The best Premiere Pro split screen templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only option — discover a myriad of top-quality split screen templates available this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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In a time where video editing is becoming more important, whether professionally, personally, or academically, Adobe Premiere Pro persists as a prime choice for many creators. Split screen effects, in particular, are quite in demand and continue to intrigue audiences with their capacity to tell different stories simultaneously. Adobe Premiere Pro is unarguably topping the list of video editing software, but there are a swarm of splendid split screen templates available this year that can elevate your content creation and storytelling to a new scale. This article will delve into a selection of the finest and most dynamic free templates out there that support at least dual-screen effect or more. Before defaulting to the first template you come across, perhaps you should try out a few from this list to discern which syncs best with your creative aesthetics and narrative needs. This list is a commendable initiation.

The best Premiere Pro split screen templates 2023

1. Multi Screen – Split Screen

Multi Screen – Split Screen (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a highly versatile Premiere Pro split screen template aptly titled ‘Multi Screen – Split Screen.’ It seamlessly accommodates 4K videos and photos making it perfect for your next big action shot or the showcase of your fashion collection. The template flawlessly executes the split-screen aesthetic and also facilitates multi-screen functions. The modern, clean motion design also allows for a multi-video and photo display, creating a captivating grid or mosaic. Therefore, it is ideal for filmmakers, video editors, vloggers, and more creating content for a variety of platforms, including broadcasting, portfolio presentations, event promos, social media posts, and travel shows.

This split screen Premiere Pro template is also part of our multi screen list.

2. Split Screens Kit

Split Screens Kit (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Split Screens Kit is a versatile template for Adobe Premiere Pro, expertly designed to allow for multiple display functions. It offers different screen partition modes including half, quarters, and ninth views. This tool simplifies the process of presenting multiple clips or images simultaneously, making it perfect for slideshows and multi-frame presentations. Equipped with various presets, you’ll have an array of choices at your disposal. Whether you’re working on personal videos or professional projects, this kit will significantly enhance your creativity and efficiency.

3. Split Screen Intro

Split Screen Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Split Screen Intro is an elegantly designed and expertly animated template meant for use in Adobe Premiere Pro. It features a split screen design which facilitates easy personalisation, allowing users to modify colors with the onboard intelligent colour controller. At 26 or 15 seconds long, it is suitable for various purposes including promotions, commercials, presentations and portfolio showcases, thanks to its universal application. The template supports Premiere Pro CC 2021 or newer, comes with multiple placeholders and editable text layers, and doesn’t require any plug-ins. It also includes the ability to work with both images and videos efficiently. An inclusive video tutorial facilitates user onboarding.

4. Multiscreen – 7 Split Screen

Multiscreen – 7 Split Screen (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multiscreen – 7 Split Screen Premiere Pro template is a professionally crafted multi-screen pack designed for intuitive and dynamic video creation. It features five different multi-screens, perfect for YouTube videos, trailers, promos, music clips, documentaries, slide shows, and presentations. It provides a modern, clean aesthetic with a seamless collage-making feature suitable for portfolio showcasing, event broadcasting, and demo reels. This pack stands as an ideal asset for creative video editing with multi-frame, multi-photo and multi-video options. Compatible with 4k videos, this template leaves room for professional-level creation by videomakers, marketers, broadcasters and filmmakers.

This split screen Premiere Pro template is also part of our video collage list.

5. Dynamic Rhythmic Opener | Split Screen | MOGRT

Dynamic Rhythmic Opener | Split Screen | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Rhythmic Opener | Split Screen | MOGRT is a versatile Premiere Pro split screen template ideal not only for producing business presentations, blogs, and reels but also for creating event promos, teasers, or gallery slideshows. Among its unique features, it boasts trendy, modern, yet minimal design perfect for corporate ventures. Leveraging dynamic rhythms, it offers a collage of opportunities for advertising, commercial nods or Instagram and TikTok stories. The template is especially suitable for platforms focused on areas like fashion, travel or even startups, delivering a clear, fashionable and rhythmic style in videos or training materials.

6. Fashion Split Screen Slideshow | Premiere Pro

Fashion Split Screen Slideshow | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Fashion Split Screen Slideshow is a unique Premiere Pro template that dynamically delivers photos and videos in an enticingly unconventional manner. The vibrant animations, in line with the music, maintain viewers’ interest, while offering the ease-of-use with modular editing capabilities. It comes with advanced features such as the expression color controls to change shades smoothly. The template includes 76 media placeholders, PDF documentation for customization aid and compatibility only with Adobe Premiere Pro 2022. Moreover, it’s neatly designed for various themes from fashion to urban street style, proving to be ideal for a variety of projects requiring a multicourse display.

7. Election Essentials | Lower Thirds, Side Panels, Split Screens | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Election Essentials | Lower Thirds, Side Panels, Split Screens | MOGRT for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Election Essentials template for Adobe Premiere Pro offers a collection of split screen, lower thirds, and side panel graphics specifically designed for the coverage of the upcoming United States Presidential Election to be held on November 8, 2022. This MOGRT template allows for a customization of colors and appearances, tailored to suit unique style preferences. The Full HD 1920×1080 resolution ensures crisp visuals, ideal for broadcasting scenarios. In addition, users receive a comprehensive video tutorial, making the customization process stress-free. This unique package finds its application in news media, election broadcasts, political discussions, voting graphics and many more.

8. Multi Screen Slideshow

Multi Screen Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Slideshow is a minimalist Premiere Pro template designed for creating a dynamic opener for events, fashion shows, or corporate branding videos. This template displays videos on a gallery-like black backdrop with multiple screens hanging in a visually appealing formation, like an exhibition. Text animations allow for the addition of greetings, titles, slogans or other personal details as desired. Little features include 4k resolution, fast render and a modular structure with no need for plugins. Characterized by a multiframe, multi screen feature, it allows for seamless transition and offers a collage-like display of videos and images. Suitable for a variety of applications including vlogs, short films, promotional videos and more.

9. Multi Screen

Multi Screen (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro split screen template, titled ‘Multi Screen,’ provides a technological aesthetic that adds professionalism to any presentation. The four tracks, with length ranging from 28 sec to over 4 mins, and all running 128 BPM, aim to add sleek, dynamic features to your broadcast. A photo or video collage can be placed within multiple frames. Useful as intro or outro videos for business presentations, vlogs or social media feeds, the template caters to versatility. Ultimately, this split screen template offers multifaceted modalities that encourages creative storytelling through multimedia ventures.

This split screen Premiere Pro template is also part of our multi screen list.

10. Multi Screen Frames Pack

Multi Screen Frames Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Frames Pack is a uniquely designed Premiere Pro split screen template offering an adroit combination of style and functionality. Giving priority to sleek aesthetics that align with a modern, urban atmosphere, it employs various multi-frames and split screen options for a comprehensive high-quality broadcasting experience. With a series of customizable layouts, it possesses ability to simulate a video wall effect providing users a dynamic space to present a diverse range of visual narratives. Impressively, the incorporated features collaborate to enhance any form of media to its full dazzling potential. Effective tags would include broadcast, multiframe, split screen, and wallnan.

This split screen Premiere Pro template is also part of our multi screen list.

11. Split Screen – Multiscreen

Split Screen – Multiscreen (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Split Screen – Multiscreen Premiere Pro template is a highly versatile and modern editing tool. It’s built in 4K to enhance quality and is perfect for actions, event promotions and fashion-centric content. Its variety of uses includes multi-screen video edits, demonstrations and portfolios, courtesy of the grid, collage constructor, photo gallery, and motion design available. Special attention is given to a clean, professional finish, including smooth transitions in the demo reel. However, it’s also excellent for creating displays such as seamless video walls, making it applicable to broadcast sectors as well. Tag suggestions encourage its broad use from social media to vlogs.

This split screen Premiere Pro template is also part of our video collage list.

12. Multi Screen Website Promo

Multi Screen Website Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Website Promo is a hassle-free split screen template designed for Premiere Pro. It makes it feasible to present capabilities of your latest website, applications of computer, laptop, mobile, tablet apps, and services in an innovative multi-screen style. This well-crafted design aims to attract potential clients with its minimalistic freshness. Adapted for screenshots, video, and animations, this dynamic promo maker blankets a variety of broadcasting facets—website presentation, mosaic grid slide presentations, multi-video display, UX/UI demonstrations—through a user-friendly framework. Ideal to promote a website or build a web portfolio, making every rendering process as smooth as possible.

This split screen Premiere Pro template is also part of our multi screen list.

13. Multi Screen Opener

Multi Screen Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Opener is a dynamic and modern Premiere Pro template that offers easy applicability to diverse corporate or personal styles. Ideal for uses such as YouTube Vlogs, TV shows, commercials, promotions or events, it allows users to seamlessly import photos or videos to generate a unique, clean introduction sequence. It wonderfully incorporates the features of a multi-photo or video screen, lending an engaging visual approach. Adding individual feathers to its cap are the ability to use it on Premiere Pro 2021 (or newer), plugin-free operation and an inclusive video tutorial. Its multifaceted design includes ad, holiday, social media or wedding themed split screens and more for a superior user experience.

This split screen Premiere Pro template is also part of our multi screen list.

14. Multi Screen Transitions

Multi Screen Transitions (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multi Screen Transitions Pack is a dynamic set of tools designed for Adobe Premiere Pro users looking to enhance and enliven their video projects. Comprising over 80 high-quality elements across 8 categories, this template empowers creators to improve transition effects, keeping viewers captivated. It offers time-efficient solutions to complex video editing problems and comes with auto-resize features, the ability to work with images as or video clips, customizable font options and effortless color modification. Users also have access to technical support, comprehensive video tutorials and regular free updates. No plugins are required to use the Multi Screen Transitions Pack, making it highly user-friendly, even for beginners. The template is applicable for multiple project types, suitable for individual brandings, broadcast channels, YouTube, and social media influencers and more. The license rules are compliant with Envato’s guide and it is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 or newer version.

This split screen Premiere Pro template is also part of our multi screen list.

15. Multiscreen – 2 Split Screen

Multiscreen – 2 Split Screen (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multiscreen – 2 Split Screen template for Premiere Pro breathes new life into video presentations. Designed expertly by BRAXXU, this 2 Split Screen Pack allows you to produce dazzling and varied animated videos with ten multi screens included. Perfect for trailblazers seeking a professional touch for a YouTube channel, slideshow, trailer, promotional material, video collage, and more. The pack works seamlessely on Premiere Pro 2021 or above, and facilitates easy adding of media. Characteristics include a 4k resolution alongside clean, modern splilt screen design. This is an optimum choice for filmmakers putting quality first.

16. Multiscreen – 4 Split Screen

Multiscreen – 4 Split Screen (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multiscreen – 4 Split Screen Premiere Pro template/pack from BRAXXU is an inventive solution for creators looking to add a dynamic element to their visual content. With this package, you can seamlessly edit together 4 split screens within one video frame, perfect for YouTube channels, promos, films, or presentations. The pack features ten Multi Screens that you can incorporate into any video to give it a modern, professional aesthetic. This template works expertly for sectors such as events, fashion, travel or social media. The Multiscreen – 4 Split Screen pack offers all you need for a smooth editing experience.

17. Multiscreen – 6 Split Screen

Multiscreen – 6 Split Screen (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multiscreen – 6 Split Screeen Premiere Pro template offered by BRAXXU is an expertly crafted option for creating vigorously animated videos. It comes packed with five different multiscreen layouts allowing for a wide variety of applications. Ideal for creation of YouTube content, broadcast material, slideshows, trailers, and various promotional materials, this set affords users the tools needed for modern video editing. The multiscreen template set supports 4k resolution and offers cleanly designed grids for multi-display, multi-frame, and multi-video creativity. From showing event or travel visuals to making photo galleries or blog reels, this set facilitates professional, dynamic visual storytelling.

18. Multiscreen – 3 Split Screen

Multiscreen – 3 Split Screen (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multiscreen – 3 Split Screen Premiere Pro template by BRAXXU integrates effectively professionalism and creativity. This template is thoughtfully designed to bring life to films, trailers, promotional videos, music clips, and more. The 3 Split Screen Pack includes 10 multi-use screens which help in organizing content in various formats – photos, videos, motion designs, and even social media feeds. It offers seamless, smooth viewing for designing impressive videos, displaying on multi-screens or multi-framed mediums. This versatile multi-screen template supported in 4K resolution could use a clean, modern collage approach to structure a perfect photo gallery or a video wall for any event or portfolio.

19. Multiscreen – 5 Split Screen

Multiscreen – 5 Split Screen (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Multiscreen – 5 Split Screen Pro Premiere Template is an innovative, professionally engineered design tool that enables the creation of commanding dynamic animations and videos. This multipurpose pack accommodates a visage of ten attractive multi-screens ideally suited to innovation, entertainment, or professional presentations. It can significantly improve videos for social media, vlogs, showreels, portfolio showcases, demo reels, film decoration, YouTube content, or company promotions. Featuring clean design, operable collage maker facilities, smooth action and multi-video – seamless alterations, its 4K caliber suits multi-frame functions, making it an ideal choice for video editing. This innovative multiscreen pack written by BRAXXU is versatile accommodating various genres from event coverage, fashion and documentary films to modern mosaics and videography.

20. Split Screens Kit PR

Split Screens Kit PR (Credit: Envato Elements)

Split Screens Kit PR is a highly-adaptable Premiere Pro template designed to provide an array of split screen options to enhance any video project. A perfect fit for those aiming at dynamic visual editing, the choices include traditional halves and quarters to the unique multi-frame, third and ninth configurations. Alongside, it also features slideshow templates and presets to provide additional flexibility. This comprehensive kit embodies sophistication and efficiency, simplifying the process of realizing captivating and structured presentations. The application of ‘frame’, ‘split’, and ‘pack’ as tags alludes to its breadth of functionalities.

What are Premiere Pro split screen templates?

As digital content continues to infiltrate every nook and cranny of our lives, Adobe Premiere Pro split screen templates have risen in popularity for their ability to present multiple layers of visual information simultaneously. For the uninitiated, Adobe Premiere Pro is a state-of-the-art video editing software that is highly revered in the world of film-making and content creation. These templates provide an incredibly user-friendly means to integrate innovative and dynamic split screen effects into the user’s video production process, thereby bringing a superlative level of sophisticated storytelling and viewer engagement.

The best Adobe Premiere Pro split screen templates of this year excel in delivering captivating high-quality graphics with ease, while also simplifying the traditionally complex task of video editing. They offer a variety of split screen design options, from classic split frame styles to picture grids and unique shapes, complementing an array of storylines and video content. Video editors can utilize these templates to power up their editing times, enabling them to create compelling narratives that capture the attention of viewers, leaving unforgettable visual impact. Keeping on top of trendy effects like split screens ensures creators are always at the cutting edge of video content production.

Why use Premiere Pro split screen templates?

The best Premiere Pro split screen templates from Adobe this year offer an unrivaled user experience, tailored specifically for fluid story narration and efficiency in multi-sequence video editing. Their components excel in letting content creators visualize several different shots in one screen while perfecting their cinematic storytelling. They are integrated with ingenious features, including resizable frames, dynamic designs, adjustable edge width, animation effects, and personalize color themes; these elements allow users to epitomize creativity within each shot, ensuring that stories are compellingly relayed.

Apart from the impressive facets they come with, opting for Adobe Premiere split screen templates significantly reduces film editing turnaround times. They’re designed in sync with the efficient nature of Premiere Pro video editing software, further faciliating the simplification and convenience in timeline video montage. The drag-and-drop option, pre-made layouts, and seamless customizations make the process much navigatable even for a novice editor. By offering the chance to showcase multiple pieces of information visually at once without scene interruptions, Adobe Premiere fundamentally enhances the video’s dimensional perspective.

How to import Premiere Pro split screen templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro split screen templates, begin by navigating to the Project panel on the lower left part of the main interface, right-click anywhere within it, and choose ‘Import’. A new window appears allowing you to navigate your files. Locate your downloaded Adobe split screen template, which is typically saved as a .prproj file. Select it and click ‘Import’. This imports the template into your last created Adobe Premiere Project panel, from where you can now use the template in the ongoing project by manually dragging it onto your preferred timeline or by double-clicking on the template.


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