The best Premiere Pro subscribe templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only software for high-quality templates — there are several outstanding theme subscription options to enhance your project this year.

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As many filmmakers and content creators alike have embraced digital platforms, the use of advanced editing software is emerging as both a standard and a necessity. Adobe Premiere Pro is topping this realm with its versatile features and functionalities, but there lies an extensive array of other helpful resources such as subscriptions templates to elevate your videos. The following compiles some of the most useful free templates from Premiere Pro that you may subscribe to this year. We’ve focused on the subcriptions templates that bring distinct value to at least 10 or more video projects. So, rather than merely relying on the default options and features given by Adobe, perhaps you might want to experiment with these candidates to see if they complement your editing style and project requirements. This list serves as your initial guide in discovering what’s out there waiting for you to explore and employ.

The best Premiere Pro subscribe templates 2023

1. Subscribe Pack

Subscribe Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Subscribe Pack is a comprehensive template designed for Premiere Pro, primarily catering to video bloggers and YouTube content creators. With post-production elements like subscribe and liked buttons, it intricately assimilates engagement essentials within the video itself. Unique visual details include representations for notification reminders and a ‘get notified’ bell icon. This package effectively enhances viewer interaction, acting as a continuous on-screen reminder for subscribing, liking the content, and activating notifications for a particular vlog or YouTube channel.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

2. Youtube Subscribe

Youtube Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

This animated Youtube Subscribe template in Adobe Premiere Pro incorporates a set of convenience and versatility. With ten variations of the subscription animation available you are allowed full control over text, logo, color, and animation duration, it tailors to various digital platforms from 4K resolution to Instagram stories. Plus, even the time required for the animation’s intro and outro is manageable. A procedural video tutorial is thrown in to walk you through its clever aspects. Usage might involve a broad set of applications, such as gaming broadcasts, corporate freshers, social media promotion, or vlogging. Add a custom end screen for your YouTube channel and impress your subscribers.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

3. Subscribe Buttons

Subscribe Buttons (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Subscribe Buttons template is a dynamic, animated, customizable tool designed for enhancing Youtube video content in Adobe Premiere Pro. It offers an array of animated elements like subscribe, like, and notification buttons, to captivate viewers and encourage user interaction. This user-friendly template allows users to simply drag and drop elements onto their Youtube videos. With versatile settings, users can personalize the position, size, and opacity of each feature. Additional template options include the After Effects version, FCPX version and other Youtube templates. Modifying this 4K, Full HD, 30 fps template is simple with advanced settings controllers. To make usage even easier, a detailed help file is included.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

4. Subscribed Video

Subscribed Video (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a Subscribed Video template created for Adobe Premiere Pro. Aptly named ’09 Subscribed Video Scene’, this template allows for easy color changes and customization to match your distinctive brand identity. Included in the package is a video tutorial to guide through the customization process which can be performed in Adobe Premiere Pro version 2018 and above with no additional plugins required. The graphic design is neat, minimalistic, and focused on making your logo stand out. It features flat, 2d graphics and essential typography elements, making it convenient for social media, advertisement, business presentations, modern trailers, etc. Free, ongoing support and free font are included.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our adobe list.

5. YouTube Subscribe

YouTube Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

This ‘Premiere Pro Subscribe’ digital template is designed to remind viewers that have a YouTube channel to subscribe and stay updated on new videos. Prominent features include interactive YouTube Subscribe, Like button, and animated notification bell reminder overlays. Additionally, it offers Social Media Lower Thirds and YouTube End Cards. Designed for easy color alterations and customisable main text, it’s convenient for vloggers and gamers alike. The package includes 17 subscribe animation templates, 5 YouTube End Cards, and 7 lower thirds. The subscription templates are compatible with Premiere Pro 2017 and later versions, and no additional plugins are required. It also comes with video and Readme tutorials and links to free fonts.

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6. Youtube Subscribe Buttons

Youtube Subscribe Buttons (Credit: Envato Elements)

The template, named Youtube Subscribe Buttons, is for Premiere Pro. It enlivens animation with clean, elegant, and minimal text while breathing life into logos. Centered around the promotion of a Youtube, Instagram, corporate, or even a minimalistic modern internet channel; this has the traits such as being intro- and outro-friendly. It is noteworthy for its colorfulness that strikes a contrast in its modern opener with a crispy look, web-friendly features, and its cool text transitions that complement the Subscribed functionality. Perfect for businesses striving to get ample subscriptions from online platforms alongside maneuvering lower thirds, trailer titles, and typography.

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7. Creative Subscribe Elements

Creative Subscribe Elements (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Creative Subscribe Elements template for Premiere Pro consists of 9 contemporary animated Lower Thirds and Subscribe Panels. This versatile template can superbly amplify a broad array of content – from portfolio pieces to product promotions, travelogues to food blogs, leisure content to sports coverage, or even life stories. Regardless of the context, it ensures professionally crafted content that enchants your followers. Particularly beneficial for bloggers, vloggers, social media enthusiasts, and YouTube creators, this subscription template spans multiple contexts without requiring any plugins. It integrates seamlessly with dynamic text animation to ensure your message is presented beautifully and precisely.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

8. YouTube Subscribe Elements

YouTube Subscribe Elements (Credit: Envato Elements)

The YouTube Subscribe Elements template for Premiere Pro serves as a crucial functional tool for YouTubers. Suitable for any channel, but particularly those focused on food or vlogging content, it comprises well-crafted graphics such as the bell icon and notifications for increasing engagements. The template promotes interaction via ‘like’, ‘subscribe’, and ‘reminder’ prompts, enhancing user attention efficiently through compelling intros and subscribe reminders. It hence subtly reminds viewers to engage without interrupting their viewing experience. Ideal for elevating channel customization, interactivity, and audience recall.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

9. Clean Youtube Subscribe

Clean Youtube Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

This template for Adobe Premiere Pro, the Clean Youtube Subscribe, supplies a neat and innovative solution to boost your YouTube subscriber count. It includes seven modifiable button styles compatible with a newer 4K format (3840×2160), requiring at least the Pro CC 2018 version. Features include easy adjusting colors and text to indulge your audience. Sequential guides on using its facets are available through an accompanying tutorial. The template’s projected rendering speed completes the task rather quickly. However, it is to be noted that musics, videos, images and certain fonts – Bebas Neue and Gotham specifically – need external sourcing.

10. Youtube Neon Subscribe

Youtube Neon Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Youtube Neon Subscribe is a specialized template for Premiere Pro projects designed specifically for improving channel interactivity on platforms like YouTube. Carefully built to include video tutorials and offer easy customization, it effortlessly aids the calling for subscription and notifications through notable features such as the Bell icon or follow and like reminders. Notably, it does not require any plugins and accommodates a music download from audiojungle. Given its vibrant, engaging design, it’s a viable tool for vlogs, YouTube channels, and reminders.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

11. Subscribe Panels (MoGRT)

Subscribe Panels (MoGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Subscribe Panels (MoGRT) is a flexible and easy-to-adapt subscribe template for Premiere Pro, designed to enhance the interactivity of any video (vlog, Youtube video, social media video, and more). It features six animated lower thirds and in/out animation. No plugins are required, and it’s compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2021 and above. The template operates at 60 frames per second, with a 1920×1080 resolution. Links for free fonts and music are included, as well as video tutorial to guide users. It can be adapted for use in Final Cut Pro X and After Effects, but please note that preview files are not included.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

12. Modern Subscribe Button

Modern Subscribe Button (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Modern Subscribe Button is an elegant, concise, Premiere Pro template that has a minimalist, yet stylish animation geared for channel promotions and reminders. With bright, visually appealing elements including lower thirds and end screens, intricacies such as branding and marketing get a surge of creativity. This modern, flat design template is also customize-ready with a clean overlay. Broadly used components involve ‘like’, ‘subscribe’, and ‘views’, coupled with a reminder bell and advertising ident supplementation. Its diverse utility makes it indispensable for YouTube Bundle or any YouTube Channel Kit. Ideal for professionals seeking increased subscribers and expanding social media interaction.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

13. YouTube Like & Subscribe

YouTube Like & Subscribe (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Like and Subscribe” template by BRAXXU is a Premier Pro template predominantly for Youtube creators. This customizable template incorporates creative overlays, subscriber reminders and social media icons to keep the subscriber actions front of mind. It serves as a stylish and minimalistic ‘call to action’, urging viewers to like videos, subscribe to channels, and follow other social media platforms. It fits comfortably within personal brand visuals due to its clean, colorful aesthetic. Despite being feature-rich, it is simple and quick to use, catering to Youtube bloggers, gamers, marketers, and others who seek dynamic and effective promotion.

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14. YouTube Subscribe Reminder

YouTube Subscribe Reminder (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template, titled YouTube Subscribe Reminder, is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into a YouTube platform. Offering straightforward animation of lower third notifications, it comes laden with customizable buttons, likes, likes, subscribes, and is even compatible with ‘morgt’. An ideal tool for bloggers, vloggers or anyone running a YouTube channel, this template enables users to create slick reminders encouraging viewers to subscribe to their channels. Simply put, it’s a visually engaging hint to bolster subscriber counts without disrupting the viewer experience.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

15. Youtube Subscribe Elements

Youtube Subscribe Elements (Credit: Envato Elements)

The YouTube Subscribe Elements template for Premiere Pro features 10 different YouTube subscription prompts, all adjustable in a 1920×1080 Full HD format. To utilize this template, users must have Adobe Premiere and After Effects CC 2019 installed on their computer. This product comes with smart control capabilities and is tagged under elements, mogrt, PremierPro, socialmedia, subscribe, template, text, title, YouTube, etc. Furthermore, free customer support is also offered for any troubleshooting or user queries- an advantageous add-on. This template could prove central to enhance your Youtube branding and association strategies.

16. YouTube Subscribe Notification

YouTube Subscribe Notification (Credit: Envato Elements)

The YouTube Subscribe Notification Premiere Pro template is a versatile tool designed for bloggers and corporates to improve their video interactions. This template works perfectly with Adobe Premiere Pro’s Essential Graphics and doesn’t require After Effects’ installation. Moreover, it allows color control and organizes your project neatly. The package provides a comprehensive video tutorial and supports a full HD resolution of 1920×1080. It also hastens the rendering process and does not require plugins for functionality. It contains customizable components to interact with viewers like subscribe buttons, lower third titles, bell notifications specially tailored for vlogs and YouTube channels.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

17. Subscribe Cats for Premiere Pro

Subscribe Cats for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Subscribe Cats for Premiere Pro” is a vivid and vibrant subscription template featuring hand-drawn cartoon cats and animation. It adds a playful and engaging element to any audio content particularly Happy Upbeat Advertising music. The template is well-detailed with colorful comic-like characters including shape accents and text animation for titles and lower thirds. It also includes cute, comic annotations for reminders and social media notifications. The uniqueness of the template would appeal especially to vlogs or channels looking to increase their subscriber count.

18. YouTube Subscribe Button | MOGRT

YouTube Subscribe Button | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Adobe Premiere Pro Template titled YouTube Subscribe Button | MOGRT is a versatile design tool ideally suited for YouTube content creators looking to enhance the professionalism of their videos. The template clones the YouTube interface button and consists of In-Out animation, built to render quickly with any font and without requiring any plugins. It includes six ready-to-use versions tailored for European and Korean audiences. Moreover, it’s compatible with 4K resolution videos, making it perfect for social media ads and video covers. A tutorial is provided for ease of implementation. Not all components are available on Envato Elements, for full asset access visit the provided Videohive link.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our adobe list.

19. Modern Youtube Subscribe Pack

Modern Youtube Subscribe Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Modern Youtube Subscribe Pack offers Adobe Premiere Pro subscribers an interactive way to engage audiences through easy-to-edit subscribe buttons. This pack provides flexibility as you can directly modify it in Premiere Pro CC 2019 (13.1.2) or higher. Features include optional custom colors for both the text & subscribe button, customizable font and size aspects, three structures (channel name, subscriber count, text of the subscribe button), responsive time intro & outro, and quick rendering capabilities. Although suited for any channel, it especially fits well with food or vlog content. It supports 4k resolution (3840 × 2160) at a frame rate of 30 FPS.

20. YouTube Subscribe & Like Pack

YouTube Subscribe & Like Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The YouTube Subscribe & Like Pack is a dynamic template specifically designed for Adobe Premiere Pro. This highly customisable pack includes various animated elements such as Subscribe and Like buttons, useful for building engagement on YouTube videos. It also comes with brilliantly designed notifications and promos, overlays for enhancement, and a unique transparent channel ‘bell’. Useful for all channel types, this pack ensures a seamless and clean design to encourage views and subscriptions without intruding on the video content. Graphics could be added easily, with implications seen clearly due to the transparent nature of the elements, making it user-friendly.

This subscribe Premiere Pro template is also part of our like and subscribe list.

What are Premiere Pro subscribe templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro subscribe templates are pre-made layouts or animations designed in Adobe Premiere Pro, a leading video editing software. These templates are used for producing high-quality videos. Specifically, a subscribe template is used to create engaging “subscribe” call to action graphics in social media and YouTube videos. They offer an effective way to encourage audiences to follow or subscribe to the content creator’s channel, helping in growing an audience. The value of Premiere Pro subscribe templates is seen mainly in their impact on audience engagement, conversion rates, and brand consistency. This year, aesthetically appealing templates with features such as animation, sound, and customizability are gaining renown.

The best Premiere Pro subscribe templates of this year exhibit increased sophistication in design along with accessibility, driving viewers to engage more with the content. They come with stylistic advancements to elevate the production quality and add a unique flavor to the videos, possibly becoming a signature for particular content creators. Some noteworthy templates include those with integrated motion graphics and sound effects, customizable color palettes to match brand aesthetic, and the auto-resizing feature to tailor shapes and text for different social media platforms without manual alters. Altogether, these advanced Adobe Premiere Pro Subscribe templates empower creators to design distinguished subscribe buttons, enhancing brand recognition while boosting viewer interaction.

Why use Premiere Pro subscribe templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are the cream of the crop when it comes to video editing in 2021. These templates, offered by Adobe itself, have a significant advantage because they are designed with all the inherent features of Premiere Pro specifically in mind. They are usually created by highly skilled artists and graphic designers who understand the software’s intricacies and how to optimally stipulate them for a dynamic result. Moreover, Adobe ensures that its self-designed templates support the latest updates and functionality changes, which many third-party templates may miss.

There are a plethora of templates available this year, packed with functionalities appealing to a broad range of content categories. They exhibit a diverse array of themes – could it be flashy effects for a vivacious music video, sophisticated aesthetics for a corporate presentation, or compelling graphics for a documentary. Thus, users have plenty to choose from based on their project’s requirement. Adobe’s templates take plenty off your manual work and investment with professional-grade graphics and effects, letting editors deliver high-end productions in considerably less time.

How to import Premiere Pro subscribe templates?

To import the best Adobe Premiere Pro subscribe templates this year, simply navigate to Adobe’s Motion Graphics Templates page located within Premiere Pro’s “Essential Graphics” panel. Identify and download your preferred ‘subscribe’ template from Adobe’s archive or acquired resources like Envato Elements. Once downloaded, return to Premiere Pro’s Primary hub and select the “Graphics” circuit at the top of the workspace before highlighting “Install Motion Graphics Template” within the drop-down menu. Simply select the file you would like to import from your device’s library and launch it straight into your current project via Adobe’s platform-equipped assembly service. Remember, this seamless procedure offers versatile applicability regardless of a project’s nature, assisting content creators in effortlessly flowering their channels with superior, subscriber-friendly designs.


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