The best Premiere Pro text box templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only text box template provider - there are exceptional templates from a range of sources to elevate your video editing this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As countless visual creators continue plunging into editing tasks at their home studios, relying on the right tools for video production remains crucial, and without doubt it’s virtually here to stay. Numerous creative professionals and enthusiasts are massively leveraging Adobe Premiere Pro for their film editing techniques, thanks to its vast array of comprehensive features. Premiere Pro text box templates have maintained their strong foothold amidst these editing tools, ensuring efficient design strategy and enabling artists to focus less on logistics and more on creativity throughout their workdays. However, the context becomes impossibly confusing considering the avalanche of free templates in the market today. Our mission borrows the lens of variety and robust functionality in this guide highlighting some of the standout free Premiere Pro text box templates. We are focusing more on those flexible templates which open throes of editing possibilities and that can accommodate numerous texts. Instead of purely sticking with the built-in presets day in and out, feel free to explore and try some of these templates for a wider artistic freedom. Hopefully, you’ll find this selection beneficial as your jumpstart for enhancing productivity and sparking creativity amidst your unique cinematic language.

The best Premiere Pro text box templates 2023

1. 3D Text Boxes Premiere Pro

3D Text Boxes Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The 3D Text Boxes Premiere Pro template offers a visually compelling blend of creativity and elegance with a focus on beautiful typography, making it versatile for multiple project types. 3D box-style text affirms its modern design sensibility, augmented by kinetic and logo animations that add dynamic flavor. Clean graphics, minimalism and simple aesthetics ensure readability and style. Useful as promo material or lower-thirds graphics in full-frame videos, its versatility also extends to include title sequences. This template perfectly leverages modern 3D graphics with a focus on simplicity and elegance.

This text box Premiere Pro template is also part of our 3d text list.

2. Auto Resizing Text Box Titles | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Auto Resizing Text Box Titles | MOGRT for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Auto Resizing Text Box Titles MOGRT for Premiere Pro is a versatile template offering a practical solution for enhancing video projects. Fully customizable with 100% responsive features, it provides swift addition of text and comprises 6 preset animation types (Up, Down, Left, Right, Slide Up, Slide Down). Neophytes and experienced users with Adobe Effects can both utilize this template since no key framing is required. An accompanying tutorial offers instructions for customization. The template operates on Premiere Pro CC, works with Ultra HD 4K resolution and requires no plugins. Users can create unlimited titles with editable colors, fonts, size and more.

This text box Premiere Pro template is also part of our text overlay list.

3. Text Messages Toolkit

Text Messages Toolkit (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Messages Toolkit is a template designed for Adobe Premiere Pro that offers considerably advanced features. This toolkit includes ten different messaging styles—each easily adaptable to any project’s aesthetic or theme—and boasts numerous professional controls. With it, you can entirely transform text box appearances, re-time context, and adjust message layout specifically within Premiere Pro. The template’s tag suggests applications such as animated typography, lower thirds, and mobile-friendly designs. Ideal for anything from social media visuals to phone notifications and common conversation scenarios, this toolkit considerably enhances the messaging elements in your editing projects.

4. Boxed Titles

Boxed Titles (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Boxed Titles is a Premiere Pro text box template that prioritizes simplicity and minimalism in making professional-looking titles. It’s particularly designed for brand promotion and corporate interview environment, but can also be used for YouTube presentations and news reports. Accommodating for logos and lower third inclusions of texts, it performs well in text animation and veritable typography settings. Through its clean and orderly fashion, the text appears more comprehensive and engaging to viewers. This extremely versatile tool is key to enhancing video presentation quality on any platform.

5. Text Animator

Text Animator (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Animator is a technologically advanced Premiere Pro text box template meticulously designed for creative and corporate businesses. It boasts a modern, minimal style while featuring animation effects, glitch and transformer attributes. Modern letter boxes, kinetic aspects, introductory titles, and lower thirds allow users unlimited customization. With an array of font and alphabet options in unique, inventive typographic styles, Text Animator makes text more compelling. The primary focus is on lettering and business-oriented visual elements. Optimized for film and tech field use, it elevates the reveal process of business and cinematic messages alike. Explore new heights of creativity using this mogrt file.

This text box Premiere Pro template is also part of our animated title list.

6. Christmas Box Logo

Christmas Box Logo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Christmas Box Logo’ is a sophisticated Premiere Pro text box template themed around the joyous holiday season. This 3D template features vibrant colors and elements associated with the Christmas occasion like Santa Claus, a snow-filled environment, a mystical Christmas tree, and a golden, shimmering gift box that dramatically opens to reveal your business logo. Some aspects of the template have a cartoon-like appeal, making it suitable for family-oriented promos and YouTube channel intros. Also perfect for social media ads and corporate branding during December, it carries elements of brightness, happiness, elegance, and magic. Text fields present can be customized as preferred.

7. Text Animation

Text Animation (Credit: Envato Elements)

This is a text animation template for Adobe Premiere Pro, offering versatile and adaptable features particularly suited for social media content. Available in vertical, square, and horizontal formats, it is ideal for Instagram videos, stories, Youtube Shorts, and TikTok content. This template boasts easy customizable settings, including color alterations and duration control. This project features 10 animated titles, the ability to make individual changes to each element, and MOGRT files. An informative help file is included for convenience. It is fitted for Premiere Pro CC 2020 and subsequent versions. It leads with a minimalistic design with dynamic yet clean animation aesthetics.

8. Box Titles – Self Resizing

Box Titles – Self Resizing (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Box Titles – Self Resizing template for Premiere Pro produces crisp, couture titles for videos and presentations. This template offers a bundle of corporate titles and minimal design features accompanied by captivating audio included in the preview broadcast. Little to no manual sizing is needed with its smart self-resizing technology which makes the editing process faster and easier. Including both lower thirds and serif style options, as well as kinetic text mechanics, this pack accommodates a gamut of text titling needs for corporate stories and presentations.

9. Game Box Promo

Game Box Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Game Box Promo, a Premiere Pro text box template, fashions a smart layout for displaying vibrant content related to gaming and travel industry. Equipped with placeholders for 11 texts, a photo/video, and a logo, the template works with Premiere Pro 2021, and After Effects 2021 or newer versions. It allows easy color control for customization, and guarantees a quick rendering process. The output resolution is 1920×1080 Full HD for a clear display. Please note that the template doesn’t include images and music. Detailed video help is included for user ease. Optional accompanying After Effects version can also be used.

10. Box Titles Premiere Pro Pack

Box Titles Premiere Pro Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Box Titles Premiere Pro Pack is a modern and creative text box template suitable for a multitude of projects. With an automatic resize feature, it adjusts according to the size of your input, making it versatile, from being placed as subtitles to larger headers. With a clean and simple design approach, this template becomes an essential tool for highlighting quotes, creating typographical emphasis, or presenting titles. It suits different theme requirements given its humble, non-distracting, and proficient presence within any layout or composition.

11. Box Titles | Premiere Pro

Box Titles | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Box Titles | Premiere Pro template is a stylish assortment of text box designs optimized for use within Premiere Pro. Carefully crafted with self-resizing properties for seamless and simple scaling of text within the given space, together with animated and bold typography features, this package ensures an eye-catching addition to any project. The format is clean, modern, and utilitarian, suited for a range of applications including promos, commercials, motion graphics, and text animations. These features together make the design a versatile text component for a variety of video projects. The effortless style is further accentuated by its array of text packs with 2D, flat designs, and line strokes.

12. Box Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro

Box Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Box Lower Thirds | Premiere Pro’ template helps streamline your creative workflow with 20 unique modern full-screen animations. It offers parameters for conveniently modifying the text, color, frame size, and duration to stress important points in your videos. It works well for highlighting individuals, places, or themes, making it suitable not just for personal but also for corporate, commercial, advertising, and other professional video projects. The template places emphasis on simplicity with its minimal yet eye-catching design, and it’s easily customizable with drag and drop modules. Matching abstract background audio by Fugu_Vibes enhances the overall impact.

13. Typo Text Opener

Typo Text Opener (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Typo Text Opener is a highly versatile Premiere Pro template, developed for corporate or commercial presentations emphasizing typography. Ideal for bold titles and animated text, it showcases a dark, minimalistic design favoring contrasting black and white tones. Enabled with a simple drag and drop functionality, it offers customized macro effects for kinetic typography and flexible title modifications. Designed to suit different setups such as social media posts, fashion videos, and developer related content, this stylish, minimal-lower-third text box stands out with its effortless and uncluttered aesthetics while maintaining a sleek, modern appeal.

14. Box Title for Premiere Pro

Box Title for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro Box Title template offers sleek and practical design for diverse text and logo integrations. Suitable for latest After Effects and Premiere Pro 2021 versions, this template provides 19 text placeholders and a logo placeholder, wrapped in a compact duration of 20 seconds.With nice attention to dynamics enabled by its color controls, resolution at full HD (1920×1080), plug-ins are not needed, ensuring a quick render. However, it excludes audio and preview images. This broad-ranging template finds resonance from colorful Instagram stories, documentaries on nature’s intricate colors, black and white YouTube videos minimalistic designs, to dynamic promo teasers for boutiques or festive events.

15. Box Titles I Premiere Pro

Box Titles I Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

Box Titles I Premiere Pro is a versatile text box template perfect for intro videos, lower thirds, animated titles, and more. Simple to customize, this user-friendly pack provides the flexibility to alter text, colors, and fonts with just a few clicks. Stunning effects can be achieved effortlessly, while maintaining an expeditious rendering time. The finished video fits a range of media formats, well-suited for broadcasting shows, YouTube and Instagram uploads, Facebook posts, or any digital platform. Designed with a minimalistic flair and corporate appeal, Box Titles I offers adaptable, vibrant typography without the need for added plugins.

16. Kinetic Box Titles | Premiere Pro

Kinetic Box Titles | Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Kinetic Box Titles | Premiere Pro’ is a text box template specifically designed for Premiere Pro. It offers 4K resolution (3840×2860) and supports multiple languages. It utilizes the Montserrat font and is crafted with a friendly user interface. The template contains in and out animations and ensures fast rendering. It also includes a video tutorial to guide the users. Its style is minimal and typographic, suitable for producing elegant and professional typography text, package presentation, text animation, and lower thirds. Furthermore, its animation property suits most platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

17. Box Titles Pack For Premiere Pro

Box Titles Pack For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Box Titles Pack For Premiere Pro is a project planning tool that includes Kinetic Box Titles in magnificent 4K resolution. This template is fully compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and subsequent versions, and incorporates a handy video tutorial for easy navigation. With its 12 scenes and smoothly arranged modular structure, this motional graphic requires no plug-ins, beneficial for proficient workflow. Applicable for various purposes like corporate presentations, YouTube intros or typography, this initiation offers sleek lines, soft-animation – channeling a modern and minimal design aesthetic. The included link directs to useful resources – music and font aspects of this construct.

18. Transforming Boxes – Title Reveal (Mogrt)

Transforming Boxes – Title Reveal (Mogrt) (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Transforming Boxes – Title Reveal (Mogrt) is a sleek and stylish Premiere Pro template, featuring elegant and creative typography. Devised primarily to offer modern, large box titles, this template operates beautifully as a text overlay or a title slide. It has a touch of the sublime, stated through timely animation in sequences of slides and slideshows. Constructed for elegance, this user-friendly ‘MOGRT’ pack by designer Vladoskinnan, harbors great utility for lower thirds, fusing formality with innovation in effortlessly classy transformations. Its urbane, cutting edge attributes make it useful for numerous projects and themes.

19. Digital Product Promo – Box Mockup

Digital Product Promo – Box Mockup (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro text box template, named “Digital Product Promo – Box Mockup,” showcases a cutting-edge animation aesthetic with 3D boxes unveiling the text in a unique, transformative manner. It’s perfect to imprint branding identity or for cinematic introductory formatting. The text format can be adjusted effortlessly within Premiere Pro using the Essential Graphics panel, offering options for wide (landscape oriented) text or three rows of text within a square area. Installation of Adobe After Effects is required (a trial version is sufficient). Please note, the futuristic and dark-metallic themed project, contained sparkling graphic elements, boosts captivating, transformer-style visual impacts.

20. Boxed Minimal Slideshow – Premiere Pro

Boxed Minimal Slideshow – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Boxed Minimal Slideshow” for Premiere Pro is a contemporary and unique 3D text box template, ideal for showcasing logos or product adverts. It boasts intricate, animated efforts that add zest to your visuals. Notably, it incorporates five media placeholders, a logo placeholder, and six text placeholders for variety and utility. Its minimal and efficient design underscores logos plainly yet with maximum visibility. It fits product promotions or introductory videos successfully and requires no plugins, easily adding an element of modern, sleek design to any project. Features like broken glass effects, light leaks, and sharp typography also reinforce its visual appeal.

What are Premiere Pro text box templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro text box templates are custom-designed materials that enable users to add stylized text or captions directly inside Adobe Premiere Pro – a popular professional video editing software. These templates essentially serve as graphical overlays which can exist alongside other video content, letting creators insert aesthetically pleasing text boxes that perfectly complement the theme or design of the video. Many incorporate special features like automatic resizing to the text, adjustable typography styles, or even animated effects. Such creative convenience saves significant image editing time and effort, which can greatly boost output quality and productivity alike.

This year saw an array of impressive text box templates for Premiere Pro made by seasoned creatives from around the world. They ranged from the sleek and minimalistic style, to funky urban designs, and on to high-energy motion graphics templates that work well with action-packed footage. Not only were these top templates easy to work with, but they also offered quite a bit of flexibility, allowing users to easily tweak colours, shapes, positions, and timings to fittingly cater well to their unique project needs. Whether one is creating YouTube videos, social media advertisements, TV shows or films, this year’s Adobe text box templates for Premiere Pro undoubtedly provided creators with ample creative possibilities.

Why use Premiere Pro text box templates?

Using Adobe Premiere’s staggering trove of text box templates this year brings both visual flair and creative efficiency to your editor’s toolkit. The dynamic features empower users to accentuate any given cuts with strong typographic elements, confidently added without surrendering editing time users would typically expend designing from scratch. This proves to be a significant advantage towards churn and developing high-quality content. Microsoft, Nvidia and Disney are among those notable giants substantially benefited from Adobe’s robust offering. The increasing democratization of their tools is heralding video professionals and hobbyists toward delightful customization practices, leveling up even in the most demanding tasks.

Essentially, employing Adobe Premiere’s text box templates throws open an inviting range of graphical vectorized texts to satisfy diverse project-specific tastes. Its easy implementation bolsters video- narratives, be it expositional data or effectively leading viewer’s attention. From simple two-word slogans to complex lower-third supers, this extensive feature smoothly pairs up to automatically adapt with changing needs. Aside fast-tracking stylish transitions, dynamic animations, and borders, mitigating mundane frame consistency glitches is straightforward now more than ever with Adobe’s latest software updates. This harmony exudes an appealing aesthetic, fluid purpose, and a reassuring professional touch. Ultimately, your uniquely-crafted story stands out, elegantly supplemented rather than eclipsed.

How to import Premiere Pro text box templates?

If you want to maximize your design skills with Adobe Premiere Pro text box templates this year, importing them extends your creativity. To import, navigate through “Graphics” in the top menu, then “Install Motion Graphics Template.” Afterwards, browse for the downloaded template and click “Open” to import it. Templates added can be found in the Essential Graphics panel, ready to be spiced up with your original idea. Premiere Pro text box templates facilitate content rendering, displaying subtitles, or displaying information during video playback, simplifying Adobe video editing and innovation.


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