The best Premiere Pro subtitle templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only game in town - there's a plethora of subtitle templates this year perfect for enhancing your videos.

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As more independent content creators keep pushing their boundary via platforms like YouTube, effective video-editing (like adding subtitles) has become a necessity, not just a fad. Many of us are routinely using subtitle templates in Adobe Premiere Pro to engage more actively with our audiences and ensuring our content is accessible to all viewers. The traditional favorite template continues to be widely employed, but the range of impressive free templates out there might surprise and inspire creators. This article presents some of the most dynamic free subtitle templates in Premiere Pro that are gaining popularity this year. We’ve focused on templates that curb the linguistic barriers and boost viewer engagement. Rather than sticking to the conventional strategies in your own creations, why not experiment with few of these templates? You might discover a fresh aesthetic vibe that syncs perfectly with your content and its target viewers. This roundup is an excellent gateway to start exploring these enhancements.

The best Premiere Pro subtitle templates 2023

1. Subtitles Pro

Subtitles Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Subtitles Pro template is a resourceful tool for producing captions for Premiere Pro videos. Emphasizing simplicity and elegance, the design adheres to a clean, minimal aesthetic. The template includes auto and self-resizing features, fitting any video content neatly. It also provides flexibility for different purposes, suiting explanatory, documentary-style videos, music and song lyrics, podcasts, social media videos, and general captions for clear voiceover audios. Bonus features like the Instagram and TikTok friendly along with universal animation and typography add on to its abundance of applications.

2. Lower Thirds / Subtitle / Video Caption / Callouts Toolkit

Lower Thirds / Subtitle / Video Caption / Callouts Toolkit (Credit: Envato Elements)

This lower thirds subtitle and caption callouts toolkit for Premiere Pro allows users to effectively animate text, create transitions, customize elements, and much more in one comprehensive pack. All versions from Version 2 to Version 4 cater to usability enhancements such as choice of fonts, group organization, and abilities to streamline editing tools. Advanced features afford users the ability to edit content in any resolution, whether it be 720, 1080, 2K, or 4K. Compatibility extends beyond Premiere Pro to After Effects with Premiere Pro CC 2018 or later. The template features easy-to-use controllers to edit text parameters like style, color, scale, position and opacity. It involves well-organized, easy-to-find elements and simple installation with tools to customize lower third or Callouts styles. A comprehensive voiceover video tutorial assists users with effective usage. The package arguably caters to a wide range of users from novices to experienced editors. Capabilities extended to the new CC2019 Version also accommodate for automated Time remapping and organization of elements. Audio tracks and fonts are not included, though free links are provided in the help file. Harness this toolkit to create professional media outputs such as corporate presentations, news features, and social media content with superior motion graphics.

This subtitle Premiere Pro template is also part of our explainer video list.

3. Titles & Subtitles

Titles & Subtitles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Titles & Subtitles” Premiere Pro template offers high-intensity, animated captioning that is prime for multifarious video-types. It was curated to induce dynamic emphasizing on captions, fine for a potential audiovisual project, lyric video, social media-centric video posts or for more professional endeavours like documentary films or explainer videos. Packing spare modulation promises such as ‘auto-resizing’, categorical, bold captions, neat boxed formats, and versatile uses; be it lower thirds, title classifications or typography. Plugin-free and functional on the latest Premiere Pro versions, the easy-to-edit template exemplifies reactivity and visual coherence. An After Effects version truly complements its robust functionality.

4. Titles

Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro subtitle template featuring bold titles encapsulates a clean and striking design without forgoing minimalism. Its central aspect is its alterable box titles which can bolster any business or corporate video presentation. Its uncluttered detailing makes it seamlessly channel the understated elegance of its visual aesthetic. Versatile lower thirds options adapt to various contents, establishing a brisk continuity with the subtitles feature. This subtitle template indeed proves to be of significant utility for crafting impressive title cards accentuating centralized subtitles. Overall, it combines attractive simplicity with an exceptionally adaptable design.

5. Clean Quotes

Clean Quotes (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Clean Quotes Premiere Pro subtitle template fits true to its title, offering clean and minimalistic subtitle designs. Featuring components like boxes, arrows, and quote symbols, this template perfectly frames your captions directly in the vital third of your screen layout. It is a .mogrt file that utilizes essential graphics elements for text modulation. A remarkable choice for YouTube or other web video content, it holds keywords like subtitles, text, titles and quotation effectively providing professional title solutions for your Premiere Pro projects.

6. Modern Titles

Modern Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Modern Titles” template for Premiere Pro offers a sleek, clean, and creative solution for executing subtitle placement in a 4k resolution project. This easy-to-use layout includes fun big box entries to encapsulate dynamic and energetic text entries, perfectly suiting a range of topics or contents. The template features standard lower-third positioning, ideal for subtitles, quotes or simple title instances. Its modern design errs on the side of typonance (typographic resonance), ensuring high legibility and visual impact for viewers while maximizing the textual element’s harmony with other graphic or visual elements.

7. Modern Lower Thirds

Modern Lower Thirds (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Modern Lower Thirds is an innovative Premiere Pro MOGRT template that promptly enhances a production’s text presentation. It is a must-have for digital content creators as it provides 8 self-adjusting, stylish lower thirds for smooth text incorporation – ensuring text hierarchy and viewer attention with its customizable titles, colors, durations and text block sizes. Perfect for displaying various information like individuals’ names, roles, or social media tags across different platforms like presentations, TV shows, and Youtube videos. The Modern Lower Thirds, compatible with Premiere Pro CC2019 and all other new versions, makes creating sleek, auto-scalable titles for any resolution easier. Prior After Effects installation is necessary for template usage.

8. Abstract Lines And Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Abstract Lines And Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Abstract Lines and Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT is a visually stimulating subtitle template that fuses abstract conception with artistic flair. Rooted in a fun cartoon style, it features elements like hand drawn geometric figures, heart shapes and swaying doodles, making a robust setup for text overlays. This template perfects the balance between surreal abstraction and practical visuals, with dynamic magic-like texts interspersed with lines. Suitable for video intro sequences, text animation, and titles, it enhances the narrative element, making it more colorful and engaging.

9. News Tickers PR

News Tickers PR (Credit: Envato Elements)

The News Tickers PR is a practical subtitle template specifically designed for use in Adobe Premiere Pro. Developed to cater to timely, urgent content such as information regarding COVID-19 or other infections, it embodies an air of solemnity and importance. It allows for users to effectively deliver lower thirds, subtitles, and titles presented as news tickers. This display style mimics the informational cascades seen in news broadcasts, making it an excellent tool for any video content that requires a tone of urgency or seriousness. This template also possesses the flexibility to be implemented in Davinci.

10. Clean Lower Thirds \ PP

Clean Lower Thirds \ PP (Credit: Envato Elements)

This premiere pro subtitle template named ‘Clean Lower Thirds | PP’, offers a clean, modern and simple design for enhancing professional video and film editing. This project includes 12 creatively organized scenes, with high resolution 4K (3840×2160). It is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2022 and comes with an instructional video tutorial for user convenience and efficiency. Importantly, this premiere pro template doesn’t require any additional plug-ins, providing a hassle-free user interface. It covers a broad range of descriptive tags such as headers, subtitles, quotes, text, typography etc. This provides for a versatile range of applications for the user, even though usage of music and fonts are not bundled inside the project.

11. Creative Titles Pack | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Creative Titles Pack | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Creative Titles Pack for Premiere Pro MOGRT is a compilation of modern, sleek subtitles template. It displays a variety of layouts ranging from minimal to elegant box titles. The templates offer an efficient tool for aesthetically enhancing videos or presentations along with features like flat designs, animated typography, and lower thirds. With its compatibility with Instagram and YouTube, it services different social media content requirements. This text animation package ensures clean, professionality with a modern twist. Ideal for anyone looking for versatile, easily customizable subtitle and title solution within Premiere Pro.

12. Lower Thirds and Titles – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics

Lower Thirds and Titles – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics (Credit: Envato Elements)

Lower Thirds and Titles – for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics is a subtitle template made for the versatile utility of Adobe’s Premiere Pro editing software. Crafted with meticulous attention to design-to-functional prowess, this template allows the creation of with consistent ‘lower thirds’—a graphical overlay usually utilized at the bottom of a video to provide additional context like names, descriptions, or captions. The elements include precise contemporary design, giving your content a distinct personality. The template is also multi-purpose—it accommodates headers, quotes, and text with a clean, simple aesthetic. The styles range from ‘big’ and ‘bigger,’ adapted for a creative, modern view.

13. Lower Thirds Typography

Lower Thirds Typography (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Lower Thirds Typography is a premiere pro subtitle template that features a minimalistic design with an updated, modern appeal. Rooted in simplicity, text compositions are situated in the lower third quadrant and are animated, giving viewers an optimal reading experience. A defining feature is its color control attribute – with blue and white as the dominant colors. This creates an elegant contrast and enhances readability. The template’s minimal and sleek design makes it beneficial for subtitles, titles and any necessary text elements in a video production.

14. Liquid Alphabet | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Liquid Alphabet | Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Liquid Alphabet Premiere Pro MOGRT is a subtitle template designed for versatile functionality across presentations, social media, and professional outlets. Utilizing a minimal aesthetic with gradient features, it augments visual aesthetics in a variety of settings – be it a corporate event, news broadcast, documentary, an interview, or an Instagram post. It features lower thirds, transitions, and unique typography to fit different styles and messages. Customizable text windows allow individuals, particularly YouTube content creators, to input content efficiently. Submersed in rich design capabilities, it revolutionizes titling and subtitling processes.

This subtitle Premiere Pro template is also part of our interview list.

15. Explainer Highlight Titles

Explainer Highlight Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Explainer Highlight Titles is a splendid Premiere Pro subtitle template primarily used for content requiring informative aesthetics like broadcasting, corporate videos, discussions, and documentaries. With its lower third and minimal design, it enhances the visual experience on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. The template also comes with a variety of useable track options and features like transitions and typography. Useful for interviews and news aesthetics as well, this template hosts essential graphic contents complemented by ‘The Chill Future Bass By7_Keys’, in preview.

This subtitle Premiere Pro template is also part of our interview list.

16. Simple Lower Thirds Pack – Premiere Pro

Simple Lower Thirds Pack – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Simple Lower Thirds Pack – Premiere Pro is a straightforward subtitle template featuring a host of animated text functionalities. Alphanumeric elements containing vibrant, liquid animation and transitions come in unique shapes adding a vivid burst of color to your videos. One can conveniently overlaysubtitles and even punctuations. The simplicity of the design enhances the clarity of the lettering and makes it an ideal match for different video content. Its attractive, modern typography adds extra appeal without overpowering the main content. This pack pushes creativity in text animation to a new level.

17. Fresh Titles

Fresh Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Fresh Titles template for Premiere Pro is perfect for adding crisp and modern subtitles to any project. This animated text features a unique ‘highlighter’ function enhancing readability, making it great for explainers and corporate visuals. The big, clean imagery can occupy full screen for impressive title sequences and its minimal design won’t overshadow your content. Also, it includes lower thirds and a slideshow mode for added flexibility. Its provision of text presets allows for easy adjustments, making it an incredibly versatile subtitle template that avoids clutter and embraces simplicity.

18. Bold Text Titles \ PP

Bold Text Titles \ PP (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Bold Text Titles PP is a high-quality subtitle template compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 and above. It includes a customizable 12-pack of lower thirds, and user-friendly single-click color control option, as well as a feature allowing text editing, logo dropping, and rendering. This screw-less Full HD template, with its 1920×1080 pixel resolution, provides 12 well-crafted lower third inclusions. Its additional features include easy editing within the Essential Graphics panel and detailed PDF help files for user assistance. For branding, subtitles, and news packages, this minimalist and modern styled template is optimal. Please note that the audio needs to be sourced separately.

19. Animated Titles Pack

Animated Titles Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Animated Titles Pack is a dynamic and versatile subtitle template for Premiere Pro. It consists of a wide range of kinetic animated titles with a modern aesthetic, ideal for jazzing up presentations and slides. Apart from offering stylish text animation, the pack lets you leverage varied font styles and bold typography to enhance the impact of your captions. It’s incredibly useful for YouTube vlogs, where compelling subtitle design facilitates better viewer engagement. Whether it’s the stylishness of presentation you aim for or clout of bold texts, this compilation serves all your needs at once.

20. Stylish Lower Thirds Pack

Stylish Lower Thirds Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Stylish Lower Thirds Pack subtitle template for Premiere Pro offers a modern, dynamic touch to videos. Compatible with Premiere Pro CC2020, the project is built for 4K formats, ensuring crisp, clear graphics. It features ten unique scenes, bold text titles, and offers customization without any additional plug-ins required. An included video tutorial provides guidance, making the pack user-friendly, and the project itself is well-organized, so navigation is uncomplicated. Though music is utilized in the project, it is not included in the pack, but sources to access it are shared. Styles range from clean, simple typography to playful, energetic kinetic typography.

What are Premiere Pro subtitle templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro subtitle templates are pre-programmed aesthetics and styles built within the software for video creators looking to implement or stylize closed caption subtitles in their productions. These templates, with their diverse designs and simple editing options, make the process of adding captions less laborious by eliminating the need for manual coding, allowing video creators to simply input subtitles directly onto the video. Stunning, efficient, and essential, the inclusion of such a feature underscores Premiere Pro’s adherence to enhancing ease of use for creators while maximizing viewing accessibility for the audiences.”

This year, several templates have punctuated the videography scene with captivating quality. Premiere Pro subtitle templates in 2022 range from minimalistic and clean, perfect for professional business webinars and documentaries, to fun and dynamic, suitable for YouTube content and social media videos. Incorporating subtitles via these sublime templates helps creators transcend language barriers within their user base, capture viewer attention, and improve SEO ranking. New tides are certainly rising in the area of video production, and Premiere Pro subtitle templates are abetting creators to ride the flood at full sprint.”

Why use Premiere Pro subtitle templates?

For seasoned filmmakers and newbies alike, one of the most crucial and demanding aspects of video editing is adding attractive, readable and effective subtitles. Using Adobe Premiere’s best subtitle templates tri streamlines this process, helping creators add valuable and intelligible context to their visual content. These templates stand out for their easy customization and range of diverse aesthetic styles compatible with distinct video tones and moods. This flexibility and usability frees up more time for creators to focus on actual video editing and story crafting, thereby enhancing their overall production outcome.

Aside from their practicality in video editing, premiere subtitle templates also play a pivotal role in making video content more accessible to wider audiences, especially people with hearing impairments and those who watch videos without sound. Moreover, in a globalized digital age where content is reaching international viewers across language barriers, these subtitle templates help creators in caption translations and multilingual subtitle options, bridging language gaps and catering to an encompassing viewer experience. In essence, by increasing content accessibility, ensuring easier viewer comprehension, and benefitting SEO, Adobe Premiere’s best subtitle templates this year produces tools that are undeniably powerful, unique, and fundamental in modern videography.

How to import Premiere Pro subtitle templates?

Using subtitle templates in Adobe Premiere Pro can greatly enhance the production quality of your video content. To import the best Premiere Pro subtitle templates of this year, just follow a few simple steps. Start by downloading your preferred subtitle template. Then open your Adobe Premiere Pro project, navigate to “Window”, then “Essential Graphics”. In the Essential Graphics panel, choose “Install Motion Graphics template”, look for your downloaded template files, select your desired template, and click “Open”. Instantly, you’ve elevated your video project by integrating smooth, stylish and professional-looking captions without the strenuous manual input. Ease, variety and high-quality design possibilities, bold or subtle – that is the power brought to you by the current year’s top Premiere Pro subtitle templates.


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