for teasers, intros, and outros. Strikingly, it is beneficial for promo trailers, Instagram story highlights, and YouTube content as well.

12. Movie Titles

Movie Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro movie titles template is multifaceted, employing a variety of stylistic modes such as abstract, action, and cinematic glitch accentuated by dark, grunge retro vibes to construct a wide range of cinema-esque elements. Applicable from crime detective to fiction documentaries, from minimal intros to grand movie trailers, its versatility works for everyone. Its overarching ambience extends from nostalgic, hollywood classic, suspenseful atmospheres, and even chilling horror setups. Also customizable for Instagram, Youtube and other platforms, this intriguing tool proves incredibly adaptive. Its simple, typographic text delivers impactful presentations with an air of mystery and sophistication, all fostering that captivating start-to-end film experience.

13. Cine Credit V.9

Cine Credit V.9 (Credit: Envato Elements)

Cine Credit V.9 is a specialized Premiere Pro template designed for rolling credits in movie production. Its unique 3D cinema style offers an epic, historical texture often associated with the ending sequences of film, hence tags such as ‘cast’, ‘end’, ‘film credits’, ‘movie credits’, and ‘outro’. The text titles feature a robust design appealing to mogrt and warnan themed content. In addition, it supports a highly customizable promotional aspect tagged ‘promo’, and the implication of motion graphics in its delivery efficiently highlights the integrity of your movie artiste line-up.

14. Cine Credit V.13

Cine Credit V.13 (Credit: Envato Elements)

Cine Credit V.13 is a user-friendly Premiere Pro rolling credits template. This movie editing tool allows for the personalization of various key elements in cinema, such as cast listings, promotional trailers and end credits. Exceptionally diverse, it provides template options suitable for various film categories stretching from intense action and suspense, right down to bone-chilling horror. Notably, it maintains an unwavering emphasis on user-controlled text input, title sequence configuration, and credits design – providing a uniquely cinematic end-result. Overall, it’s perfect for creating aesthetically pleasing, professionally-styled outros.

15. Cine Credit V.5

Cine Credit V.5 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cine Credit V.5 is a specialized template explicitly designed for Premiere Pro. It’s specifically themed around the cinema and movie genres including sci-fi and tech-inspired title sequences. Ideal for working on film or movie end credits, it provides customizable spaces to efficiently organize cast names and associated text elements. The template mainly aids in creating a seamless, engaging and professional outro, so much so it would fit well into a full-fledged Hollywood production or an independent venture alike. It adds the edge of technology in a visually appealing way to the anticipated rolling credits.

16. Cine Credit V.2

Cine Credit V.2 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cine Credit V.2 is a Premiere Pro rolling credits template immaculately designed to give your production a sleek, professional finishing touch. Tailored specifically for cinematic experiences, this template offers elegant text displays and animation for casting information, movie credits and other bespoke title sequences. The intuitive design promotes easy editing for a seamless, end-of-film outro. Primarily tagged under cast, cinema, credits, end, film credits, movie, movie credits, it would be the perfect choice for those seeking a dignified and refined representation of production workers in a film’s conclusion.

17. Film credits Premiere

Film credits Premiere (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Film Credits Premiere template serves as a customizable end-credit roll for numerous Premiere Pro projects. Created with cinema quality in mind, it is equipped to present main casts, crew members, and pertinent cinematic details. The historic and epic-themed atmosphere of the template contextualizes a variety of movie genres. The smooth rolling credit animations optimize readability, while complementing outro and promo requirements effortlessly. Rich in style-definition and adaptable in terms of text and title sequence, this advanced, film-styled credits template is a comprehensive tool for finalizing any film project.

18. Blood Shot Title

Blood Shot Title (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Blood Shot Title is a dynamic Premiere Pro rolling credits template. It is equipped with a 3D display and related action features to heighten the sense of drama. The carefully prepared ‘blood’ graphics closely echo a cinematic theme and create an exhilarating ambiance. This aptly named ‘end’ sequence flawlessly wraps up your productions, whether a movie or promo.. Appropriate text and titles can be customized throughout your credit sequences, enhanced by a suggestive blend of warnan hues. Certainly, the grandiose and ‘epic’ aura of the template makes it ideal for conveying impactful movie credits or outro.

19. Film Credits Pack V.2

Film Credits Pack V.2 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Film Credits Pack V.2 is a template designed specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro. This pack allows users to create end credits for professional or student movies exhibiting a historic and epic cinematic quality. The design is highly customizable, including options for adding cast names, movie titles, and outros. Along with its sleek, uncluttered appearance, the template also eases the credit-making process, enabling filmmakers to construct a streamlined, professional-quality credits roll for cinema-style or promotional movie use.

20. Final credits

Final credits (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template, titled “Final credits”, is designed for ending sequences, specifically focusing on cinema credits. It effectively categorizes parts for the cast, crew, and production information for a comprehensive ending touch to an epic or historic film. It features movie-standard formatting to ensure a professional output. Apart from its primary use for movie credits, it could serve in outros, promos, or any event involving rolling text. Its stylized title sequence makes this a versatile option for diverse cinematic endeavours.

What are Premiere Pro rolling credits templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are predefined setups for movies that include master clips and sequences. They let you create Hollywood-style trailers and stunning movies in 4K resolution with incredible ease. Most importantly, for the topic of discussion, Adobe Premiere Pro offers fantastic, professional tools for creating rolling credits, a classic finishing touch for any film or television production. Specially designed presets in templates help us dabble less with keyframes and focus more on the actual content. Their well-formulated rolling credit templates exhibit superb timing, typography, and animation.

In the year 2021, the application’s fantastic rolling credits templates gained significant popularity among users. To name a few topping the list, we have ‘End Crawl,’ fetching appeal with its instant preview and automatic formatting. ‘Motion Graphics Template’ is well-known for its user-friendly customization. Users also speak highly of ‘Universal Film Leader,’ featuring count down leader with photorealistic film perforations, universal film laboratory symbols. Finally, the famous classic “Rolling Credit Block” and Cross-platform-compatible “SFP Film End Credits” draw flattery for their comprehensive customization options and clean design.

Why use Premiere Pro rolling credits templates?

Adobe Premiere’s rolling credits templates are widely acknowledged as this year’s best among creatives. The primary reason being its user-friendly interface complemented by vast customization options. Having a plethora of template choices ready at the disposal significantly speeds up the creative process, which is highly essential in the editing world where deadline constraints are a major concern. Additionally, being one part of the wide-ranging Adobe suite, Premiere Pro demonstrates a seamless integration with other Adobe applications such as After Effects and Photoshop, greatly enhancing operational flexibility.

The second reason leans towards the high quality and professionalism Adobe’s Premiere Pro rolling templates offer. Detail and precisions are essential when it comes to creating credit sequences, and this is something Adobe Premiere Pro abounds with. It allows editors to furnish advanced, high-resolution rolling credits across different formats, thus hugely versatile and apt for use. The Pro version even bumps things notch higher, enabling users to create any unique customized style using advanced typographic controls. Continual system development updates and customer support from Adobe further makes Premiere Pro’s rolling credit templates this year’s most preferred choice among the creatives.

How to import Premiere Pro rolling credits templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro rolling credits templates, first, you’d need to download or create your template. Templates are typically found in .MOGRT (Motion Graphics Template) format. Once you’ve selected the template you wish to use, launch Adobe Premiere Pro on your device and open the project where you will add the template. Look to the bottom right of the application for the ‘Essential Graphics’ menu option and click open. Inside ‘Essential Graphics’, click on the icon that displays a ‘plus’ sign placed over a folder, located on the bottom right—this is the ‘Install Motion Graphics Template’ button. Once clicked, it will prompt a dialog box which allows you to locate your template file (.MOGRT) on your device. Select it and hit ‘Open’. The template will then be imported, you’ll find it ready to use in the template gallery of your ‘Essential graphics’ panel. Selct, drag, and drop the template into your project where you want it. Customize as you see fit, applying modifications applicable according to your project requirements.


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