The best Premiere Pro text intro templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only text intro maker in town — explore the highest-rated templates of this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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While many film producers and video editors are gravitating back towards the film studio, the era of video editing from home seems far from over. A massive proportion of us are still relying on sophisticated video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro to craft artistic video content and quality films. Adobe Premier Pro certainly takes the spotlight as one of the top tier choices for video editing, but there is a multitude of outstanding intro text templates available for you to use. In the upcoming content, we gather some of the most compelling free Premiere Pro text intro templates for your review. We’ve narrowed our focus on templates that left at least 10 or more users greatly satisfied. Instead of hastily deciding that a typical, widely used template is your best bet, consider giving one or two from our curated collection a shot; you may find they better suit your unique editing approach and the visual aesthetic of your project or team. Using this guideline as a springboard can jumpstart your explorations.

The best Premiere Pro text intro templates 2023

1. Text Intro

Text Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This text intro template, suited for Premiere Pro and After Effects of 2021 and later, fosters an eye-catching and powerful platform for sharing messages, branding materials, or short ads. With design space for 12 customized text and one logo placeholder, it enables vibrant, full-color controls to ensnare viewers. Designed to be minimal, yet daring and bold, it uses clean typography to maximize advertising impact. The template is a 1920×1080 Full HD that makes quick and easy rendering feasible. Notably, the music used in the demo isn’t included in the project. Helpful instructional elements like video-help are also included for added convenience.

2. Text Intro | Mogrt

Text Intro | Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Intro | Mogrt is a dynamic Premiere Pro intro template that powers your brand with a high-energy, attention-grabbing style. With some clicking, you can create a bold and vibrant sequence that integrates distinctive typography and your brand name to captivate an audience. The template is incredibly user-friendly, with easy text-changing capabilities enabling quick customisation to your preference. Suitable for uses ranging from corporate to fashion, a video tutorial is provided for beginners to grasp how to maximise this tool. Keywords associated with this template include bright, clean, daring, dynamic, minimalist, quick, and stylised.

3. Dynamic Text Intro

Dynamic Text Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Text Intro is a Premiere Pro template known for its bold, black & white kinetic typography design. It’s minimal yet energetic, flowing smoothly with pace and rhythm, making it a great tool for industries from corporate to urban. The introductory graphics possess features like animation and dynamic motion complemented by clean, drag and drop elements tick off professional visual communication in perfect style. This fast-intro infographic primarily caters to social media and product promotion posts, such as Instagram and YouTube, contributing in crafting short, snappy ads or trailers that create quick and viral exposure.

4. Glitch Distortion Logo Intro

Glitch Distortion Logo Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Glitch Distortion Logo Intro on Premiere Pro is a brilliantly constructed template that enlivens your message with dynamic grunge and glitching animations. Ideal for presentations across a variety of media—from social media to corporate pitches—it features adaptable color distortion alongside scribble effects for customizable brand expression. Its user-friendly interface requires no plugins, and is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and newer versions. A detailed video tutorial simplifies the setup process. Advanced keywords invoсe a cyberpunk aesthetic, complete with digital expressions, logos, title introductions, and RGB detail arrangements that result in an innovative, cyber-tech atmosphere.

This text intro Premiere Pro template is also part of our glitch list.

5. Magic Text Intro | MOGRT

Magic Text Intro | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Magic Text Intro | MOGRT’ is a readily customizable Premiere Pro text intro template that is optimized for the 2022 CC version. As the title suggests, this template emphasizes a magical aesthetic, enhanced by elements such as blurs, glows, leaks, particles, sparkles, and light included in the template. No plugins are required for using this template and a PDF help file is provided for user assistance. Drawn from themes resonant of Harry Potter and the wizarding world, it offers creative textual animations for video introductions. It is presented in Full HD (1920×1080) quality with universal expressions augmenting its versatility. 24/7 free support is available if required.

6. Minimal Colors Text Intro

Minimal Colors Text Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Minimal Colors Text Intro” template for Premiere Pro is an elegantly designed animated text and logo intro that suits variety of settings. Featuring a minimalistic, modern design with bright colors for contrast against dark backgrounds, it has a universal appeal fitting for corporate contexts, small businesses and entertainment purposes like films and social media engagements. As the title suggests, the sleek animation is broached with a clean cut glossy look, glows, particles and futuring skeuomorphism design elements. Ideal for short, fast-paced projects, doesn’t compromise the identity of the brand. Simple, effective, logically covers multiple platforms.

7. Intro Text

Intro Text (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro text intro template, titled ‘Intro Text’, is perfect for different kinds of professional and creative presentations. With distinctive features like a clean, black and white aesthetic and simple typography, it is ideal for a modern, contemporary brand or business that values minimalism and sophistication. The easy-to-use, modular template combines engaging animations and fast transitions producing a dynamic effect. Its quick rhythm and sleek style promise to attract attention. Useful for advertisements, corporate promos or portfolio showcases, this template is also nicely enhanced by percussive audio tracks to add to its originality and unique appeal.

8. Text Dynamic Intro

Text Dynamic Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Text Dynamic Intro is a high-resolution (1920x1080p, 25fps) Premiere pro template, Ideal for a variety of visual projects such as digital commercials, conference presentations or fashion showreel. Its minimalist design presents a modern and clean aesthetic. The template does not require plugins, and with 13 text placeholders and a logo placeholder available, it allows good customization. A tutorial is included to help get you started. Further customizability is present with integrated color controls, and fast rendering allows easily adjustable changes. Note, music isn’t included, but a recommended link is provided. Ideal for digital startups, corporates, online promotion and marketing strategy.

9. The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT

The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT is a versatile set for creating, styling and customizing 80’s inspired video content. The toolkit offers details like 45 unique 80’s text styles and 6 distinct tagline effects as well as 39 retrowave backgrounds, 14 animation styles, and 20 VHS-inspired overlays. Creative control is made accessible via easy-to-use controllers where one can experiment and combine different elements for a unique outcome. Additional features include an alpha channel, links to fonts used, text effects, and even neon shape options. Synthwave-inspired audio and different preview designs add a crisp finishing touch.

This text intro Premiere Pro template is also part of our animated title list.

10. Christmas Titles Opener | Christmas Intro | Christmas Text Slideshow | MOGRT

Christmas Titles Opener | Christmas Intro | Christmas Text Slideshow | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The MOGRT Christmas Titles Opener template gives you the ability to create a visually stunning and festive introduction or slideshow presentation. Its unique design effortlessly displays thematic elements of Christmas with depictions of Christmas trees, decorations and instagram-worthy crisp visuals of Christmas houses swirled with dust particles to augment the magic of the season. This will enable users to present beautiful Christmas greetings, wishes or corporate messages. Accompanying audio features two instrumental tracks titled “The Christmas Magic” by 99instrumentals, providing the perfect tempo to complement your text slides’ flow. Suitable for holiday-related projects, including Xmas greetings, logos, and New Year announcements.

11. Intro – Youtube intro

Intro – Youtube intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Premiere Pro intro template titled “Intro – Youtube intro” suits creators requiring crisp, dynamic opening footage for videos. It offers various resolutions up to 4K and includes versions for YouTube, Instagram Stories, Portrait, and Posts for versatile usage. Templates are available in short and long formats (15 and 23 seconds), both in color and black and white versions. The template doesn’t require any plugins but compatible with Adobe Premier Pro CC 2021 and above. The user can change all settings within a control layer, easily paste their photos or videos, and edit text. An instructional tutorial is provided for beginners. Detailed font and video guides can be found in the help file, customer support is available on a 24/7 basis for any additional aid. Music and videos shown in the demo are not included. Its keywords suggest its suitability for music, sports, and fashion content among others.

12. Christmas Intro / New Year Intro / Xmas Intro MOGRT

Christmas Intro / New Year Intro / Xmas Intro MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Christmas Intro / New Year Intro / Xmas Intro MOGRT template for Premiere Pro is a thoughtfully designed animation ideal for festive greetings and posts. The template boasts various elements associated with the festive season, such as a decorated Christmas house, a glittering Christmas tree, integral to providing a magical and winte holiday vibe. The charm of this design is further amplified by special elements like falling snow, playful particles, and the emblazing Christmas logo. Its ability to adapt it to corporate or elegant themes makes it ideal across diverse platforms like Instagram.

13. Intro

Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro text intro template is ideal for any video creator looking to spruce up their YouTube channel. Designed for quick and easy customization, it includes not only an intro opener spanning 7 seconds but also features an outro, a YouTube Subscribe reminder and an Instagram Follow Reminder. With a compatible resolution (1920×1080) for clarity, this package comes with 14 Media and 8 Text placeholders, accommodating image or video content seamlessly. Beginners and professionals alike can utilize this tool as it includes video tutorials. Highly versatile, this pack is useful for various purposes like branding, promotion, blogging, pro gaming, lifestyle, real estate exposure etc. It includes links to free fonts making it a complete solution for creating visually appealing, interactive videos for audiences. An audio track named ‘Bass Guitar and Claps Logo’ by RedOctopus also aids the users in creating an engaging environment.

14. Youtube Intro

Youtube Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Youtube Intro” is a Premiere Pro text intro template designed to make introductions gripping and aesthetic. The vibrant blend of red, blue, and black tones adds a catchy dynamic while enhancing the stylish and modern appearance. It features parallax and stomp features that allow for highly animated text introductions — ideal for establishing a channel’s identity. The template employs the use of a ‘hud’ or ‘heads up display,’ bringing a higher level of professional, digital look into play. Though predised, it is customizable and universal, adaptable for any logo.

15. Christmas Intro || New Year Intro || Xmas Intro || Happy New Year MOGRT

Christmas Intro || New Year Intro || Xmas Intro || Happy New Year MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Christmas Intro || New Year Intro || Xmas Intro || Happy New Year MOGRT” is a thematic Premiere Pro text introduction template featuring a festive look and easily customizable elements. Designed with modern and kinetic typography, it allows users to change colors swiftly, and it supports Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 and above. The template includes detailed video tutorials, making it effortless for users to customize this 4K resolution product. With its bundle of minimalistic shapes, titles, changes, and transitions, it’s perfect for creating brilliant corporate or YouTube intro videos. Plus, no plugins are required, and free language support and fonts are provided for enhanced convenience.

16. Typography Intro

Typography Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Typography Intro template in Premiere Pro is majorly geared towards the festive season, specifically Christmas and the New Year. It incorporates design elements like Christmas decorations, Merry Christmas text, Christmas trees, and even more subtle features like Christmas house illustrations. There’s also specific functionality for creating Christmas and New Year greeting introductions for Instagram. The template exudes charm and elegance with its corporate aesthetics and associated particle effects evoking a winter, holiday theme. Additional text tweaks on wishes and greetings can also be incorporated in this multipurpose template, subtly mimicking magical effects common during the holiday season.

17. Trailer Intro

Trailer Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Trailer Intro is a versatile Premiere Pro text template with a modular structure. It features 16 unique scenes, along with 26 text layers that offer ample scope for customization. Crafted for Premiere Pro CC 2021 and later versions, it doesn’t require additional plug-ins and ensures easy color control. Specifics include 1920×1080 resolution, a rapid render, and universal expressions. Crucially, a PDF help file is supplied along with the template to assist you. Its aesthetic lies in the interplay of abstract typography and monochromatic visuals, delivering a modern, dynamic, and somewhat trippy outcome potentially ideal for YouTube intros, social media promotions, and beyond.

18. Instagram Intro

Instagram Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Instagram Intro Premiere Pro template as suggested by its name is a unique text template optimized for Instagram. Boasting a cinematic vibe, this can set a dramatic ‘dark and epic’ tone for your upcoming project or game introduction. It’s designed taking inspiration from movie trends and concentrates on creating a high-impact introduction. Key features include opener and text titles intertwined with expressive particles and flare – contributing histrionics to the intro. Ideal for movie trailers, teasers, or game trailers; it’s your one-stop solution for a trailernan that’s hard to forget.

19. Colorful Intro

Colorful Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Colorful Intro’ template is a highly customizable tool for Adobe Premiere Pro utilized to craft vibrant, engaging introductions for both personal or commercial purposes. Equipped with a modular structure, it allows for seamless texts and media insertions. It accommodates multimedia formats making it ideal for showcasing fashion, lifestyle, or beauty content. Stand-out large typography ensures optimal visibility on conventional televisions and social platforms alike. Also appealing is the capacity to display texts ranging from full-screen enormity to the smallest sizes for any message in particular. The requirements for the operation specify the fast rendering capacities of Premiere Pro CC 2021 and beyond, with no additional plugins. Predominantly used for blog posts, internet motivational content, brand presentations, and illustration of online social feed. Although termed ‘Colorful Intro’, it bolsters a minimalist format, perfect for bringing any text to life.

20. Dynamic Intro

Dynamic Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Dynamic Intro template for Premiere Pro is a vibrant, progressive approach to intro text design. Packed with bright and colorful elements, it utilizes a modern aesthetic to ensure any intro message stands out. It’s simplistically cool, with a central placeholder for logos, making it apt for multiple types of presentations. This template employs sophisticated typography that makes your intro come alive with style, ensuring viewers are instantly captivated. Ideal for customizing introductions in a fresh, innovative way. It truly embodies dynamic visual communication through its electrifying, youthful design.

What are Premiere Pro text intro templates?

Adobe Premiere text intro templates are pre-animated graphics which are customizable and used to introduce the title or other text elements in video productions, silently packing a whole heap of production value. Made popular in recent years by prominent YouTubers, corporate brands, and various multimedia projects, these template features enable easy video editing for both professional video editors and novices alike. Paramountly, they carry the advantage of time-saving as these ready-to-use forms forestall the necessity for crafting intros from scratch. Several logo animations, title sequences, dynamic fonts, and lower third templates can be chosen from, each comes with the magical advantage of swiftly belying default, static, and mundane presentations.

This year, in alignment with the dynamics of ever-growing digital spectrums, various aesthetic styles are already excellent contenders for the best Adobe premiere pro text intro templates. Among them are retro-inspired looks, fluid motions, dramatic cinematic effects, vibrant colors, minimalistic, and many more. Notably, the incorporation of 3D graphics and motion design templates appears to rise, granting a striking edge to interfaces to stand out from the crowd. Each offers its own unique qualities and styling, allowing users considerable creative flexibility limited only by imagination. Overall, the evolving Adobe Premiere pro text intro templates poised the beauty of simplicity, style, and effectiveness, perpetually waxing stronger as the modern telecommunication powerhouse advances.Why use Premiere Pro text intro templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro text intro templates provide a convenient way of enhancing your production quality, especially for time-crunched editors. By using these templates, videographers can create attention-grabbing text animations and introduce their content in a more professional and enticing way. This eliminates the challenges of designing from scratch, allowing you to focus more on creating amazing content. These cutting-edge templates are designed by experts and are easily customizable, allowing editors to ride on the stylistic and technical expertise of others, while imparting their own unique design touches.

The year’s best Adobe Premiere Pro text intro templates encapsulate the current design landscape, combining contemporary aesthetics with the best in technical design. Whether it’s for social media, broadcasts or Twitch banners, these flexible templates perfectly fit all screen types and cater to specific content. They provide the closest thing to a plug-and-play setup, fulfilling the needs of every editor at different skill levels and meeting the industry’s demand for high-quality output. By using this year’s text intro templates, you’ll create videos that outshine others and keep your audience glued, signaling to viewers you are not only up to date with trends in design and animation, but in production value at large.

How to import Premiere Pro text intro templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro text intro templates, start by downloading the desired template file, frequently in .prproj or .mogrt format. After opening your Adobe Premiere Pro, navigate to the “Graphics” menu and select “Install Motion Graphics Template.” A dialogue box will appear where you need to locate your recently downloaded template file and click ‘Open.’ Once installed, your new text intro template will be available for you to drag-and-drop into your project timeline from the ‘Essential Graphics Panel.’ Always remember to customize any parameter settings included with your specific template, ensuring a unique and tailored fit to your project.


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