The best Premiere Pro tiktok templates this year

Premiere Pro isn't the only option for TikTok templates — there are a plethora of standout templates from different sources to boost your content this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As a myriad of creatives, influencers, and everyday individuals delve further into the world of TikTok, the appeal of using Adobe’s Premiere Pro to elevate video content is increasingly imminent. Sure, while creating TikTok videos on a phone is convenient, yet there’s a world of untapped creative possibilities if we edit with professional software. Adobe Premiere Pro holds the industry’s top favorite tag when it comes to video editing software, and with a proliferation of pre-made templates available, its dominance seems inevitable. However, choosing between an overflow of template options is not as straighforward or easy. We address this conundrum in our list of the year’s more intriguing and effective TikTok templates for Premiere Pro below. We’re focusing mostly on templates that manage to weave simplicity with creativity and multilayered design. Of course, Premiere Pro’s stock templates are pretty effective themselves, but don’t stop at default. Broaden your horizons, delve into the pool of custom template starlets, experiment and see how well these pre-made designs resonate with your brand, audience, visual concepts, or even just your personal creativity bursts. Let this cache of handpicked templates from this year be your starting line.

The best Premiere Pro tiktok templates 2023

1. TikTok Intro

TikTok Intro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The TikTok Intro is a functional and stylish template created specifically for using on TikTok as well as other social media platforms. Incorporating 7 customizable text and logo placeholders, and 6 placeholders for photos or videos, this modern design matches many different content creating needs, from bloggers to advertisers. Customizable color controls offer you to modify it to suit personal or corporate branding, while the inclusion of in-depth tutorial aids in efficient self-guided learning. Working seamlessly with After Effects and Premiere Pro 2021 and above, it ensures fast rendering at a Full HD quality. Music and imagery shown are not included.

2. TikTok Promo

TikTok Promo (Credit: Envato Elements)

TikTok Promo is an energetic template designed for Premiere Pro to highlight your channel or product on TikTok or any other online platform like YouTube and Vimeo, inserting texts, photos or videos. This playful template embellishes the videos with animated floating design elements like smiles, eyes, buttons, hearts, ribbons, and text-filled speech bubbles in brushing spring colors, further enhancing the festive and appealing ambiance. The high-quality modular render structure syncs on Premiere Pro CC 2020 and above without any plugins required. Your visual communication gets even better supplemented with bubbles and ribbons. Tags imply prime utility for Instagram, Insta marketing, vloggers, and bloggers interested in product promotion and typographic titling in social media.

3. Advertising TikTok

Advertising TikTok (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Advertising TikTok Premiere Pro template is a modern, aesthetically pleasing tool designed for creating promotional or informational TikTok content. The template featuring crisp, clean animations makes it easy to captivate audiences. It comes with five hip-hop tracks from INPLUSMUSIC adding a versatile dimension to the content. It’s ideal for corporate presentations, product promos or profiling, catered towards family-oriented or futuristic themes. Coming with a smooth social media optimizing feature, it easily caters to a variety of networks, endorsing a more direct connection with viewers. User can integrate their text within the template, catering personalised communication.

This tiktok Premiere Pro template is also part of our ad list.

4. TikTok Elements

TikTok Elements (Credit: Envato Elements)

The TikTok Elements Premiere Pro template caters towards bloggers and influencers across various social media platforms. The template offers a wide range of neon-themed elements, including lower thirds and titles. Its spectacular design will enhance your promotion and other media purposes. Comprising handy customizable elements for follow, subscribe and other interactions, this big package is ideal for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. With the intuitive template, enhancing engagement and style of your video content has never been smoother.

5. Creative and Modern TikTok Elements

Creative and Modern TikTok Elements (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Creative and Modern TikTok Elements provides an all-in-one tool for high-quality video production needs. Made compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2023 and other global language files; this template offers seven title sets, 1080×1920 pixel resolution that can also be scaled to 4k, with the flexibility to experiment with color options. Despite being created in CC 2023, these easy-to-edit elements don’t require plugins and come with a tutorial video and sound download link for comprehension. Great for producing eye-catching content for social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc, this set excels when applied to platforms oriented around visual content engagement.

This tiktok Premiere Pro template is also part of our telegram list.

6. TikTok Promo | 3 in 1

TikTok Promo | 3 in 1 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The TikTok Promo | 3 in 1 is a comprehensive and versatile Premiere Pro TikTok template designed with a minimalistic approach. Popular for its elegance and clarity, this template serves multiple purposes. With features like a carrousel mode and photo slideshow, it can be used for galleries, intros, and portfolio presentations. The Premiere Pro integration and mogrt format provide smooth functioning and customization. Ideal for producing attractive promotional content or crafting a professional social media presence, this template toolkit can be particularly beneficial for creating visually appealing TikTok content.

7. TikTok Intro – Premiere Pro

TikTok Intro – Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The TikTok Intro – Premiere Pro is a dynamic, streamlined template designed specifically for creating captivating TikTok intros. With a neat, stylish layout, this template assures an appealing look complementing modern social media trends. It comes with an audio preview, featuring various tracks by RedOctopus, ranging from fast pace stomps and claps to hip-hop beats. Specifically, it includes five tracks of different durations (from 0:08 to 1:15 minutes long), pre-configured at 100 BPM. The template offers simplicity of use while tipping the scales towards a more elegant, minimal look for your opener, promo or any other TikTok-related project.

8. TikTok Promo | For Premiere Pro

TikTok Promo | For Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

This TikTok Promo template for Adobe Premiere Pro is a modern and elegantly designed tool for promoting a diverse portfolio on TikTok. The user-friendly template structure, accompanied by a step-by-step video tutorial (with voice-over), simplifies content customization while ensuring fast rending of your creations. Featuring text animations and contemporary effects, its design aligns with TikTok’s vibrant aesthetics. The horizontal and vertical resolutions bring vigour to your promotions, achieving an enhanced visual appeal. The template comes compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 2021, requires no additional plugins, and guarantees a convenient platform for showcasing your personal or professional visual content with flair and sophistication.

9. Pink – TikTok Bundle for Premiere

Pink – TikTok Bundle for Premiere (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Pink – TikTok Bundle for Premiere Pro is a comprehensive and versatile package suited for content creators. It includes three main categories- Elements, Titles, and Backgrounds-in a vivid pink theme. Multilingual with an eye-catching 1080×1920 resolution, the bundle is compatible with any fonts and is specifically designed for Premiere Pro 2021 version or above. The rendering process is seamless and no additional plugins are required for usage. Practical customizability features deliver a highly stylized, modern, and romantic feel-suited for mobile use, Instagram or TikTok. It comes with a tutorial and features a soundtrack by rarebeatsbyzenomade.

10. Quiz Pack for TikTok | for Premiere Pro

Quiz Pack for TikTok | for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Quiz Pack for TikTok is an adaptable Premiere Pro animation project designed to add engagement and fun to your platform’s content. Personalise your quiz with modified parameters like text, colors, fonts, thinking time, and hint images. It works excellently with both Instagram Stories and TikTok, with consideration given to each platform’s interface to avoid content overspill. The template is entirely editable with Premiere Pro CC2021 and newer editions, and includes a detailed video tutorial. It’s easy to start using it – no plugins required. With customizable answer time, quiz aptitude choices, it’s a game-bringing much-needed vitality to any channel – be it youtube, tour vlog, or a fun trivia contest.

11. Resizable Instagram TIkTok Opener | MOGRT

Resizable Instagram TIkTok Opener | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Resizable Instagram TikTok Opener | MOGRT is a highly-functional Adobe Premier Pro template that allows users to conveniently modify the dimensions of their Instagram posts, stories, and TikTok reels videos. Renderings can swiftly be performed after some simple clicks and adjustments. The template expresses a blend of modern, creative design with a smooth, soft aesthetic ideal for businesses, agencies or individuals who wish to showcase their brand or portfolio in a dynamic, yet minimal design. Essentially, it bolsters the effectiveness of marketing via photo and video displays across leading social platforms, thus creating impactful narratives.

12. Instagram Reel| Tiktok Promo| MOGRT

Instagram Reel| Tiktok Promo| MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro tiktok template titled ‘Instagram Reel| TikTok Promo| MOGRT’ is myriads of digital promotional possibilities at one’s fingertips. This modern, trendy template to create intriguing slideshows and videos for a variety of menus like business campaigns, blogs, fashion promotion, seminar introduction, church or youth events, meetups or any other corporate conferences. It’s perfect for catchy Instagram stories, reels, TikTok promotions, and even YouTube content creation. In addition, it can facilitate transitions, utilize diverse typography, and form compelling presentations for virtual events and digital meetings over platforms like Zoom. Its versatility lies in its perfection for stimulating settings, from startups to motivational compering.

13. Halloween Party Invitation for Instagram & TikTok

Halloween Party Invitation for Instagram & TikTok (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro template caters to anyone looking to create a compelling invitation to a Halloween party to share across TikTok and Instagram. Cleverly exploiting 3D format, it delivers a multilevel invite with a spooky theming – including cues like graveyards and fog. It easily handles up to 8 text placeholders and doesn’t require any additional plugins to operate. The template already includes the track “Trick or Treat” by PaBlikMM for accompanying music. Apart from its Halloween-focused objects like creepy trees and pumpkins, its integration on TikTok and Instagram reaffirms its social reach and relevance.

14. Intro for TikTok & Instagram (Premiere Pro)

Intro for TikTok & Instagram (Premiere Pro) (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro perfect for crafting short, attention-getting videos suitable for TikTok and Instagram feeds. The template, aptly titled “Intro for TikTok & Instagram (Premiere Pro)”, features audio ‘In That Percussion’ by GlowCity ranging from between 12s to 1m10s clips. It offers a clean, minimalist design with an elegant and modern appeal. The template caters to a wide spectrum of applications, including advertising, fashion, portfolio display, corporate meetings, digital marketing, brand promotion, event announcing, and much more, making it a practical choice for blogs, businesses, or personal use. Its functionalities further extend to include titles, transitions, stylish typography, and upbeat tempo for effective storytelling.

15. Epic Slideshow – Instagram Reels, TikTok Post, Short Stories

Epic Slideshow – Instagram Reels, TikTok Post, Short Stories (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Epic Slideshow template exists as a brilliant way to produce striking, professional videos for social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook among others. Known for its stylish design offset by dynamic transitions and innovative text animations, it facilitates attention-grabbing video creation. An easy and cost-efficient tool, it boosts any visual project, be it for a brand promotion, portfolio presentation, sports or fashion photography dissemination or promotional content for an event/presentation. The template offers customisable design, undergirded by elements of corporate and business advertising, e-marketing, mobile video creation and social media marketing tailored for highly visual platforms.

16. Instagram Colorful Opener – Reels, TikTok Post, Stories for Premiere Pro

Instagram Colorful Opener – Reels, TikTok Post, Stories for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

The ‘Instagram Colorful Opener’ is a Premiere Pro template designed to amplify the appeal of your Instagram videos. Characterized by lively animations and a vibrant color palette, these customisable templates aim to captivate your audience. Available in three formats including Plans for Instagram Stories (1080×1920), Portrait (1080×1350), and Square (1080×1080), each with a 23-second duration. It comes with a helpful video tutorial and requires no plugins. The application is compatible with Premiere Pro 2021 and above. This dynamic Opener Template caters to a wide range of purposes including marketing, promos, showreels_, intros, slideshows, and more.

17. TikTok Banners

TikTok Banners (Credit: Envato Elements)

The TikTok Banners Premiere Pro template is designed for creating trendy promotional content on TikTok. Designed to showcase a profile or product in a visually appealing manner, it allows users to include popular hashtags, creative text animations and catchy videos in the intro. This dynamic template equips internet personalities with tools to make visually appealing openings with 4K, Fast Render and 100% Premiere Pro quality. With simple text tables that allow text and videos to float across the screen, it adds a playful yet professional charm. This no-plugins-required template is suitable for blogs, promotions, social media and more, offering customization options for a personal flair. It functions on Premiere Pro CC 2021 and above and highlights a channel or account for optimal engagement.

18. TikTok | Stories Pack

TikTok | Stories Pack (Credit: Envato Elements)

The TikTok | Stories Pack is a versatile Premiere Pro template crafted specially for enhancing TikTok channel promotions. It offers 15 each of 15-second long animated stories to showcase your profile or product vibrantly. The template boasts vivid spring colors, intricate text animations, and utilitarian elements, like emojis, decorative icons, and call-outs, delivering a vibrant complexion to your videos. The toolkit’s enthralling features complimented by an easy-template system allow customizable text, photos, video inputs keeping the user experience straightforward. Other features include a modular structure, a 1080×1920 vertical resolution, fast rendering, and a no plugins requirement for Premiere Pro CC 2021 and above. The template can effectively cater to various promotional needs on different platforms including Instagram and Snapchat.

19. Trendy TikTok Elements

Trendy TikTok Elements (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Trendy TikTok Elements are an aesthetically pleasing and modern template for Premiere Pro CC 2020, specifically designed for TikTok videos, but adaptable to various social media platforms. It provides seven easy-to-use, colourful graphic elements that enhance video content. These elements are designed to improve the visual appeal of your account and videos by providing fast rendering and customizable colour control. The template does not require any plugins and inkludes dedicated space for titles and social media handles. With the trendy visual effects, it is excellent for bloggers, streamers, and social media professionals seeking dynamic, conference-friendly, vibrancy in their video content. It also includes downloadable fonts and a great soundtrack.

20. Cool TikTok Elements

Cool TikTok Elements (Credit: Envato Elements)

Cool TikTok Elements is a stylish, minimal template specifically designed for video creation on TikTok. It boasts of full-color control and a 60 FPS support. This unique and easy-to-use project operates on Premiere Pro 2020 and doesn’t require plugins. It features 8 visually striking elements drawn from social media and poster graphics. The design appropriately incorporates modern neon elements for that eye-catching appeal. Included are lower thirds, mockups, message frames, and more for crafting standout social stories, promos, titles, and posts. A soundtrack and font links are available through their listed sources.

What are Premiere Pro tiktok templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates are pre-made visual sequences designed to enhance digital content. They’re utilized to simplify and expedite the creative process for video editors, content creators, and marketers. Available in a wide variety of styles, these templates typically include transition effects, title introductions, and other visual elements to give a polished finish to online content. This year, Adobe offers specific templates tailored for popular platforms like TikTok to serve the unique requirements of different content formats and audience preferences.

The best Adobe Premiere Pro TikTok templates for this year primarily offer quick, eye-catching transitions, animated text, and expertly designed graphics. They are structured to use TikTok’s vertical format optimally, making them indispensable tools for substantial TikTok creators. These templates cater to trending styles by incorporating modern design elements and visual tropes that have been proven to capture viewers’ attention on the platform. Ultimately, using these Adobe Premiere Pro TikTok templates can significantly streamline the creation process, ensure high-quality production, and increase the likelihood of viral success online.

Why use Premiere Pro tiktok templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro templates offer an advanced and creative pathway to producing impressive TikTok videos. These templates are considered to be the top choice due to their versatility, efficiency, and high-quality output. They are largely suited for a quick workflow which entails that you can edit and upload your videos without any time-lags. Premiere Pro templates particularly excel in their spectrum of detail; from transitions to effects, color grading to text animations, much detailed work is done quickly with templates. Experts forecast an increased usage of these templates given steady advancements in video-editing technology on Adobe thus making Premiere Pro templates the most efficient way to create TikTok content this year.

Regardless of your experience level, using Adobe Premiere Pro templates for TikTok videos also happens to be big on ease of use. Beginners can learn gradually and view how their content gets creatively transformed without writing a single line of code. For veteran content creators, they save valuable time bypassing laborious ways and instead taking advantage of the precise automation and creative solutions these templates covertly offer. With viewer preferences getting defined at microscopic levels, fine-tuning content just to join the competition isn’t doing enough. The uniqueness, ease and efficiency that these templates offer make Adobe Premiere Pro an elite choice for TikTok content this year.

How to import Premiere Pro tiktok templates?

To import the best Adobe Premiere Pro TikTok templates this year, it can be accomplished in just a few steps. Start off by downloading and saving your preferred template on your computer. Following this, launch Adobe Premiere Pro, go to ‘Window’ and click on ‘Essential Graphics’. Once in this window, click on the ‘+’ button located in the lower right bottom corner which stands for ‘import motion graphic template’. Subsequently, navigate to the template that was downloaded and click open, your template should now appear in the ‘browse’ tab where you can easily use and edit it as per your liking. Happy editing!


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