The best Premiere Pro text animation templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only option for text animation — there are a ton of top performing templates you can use this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As many creative professionals and film enthusiasts continue to delve into dynamic content creation, the use of text animation templates in Adobe Premiere Pro remains no short of a trend and it’s certainly here to stay for an extended period. Many of us continue to explore Premiere Pro as a go-to platform to bring our ideas to life, valuing versatility, uniqueness, and efficiency. Premiere Pro’s native templates are a popular starting point, but there is a whole world of creative animated templates out there ready to enhance your video projects. The following are in-depth analysis of some of the most intriguing text animation templates meant for Premiere Pro, bearing a key focus on those that sustain the appeal to at least ten or more scenes. Rather than casually assuming the in-built text animations in Premiere Pro are the only options, you may be compelled to sample one or a couple of the following templates, deeming the alignment they hold with your creative process and the unique requirements of your projects. Trust this list as a reliable kick-off point.

The best Premiere Pro text animation templates 2023

1. Text Animation

Text Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Animation template is a versatile Premiere Pro plugin featuring a sleek combination of 16 textual animations fitted with a 4K resolution fidelity. This template consists of both a textured version that specializes in ‘IN’ animation at 60 FPS, and a clean release boasting necessary IN-OUT animations. Conveniently functional with Premiere Pro 2019 and above, it meshes flawlessly with all media types. A well-explained video tutorial emphasizes usage simplicity. Meticulous design backdrop portrays professional presentation while the configural whitespace structure enriches minimalism. Ideal for a multitude of sectors like abstract, advertising, social media, marketing, etc., this module is non-reliant on additional plug-ins.

2. Text Animations

Text Animations (Credit: Envato Elements)

Text Animations by Premiere Pro is a dynamic package that includes over 60 deluxe typography presets. Designed with user convenience in mind, they are simple to apply and customize, thereby making it possible to resonate with any brand perception conveniently. Utilizing this template, you can create fascinating videos that express your identity or portray a compelling story, everything related to your personal or professional interests. The individuality you seek visually – whether it’s sports, food, traveling, wildlife, or virtually anything else – can be achieved without using any plugins. The primary aesthetic covers a broad spectrum – from 4K resolution, abstract and clean angles to modern and minimalist graphics styled in a fashionable context.

3. Typography | Text Animations

Typography | Text Animations (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro text animation template, titled Typography | Text Animations, houses a diverse range of animated text styles available for digital video editing needs. Facilitating kinetic typography and title animations, it lends to creating dynamic and elegant motion graphics. It offers versatility for different contexts, from cinematic and broadcast applications to corporate presentations. The template includes functionalities for creating “lower thirds” captions or annotations. Users can design minimal, modern or retro typography for social media- particularly Instagram- clean intros, news openers, or logo animations. With its vapor wave aesthetics, this resource enriches presentation, promo, or videonan projects.

4. Text Animation Toolkit

Text Animation Toolkit (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Animation Toolkit provides a vast range of 122 text animation presets for editors using Premiere Pro CC 2021 and After Effects CC 2021. These presets cover long and short text animations and also offer a suite of text effects and an outline maker. All animations encompass various parameters like 3D, scale, position, rotation and opacity. Flexibility is a key feature, supporting adaptable time, making it possible to alter animation lengths and it supports smoothly the multi-language feature. Furthermore, the toolkit’s animations are resizable up to a full HD resolution (1920×1080). No third-party plugins are required, making it user-friendly with the bonus of free customer support.

This text animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our 3d text list.

5. Clean Text Animation

Clean Text Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Clean Text Animation template is a Premiere Pro project that utilizes clean, simple, and professional design to create s efficient text animations. It features elegant 3D enhancements and touches of logo reveals and slideshows making it ideal for corporate purposes. The template has optional metallic textures and the ability to extrude, adding a cinematic element. It is versatile with a permission for a audio preview, offering a bpm appropriate option. With both short durations of 0:24 and 0:13, users have flexibility in track presentations.

This text animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our 3d text list.

6. The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT

The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit for Premiere Pro MOGRT is a comprehensive retro text animation template for designing animated titles or trailers reminiscent of the 80s. Its features include professional styling effects, an easy controller to design your own style, and the freedom to experiment and combine for unique results. The pack contains 45 distinctive text styles, six tagline text styling effects, 39 retrowave inspired backgrounds, and 20 VHS-style overlays among other elements. Also, users get multiple animation styles to choose from and a “neon shapes” option for added creative scope. Ideal for nostalgic, vintage, or cyberpunk influenced projects. Important to note, render time varies per title animation.

This text animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our animated title list.

7. Essential Text Animation Presets

Essential Text Animation Presets (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Essential Text Animation Presets template for Premiere Pro offers a range of text animation presets that blend modern typography design with appealing graphics. The package brings options for bold text, clean lines, lower third elements, strokes, and resizing parameters. Specifications for self-resizing are also included for user convenience. The expansive assortment is suitable for diverse requirements from simple animations to commercial-grade graphics. The structure accepts .mogrt files and seamlessly integrates with the Motion Graphics template. With these automated and efficiently created elements from Envato, say goodbye to the endlessly time-consuming task of creating text animations individually.

8. Kinetic Text Animations V3

Kinetic Text Animations V3 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Kinetic Text Animations V3 is a template designed for Premiere Pro. It characterizes a bright, colorful, and sleek graphical interface perfect for corporate presentations. It is often tagged with keywords like ‘fun’, ‘kinetic’, and ‘modern’ which means it provides movement or kinetic capacity to your text animations. This template’s features include smooth transitions and lower third options for subtitles or additional information. It also allows you to incorporate phrases and various text formations in a clean and visually appealing manner which contributes to its overall interaction attractiveness.

9. 120 Text Animations for Premiere Pro

120 Text Animations for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The 120 Text Animations for Premiere Pro template offers diverse typography customization options. It includes corporate lower thirds, captions, title animations, and unique fonts applicable for broadcasting, news introductions, documentaries, and video presentations. The superb infusion of elegant aesthetics combined with functionality caters to a professional embodiment. It is designed to make your Premiere Pro editing easier and faster whilst creating professional title animations and lower thirds, enriching viewer’s visual experience. This template gives paramount command over text animation, mastery over introductory parts and superb control over title structuring.

10. Text Animation Typography – Title Pack

Text Animation Typography – Title Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Animation Typography – Title Pack is a premiere pro template designed to facilitate dynamic text animations in a sophisticated form. Geared mainly for corporate settings, it presents features of kinetic typography – skillfully combining motion and text. With the available pack, users can customize titles, type out text, and even venture into slideshows and openers. This template can also be used creatively to develop a lively typo-inspired operator reel, illustrating the flexibility and versatility of the pack mired in a rhythmic fashion. Be it traditional writing or modern typography, this template has got it covered.

11. Creative Text Animation | Premiere Pro

Creative Text Animation | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Creative Text Animation | Premiere Pro” is a collection of 30 customizable title designs or graphic typography templates that are uniquely constructed for use with Premiere Pro 2018. Adjustable to fit your specified resolution and dimensions, it employs a smart responsive system facilitating use across any project size. Fonts utilized are from Adobe’s Typekit (within a Creative Cloud subscription). Altering fonts, however, is currently unsupported. The kit is user-friendly, with straightforward customization sliders and an elaborative help video. Note: music’s not included but available for purchase separately. This template facilitates producing text animations proficiently for broadcasting, social media, corporate presentations, and more.

12. Cartoon Logo Text animations [Premiere Pro]

Cartoon Logo Text animations [Premiere Pro] (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Cartoon Logo Text animations template for Premiere Pro provides a collection of artistic and aesthetically pleasing text animations ideally suited for diverse corporate presentations, broadcasting content, and social media stories for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. This bundle includes a variety of designs that fall into categories such as cool titles, minimalistic applications, lower thirds forms, and clean corporate titles. With full color control, these kinetic typography animations are easy to customize to fit your branding or style. Its glitch elements and minimalistic approach give the template a stylish and trendy look that captures attention in a sophisticated way. An extra convenience is free updates.

13. Text Titles

Text Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Titles Premiere Pro template hails vintage vibes from the 80s, engaging users with bright, neon animations encompassing a range of designs. Despite its funky, retro feel, it remains sleek and modern, geared towards broadcasting on social media, YouTube, TV shows, or child-focused areas. Flickers of electricity, sparks of fire, and colorful bubbles and fluid add dynamics to text and logo reveals. Cartoon-y attributes contribute to a fun, yet professional tone. Unique elements like noir atmosphere, flat shapes, and toon-like effects highlight discounts or offers, ideally suited for bold, attention-grabbing motion graphics projects.

14. Text Opener

Text Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a Premiere Pro Text Animation template known as ‘Text Opener’. The template is elegant and minimal in nature with a modern style. This sophisticated option is built to be synergistic to traditional broadcast needs such as news and television while remaining versatile enough to cater to contemporary social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. The template is enriched with animated title features that are professionally clean and a wide sampling of lower thirds in various formats. Further their dynamic and corporate appeal reinforced by engaging kinetic typography enhances presentations, promos, and videos.

15. Intro Text

Intro Text (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a high-definition, Premiere Pro text animation template named ‘9 Text Layers’, ideal for various video editing purposes with its 20-second duration. The format is easy to adjust with just color controls and works seamlessly with any Adobe After Effects 5.5 or higher system without requiring additional plugins. A user guide is included, but if you face hiccups- no need to panic- you have a video tutorial for support. Expect rapid rendering, but remember audio components are not stipulated. Its design – part abstract, animated, and corporate vibe instills modernity, further enhanced through shape animations. Edgy and suitable for uses like intros or promos in various genres like events, fashion, infographics or possibly even social media content on platforms like Instagram or YouTube.

16. Accent Texts

Accent Texts (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Accent Texts’ Premiere Pro animation template is predominantly a kinetic typography-style video tool suitable for various purposes. Its designs are grounded in freshness, dynamism and modernity, effortlessly creating eye-catching, sophisticated texts for any medium, whether for business, branding or professional portfolios. Easily adjustable, the template’s distinguishing modular system allows straightforward interchanging of photo and text elements. The quickly-paced animation syncs smoothly with an accompanying percussive audio track. Though stylishly sleek and cool, the effect retains humble simplicity; gradients of black and white contribute refreshing minimalism, attracting viewers without losing basic functionality and cleanliness.

This text animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our text intro list.

17. Text Messages | MOGRT

Text Messages | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Messages | MOGRT is a versatile text animation template designed for use with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 and newer versions. Created with convenience and customization in mind, users have the freedom to edit texts, fonts, and colors, complete with resizable resolutions suitable for multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. With no need for additional plugins, rendering is quick, allowing creators from vloggers to realtors to design professional, minimal titles and kinetic typography that catches the eye. The template includes documentation, font links, and supports a wide range of content creation needs.

18. Text Messager | Mogrt

Text Messager | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Messager | Mogrt is a Premiere Pro animation template designed to recreate believable text conversations. It can integrate text, media, and a variety of emojis to create dialogues. This could be beneficial in creating and embellishing promotional videos, advertisements, presentations, or event videos. Text Messager is simple to use and can effortlessly be edited to fit the unique requirements of a project. The complement of gentle audio tracks adds another level of authenticity to the simulations. It can impart a fun vibe yet maintain the professional approach required in either business or personal settings. Features such as notifications and overlays echo the actual experience of using social media or general text messaging.

This text animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our text overlay list.

19. Typo Text Opener

Typo Text Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Typo Text Opener is a Premiere Pro text animation template designed around online communication aesthetics. It prominently features elements such as text message animations, iPhone-style notifications, and social media post templates, translating them into vibrant text message themes. Ideal for projects involving alert overlays or social media animations, this design package can significantly enhance your digital content. It supports customization with After Effects, making it an engaging platform for delivering both Facebook posts or interactive text messages, appealing to those looking for social or digital-themed animations.

This text animation Premiere Pro template is also part of our text overlay list.

20. Simple and Modern Text Layout

Simple and Modern Text Layout (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Simple and Modern Text Layout is a text animation template developed for Adobe Premier Pro. With a sleek, minimal design, it carries a bold style ideal for a wide range of applications including corporate promotions, social media posts, TV advertising, Instagram posts, YouTube content and more. This vibrant template offers kinetic typography with a quick rhythm that works perfectly with upbeat music for dynamic and energetic promotions. It also features a drag & drop functionality which simplifies the creative workflow. Adding to its worth is its superb flexibility – matching itself seamlessly with a variety of ad themes, be it modern, urban, and professional environments.

What are Premiere Pro text animation templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro text animation templates are prefab effects applied on text to give professional, high-quality animations with little effort. With these turnkey solutions, creators can elevate their motion graphics and video editing projects to the next level. Adobe releases an array of these transformative plugins packaged in templates, each with a distinct style and design, to enchant your video narrative. Every filmmaker, vlogger, small business owner, and social media marketer can leverage these versatile animation tools on Adobe Premiere Pro, extremely productive for those looking for striking typography graphics to accompany their film and video projects in 2022.

This year has seen an exquisite range of Premiere Pro text animation templates. They differentiate in design complexity, ease of use, diversity, and customization accordingly to the variated demands of the customers. Digging into the abundance of these templates revealed top picks in 2022. These renditions unleash infinite creativity encompassing anything from trapcode particular fonts and kinetic typography animations to seamless transitions, shocking glitches effects, and impactful titles sequences. Premiere Pro animation templates have consequently grown in acceptance for enabling users to fully express their concept, envisage it in the editable templates provided, and transfigure dull videos into astonishing memoirs. A key consideration of expanding digital content explores the enrichment that these powerful projects may bring to everyone’s content realisation life.

Why use Premiere Pro text animation templates?

As the media landscape continues to branch into new and unexplored territories, content creators are witnessing an increasingly competitive market where the effectiveness of their material depends not only on the quality of their message but also the visual effect that garners viewers’ attention. Utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro’s best text animation templates is to fuse professional aesthetic quality with ease of personalization. These templates are not limited to creating aesthetically appealing titles, they also integrate neatly within Adobe’s ecosystem, making cross-project asset use more streamlined, saving substantial time and making workflow far more efficient than developing animations from scratch.

In today’s era where the digital milieu is filled with visual information, having enriching text animation effects can drastically enrich user-experience, demarcate the elements of the content better, and significantly aid in storytelling. Adobe text animation templates have premade presets and customizable parameters, offering enormous creative options to develop unique projects, seamlessly fitting the content’s tone or purpose. Additionally, most of these Adobe Premier Pro templates offer advanced coding capabilities – meaning if you want to dive deeper and reshape an ani-template to further suit your project’s demands and preferences, you’re at complete freedom to do so. Combined with Adobe’s reliable and extensive customer support, this makes Adobe Premiere’s text animation templates leverage greater control and usability that bode particularly relevant for the creative professionals of today.

How to import Premiere Pro text animation templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro text animation templates this year, initially ensure you have the templates downloaded onto your operational device. Launch Adobe Premiere Pro and create a new project or open the existing one. From the ‘Essential Graphics’ panel, hit ‘Install Motion Graphics template’ symbolized by a folder and an additional arrow. This will exhibit a file folder prompt from your system. Navigate to the location of the downloaded template on your device, select it and click ‘Open’. The template will commence its import process and upon completion, station itself into ‘Browse’ and ‘My Templates’ section. Final merge or amendment merely requires dragging the template onto your timeline or double clicking will open the Graphic editor for modifications.


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