The best Premiere Pro sports templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only sports template option — there are numerous standout templates to amplify your video editing this year.

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While a number of broadcasting firms are vouching for broadcasted sports events to return to the stadiums, pursuing digital content creation (where practical) appears to be on the rise and is likely not subsiding anytime soon. Many of us are still leveraging Adobe Premiere Pro to create sports-themed content, be it for commercial projects, YouTube channels or just casual sharing with friends and family. Frequently, reverting to existing customizable templates tends to top most content creation routines, but there are numerous other free alternatives out there that may veer you towards authentic content creation. In the following, you will be informed about some of the most appealing free Premiere Pro sports templates. We’ve narrowed our focus on templates that provide substantial latitude in modification capacity. Rather than merely resorting to what is popular or at your immediate disposal, you might want to delve into one or two of these yourself. Check how seamlessly these can be tailored to encapsulate your creative vision or that of your viewers or projects. Starting with this list could be a wise step to take.

The best Premiere Pro sports templates 2023

1. Sports Opener

Sports Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sports Opener template is a robust tool designed for sports and active lifestyle channels. With its aggressive style of dynamic transitions and eye-catching red accents for strong brand identification, you have the perfect intro tool. Its “Color Control” feature makes adjusting effects a breeze. Quite flexible in its settings, you can design unique introductions. Ideal for intro spots of several sports events like football, baseball, basketball, golf, MMA, etc., games, tournaments, and matches. Very conducive for displaying sports-themed events or running a sports blog. Show that you promote an active lifestyle. As for key specifics, it needs Premiere Pro CC 2018 and above. Video, Photo and music track are not included. They contain 17 Video or Photo Holders, 8 Text holders, Full HD 1920×1080 display with the capacity of 00:36min duration and 30 frames per second. Video tutorial included for user convenience alongside highlighted tags.

2. Fitness and Sports – Animation Icons (MOGRT)

Fitness and Sports – Animation Icons (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Fitness and Sports – Animation Icons (MOGRT) is a visually appealing template designed for Premiere Pro. It comprises numerous animated sports and fitness icons such as weight scales, stopwatches, meals, boxing gloves, and more, with a design theme that utilizes line art, bodymovin and lottie animations. The layout makes it an effective tool developed primarily for health and wellness websites, app promotions, or presentations. It also boasts an adaptive design fit for various platform uses. Accompanied by BerryDeep’s Technology Inspiring Innovation Corporate Background, this template encourages a health-conscious message creatively.

3. Sports Promo

Sports Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Sports Promo” Premiere Pro template provides dynamic visuals perfect for creating energetic promotional material, suited particularly for sporting and fitness contexts. With a flair for showcasing extreme trailer content, the template adds a creative glitch effect for an edgy finishing touch. It’s all about motivation through an engaging opening, promoting running, various sport training sequences, and intense workout regimes. Essentially urbanistic and dipped in a trap aesthetic, this template stands out as an ideal choice for YouTube intro making.

This sports Premiere Pro template is also part of our promo list.

4. Sports Intro

Sports Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sports Intro Premiere Pro sports template is a modern and stylish project suited for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 or later versions. This require no additional plugins and is easy to edit. It features a comprehensive video tutorial and is designed to be multipurpose. It’s a well-organized template, comprising of preexisting universal expressions. The Sports Intro Premiere Pro boasts 23 placeholders for video or image content and 12 textholders. Syncing to a track titled “Trap Action Sport Urban” by Maikon Music, it embodies themes of action, broadcast, fitness and street style, enhancing the energetic ambiance in the sports content.

5. Dynamic Sports

Dynamic Sports (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Sports template for Premiere Pro presents viewers with a collection of effective features essential in creating an elegant and modern sports presentation. It’s characterized by clean, minimal visuals focusing on dynamic and stylish transitions easy to grasp for the audience. Incorporated with corporate gallery slide-shows, it allows integration of photos, introductory clips for an engaging opener, and well-thought-out titles meticulously designed for any corporate promo. Designed to have a certain professional flair, this template keeps visuals simple, direct yet enthralling in telling stories.

6. Workout Sports

Workout Sports (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Workout Sports’ template for Premiere Pro is a dynamic and highly-engaging multimedia resource for fitness enthusiasts and sports trainers. Full of glitch style transitions, it creates a fast-paced and stimulating viewing experience, fit for broadcasting workout training sessions or sports-based promotional videos. Highlighting strongly motivational urban visuals in a slideshow format, it serves well as an intro, opener, or even as a unique trailer. Although consciously active and vibrant in nature, it refrains from compromising clarity, maintaining an effective balance throughout its use.

7. City Sports

City Sports (Credit: Envato Elements)

The City Sports Premiere Pro template is a curated toolkit for integrating dynamic sports graphics into video projects. Creating impactful slideshows, trailers, teasers and openers, it’s a comprehensive choice for individuals working within sports publicity or articulating a player’s sporting career, diving into various sport branches from athletics and football to tennis and extreme sports. The package includes four soundtracks by Dirtyflint and supports a BPM of 128. Glitch effects are embedded to align with modern graphic design preference. Whether you are promoting a UEFA event or world cup coverage, this template is adaptable to different contexts within sports.

8. Sports Instagram Reels

Sports Instagram Reels (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Sports Instagram Reels” Premiere Pro template can bring sizzling dynamism to any sporting social media post or advert. Equipped with 3D effects that layer action shots from sports like baseball, basketball, football, swimming, tennis, volleyball and others, these vivid and engaging styles nearly leap off the screen. This versatile toolset supports various social media formats including Instagram Reels, story, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube. While retaining a crisp brevity with short reels and shorts formats, the template offers the extraordinary ability to transform your sports videos into eye-catching posts of high production value.

9. Fitness Sports Opener

Fitness Sports Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Fitness Sports Opener is a customizable Premiere Pro template aimed towards creating content related to sports, workouts, training, and gym activity. With its attention-grasping visual dynamics, it’s perfect for promotions of fitness centers, sports clubs, championships, coaches or fitness instructors’ portfolios. The adrenaline filled, motivation-inspiring format allows for creating extensive promos or short presentation clips suitable for both, professional athletes and beginners wishing to display their skills. The visual style opts for a powerful and punchy promotion, providing fitness or lifestyle brands an ideal tool for marketing. It consists themes of athletic events, intensive workouts, and motivational sporting activities.

10. Dynamic Sports Opener

Dynamic Sports Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Sports Opener is a Premiere Pro sports template infused with high-energy and dynamism, making it ideal for football and soccer games. Packing a punch with its action-packed, energetic, and motivational elements, it is great for creating openers on sport channels. Ideal for introductions and openers to any sports match, it’s an accessible resource designed to add an extra layer of excitement and engagement to your sports coverage. This unparalleled tool can be valuable for anyone seeking to amplify their Premiere sports project’s impact. Please note, a familiarity with Premiere Pro is beneficial to navigating this template adeptly.

11. Extreme Sports | MOGRT

Extreme Sports | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Extreme Sports MOGRT is a premiere pro sports template perfect for showcasing extreme sports footage. Designed to bring energy and movement to sports broadcasts, demo reels and social media content, the template utilizes elements of glitch and kinetic typography for a stylish, dynamic and urban aesthetic. It also emphasizes rhythm, introducing a fast-paced musical beat to create high levels of motivation and action. The template includes a track list of audio pieces used in preview which can time perfectly into any sports, travel slideshows, vlogs, training videos, or club events. It is adaptable and versatile, catering to a broad spectrum of video editing needs.

12. Sports Slideshow |MOGRT|

Sports Slideshow |MOGRT| (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sports Slideshow |MOGRT| is a Premiere Pro template ideally suited for sports broadcasts, event promos and workout videos. It’s dynamic enough to convey the energy and action in sports, from extreme motorbike races and intensive fitness workouts to major national sports championship showcases. Users can use the Sports Motivational feature to showcase athletic prowess, bodybuilders, and even sports agency advertisements. The vibe is perfected for urban, lifestyle, and fitness videos, openers with plenty of room for a positive, motivating message, apt for both men and women. The template surely captures an authentic sportive, energetic persona.

13. Sports Promo Opener

Sports Promo Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sports Promo Opener is a highly customizable template compatible with Premiere Pro 2021, designed for those aiming to start a sports vlog, brand promotion, or event teaser with a unique touch. The easy-to-edit project allows users to upload their images and texts, insert their logo for brand recognition, and tailor color schemes—all without needing advanced Premiere Pro skills. A step-by-step video tutorial is included to guide users through the editing and rendering process. Versatile and dynamic, this template fits a myriad of sports-related subjects, from basketball to boxing and from marathons to motocross plus, athletic brand promotion. Please note that music and images used in the preview aren’t included in this template.

14. Sports Logo Reveal

Sports Logo Reveal (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sports Logo Reveal Premiere Pro template ensures a high definition result with a 1920×1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. It’s the newest version, suitable with Premiere 2021, which allows editing the provided logo and text. It comes with 8 different sports balls graphics, inclusive of two versions of volleyball. There’s also a support video to guide on usage. Please note, the sound isn’t included, but you’ve the option to purchase separately. It features various sports media elements such as broadcast, bumper, sports, an opening line, logo sting, particle player, short promo and more. Includes font link for installing additional typography.

15. Sports Action Promo

Sports Action Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sports Action Promo template for Premiere Pro is a dynamic, fast-paced, stylized tool initially designed for creating promotional content related to extreme sports, urban events, and fitness training videos. This versatile project feature makes sense for various sports genres, including American football, baseball, soccer, hockey, racing, and boxing events. Packaged with preset FullHD specifications, adjustable in other scales, it relishes 30 frames per second. Ideal for channels on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or could be apt in TikTok and fitness vlogs. Alongside the main project setting, the template includes an easy-to-follow PDF tutorial. Appropriate for Premiere Pro 2021 or any new version.

16. Workout Sports Opener

Workout Sports Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Workout Sports Opener template for Premiere Pro is designed with dynamic sports events with a trendy and modern twist in mind. The pieces hew to an energetic and motivational theme, making it very fitting for activities such as gym workouts, bodybuilding, and weight training, but also other rhythmic actions. The edgy glitch opener adds to the sense of energy and boldness, setting just the right mood for a workout, whether used in promotional, commercial, or vlogging content. Inspired by urban, grungy styles, the template features a fast pace for maximum visual impact.

17. Youtube Sports Intro

Youtube Sports Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Youtube Sports Intro Premiere Pro template is an animated compilation, perfect for broadcasting sports intros with modern, dynamic qualities. It is primarily targeted for those operating a sports-related Youtube channel, or social media platform. Utilizing its multitude of animated graphics, you can customize your own action-driven sports introductions. The template offers various visual effects like 3D text animation, minimalistic cinematic elements, and grungy glitch effects. Its fast-pacing style aligns well with sports, gaming, and tech applications. While designed for sports, the template also accommodates diverse applications like sports vlogging, podcast intros, and promotional trailers.

18. Sports Blog Intro

Sports Blog Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Sports Blog Intro is a professionally designed template for Premiere Pro, crafted meticulously for those involved in sports blogging. With flexible, customizable aspects, the layout aims for impeccable output every time. Featured with compatibility above Premiere Pro CC 2021 and full HD resolution. The 32-second MOGRT is readily customizable with ten media placeholders accommodating a blend of photos, videos, or images. It is based on nine unique scenes ensuring diversity in presentation, and features available support round the clock. The versatility of the template extends to a multitude of contexts, such as sporting events, brand promotion, dynamic openings, or uploads on social platforms like YouTube. Guidance is provided via an included PDF help file. Please note, media and music are not included but can be sourced from platforms like Pexels or Envato Elements.

19. Glitch Sports Opener

Glitch Sports Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Sports Opener template for Adobe Premiere Pro (versions CC2015 through CC2021) provides a dynamic and energetic opening for sports-related programming, motivational reels and fitness videos. The template has a glitch-themed aesthetics with full HD and vertical Instagram TV resolutions. It offers 35 media placeholders for segments of videos or images, and 6 spaces for text. This modular template doesn’t necessitate plug-ins for operation. Detailed tutorial along with instructions on editing the editor are included. Music and the videos used are only for preview purposes and are not incorporated into the final product.

20. Extreme Sports Promo

Extreme Sports Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Extreme Sports Promo is a dynamic Premiere Pro template focused on action-packed sports footage and events. Built with a gritty, grungy feel, this opener makes use of energetic motion graphics, motivating text animations, and urban typography to create a robust, high-energy presentation. This adaptable template includes title sequences, titles, and place holders suitable for MMA promos, sports trailers, event promotions, and social media video ads. Ideal for creating a promo with a sporty, extreme vibe or showcasing the sweat and sacrifice of the world of UFC entrepreneurship.

What are Premiere Pro sports templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are pre-coded video production designs, structures, effects, and transitions created to facilitate the easier editing and formatting of video projects within the premiere platform. Essentially a timesaver and promoter of consistency, these templates allow video editors – rookies or experts, to unfold their stories in remarkable and captivating manners. This year, several outstanding Premiere Pro templates have surfaced, with Sports templates catching ample praise. Specifically designed to enhance the vibrancy and vigor typically associated with sporting events, these Sports templates boast elements like action-packed animations, robust transition effects, timer countdowns and real-time scoreboards and lower thirds.

Sports templates are effectively changing the game, making it even simpler to produce slick, spiffy sporting event documentaries, promos, reports, and much more. Breath-taking sports montage? Click away. Enthralling extreme sports advertorial? All keyed up in sprints. Whatever it is, with these versatile templates, daunting sporting moments are much easier to amplify in a way that’s coherent to the viewer’s yearning eyes. From overlay text insertion across action-straddling frames, background music syncing, speed ramping to craft tension and dynamism to, not forgetting the highlight of them all, the real-time scoreboard templates, split screen options, and slow motion playback; the creative possibilities achievable with the best Adobe Premiere’s Sports templates this year remain quite infinite – they truly are

Why use Premiere Pro sports templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro has established itself as a leading software for video editing due to its diverse range of features and tools which foster best-in-line creativity and production. One essential aspect that stands out is its professionally-designed sports templates. This year, Adobe’s Premiere Pro sports templates rise above the competition, providing a fantastic platform for sports broadcasters and videographers. They allow smooth editing of high-action footage leading to a visually immersive experience. Flexibility in layout design, efficient automation and user-friendly interfaces streamline workflow, save time, and facilitate customized portrayals of athletes’ performances or exciting sports events in real time.

Adobe has addressed the evolving trends and needs in sports videography by ensuring Premiere Pro sports templates this year are updated, including compelling motion graphics, visual effects, great soundtracks, and vibrant colors. What sets them apart is the distinct focus on high-work-flows driven by advanced software architecture that ensures videos are highly dynamic, smooth, and high-resolution. Whether getting a sporting event to audiences live, creating montages highlighting pivotal moments, or producing athlete profile videos for social media, Adobe Premiere Pro Sports templates are resourceful, professional grade tools that deliver impactful footage. This makes Adobe Premiere Pro sports templates the ideal choice for sports content creators this year.

How to import Premiere Pro sports templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro sports templates from this year, one would first need to locate and download the desired template from trusted sources online which usually offer both paid and free options. Often available in zip folders, these templates need to be unzipped after download. Following this, launch your Adobe Premiere Pro and then navigate to the ‘Window’ tab on the top toolbar, focusing on the ‘Essential Graphics’ montage, found usually on the right panel or window section. Through this panel, using the (templatename).mogrt (Motion Graphics Template file), click-and-drag the downloaded file from your storage location to the Essential Graphics panel. This action activates the templates and enables you to customize their features to suit your preferences. Remember, an updated Adobe Premiere Pro affords seamless and user-friendly integration of these handy sports templates.


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