The best Premiere Pro timeline templates this year

Adobe's Premiere Pro isn't the only place for timeline templates — discover a collection of the finest alternatives available this year.

By Matic Broz, editor-in-chief of Photutorial covering stock media, Adobe, and design. He founded Photutorial while finishing his PhD in computational biosciences.

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As some film makers and video creators are starting to get back to their production houses, an increased number have embraced the digital workspace and it appears set to stay in the game for a while. Many of us are still using Adobe’s Premiere Pro to create cutting-edge videos, trailers, and film content. Standard timeline works great, but the software boasts a variety of intricate timeline templates that can streamline your workflow massively. What we’re about to show you are the best of these free Premiere Pro timeline templates for this year. We’ve focused specifically on templates suited for a specific objective and those capable of handling 10 tracks or more. Rather than thinking that the default timeline is fine, you might want to give these a whirl yourself and experiment with different styles. This can optimize both your editing workflow and the end result. This rundown lines up the most valuable compilation yet of free timeline templates, a great stepping-off point for any Premiere Pro user.

The best Premiere Pro timeline templates 2023

1. History Timeline

History Timeline (Credit: Envato Elements)

The History Timeline template for Adobe Premiere Pro is a comprehensive project solution ideal for creating historic narratives or projects. This template, designed for Premiere Pro CC 2021 and above, needs no separate plugins and includes easy-to-follow tutorials. It boasts a modular structure suitable for multiple project types due to its well-organized design and universal expressions. The template encompasses 14 video or image placeholders and 16 text holders. The aesthetic is vintage and cinematic, with a touch of minimalism. Whether it’s for a historic documentary, an album capture of an anniversary, or a tribute, this template fits an array of themes.

2. Company Timeline

Company Timeline (Credit: Envato Elements)

This “Company Timeline” template, designed for use in Premiere Pro, allows users to create an impactful business timeline display. Incorporating contributions from Afterdarkness75, a prominent member of the Envato elements scene, the template particularly focuses on corporate history, major milestones, significant promotions, and exciting achievements. Deploying motion graphics alongside integrated videos, the template offers a straightforward setup boasting a clean, modern, and minimalistic look. It is suitable not just for business anniversaries, annual summaries, and case studies, but also perfectly fits digital marketing, start-ups, explainer videos, product promotion, and more.

3. Travel Timeline

Travel Timeline (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Travel Timeline” Premiere Pro template delivers a vibrant and engaging backdrop for your cherished travel memories, best suitable to be used as a movie opener or slideshow. It harnesses visually dynamic elements and a bright color palette to embody emotions of fun, excitement, and happiness, inspirited by summer and travel adventures. It passionately converges the playfulness of a film intro, the joyfulness of happy moments, and the nostalgia of treasured memories, presenting them in a professionally sequenced timeline. Enjoy showcasing your best moments brilliantly elevated by this template.

4. War Timeline

War Timeline (Credit: Envato Elements)

The War Timeline template for Premiere Pro comprises an emotional, historically styled slideshow mechanism perfect for photographic timelines or moving documentary slide shows. This template embodies a retro appeal suitable for various applications such as creating an original sadness slideshow, being utilized for funeral videography or generating impactful historical presentations. Possible usage also extends to catering somber political reports, graphical warfare retrospection or simply to showcase individual memories preserved. It features an easy-to-use structure where photos and descriptive texts can conveniently be placed aided by the template’s stoic ambient setup. It’s well suited for memorial, adventure, and war themed layouts.

5. Corporate Timeline

Corporate Timeline (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Timeline is a universally stylized Premiere Pro timeline template ideal for creating corporate and business presentations or showcasing company history. This project-oriented tool can also serve as a medium in displaying your portfolio, creating slideshows or promotional videos. Capable of functioning with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and onward, it provides a Full HD (1920×1080) output at 30 fps with the option of a square format. It features modular structure, has no plugin requirements, and allows editing for various elements (size, position, color, background). It doesn’t contain soundtracks session and requires own images for personalisation. The notable use of numeric depiction can also be replaced with conventional text. Help files detail modifications and usage clearly, rendering it user-friendly.

6. Story on Timeline

Story on Timeline (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Story on Timeline is a premiere pro template that offers a complete package for creating historically centered video content. This template, aptly summarized by its tags such as ‘album, anniversaries, historical, events,’ reflects a rich convergence of past timelines – suitable for diverse topics from the Gulf war to Vietnam. It encompasses unique tools to craft a documentary opener, promo, or trailer with a blend of nostalgia and modern approach. Users can integrate photos, creating a gallery or slideshow view, adding vibrancy to narratives or epochal discussions like Pearl Harbor or Republic Day in a visually expressive manner.

7. TImeline Slideshow

TImeline Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro Timeline Slideshow template is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2014 and higher versions. Supporting HD resolution (1920×1080 at 29.97FPS), the template has a duration of 1 minute and 15 seconds. It features a modular structure with 12 media holders and 12 text holders, a control panel, and requires no additional plugins. A helpful video tutorial is offered along with links to free fonts. Suitable for a variety of settings such as business meetings, corporate events, and product promotions, this template provides an efficient tool for a clean, modern, and minimalistic presentation creation.

8. History Timeline Slideshow

History Timeline Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The History Timeline Slideshow is a thoughtfully designed Premiere Pro timeline template. It provides a classic and clean framework for creating historical or memoir-styled narratives with its aptitude for incorporating photos in black and white, sepia, and vintage aesthetics. This template offers a cinematic feel with provisions for credits, titling, and a dramatic, epic or corporate context. Complete with a grungy texture, it’s capable of portraying distinct scenarios, from military documents to special event commemorations. Offering also a professional avenue for photographers, corporate congress presentations, promo teasers, tv, and even documentary-style portfolio displays.

9. Corporate Timeline Presentation

Corporate Timeline Presentation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Timeline Presentation is a Premiere Pro template elegantly catering to corporations or businesses. Designed in a minimal and modern style, it creates a clean narrative of a company’s history, helpful in conference presentations. Featuring characteristics of an elegant product promo, this stylish template is particularly used to devise an orderly, streamlined slideshow timeline, allowing an efficient blow-by-blow revelations about corporate affairs. Leveraging serene aesthetics, it ensures content clarity upholding business core values while promoting the entity.

This timeline Premiere Pro template is also part of our presentation list.

10. Business Company Timeline

Business Company Timeline (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Business Company Timeline template for Premiere Pro provides a streamlined tool to showcase your company’s history or significant milestones. Custom-built for enterprises, the template reads accurate information for categories like annual reviews, start-up evolution, business commercials, and data compiling. Its minimal and modern design enhances documentation, network presentations, and imparts a clean corporate image. An ideal aid for end of year recaps, conference presentations, product promos, and even company documentaries. Suitable for integrating in digital and social media campaigns as well. Achieve a highly effective and professional business timeline with this unique tool.

This timeline Premiere Pro template is also part of our business list.

11. Timeline I Premiere

Timeline I Premiere (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Timeline I Premiere Pro template is a visually engaging resource designed to add a splash of color and flair to slideshows. It’s versatile in application, ideal for various types of social media timelines ranging from Facebook to Instagram. With a modern design and a cute layout, this template can translate your best moments into an appealing sensory journey. Suitable for occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, vacations; or emotion-led footage like love and motivation. It can also highly be utilized for commercial or family displays, making significant memories evocatively striking. This ‘mogrt’ format makes editing accessible and inventive.

12. Corporate Timeline Slideshow

Corporate Timeline Slideshow (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Corporate Timeline Slideshow” is a professional standard Premiere Pro timeline template. Its layout is clean, cinematic, and immersive, embellished effectively for smooth transitions between business slides. Its earmark lies in presenting company achievements, innovations, business trends, financial stats, and global outreach with inspired craftsmanship. This template can bring to life meetings or events, company introductions, or even special presentations such as those for social media marketing. Furthermore, it can function as a commercial promo piece, corporate opener, coworking center report, and even a production demo. True to its naming, it allows coherent team storytelling and effective portrayal of professional profiles such as directors, leaders, or supervisors.

13. Modern Timeline Mogrt

Modern Timeline Mogrt (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Modern Timeline” is a suitable and productive MOGRT project template for Premiere Pro. Featuring ten easily customizable scenes, the template provides methods for articulating corporate timelines, promo videos, important company achievements, and much more. It allows efficient customization of text color, line elements and title sequences without relying on third-party plugins. For optimum functioning, After Effects CC 2019 must be pre-installed. The graphics are presented in Full HD 1920×1080 and are easy to understand, even coming with a PDF help file for guidance – but note that the preview’s images and audio are not included in the project. Overall, it caters to different requirements, from professional presentations to personal performances.

14. Infographics Timelines (MOGRT)

Infographics Timelines (MOGRT) (Credit: Envato Elements)

This Premiere Pro timeline template, known as “Infographics Timelines (MOGRT),” features versatile graphic elements specially designed for infographics. The template aims to aid users in delivering information more effectively and visually. The collection of templates enables professionals to create a variety of information presentation tools such as charts, diagrams, flowcharts, graphs and timelines. Additionally, these graphical components are compatible with mobile applications. They can be used to enhance an app’s aesthetics, thereby making it more attractive and engaging. Given the rising importance of visualization in business and promotion, these templates offer an effective solution. The package also includes audio tracks.

15. Company Profile Timeline

Company Profile Timeline (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Company Profile Timeline is a Premiere Pro timeline template designed for businesses utilizing a minimalist and modern aesthetic. Tagged with descriptors such as: clean, elegant, and minimal presentation, this template aids in constructing a concise and visually appealing company profile or corporate slideshow. It can also be utilized to create a promotional video that captures the attention of its viewers or an dynamic photo slideshow as part of a presentation. The template helps create an overall professional outcome that illuminates your business’s achievements and story.

16. History Timeline V2

History Timeline V2 (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “History Timeline V2” is a distinct Premiere Pro timeline template ideal for creating compelling historical content. This template’s cinematic, dramatic, and epic scope aptly suits documentaries or corporate films wanting to highlight heroic endeavors. The emotion drawn from remembering an inspiring shared history ensures an engrossing audience experience. It also subtly carries an undercurrent of peace and the necessity of stopping wars. Aptly sold under the ‘memories’ tag, it can powerfully mount expressive timelines or trailers. Overall, the “History Timeline V2” provides you with potent storytelling tools.

17. History Timeline Presentation

History Timeline Presentation (Credit: Envato Elements)

The History Timeline Presentation is a template for Adobe’s Premiere Pro. Rooted in visceral aesthetics, it offers a peculiar merging of vintage and contemporary design, invoking an intriguing narrative. This template features a cinematic vibe combined with crime and detective storyline elements, making it perfect for presentations or broadcast in documentary fashion or movie, for instances of mystery or horror. It accommodates old film textures, teasing transitions, titling options and numerous slots for photo slideshows. This mixture yields an effective channel for telling riveting stories, framing significant history-themed content or epic investigations enacted in modern or yesteryears context.

18. Timeline Of Our Lives: Pr

Timeline Of Our Lives: Pr (Credit: Envato Elements)

The “Timeline Of Our Lives: Pr” template for Premiere Pro is a robust customizable tool perfect for presenting personally significant photos or videos on a digital lineage. This user-friendly template can hold 30 images/videos and has a project length of 2 minutes and 15 seconds. You can personalize it easily with the 11 included controllers, no additional plugins required. Ideal for various occasions such as family gatherings, weddings, important birthday parties, it provides a unique rustic theme accentuated by features like rippled paper or rope visual effects. High definition resolution with sound enhancements further enriches your storytelling. Software knowledge is not mandatory, as customization guidance is provided.

19. Corporate Timeline Slideshow | MOGRT

Corporate Timeline Slideshow | MOGRT (Credit: Envato Elements)

The Corporate Timeline Slideshow template for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 provides a clean, sleek design for a comprehensive company timeline. It includes FULL HD 1920×1080 resolution and allows for personalization via the Control Layer. The template comes with a step-by-step guide, offering 24/7 free support for easy customization without needing After Effects. This visual tool is ideal for commercial and community sectors, including technology startups, established corporations, and non-profit organizations. Ultimate design flexibility ensures this tool can be tailored to suit a range of business, from property to research, making story-telling through timelines easy and efficient.

20. Timelines and Proccess for Premiere Pro

Timelines and Proccess for Premiere Pro (Credit: Envato Elements)

“Timelines and Process for Premiere Pro” is a multifaceted template specifically tailored to those using Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 and later versions that does not require any extra plugins to work. It primarily targets individuals seeking to illustrate information through animated infographics, with a focus on business and technological usage. The package includes 10 Process and 10 Timeline templates, tweaked for fast rendering. The package also comes equipped with a link for free fonts, dynamic supplementary elements like financial charts, social media icons, digital diagrams, future gaming interfaces, and a map, allowing for extensive visualization possibilities from corporate sectors to science-driven insights.

What are Premiere Pro timeline templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro is the go-to video editing platform for professionals worldwide, offering a range of powerful tools and features to create visually stunning productions. Among these features are the Premiere Pro timeline templates. These templates are pre-made configurations that help users streamline their video editing process by providing a baseline structure for organizing and coordinating different elements of a video project, including text overlays, audio soundscapes and visually effects, among others. An array of these powerful utilities swing between giving your videos a professional-quality look to simply assisting in syndicating your editing workflow, contributing wholly towards the final outcome of your digital movie. Like most other templates, the Premiere Pro timeline templates sole intention includes minimizing revision time and creating a smooth post-production process.

As technology improves, there are new and improved templates every year. This year, the best Adobe Premiere Pro timeline templates includes a variety – from ones crafted specifically for corporate presentations, YouTube vlogs, wedding films, web series, documentary projects and multi themed cinematic sequences. Some of the top-notch impeccably designed templates like Typography Slideshow, Modern Transitions, Creative Titles, Handy Seamless Transitions to Stomp Opener are being vouched by videographers professionally. These assorted templates, which graced the editing canvas this year, deliver optimized editing experience while levering users forward with extreme flexibility supporting most versions of Adobe Premiere Pro. These elements form an important part of professional

Why use Premiere Pro timeline templates?

Adobe Premiere Pro timelines, considered one of the best video editing tools in the industry, come loaded with a range of elegant, ready-to-use templates making it enormously efficient to draw together a professional-grade video. Whether videos are intended for social media publicity, ads, documentary, or a motion picture, these templates offer a vast array of designs to cater to one’s creativity. Rather than buying supplementary models or lean on tutorial guides to construct a stylish video, Adobe Premiere timeline templates act as ready-made layouts that cut down production time significantly without compromising quality; an ideal time-saver for video editors constantly racing against deadlines.

Bridging the gap between aesthetic splendour and functionality, these design interfaces are planned with a keen sense of detail enabling editors to apportion each scene with precision. Meeting the demands of dramatic visual storylines or conveying important information effectively, the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline templates organise scenes chronologically, colour code based on content nature, and offer a manipulation option with every re-edit attempt. From nifty shortcuts for seamless editing, scope for comprehensive multimedia incorporation, customizable auto-save options, down to fluid drag-and-drop functions, these features amplify one’s focus solely on content value, simplifying the rudimentary steps for any video production crew.

How to import Premiere Pro timeline templates?

To import Adobe Premiere Pro timeline templates this year, first, download the ideal XML/PRPROJ file format template. Launch Adobe Premiere Pro on your device and make sure to open an exisiting project or start a new one. Then, just click on “File”, then “Import” from the drop-down menu and locate the downloaded file from your device. Once you’ve selected the template file, click ‘OK’, and Premiere Pro will automatically insert the template into your current project’s timeline. Keep in mind that templates customizability may vary!


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